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  1. That is a good question. Of course the presence of the USFL and relative success of different markets may cause the NFL to expand differently. Maybe it is not Carolina and Jacksonville, maybe it is Baltimore and Memphis or St. Louis and Carolina. More to come on that a little later on. As for the colors on St. Louis, in part I am trying to stick to a 1990's aesthetic, and that is not always what I would prefer. The gold numbers came from the St. Louis Stallions prototype.
  2. Hey everyone, Here is the reveal of the St. Louis Knights. Won't say how the Knights come to be, but those following the alt history league can probably see the writing on the wall. For the initial look I altered very little from the source material (not USFL but WLAF). As teams develop over time the designs will become more distinct from their original "real world" inspirations. The other 2 teams which will get new looks in 1992 are the Michigan Panthers and Houston Gamblers. What (if any) changes would you envision for a 1992 version of the Gamblers or Panthers?
  3. I could imagine a 12 team USFL where they pick 4-6 big population cities just to make the TV network happy and then go for underrepresented cities that don't have MLB, NHL, NBA to worry about in the spring. Let me try to put together a possible alignment here for a 12-team league. 4 teams that are Top 10 MSA in the country, to keep the TV partner happy 4 teams that have either lost an NFL team or have one but no MLB so they are primed for football in the spring 4 underrepresented markets that have neither MLB or NFL but decent stadiums. Build the league in pairs of cities so that each team has a natural rival EAST New Jersey (Big Market)--Plays in either Red Bull Arena or at Rutgers. Rival for Philly. Original USFL team. Philadelphia (Big Market)--Plays at Franklin Field. Rival for New Jersey. Original USFL team. Columbus (No MLB/NFL)-- Plays at Crew Stadium. Rival for Louisville. Louisville (No NFL/MLB)-- Plays at U. of Louisville. Rival for Columbus. CENTRAL Chicago (Big Market)-- Plays at SeatGeek Stadium. Rival for St, Louis. Original USFL team. St. Louis (Lost NFL Team)-- Plays at new STL FC Stadium. Rival for Chicago New Orleans (No MLB)-- Plays at Tulane Stadium. Rival for Birmingham. Original USFL team. Birmingham (No NFL/MLB)-- Plays at new UAB Stadium. Rival for New Orleans. Original USFL team. WEST Bay Area (Big Market)-- Plays at San Jose State or in Oakland. Rival for San Diego. Original USFL team. San Diego (Lost NFL Team)--Plays at new SDSU Stadium. Rival for Bay Area San Antonio (No NFL/MLB)-- Plays at AlamoDome. Rival for Austin. Original USFL team. Austin (No NFL/MLB)--Plays at new soccer stadium. Rival for San Antonio You still have room to expand eventually to locations like Orlando, Memphis, Salt Lake, Portland, or other large cities if this thing catches on. You also have 7 original USFL locations to revive the names, then you could decide if you want to use any of the other team names for the 5 new cities.
  4. Only because the XFL's Seattle team drew very well, so there may simply be a good portion of the Seattle fanbase who are Seahawk fans but don't care about the Mariners. The AAF was predicated on the fact that a large number of people polled basically say they follow football and no other sport (I follow football and soccer, but not baseball, NBA or NHL, so I likely fit in this group) and that group may be large enough to support a USFL in areas where it is a dominant feeling. I agree, avoiding MLB cities may be as important as avoiding NFL cities, perhaps more, but there may be some outliers where spring football can draw well. If we look at the AAF and XFL 2.0, I think we saw this in places like Seattle, San Diego, DC, Houston, and St. Louis.
  5. Honestly, if the founders of this new USFL, the XFL, the AAF, and the new XFL ownership would all just agree on a league, pool their money and run one league we could actually have something viable for more than 1 season, but these endeavors are always seriously undercapitalized and the owners never seem to understand that it will take at least 5 years of losing $100M each before it catches on and starts getting decent tv and sponsorship money. But, that said, if the USFL were to come back, i would recommend they go with 10 - 12 teams, not 8, and use either stadiums under 40k or cities that we know will embrace a non-NFL option. That means moving some teams to allow for the nicknames to live on. My picks would be: EAST FEDERALS--Washington DC (Audi Stadium) GENERALS--New Jersey/NYC( Red Bull Arena,Princeton or Rutgers, not the Meadowlands) RENEGADES--Orlando (Camping World Stadium) BULLS--Carolina (Duke/UNC/NCState Stadium) CENTRAL BREAKERS--New Orleans (New Tulane stadium) STALLIONS--Birmingham (New UAB stadium) SHOWBOATS--Memphis (Liberty Bowl) BLITZ--St. Louis (new STL FC stadium) WEST\ OUTLAWS--San Diego (New SDSU Stadium) GUNSLINGERS--San Antonio (AlamoDome) STARS--Seattle (UW Stadium) INVADERS--Bay Area (SJSU Stadium) or Sacramento (Sac St. Stadium) That leaves the Bandits, Maulers, Gamblers, Express, Panthers and Wranglers for possible expansion.
