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  1. What about an monogram with a similar C to the current Twins C but with an N on top and C on the bottom?
  2. In an attempt to give my Behance page a bit of a bump, please check out the full project here, and if you like it hit that appreciate button!
  3. It doesn't. He's wearing a striped shirt under it that's showing through. Source: my closet.
  4. I feel the same way...but I bought the home blue regardless.
  5. Thanks! I think I have at least one critique for all of them. This thread go could on indefinitely with just me tweaking every single logo into oblivion.
  6. I did a small update for the Whitecaps over in my CPL thread (that started when I hit a creative block in this thread).
  7. Acadien AFC Alaska FC Boreal Thunder Bay (or Boréal if you're trying to get that Liga vibe) Bytown FC Cavalry SC Edmonton FC Halifax Wanderers (it doesn't say Wanderers on the crest, but let's stick with it) Hamilton Forge FC Impact Montréal Kelowna Line Nickel City FC FC Vieux Québec Regina Royal SC Saskatoon Sowers SC St. John's Town FC Toronto FC Vancouver Whitecaps FC Victoria Greys Winnipeg Valour York United Greys is my favorite name. What are your favorites/least favorites?
  8. The final club! Kelowna Line, named for the method of halting wildfires. Kelowna Line: The map: And all club logos:
  9. I need one more West team (west of Thunder Bay). I was thinking Kelowna, but a Territories wanderers teams might be interesting.
  10. There are a lot of teams near Toronto already, so I'm putting the final Eastern team in Sudbury. Super non-traditional crest for Nickel City. The trees come from the Greater Sudbury flag. Nickel City:
  11. Forward Madison unveiled their kits today. I bought the home blue, modeled after the Madison flag. and the secondary goalkeeper kit:
  12. Well, I've already started working on it, so might as well show you what that route looks like: Acadien AFC:
  13. I'm not too familiar with Atlantic Canadian history, so I'd like to run the name Acadien AFC past y'all for a Moncton club. It seems like it may work, but maybe that Acadia was more Nova Scotia than New Brunswick.
  14. Version 2: A name change and the leagues first "Real" club...sorta. Some added color and a remix of the aurora layout. Generally, I loathe gradients in sports logos, but it just fits with the northern lights.
  15. Funny you should ask: Thunder Bay Lights FC: and for posterity's sake, a bump of Victoria to page 4
  16. Somewhere along the line I found myself very attached to the name Victoria Grays. I'm not sure why, I just really love the sound of it. Victoria Greys:
  17. I've got an idea for Victoria, but I'm still looking for ideas for Kelowna, Moncton, & somewhere on the Golden Horseshoe.
  18. I really like the current Cavalry logo. It's simple, it's classic. But keeping it isn't in the spirit of the series. So I took the horse from the City of Calgary's logo, made a few changes, and promoted the C from the current logo to more prominence. That just leaves Victoria, which I'd love some ideas for. ...or maybe I've got plans for expanding to 20 teams. Caravans of immigrants from the USA will likely be flooding Canada soon, so the sport will have room to grow.
  19. He's the Golden Boy atop the Manitoba Legislative Building.
  20. Here's a club with a non-traditional name, easily made a classic name with the nickname "Golden Boys". I like the banner look that Valour presented, but they missed some low hanging fruit by not making a 'W' with the banner. Winnipeg Golden:
  21. Let's go with wheat for Saskatoon then! Sowers SC:
  22. Anyone have team name or crest ideas for the following. I'm at a bit of a creative pause. Saskatoon Wheat? Bridges? Looney Toons? Victoria Pacific is a good name, and I like the way Vancouver Island is a part of the logo. Unsure how to improve. Winnipeg Something WWI based would work for me. I've considered using Winnie. Calgary I like their current logo quite a bit, so it's hard to move away from. Foothills and Caledonian are already in use, and are good names. Maybe promote one of those names? And for possible future teams: Kelowna Thunder Bay Moncton Mississauga