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  1. You're holding out on us. This is fantastic.
  2. Let's try giving Reign a more Olympique Lyonnais look without the rest of the club's history. The logo features Mount Olympus, a concept that @vtgco used in a great looking concept over here.
  3. Your jersey details are always so legit. Keep up the great work.
  4. Honestly, I really love everything we've seen in these leaks. The world is ending, let's get weird with it.
  5. I've been reworking my NWSL rebrand for Reign with just this in mind. Now I've got to do it without stepping on your toes. As usual, your work looks amazing!
  6. A more true to past look:
  7. The colors are great but that logo is amateur.
  8. Before the order to stay at home, I found myself a classic Madison Muskies jacket (sewed the front patch on myself). This gave me the itch and I've rebranded the Muskies as though they never gave way to the Madison Hatters, Madison Black Wolf, and eventually the Madison Mallards. Eat your heart out, Brandiose.
  9. If you right click on the imgur image and "copy image address" you can paste directly into here and the image will show up.
  10. And there's my name right above the A in the sponsor!
  11. Some fantastic work here. Keep it up. Thanks for the tutorial on the topo map. I'm going to have to find a way to use this.
  12. Can I ask how you made the topographic map? Just lots of time?