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  1. IMO the new Chicago House AC logo misses the mark. I'd argue that avoiding a real-estate looking logo would be priority #1 for a team named Chicago House. Instead of leaning into the house aspect of house music I decided to go with the music aspect. Here's the official branding:
  2. If you've followed most of my threads you know this is the point where I struggle to come up with something I'm happy with and drop the project for a while (or forever) until I find inspiration elsewhere. I've already started toying with another project, but I still have this one on my mind.
  3. I might be doing uniforms. I'd rather you not.
  4. To wrap up this portion of the carousel I'll be taking the Suns to LA (formerly the Lakers). I'm struggling to come up with a look for this. I'd love to see what y'all would put on the LA Suns branding moodboard. I'll get it started.
  5. And which city deserves a monicker like "Heat"? It could only be Phoenix. With a singular name like heat I wanted to lean into that late 80s/early 90s aesthetic and added some saguaro green to compliment the purple. I thought about just using the phoenix logo, but that felt a bit too lazy.
  6. And with the Jazz in New Orleans the Pelicans will fly East to Miami, a perfect chance for Miami to embrace the Vice look full time. EDIT: Apparently I just can't get it through my head to have the baseline wordmarks in the right direction. To me, it just looks right this way. I'm in too deep now. I'm sticking with it.
  7. Lakers > Minnesota, Timberwolves (Huskies) > Toronto, Raptors > Utah, Jazz > New Orleans Stranger even than the Lakers keeping their name upon moving to LA is the Jazz keeping their name upon moving to Utah. Utah doesn't exactly exude the spirit of jazz, but NOLA sure does. I updated the classic Jazz logo with a new font and brought back purple.
  8. Finally hopping in here to say that this is a monumental undertaking and you're absolutely killing it. Fantastic work.
  9. I've toyed with the idea of an Iberian peninsula league so many times, now I have no idea how to make a league logo any better than what you've already done.
  10. I did try this (admittedly I didn't put in a ton of effort) and the leaf really disrupted the whole flow of the ball. I may take another stab at it.
  11. You've named a fair number that I hadn't considered, and some that I had. I'll leave the mystery up to you. I will say that I don't intend on this being a 30 team swap, probably closer to 10. Now that you've hit on some things I hadn't considered I may up the count a bit.
  12. And why would we give up on the dream of the 90s by getting rid of the Raptors monicker? Who else has a name that makes absolutely no sense AND has plenty of velociraptor fossils throughout the state? That's right, Utah. Land of NO JAZZ and dinos. I doubled down on their City Court and stuck with the Utah gradient.
  13. Oh, and as you may have noticed: I added a 4 point line because I'm 100% ready for that.
  14. Thanks to many, many franchise moves without new monickers the NBA has some teams that feel...displaced. Here's my attempt at getting things back to some semblance of sense. The most egregious, of course, are the LA Lakers. The Land of 10,000 Lakes should've held onto that name. I used the South Bay Lakers logo as a template, with a bit of cleaning up. I also made an oar/basketball secondary. As much as I loathe PJ Fleck, I could think of no better motto than "Row." But the Timberwolves brand is pretty great. It doesn't deserve to be put down. It doesn't exactly make sense in LA, so the carousel continues to spin. Re-introducing the Toronto Huskies. I kept the most recent Toronto colors, made a few changes to the Timberwolves logo, and here you have it: Many more to come. Stay tuned.