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  1. The new favicon logo is beautiful:
  2. Inspired by Heart of Midlothian, FCKC returns with a new brand: Heart of America FC. A KC monogram centers the design, in the same way the Twins use TC without having it in their name. The white and light blue stripes represent the city of fountains well. Let me know what you think of the Blue Hearts.
  3. I was really hoping the USL team in New Mexico would go by New Mexico or Albuquerque Wanderers with a hot air balloon motif.
  4. Couple of things: 1) should have widened the U to work with the stripes better. The uprights should be centered in each stripe. 2) The colors look washed out. They look a bit brighter on the jersey. 3) If you're going to keep the trillium at least make it large enough that it can be seen, especially in your low contrast colors. The leaf atop the crown is also too small. 4) "United" at least makes sense here, but I'm still real sick of it. 5) Can you get to the 9 York municipalities via a US interstate? 6) I just noticed the 2nd, darker green in the crown. So they've realized a need for more contrast and chose to only do it in that small spot. 7) Line weights are all over the place. Summary: this is a generic, amateur logo.
  5. No more Uniteds. I kind of liked the closeness of Monarchs/Regents to Royals. Works well with the baseball team, evolves the brand for a 'new' city.
  6. FCKC is an ok name, nothing special. The brand and marketing, like the Wizards, was geared towards youth ant not at all successful. I've considered Blues, Regents, and Monarchs so far.
  7. Still toying with Philly ideas, but maybe it's time for a Kansas City concept. Any name ideas?
  8. FC Milwaukee Torrent rebranded and got the MKE+water (+cream) thing right. Here's a Buckified version:
  9. I'm not a fan. If both were designed together and meant to be a pair then the synergy should go further. This is like wearing a grey suit with slightly darker grey pants. Both are safe, riskless designs that succeeded only in not being bad. Using the same fleur de lis would have paired them better while the other elements (or lack thereof) still separate them. The new LC crest, and their last attempt, do away with all elements of the previous design that made it unique, the barrel and the skyline. I'm not a fan of skylines in logos, but the barrel was a great jumping off point. You could replace 'LOUISVILLE" with Quebec, St. Louis, or New Orleans and nobody would bat an eye. IMO, these two are both rare misses from Wolff, but I suspect that he's not at fault for the risk-less decisions.
  10. Liberty Bell FC Glory FC Philadelphia Glory FC Phila FC Justice FC Justice Bell FC (a replica of the Liberty Bell called the Justice Bell was cast to promote the Women's Suffrage movement, it is displayed at Valley Forge just outside Philly) I'm leaning towards Philadelphia Justice FC, with bell imagery. Women's Suffrage propaganda imagery is a really interesting look, but hard to capture in a logo. I'm interested in any thoughts y'all might have.
  11. I think the Baylor bear claw could fit well on the shoulders of the hockey unis instead of within the stripe. IMO they work better as a uniform element than as a logo with a stroke around it.
  12. For some reason I'm feeling some Philly pride. What would y'all name a Philly NWSL club? and I guess if Philly gets a club then at least one more place should, if not more. I'm open to your suggestions.
  13. Duh, I'm not sure how I made that mistake.
  14. Team 43: Napier Rising FC Napier/Hawke's Bay was devastated by an earthquake in 1931, leading to nearly complete reconstruction of the city in art deco style. I've gone with a simple art deco palm frond motif and a name to reflect the resilience of the area. If I end up doing kits for these clubs I think we'd definitely see Napier sporting a 3 striped sash. I'll leave it up to y'all to say which you prefer:
  15. I had gone with Mackay but wasn't sure if doing Mackay and Rockhampton was viable. What would you name a Mackay club, maybe something to do with Sugar?
  16. I appreciate the compliments and the name suggestions. Keep em coming, or if there are other locales you feel deserve a team more I'm open! You've got some great name suggestions now I just need to figure out what they look like. Also, are you from Australia (in Boston) or do you just have an extensive knowledge of it?
  17. I've been leaning towards Rockhampton Rats or something similar in reference to the Rats of Tobruk. There's a memorial in Rockhampton.
