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  1. I'm glad you decided to go with Madison. I'd probably avoid FLW inspired design for them though, as he was a terrible womanizer and generally not a great dude. I'd lean into the Georgia O'Keefe inspo.
  2. At least it's just a sports team's nickname being taken away and not your land and life.
  3. I like it because DC is a place filled with memorials to things that happened all over the place, why not this too?
  4. ha, probably. It's not showing for me.
  5. I can't find it now, but someone on twitter replaced the text with LIVE LAUGH LOVE LOUISVILLE and now I can't see the crest as anything but Karen's living room decoration.
  6. I really like it, but there's some off-centering happening that threw me off a bit and I would've liked to see some red.
  7. Absolutely love that Arizona Wildcats look. The thin copper line in the middle of the gradient is exactly what it needed. Perfect.
  8. Taking a bit of a break from clubs that have changed and going with a team that has only slightly changed nicknames in our reality and in the what-if reality. CINCINNATI REDS Reality & What If: The Reds spent time as the Red Stockings and the Redlegs, but have been the Reds for just about their entire history. I reworked the 2015 All Star Game logo for a new Mr. Red logo and slightly updated the wishbone C. The home and away have matching scripts because I love a script more than a block font script. The Tradition uses the Redlegs monicker, has a 3/4 button up, a pocket, and sublimated pinstripes. The Wishbone C is a bit thinner for this look as well. The Home Plate REALLY leans into the Redlegs name and brings back the pinstripe vest and pillbox hat. I hate it and I love it.
  9. I'd like to see the Badgers pants stripe end in a similar way to the shoulder stripe. The sublimated stripes might look good on the back as well, especially because the camera is often seeing players' backs.
  10. I had assumed it was a meatpacking based name, as is the case with my Green Bay Packers. Now that I think about it, the Royals nearly used a bovine logo once upon a time, and are named for the American Royal Livestock Show. Maybe I'll meld the current Royals, unused Royals and Packers looks into one. Thoughts?
  11. Double blue and some sort of red are almost a lock. I'm just not sure about logos. the KC monogram is great, but what else to represent 'Packers'?
  12. Dallas got the A's since Oakland got the Giants instead of LA. I have no idea what to do with the KC Packers. I'm open to ideas. Yeah that's totally what I was going for with the fleur-de-lis...totally. As for the DA monogram, I really wanted to get that old, cut out by hand feel with the D that the A had.
  13. The Texas ear is carried through to the current logo too!
  14. DALLAS ATHLETICS Reality: The A's called Philadelphia home for more than 50 years, winning five World Series titles. In 1955 the A's moved to Kansas City, serving as barely more than the Yankees minor league affiliate and a real estate venture. Their move to Oakland in 1968 was followed only a few years later by a threepeat of World Series titles. What if?: The Philadelphia A's stay in Philly through 1967, struggling as a second team, and second rate team, in their city. The business ventures of Arnold Johnson take him to Dallas.
  15. You're right about this one. I'll be updating the Stars logo with this in mind. I don't think I'll have quite as many power blues throughout the league. Neither do the Lakers. I kept it as a holdover symbol of their time in St. Louis. If the MLB can get away with Turn Ahead The Clock uniforms I feel comfortable with just about anything for the Home Plate unis.