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  1. I really like what you did with the Bucks. I'm a big fan of the antlers on the earned jersey, but you nailed it on them looking stretched out. I would have kept them on the jersey and changed up the shorts, but I like your solution as well. I've been looking for the retro logo you've got on the classic shorts, hiding in the back of this image. Able to share it with me?
  2. Here's my shot at rebranding SSC Napoli. I 'finished' this one up and realized it could've been more donkey-like, so I put that idea together. Let me know which of the two below you prefer.
  3. They're the stars found on the Camp Randall arch, which also has that ridiculously long and incorrect Roman numeral on the helmet bumper.
  4. Man I hate gimmicks, but I flocking love this gimmick. Ordered mine right away.
  5. Im liking Zeniths. What do y'all think of the below options? Duluth Zeniths Twin Ports Zeniths Zenith City __________
  6. No worries, I'd like to stick with something appropriate to the area without getting into the Trash Pandas/Yard Goats/etc realm. Huskies just doesn't do it for me, and their logo is far too similar to St. Cloud State. I'm open to other local flora/fauna. I might try out a concept for Dubuque Mudpuppies, Manitowoc Skunks, Green Bay Bullfrogs, etc. Great summer collegiate names gone too soon, especially in the case of Green Bay. Booyah should have been a one-game identity at most. The D is just where I'm at now, and I'm in no way married to it. I just wanted to post something to get the ball rolling. Pressie is a Lake Superior cryptid.
  7. Nobody? I take that to mean you're all as stumped as I am.
  8. Premiere is such a great name.
  9. Been tinkering with some ideas for the Northwoods League team in Duluth, but I'm struggling to make any decisions. I'm not too fond of the Huskies name, mostly because it's just a bit too boring for a collegiate summer league. I'm trying to decide a few things: Locale name: Duluth Duluth-Superior Twin Ports Nickname: Huskies Lakers Freighters 1000-Footers Porters Twins Pressies Mishipeshus (maybe appropriating) Sharks is already taken OTHER I've started with a new Old English style D, replacing the usual internal strokes with a representation of Duluth's famous Aerial Lift Bridge. Let me know what you think, which locale and which nickname you prefer. I reached out to the club to see if they were interested in working together and got shut down pretty quick, so I'd love to create something really fantastic because I'm petty and want to show 'em what they're missing out on.
  10. I addressed that above: I generally dislike this kind of Brandiose kitsch. I only included it here to demonstrate how they could have included their famous "WEINER!" call without making a stupid tertiary mark with a hot dog border.
  11. Looks like Baccar got the boot from Behance. Stolen logo success story!
  12. Maybe I'll try thinning those down. Doing so will probably give it that vintage feel they were going for with the original.
  13. The Carolina Dukes monicker is great, but I think it lends to more of a blackletter script than the script you have now.
  14. $50 they have a one-off game played as the Bozhos in the next 2 years.
  15. I assume they're going for a hot dog with their tertiary, as their PA announces "WEINER" for every foul ball and kids can turn in a foul ball for a hot dog.
  16. I generally dislike this kind of Brandiose kitsch. I only included it here to demonstrate how they could have included their famous "WEINER!" call without making a stupid tertiary mark with a hot dog border.
  17. You can probably tell, but I was feeling pretty lazy by the time I got to the feet. I just had to make something because I'm so incredibly disappointed in their new look.
  18. The Northwoods League summer collegiate Madison Mallards released a new brand yesterday, and iI'm not a big fan. Here's my take:
  19. The Madison Mallards of Northwoods collegiate league have rebranded. I'm incredibly disappointed in my hometown club. The wordmark and M are pretty great, but their attempt at 'vintage' looks more like 's*** clipart'. The cheese home plate, foot in each of Madison's lakes, and the circle of hot dogs is just too many kitsch things all in one place. The wordmark and the mascot look like two completely different identities.
  20. Really not a fan of these Puma templates. I'm especially mad about the Austrian kit not having a proper crest because their new crest is so dang good. Some consolation in it being sublimated ALL OVER the kit.
  21. Yeah, they paid me some money and Baccar has disappeared from just about all social media. Still working on getting him cut completely from Behance. Feel free to report him for being a thief.
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