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  1. That is a really nice spin on Juve. Kind of hoping they go with something like "Lou City" or "Lou Racing" just to see the look on British faces when they hear that one.
  2. Next big 90's question: Which character from Friends is most likely to be rockin' Bills gear? Ross always sounds like he just watched Super Bowl XXV again. Maybe do a group shot?
  3. Edmonton EdBlacks. If we cannot have 2 different Rough Riders, the least the CFL could do would be this.
  4. Pizzash!te FC Anyone who has ever tried St. Louis style pizza will agree that this name is entirely appropriate.
  5. As a Bills fan, I am not sure I would be happy to have either Kramer or Frazier as a representative of the team. The Bills feel much more like a Norm or George Costanza team to me. Maybe throw in Schneider from One Day at a Time, Jim Ignatowski from Taxi, or Johnny Fever from WKRP instead (I know, not very 1990's, but still.)
  6. Maybe they could go the route of the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals, ignore local culture and animals and go with a totally unrelated animal. Edmonton Emus (I actually prefer "Elk" to "Elks").
  7. Within about 10 seconds of seeing the new Charlotte FC logo and secondary monogram I started wondering why they didn't design the main logo to include the monogram. That and I cannot recall having seen a soccer logo with a crown where the crown was not above the shield or rondel. So, here is my version, along with the original. I made mine quickly so the font size and all the lines are not exactly how I would want them, but you get the idea. Actual logo My version:
  8. I am trying to think if I have ever seen a soccer crest that contained a crown where the crown is not above the shield/rondel. Seems such an obvious choice. Why not put the crown at the top, and the monogram inside the rondel? Weird and not particularly strong visually.
  9. FC Sporting St. Louis City Athletic United OK, just kidding. Not that I am going to root for STL no matter what look they go with, but my hope is that they find a way to pick a unique color palette. Red + Blue is played out, and even Red-Blue-Gold is already in Chicago and SLC. Not a lot of unique color combos left to go with, but they could create a unique identity by embracing a jersey element that others don't have yet (half & half, quarters, checkers, diamond pattern, reverse sash (Right shoulder to left hip), or even an Ajax style wide center stripe, since it seems Philly has abandoned that look.
  10. I am going to complicate this even more. I think it is a fair argument that once you get out about half-way into Suffolk County on Long Island, it is more New England than New York. Brookhaven Township and points east (North and South Fork) with their whaling villages, vineyards, fishing, and even the Hamptons are essentially Cape Cod and a somewhat less-exclusive Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. Not that anyone there would root for the Patriots, but culturally it is far closer to CT or RI than it is to Queens or North Jersey. I suspect the same could be said as you head up the Hudson pasty Yonkers. There is not a lot of difference between VT and Northern NY State.
  11. Gotta say I prefer the older 2D senator logo, even though I find there to be something odd about the forehead and nose shapes of the logo.
  12. Or, for those old enough to remember the CFL expansion in the 1990's... Washington CFL Colts.
  13. Washington's NFL team needs a name that... 1) Completely breaks from their former name and imagery depicting Native Americans. 2) Can retain the unique burgundy & gold color scheme the team has. 3) Will be popular with fans, sponsors, and communities, in a very divided nation where everything can be viewed as offensive. 4) Will re-establish strong corporate ties, perhaps bringing in new sponsorship opportunities 5) Fits well into the lyrics of the beloved "Hail to the Redskins" song. There can be only one choice that can do all this. I present to you the new Washington franchise in the NFL: Hail to the WheatThins!!!! (Hey, it is still better than the Ottawa RedBlacks.)
  14. I still think Washington missed an obvious switch. Washington Bullets --> Washington Ballots. No logo change needed, just swap out some letters.
  15. Hmmm... this is familiar (no judgement, it is a very obvious choice for a team named "Generals".) CFFL (Fantasy Team) has used this helmet since about 1989.