  18. I'm still dealing with some "writer's block" on some other projects that has me coming back to old projects to try to get the ink flowing again. So if you enjoyed this series you're in luck. I started with a couple of updates to previous brands: Central Coast Mariners: I moved away from the ship's wheel I had originally used and went back to the wave of the current logo with a pelican twist. Newcastle United Jets: A roundel and some motion added to the wings. And then I moved on to some new clubs with the idea of 3 leagues of 16 teams each. I haven't completed them all, but I'm well on the way. Dandenong Eleven: Team 11 missed out on the last few rounds of expansion, but why not bring back the working draft name for the full brand when Dandenong eventually gets a club? The 11 is formed from railroad spikes, as the stadium is planned for the railyard. Hellas South Melbourne: South Melbourne is one of the more popular lower league clubs in Australia, here's an even heavier lean into their Greek origins. International FC Melbourne: Staying in Melbourne and with another sister club for the city to compete with Melbourne City. I love the Inter Miami brand, and what's to stop them from another long process of getting a sweet deal from a struggling league. Instead of herons we get cockatoos and the maltese cross from the Queensland flag. Red Bull Sydney: Another sister club, this time in Sydney. I've updated the RB logo with more angular bulls and simpler outlines. Albury & Wodonga Albion: The league was getting pretty heavy on Sydney and Melbourne clubs, so here's a rare inland club. A nice AW monogram with a river forming the crossbar of the A. Rovers FC: While we're going inland, let's go REALLY inland. Alice Springs gets visits from various Australian leagues, but no pros call it home. What better way to represent the Rovers than a bushplane? Port Adelaide FC: Back to the coast with Port. The 6 inch gun found in the mud of Port Adelaide that helped confirmed the existence of the somewhat mythical torpedo station rests upon a PA monogram. Waikato FC: The first of the new Kiwi clubs is located in Hamilton, who's other pro clubs feature some version of the kotiate, a maori weapon. A stylized W is within the kotiate. Gaels of the South: The Gaels of Dunedin lean into their Gaelic roots with a harp featuring a silver fern accent. Tauranga FC: Located on the Bay of Plenty and known for their kiwifruit farms, what better than a kiwi roundel? To round out the rest of the new 16 clubs: Penrith Toowoomba Tweed Heads Rockhampton Lower Hutt Napier-Hastings I've got a few ideas for these clubs, but nothing concrete. I'm not 100% stuck on these either, so if you've got name ideas or other locations please let me know! Here's what the map looks like. Pink dots show where the remaining clubs are planned for.
  19. Here's the Queensboro Bridge, for those that haven't seen it. It's not a suspension bridge as the final logo might have you think.
  20. I was brought on to work on the Queensboro brand after they weren't happy with their original designer. It ended up being a terrible process that included surprising me with the fact that they had also hired other designers and then asked me to work with the others designers at the end of it all. The logo they ended up with is essentially what Villas hire (another person from the front office hired me) did with my design. Here's a look at one of hundreds of designs I worked on. The Q/crown/bridge was central to the brand, with the crest as more of a holding body for the Q. The Q was to be an icon that would stand beyond soccer, a la Juventus or any number of designer clothing brands. The bridge/crown and for the 7 train color were all my ideas and I'm sure I'll never get credit for it because the final logo was done by Villa's design hire. It may seem unprofessional to air this dirty laundry, but this was already one of the most unprofessional projects I've ever worked on thanks to the client, so I'm over it. Here are some jersey designs I used in presentation, but they didn't pay me for jersey designs and posting them here is the best way for them not to be used without my permission. The sponsor is a placeholder based on ownership, I wasn't privy to any information about possible sponsors so there's no spoiler here.
  21. Honestly, I hope it ends up on the helmet or as a jersey patch. This is a fantastic evolution of merit decals without feeling like they're copying Ohio State/FSU/etc. They all look similar enough that from afar they look like a standard piece of the uniform, but different enough that the individual players have something to show off. I generally lean towards classic when it comes to uniform, but this is something incredibly creative and new.
  22. Been a while, but I've been having writer's block with some other gigs so I found myself tinkering with this. Mostly minor updates, but I think major improvements. Desert Cardinals: Alt helmet update Ravens: primary number font change Jaguars: Complete uni re-work Steelers: alternate wordmark from Pitt to Pittsburgh. Patriots: alternate uni redone
  23. That alternate is far too close to the rival Cowboys for comfort.