  6. OK, one more. I took the actual antler logo and changed the angle so that it started above the facemask and went further across the entire helmet, then added a white shadow beneath it just for some contrast. I think I like this one better than any of the others I have modified.
  7. I could not resist. I think the helmet is the only part of the new Edmonton Elks look that is not a solid A+ across the board. So, i tried some experiments using the antlers from Dane Storrusten's amazing design for the A11FL Chicago Staggs found here (I hope that is OK, Dane, for a quick mockup), the new Elk logo and the traditional EE logo. Which of the 6 do you prefer? Assume that all helmets except #1 have a stripe pattern similar to the most recent Eskimos look.
  8. I like the elk logo idea, but I still think the antlers would work if they added more depth. I use this for comparison. Picture a yellow helmet, with the green instead of red and blue and the white added as well.
  9. Love the name. Love the logo. Not so strong on the helmet. Maybe a white outline would help, or just stick with the EE logo on the helmet or the new logo on the helmet. There is not enough to the antlers for me. Not as strong as the proposed Chicago Staggs antler helmets. I think with a tweak or two it could be strong. But the name and logo are great.
  10. OK, 4 Concepts for St. Louis, all using purple and either gold or athletic gold. One uses silver as well, and I do use 2 different purples, depending on the design. So we have the Knights, Monarchs, Surge and Mad Dogs all as options.
  11. Not a fan of the idea of the Jets joining the Giants by putting an "NY" monogram on the helmets. Biggest city in the country and the best their two teams can do is a "NY"? Pretty lame. NFL helmet logos tend to represent the team name rather than the city, and the Jets, if they ditch the "JETS" logo should embrace that. Unlike a giant, which is hard to depict in a logo, the Jets have an easy to depict, exciting, in-motion, aggressive team name and could maximize that rather than being just another NY team to rely on the NY monogram. I grew up on Long Island, and I will openly admit that one of the reasons I am a diehard Bills fan is that when I was a kid I thought the green helmet "JETS" and white on blue helmet"GIANTS" logos on the helmets were boring and lame, so I found the only other NY team and they had a cool charging Buffalo, which was so much cooler. (Add to this Joe Ferguson's hail mary vs the Pats in 1980 and then his playoff game v. San Diego when he played with a broken ankle and I was hooked on the Bills).
  12. That is a gorgeous jersey. I may have to get one of those. The Green Bay ones are also both tempting.
  13. I was thinking something similar, blending a WLAF name like Knights or Monarchs with the purple and gold color scheme used by the failed NFL expansion St. Louis Stallions concept. Could work well with either name.
  14. One more feedback question for the site. Within the next couple of seasons St. Louis will be getting a USFL franchise. In keeping with the overall designi plan I have for the "alternate" USFL, the new team will use a design similar to either a WLAF/NFL Europe, CFL-USA, or Arena Football design from the same time period (modified, of course). So, which of these team identities do you see as the best option to modify for a St. Louis franchise? Frankfurt Galaxy NY/NJ Knights San Antonio Riders Sacramento Surge Memphis Mad Dogs London Monarchs I will likely alter either the colors or the logo itself, but the goal is to create a look that is period-appropriate and clearly linked to a "real world" team of the period.
  15. Hey all, Looking ahead at the three teams who will get new looks for the 1991 USFL season. We have the New Orleans Breakers, the Oakland Invaders, and the Arizona Wranglers. These are three looks I really like already, so I am not thinking of major changes to logos, but perhaps some design tweaks. What would you do to improve the look of these three teams? I am using slightly tweaked versions of the 1994 Wranglers, and 95 Breakers and Invaders as the baseline.
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