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  1. There are some really tough Catch-22 situations involved with Spring football, which is why I don't think most leagues last very long. 1. If you want filled stadiums you need to go to smaller markets that are not saturated with Major League spring sports (MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS) but if you want a good TV contract you need to be in major markets like NY, LA, Chicago, etc. So how do you balance that out so that you do not have empty stadiums on TV or filled stadiums but lousy TV number on a 3rd tier network. (Who would watch Laredo vs. Des Moines on FX?) 2. What fans want from a spring league is good football preferably played by top tier players. They want the USFL. Kelly, Young, Walker, etc. but if you do that you better have several billion dollars of capital to go head to head with the NFL and the major media networks in their pockets. If you go the other route you have to convince the millions of football fans who do not deeply loathe the NFL (there are some that do, but they are not enough to support a new league) that it is cool to watch (and pay to watch) guys who are NFL-roster marginal play each other. You will get great ratings if your spring league has Mahomes vs. Goff lined up each week, but how do you get good ratings consistently when you have Cardale Jones vs. Mike Bercovici playing each week? 3. With a spring schedule and a startup league there are some natural hurdles to deal with: 1) Bad weather right at the start of the season will suppress attendance. 2) You have to compete with the start of MLB, both NHL and NBA playoffs, and March Madness, all major sports events that will cut down your viewership and your attendance. 3) While there are many folks who would love year-round football, there are more who either are OK with a break, or whose families will be really ticked off to be abandoned for football for the other half of the year. I would argue that today only the smaller market, warm weather cities, lower budget, smaller stadium version of spring football would work. NFL salaries and TV contracts make it nearly impossible for a USFL style rival league to actually succeed. So, we get AAF and XFL and hope that one of them has the funding to stay alive long enough to earn an actual revenue-generating TV contract. But, on the topic of the FFL and logos/design. I am wondering what people would like to see next. If I wanted to do altered photos of actual players I would need to learn some serious photoshop skills (which I don't currently have) and I work with Corel Draw and Corel Photo/Paint, so I would need to learn to do that on Corel software. Not too likely. What other graphic components could be designed purely from Corel Draw?
  2. Getting close to simming Season 1 of the FFL over on https://ahsports.boardhost.com/index.php. 12 teams, 14 weeks. But what good is a kickoff without advertising, so here is just one piece of FFL marketing to be seen in full-page ads all across the country (and online, of course, this is a Mark Cuban gig after all.)
  3. Well, Nike proves that every once in a while they get things right (Minnesota, Tampa Bay) but that most of the time their natural instinct to innovate at the cost of looking good holds true. So many bad decisions with Atlanta it is hard to see the good, but I will try. Good-- Black helmet. Having a Red alternate jersey along with a Black jersey. Having a throwback that uses the Deion Sanders period. Bad-- OK, here we go. 1. Chrome facemask. They just want to "Oregon" the NFL, so when they lost the chrome in Tampa they put it here. 2. Side stripes-- never align right when players actually play the game. 3. Huge "ATL" on front of jersey. That just screams semi-pro league designed by a guy who loves zubaz pants and always asks people how much they bench. 4. blockish number font with sideways drop shadow. What? Really? Who looks at this and says it looks like a good font? 5. Single color socks-- All white, all black, all red. Why? Why does Nike hate striped socks? 6. Unitard look-- All white, all black, all red. again, Why? 7. Pant stripe-- Even without the jersey striping, this is way too thin and curves in an awkward way. Adding a reverse curve on the jersey does not fix this. That is a lot. How has Nike not realized that we are in a cycle where throwback looks are highly coveted and New "Kewl" looks are viewed as too 1990's to be redone now? I really think NIKE is losing touch with reality. All in all I think this is a great uniform... for the IFL, CIF, or any other 3rd tier arenaball league. Not for the NFL. Just like with the Rams logo, it seems that the NFL and NIKE cannot understand that a tasteful throwback-inspired look will always go over better than a gawdy new idea look. I guess ATL (do we have to call them that now?) will have to wait another 5 years.
  4. The Championship will be located at the stadium of whichever team wins the #1 seed, adding some serious weight to the regular season. It also gives the city about 3 weeks to plan (or more if the team clinches #1 seed earlier than week 14). The idea is that each city would book their stadium for that game before the season even starts and then only 1 would actually get the game. I do love your idea of the "Great American Classic". Perhaps something like that will be used.
