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  1. An evil company that makes evil bathrooms. Actually, that may also be a subdivision of Wayne Enterprises.
  2. If only Real SLC was open to allowing the AAF to use RIo Tinto Stadium. That would be a great venue for the AAF (as would most MLS stadiums) but I understand why they don't want to do that. Football really destroys grass fields in a way that soccer just doesn't, plus unless there was a way to wash away the football lines after the game, it would ruin the look of the nice, clean soccer pitch.
  3. What I mean by that is that the team already has the outline of the Alamo across the back of the helmet so they don't need to repeat it by having the actual full logo on the sides of the helmet. Because of the design of the red v. maroon color change (as a logo itself) I believe SA is the only team that should stick with numbers on the helmet instead of logos.
  4. I thought that too, and when I did my "alternative universe" version of the AAF (see the Concepts board) I had all 8 teams with 1 uniform only for the first season. When the actual AAF uniforms came out I thought they had done a pretty good job of it, but apparently between the colorblind, people with black & white TVs (really?) and people who just don't like dark v. dark, there was enough backlash that the league seems to have caved and created 2nd uniforms. A lot of people complained about ATL v. BIR which is purple/gold v. all black, which did not bother me at all. I am hoping that for year 2 the league will tweak the uniforms, give more character to the alternates and fix some of the issues that people don't like. My unsolicited opinions: ARZ Home: Helmet logo on both sides. Lengthen the pant stripe just a bit, maybe 1/2 of leg. The rest is fine. ARZ Away: Green jersey with white numbers (orange trim) and yellow sleeve caps. Yellow pants with green & Orange side stripe similar to helmet (with AZ logo) ATL Home: Just minor tweeks: go with a purple facemask instead of gold, change the gold crown stripe at bottom to white on helmet logos, add small secondary logos to sleeve caps. ATL Away: Same tweeks as above plus use purple pants, white jersey with gold sleeve caps and purple numbers. BIR Home: Add logo to helmet (both sides) or to sleeves (one or the other, not both). Change pants to metallic grey with black stripe. BIR Away: Black pants, white jersey with black yoke and black numbers MEM Home: Really solid, no changes needed. MEM Away: Just add the blue-red side stripe to jerseys and it is good to go. ORL Home: Shrink the numbers on the helmet a bit, that's all. ORL Away: Orange jersey with blue yoke and side stripes in white/navy to match home jersey SLC: Home: Change helmet logo to full horse-head logo. The mane just does not evoke horses. Looks like a bird logo. SLC Away: LIght blue jersey with white numbers (royal trim) and royal sleeve caps. Silver pants with royal stripe. SA Home: Numbers on both sides of helmet. Logo is the color shift pattern. Main logo on sleeves. SA Away: White jersey with maroon yoke and red numbers outlined in maroon and main logo on sleeves. SD Home: Logo on both sides of helmet. Change logos and stripe from metallic to athletic gold. SD Away: Yellow jersey with Dark Grey & Light Grey numbers (as on new white jersey), dark grey chevrons on side stripe. Dark grey pants with light grey chevrons. (I would design these but my CPU with CorelDraw is 800 miles away so I cannot access it until it and all my furniture makes the move to where I now live.)
  5. At least the SD white jersey tries to incorporate the side panels from the dark jersey. Memphis and Orlando’s 2nd jersey didn’t even do that. Hoping in 2020 we are fully realized clash jerseys or uniforms.
  6. So the question is, should a league focus on attracting 20 year olds or 45 year olds? My vote would be for 45 year olds, with families, as the primary audience. You don't want to alienate the younger audience, but by remaining attractive to the 45 year old mom & dad who will pay for themselves and 2-3 kids to attend a game you build a league that hopefully will lock in fans for decades. I suspect that the Tampa Bay Sharks would draw better and sell more merch than the Tampa Bay Mystery Ships ever would, and way more than the Tampa Bay Krunk Xtremes.
  7. Just saying that there are no "Stallions" in the Big 4(5) sports. The fact that the AAF used it as a name testifies to my point that a "classic" name can be a good choice for a pro team in a startup league.
