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  1. Looks like this is our foot in the door to get Ueck as the home announcer.
  2. A team that may or may not be fictional and that Peter Wilt may or may not have created is now live. If semi-fictional clubs don't belong here, feel free to remove.
  3. Taking a break from Minnesota for a bit. Louisville is on the expansion shortlist, so they're next. Racing Louisville FC's brand is born of the horse racing culture of Louisville. The Fillies use Louisville City colors, and the fleur-de-lis & stars from the Louisville seal.
  4. I like the thought, but the Lady Slippers doesn't exact exude athleticism:
  5. A fantastic suggestion. I really like the Trailblazer name. Lots of great meaning with that. Here's a really quickly put together concept for that. This is a proof of concept, and I definitely used some open source clipart. Let me know what you think and I may pursue it further.
  6. I go back and forth on whether these sister clubs should have similar brands to their brother clubs. I like the cohesiveness of a shared brand direction, but I also like individual identity. Here's how they look together. If I were to go a different route, what would you name a MN club?
  7. Next up: Houston Dash Leap I've always loved this photo of Dr. Anna Lee Fisher, and Houston is the perfect spot to take one giant leap for womankind.
  8. Let's assume the Minnesota club will be affiliated with MNUFC. The loons have one of the best looks in the MLS, best not to stray too far, but why not get a little weird with the NWSL side. Minnesota is as full of Nordic heritage as any place in the US, and they play Duck Duck Goose all wrong because of it. Welcome the Gray Ducks to the NWSL. (if this isn't well received I might consider Gemini)
  9. Team 2: Atlanta Beat FC Former member of WUSA and WPS is back for more. Drumsticks in the roundel, and a logo suitable for The Peach State.
  10. I can't wait to see what you've been working on! Your CPL thread was great. Interesting point about the quails, I hadn't considered it because URSA seemed like such a great name, literally translating to She-Bear. I've really been struggling to come up with good club names. Here's hoping I get some good ideas from this thread.
  11. The National Women's Soccer League gained some much deserved traction during the World Cup and will be adding clubs very soon. Rumors abound that we'll see teams in Louisville, Atlanta, and Sacramento within the next two years. So far, I've only done a single logo, so I'll be looking for help with team names and logo ideas. Let me know what you're thinking for: Louisville Atlanta Los Angeles Miami Minnesota Indianapolis any other city! First up: Ursa Sacramento FC Sacramento Republic FC has shown the fervor for soccer in HotSac, and now it's the ladies' turn. I've redone the SFC logo before, but I wanted to go a different direction with this concept. The She-Bears go by Ursa Sacramento FC and have a crest that reflects the flag of the California Republic.
  12. Love some ideas for National Women's Soccer League expansion. Looking for cities and names. Sacramento Atlanta New England Louisville ???
  13. Thanks for watching everyone! Please go show some love on my Behance page.
  14. That's a lot of Melbourne region.
  15. Needy needy. If I get the gumption, maybe.