  5. FFL Teams have begun their season ticket campaigns. Chicago and Orlando kick it off. (BTW, I am still using CorelDraw for these, not a photo program, so it is not exactly pro quality graphic design work. Just forewarning.)
  6. Love the slogans. Some great ones there. As for Austin, I hear you on that, but as the only Texas team in play right now, it seemed doable. Besides the A-Derrick was too good to pass up.
  7. All in one place. A possible page from the FFL Media Guide.
  8. And here is 12 of 12. Denver opts to borrow from the Rockies color scheme, while also focusing on the most iconic feature of the state, its 52 14,000 foot peaks. The colors ended up a bit K-State, but i like the more silvery/muted purple when compared with NO and ATL. No team with a purple helmet, but 3 teams using purple as a key color. My first thought was to call them the Pathfinders, but opted for the shorter and simpler name. The secondary is a bit whimsical. I found a great icon of a hiking boot and realized that if arranged right they form a very abstract DP monogram, so I went with it. DENVER PEAKS Head Coach:Vance Joseph Pro Mentor:Eric Decker Stadium: Dick's Sporting Goods Park (20,000)
  9. I have finished up the last 2 teams, so presenting them today, then perhaps some tweaking and ready to roll. Here is the St. Louis franchise. Decided to do a Showboats-style focus on steamships and riverboats. The main logo is based on a secondary logo from the Lake County captains, with some significant changes/additions. The secondary is my attempt to create an STL monogram which also looks like the anchor logo that most captain's hats have. I wanted a red-focused team, and STL seemed like a better fit than Denver for that. So, team 11 of 12 is ready to cast off. ST. LOUIS SKIPPERS Head Coach:Stump Mitchell Pro Mentor:Jordy Nelson Stadium: New St. Louis MLS Stadium (22.000)
  10. On to Team 10: New Orleans. Decided to update a design I created for my version of the AAF. The colors were unique to the FFL, and worked for the city, and the name was a no brainer. What is new, for those who saw the AAF thread I had done last year? Well, the primary logo is brand new. Something of a mashup of several images and designs found online. Other than that, the uniform and wordmark are not new. I adjusted the colors slightly, but still green, purple and gold. NEW ORLEANS KREWE Head Coach: Dave Aranda Pro Mentor: Drew Brees Stadium: Yulman Field at Tulane University (30,000)
  11. Hey all, I am really unsure about the 9th team, Atlanta. I went with an odd color scheme for ATL, basically Clemson's Purple & Orange (which I love on Clemson when done right) and I tried a theme based on the ATL airport as the world's busiest. While there are aspects I like about the look of the logo and uni's I am just not completely sold on this. Here is why... 1. Another letter-based logo. I try not to have too many of these. 2. The colors don't really scream "Atlanta" to me, but red-black or red-navy is just so common. 3. Should I go with more of a wings motif? Just not sure. 4. The name bugs me, but Jets is taken, Wings is meh, Flyers did not work for me. Any other options if we stick with this logo? 4. Or would you go a totally different direction with ATL in general? Let me know what you think. ATLANTA FLIGHT Head Coach: Raheem Morris Pro Mentor: Roddy White Stadium: Georgia State U. Stadium (24,333)
  12. Just one more thing to consider. So far, I have no red helmets, no green helmets, no purple at all, no brown, and perhaps too much blue/black. So I am going to try to balance that out a bit with the last 4 teams. I don't want a 12 team league with 6 black helmets. Gotta get some color diversity in there.
  13. A good point about Chicago. I will see if I can fix the gear look. The design was originally for a USFL alternative history, so the style might be a bit more old-school than some others. I might revisit that as well. When it comes to fonts for the numbers, honestly I just pull from the font library I have, which includes several NFL fonts, so several teams have NFL fonts (Rams, Patriots, Titans, Texans, Eagles, Jaguars). Making a new font is not really something I am looking to do. And with some custom fonts the desire to make it too relevant to the team name can cause some real horror shows (Tampa Bay, looking at you). And I will say that my aesthetic tends to run towards 1980s-2000's NFL, USFL and maybe a bit of WLAF, but I am not a fan of some of the things I see out there in the world of indoor football or even college with too much "XTreme" looks. So, you probably won't see a lot of crazy striping, oversized graphics, etc. I am more of a traditionalist than a modernist when it comes to design. (Don't get me started on how much I hate what Nike did with Oregon, or chrome/matte helmets, etc.)