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  1. FC Milwaukee Torrent rebranded and got the MKE+water (+cream) thing right. Here's a Buckified version:
  2. After finishing off my Canadian Premier League series I had the association football itch, so I found the next league to expand and rebrand: the Australian A-League. Much like @raysox did for his A-League series, I reached out to the Expand the A-League twitter account for some help, and have had heaps of it. For now, I'm going with 24 Aussie clubs, to be split between two leagues. I may add 4 Kiwi clubs at the end of the series, but I'm still on the fence with that. Like the CPL series, this will be a mix of rebranded teams, reborn teams, and completely new teams. Below is a map of the planned league, which like most things Australian, is heavily weighted in the Southeast. The first club up, a rebrand of Perth Glory. I wanted a black (purple) swan somewhere in the league, and Perth seemed the perfect fit. the sunburst from the original logo has been demoted to a portion of the wordmark. And the second club, an expansion in Gold Coast. Renowned for its surfing, GC deserves something bright and fun. Curl felt like a perfect mix of soccer and surf. I've got about 9 others logos complete at the moment, but I'll need some help with name/logo ideas for those I haven't done yet. Stay tuned!
  3. Hello Mcrosby,

    In fact, I dont have access to the request. I have ask a moderator why and he answer to me I need 100 messages in the forum. 

    I'm not english fluent and its difficult to me to write message who have a sens and write correctly. You can see, my english is not good. 

    So, If you have the time, I will be very thankful for creating the Montreal Harfangs (snowy owl in english). 

    Thank you in advance :)

  4. These ones would not conflict with Wisconsin.  Colors are set to be maroon and gray, but black can go in.

    Klamath Community College Badgers #2.png

    Klamath Community College Badgers #3.png

  5. Hello, Mr. Crosby!


    The concept logos for the Wisconsin Badgers look great!  There is a community college in Klamath Falls, Oregon, known as Klamath Community College whose mascot is known as the "Badgers" and I am sure will be looking to either create a logo or use a logo.  Would it be okay if two of the Badger logos can be used by KCC to try and bring athletics to their institution?  Any help is appreciated.



    Mike Summers



  6. Hey, I tried PM-ing you but I think your mailbox is full. Clear a couple out and PM me. It's kind of important involving one of your previous designs

  7. Did you re-do the Penguins logos in your signature? I love them! :)