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  1. Yup, NYCFC is going to make some money off of me with that jersey. Sign me up as a fan. Love the retro UK/ITA vibe.
  2. I would be shocked if they went back to the "BENGALS" helmet or the simple design of those early unis. I expect a Super Bowl era look retaining the striped helmet.
  3. Probably becasue they are going to go with a radical new helmet design, specifically created for this league.
  4. Most Likely: Inter FC Medium likelihood: Sporting Internazionale Atletico Milano FC United of Anaheim Unlikely: Milan (Washington Football Team)
  5. Back when the entire AFC East, all 5 teams, wore white helmets. Too many if you ask me. Glad the Jets went Green, and then the Bills red.
  6. Just posted 1983 simulated Championship. It turned out not to be Michigan over Philly. Also 1984 expansion announced, only 4 teams, not 6. check it out at the website in OP.
  7. Hey all, Not sure this is the best forum to mention this, but it is not an art concept, so maybe. I am simulating an alternative history of the USFL using Wolverine Studio's Draft Day 21 to start back in 1983. To chronicle this alternate history I have created a website where I post weekly game results and stats, news stories, drafts, etc. We are currently in week 11 of the 1983 season and while not much has changed yet from the real 1983 season, that will be changing soon as the league announces expansion and starts raiding NFL rosters. If the USFL interests you, I think you will find the site fun to explore as we work through 1983 and hopefully well past the real-world 1985 death of the league. You can follow it at: https://apsbertsche.wixsite.com/mysite Sorry for the lame URL, but I don't want to pay $15 a month to get a branded URL for this little project.
  8. With every release I am more pleased that this league will never play a down of football.
  9. Not really a fan of the Austin look. I think a solid green jersey with black shorts and green socks would have been a better option. Also wondering if any MLS team will use hoops again. Seems like a very undervalued look. Hoops on Austin might be an improvement, and greater distinction from Atlanta.
  10. Returning to the East, and one of the most distinctive helmets in all of football. MICHIGAN WOLVERINES This design, particularly the alternate, is a tricky one. So much tradition in Michigan. Did not want to touch the main helmet, and stuck to pretty traditional looks all around. I think the pant striping is really the only truly new element. With the alternate, the challenge was that the helmet had to be different. Really not sure what I think about this look, so I would love feedback or ideas on what an alternate Wolverines look could be (especially the helmet.)
  11. Back on track with the west and my other alma mater. WISCONSIN BADGERS Yes, the flying W has had a good run, but it is time to turn the page. I reintroduce a block W paired with everyone's favorite feisty badger, Bucky!! Decided I would also add a bit more black to the look, since it is part of the logo and a big part of Bucky's design. The main uni is pretty traditional, but the alternate goes someplace new with full-on Bucky love.
  12. Well, I have fallen behind on West teams, so I am going to post another East team. This time it is my attempt to remedy some of the issues I see with my alma mater. INDIANA HOOSIERS While I will always root for IU, I don't agree with their "we don't need a mascot" stance and I am not really a big fan of their branding in several ways. The current helmet stripes, placement of the "IU" logo and 12,257 alternate uniforms are just not working for me. So... 1) I created a basic IU+Indiana logo with some beveling (I don't hate beveling when used judiciously). 2) I created a uniform that is somewhat basic, but which pays tribute to the basketball candystripe tradition on the neckline, sleeve caps and pants. 3) I brought in the curved INDIANA wordmark from the basketball jerseys. 4) I tried to find a way to actually produce a "crimson and cream" alternate, by using a champagne color (metallic) similar to the old Michigan Panthers instead of a flat yellowish-white cream color. The uniforms actually remind me of the Hickory HS uniforms from the movie Hoosiers, so that works for me. 5) I brought in the traditional script Indiana wordmark for the alternate helmets. I think they should use that script more, in any format.
  13. As the flagship school in each state it seems logical to me to try to incorporate the state into the design of the team. And, to be honest, many of the "classic brands" are pretty minimalistic and not particularly interesting. They may be classic, but that does not make them good designs. I realize I just started a whole tangent war on this thread that will some how end up with a discussion of the NY Yankees vs. the flaming horse Detroit Pistons. I realize that is a danger here, but the whole point is that this is a concepts page, and a big part of my concept is incorporating state shapes into the branding of the top schools for each state. Some (Indiana, Illinois) already do it on their field designs, but not usually on uniforms. I want to try to find ways to do so with uniforms, when I think it makes sense and works for the school. Penn State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Nebraska, etc. are all states with 1 school which is the clear frontrunner/flagship. I don't think I will likely do the same with Michigan but for these it makes sense that the state's shape could be used as a powerful identifier, rather than, for example, the letter "M" which could be Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota or any other M word (Marshall, Miami of Ohio) etc.
  14. And an updated Minnesota. I swapped out the M and M + State logo between the helmet and pants. I also added more maroon to the alternate uniform (shoulders and pant stripe). I decided to keep the silhouette gopher with the M rather than the full color gopher. I just like the simplicity of it. (And there is no white MN jersey. With Gold as one of your colors I think you can go "LA Lakers" and just not have a white jersey. How often would both teams have gold?)
  15. Nebraska with altered N + State logo. Note the variation from the first one above. Switched to an outline so the N is more prominent.