  8. I would say that while the "classics" are common in HS and in the NCAA, they are amazingly rare in pro sports. Bulldogs-- 0 pro teams Huskies-- 0 Wildcats-- 0 Cougars--0 Mustangs--0 Stallions--0 Trojans--0 Spartans--0 Highlanders--0 Gladiators--0 Stars--1 Knights-- 1 (Golden) Warriors--1 Sharks--1 Eagles-- 1 Hawks--1 Falcons--1 Lions--1 Tigers--1 I think the XFL would do well to play up the "Nostalgia, Olde Tyme Footballe" theme by pushing not only old-school play style, but also old-school team names that remind people of HS and College rather than trying to be edgy and kewl. I could see a lot of people getting on board with a retro look to the league and retro names like: NY Knights--Washington Warriors--St. Louis Stallions--Tampa Bay Sharks (or Tigersharks)--Dallas Mustangs--Houston Bulldogs--LA Stars--Seattle Cougars
  9. The rumors and leaks on 2020 XFL team names has begun and if some of these are true it means either MCMahon has lost it and dragged Oliver Luck with him or the entire XFL is designed to be a tax write off. Tampa Bay Mystery Ships? Seattle Subterranean? Dallas Greats? Houston Launchers? This has to be a diversion, right? The XFL cannot possibly be serious with this.
  10. Relocate the Atlanta Legends, and you have the Louisville Legends, which works well. The crown logo could be a reference either to King Louis of France or to Muhammad Ali as the boxing heavyweight champ. The colors of purple and gold would not clash with UK or UL. It is a win-win, then maybe in a few years you return a team to Atlanta with a better name/logo for that city. I am not a big fan of a new league moving a lot of its franchises, but Atlanta was always an odd choice because of the competition with MLB, NBA and MLS all during the spring. Louisville has none of that. If I were to place an AAF team in an NFL city in the east it would be New Orleans. No MLB or NHL or MLS to compete with, only the Pelicans, and LA is clearly football country. Plus they could play in Tulane's new stadium, which is a much better size for the AAF and would give NOLA a chance to watch football outside instead of in the dome.
  11. I have only a few minor issues with the AAF uniforms and I am sure some will disagree with these. 1. Every team should have a well-designed alternate uniform. Having seen the Memphis and Orlando alternates, it is clear they threw them together quickly with no attempt to match the main uniform's design. Hope they fix that for season 2. 2. Get rid of the numbers on the helmets and just put the logos on both sides. 3. Put secondary logos on the sleeves, or are they saving those spaces for possible ads/sponsor patches? 4. I am not a fan of the leggings/solid color socks. I much prefer the old-school white sock with color block or stripe on the calf. Full length yellow "socks" just does not work for me on either SD or AZ. 5. Put the team name under the collar. I know that is a very NFL thing to do, but I do think it helps, particularly on replica jerseys, to add interest to the front of the jersey. I would still give the AAF a solid A- on uniform design. While I would make some tweaks to individual teams (Atlanta mostly), overall it is very solid.
  12. Despite the issues in B'Ham and Memphis, I expect that both will start to pull 20k as the season progresses (assuming the $250m issue is overblown and it is more an investment than a last ditch salvation play). I worry more about Atlanta and Arizona. Both cities have 3 other sports to contend with in the Spring (NBA in both, MLB in both, NHL in PHX and MLS in ATL) so what will happen when all those seasons plus the NCAA tournament are in full swing? Arizona had poor attendance at their home opener, and ATL plays their first game this week, already 0-2 with no offense to speak of. I will be shocked if they reach 15k in attendance this week. But speaking of uniforms, It would be cool if... Birmingham had a white jersey/silver pants alternate. Atlanta had a white jersey/purple pants alternate. Orlando had an orange jersey with blue yoke alternate (still with white pants) Salt Lake had a Royal jersey with silver pants alternate. San Antonio had a white jersey, maroon yoke and pants alternate. Arizona had a green jersey, yellow pant alternate. San Diego had a white jersey, yellow pant alternate.
  13. I did that a while back, but most were really only tweaks.
  14. Makes it look like a team in Nashville, South Carolina. SC NASHVILLE on one line would be better than NASHVILLE SC, and much better than having it on 2 lines. It's a pretty crap crest all around. I wonder if it means that the club will have yellow jerseys with blue stripes?
  15. Ugh! That is a classic case of a horrific advert ruining a kit. Other than the horrific Meow Wolf crap, the uniform is just a bit boring, but with it, the whole thing is a disaster.