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  1. It's a giant poop!!!! Gotta change colors.
  2. XFL Draft is next week. I wonder if they will reveal helmets or full uniforms at that event. At least helmets would be a good touch.
  3. Maybe it is just me, but the striping makes it look a bit like the U.S. flag to me.
  4. I believe it is one I put together from several images/designs. I use CorelDraw so I am not sure if I have a version that is easily transferable. I can create a template PNG if that is helpful.
  5. Dediced that I agreed that the Tampa Bay Plunder didn't really work (at least the logo didn't), but I wanted to keep the oceanic/nautical theme, so I dusted off an idea I had used for my alternate history of the USFL and repurposed it for Tampa. So, the new...improved... Tampa Bay Tritons!!!
  6. I agree that it is too busy for a team logo, but as a commemorative logo or maybe a stadium element it could work.
  7. So, tonight I was mucking around with some old photos of Paul and Jim Brown, trying to avoid watching the nightmare which was tonights Rams and Colts uniforms (two horrible looks). I decided to try to design a Browns logo that paid homage to the two most famous Browns. Not sure it works as a sports logo, but it might be used for other types of marketing. Constructive criticism much appreciated.
  8. It is always hard to quantify, but I would say the following would define "traditional" vs. "modern looks" TRADITIONAL--- Sleeve, pant and sock stripes. Helmet stripes are straight, not tapered. Jerseys may have different colored yoke or sleeves, but not side panels or any sublimated images. No chrome or matte helmets. Logos are standard size, not huge and not only on 1 side of helmet (with number on the other). Fonts for numbers are relatively blockish and could have fit in back in the 80's or even 90's. MODERN-- Chrome, Matte, combinations of yoke, sleeve and side panels, pants without stripes or with wild tapered or swooshy stripes. Helmets with oversized logos or with transition from 1 color to another (recent Jags helmet), sublimated images (Oregon duck wings) or use of "slick" fabrics mixed with traditional fabrics, fully colored socks (all the way down to foot) instead of color on calf only, horizontal stripes on pants (U Hawaii), sleeve stripes that extend to front (Seahawks, Browns), use of logo on front of jersey (CFL in America, old NFL Europe). I am a traditionalist in most cases, so in my ideal world it should be hard to tell that the XFL jerseys were not created in 1983.
  9. The last 2: NY and Tampa. NY: I really think they swung and missed with Guardians, when Gargoyles is just cooler, so I swapped out the name. And while I was at it, I decided that swapping out the red, which does not work on the gargoyle teeth, with a green from oxidized copper (like the Statue of Liberty) would be better. So, minor changes, but a new name. TAMPA: Here I had to create a whole new identity, since the Vipers name went to LA. I decided not to do a swap with Wildcats, because that is such a generic name. When you realize that the XFL Tampa team will be playing in the Buccaneers' stadium, the one with a huge frickin' pirate ship in one end zone, it just seems clear that you better find a way to incorporate a pirate theme. I went with "Plunder" as my name. I know some folks hate non-count nouns, but the name works well for Tampa, in a way that Plunderers would not. For colors I decided to add a new color to the XFL, metallic gold, or Gold Dubloon, as the Plunder will call it. I matched that up with a dark (not quite navy) blue and a pale blue. The red on the parrot is only in the logo. Too many colors this way. I could see this team becoming the official team of Parrotheads everywhere while still linking well with the history of the Tampa/St. Pete region.
  10. And 2 more,since I have them done already. Seattle is close to great, but I just don't think Dragons works as well for the city as a sea-themed monster, so we went with Sea Serpents, and I loved the old Matt Hasslebeck era Hawks' colors, so I brought them back. LA becomes the recipient of an identity swap as I opted to make them the Vipers. It harkens more to the desert, the old Viper Club (River Phoenix died there, but it is also an LA Icon) and I had to bring in a new color scheme to feel a bit more LA. My only concern here is that there is such a U. of Miami or FAMU vibe that it still does not feel quite LA to me. For now we stick with it, the LA Vipers (so, clearly Tampa must need a new identity. That is to come.)
  11. The next two XFL team changes involve an identity swap. I hate the name "BattleHawks" and decided that the STL identity makes more sense for DC, while the DC logo, with its lightning bolts, would work well in STL. so they swapped, but that is not all. I wanted to thumb the STL noses at the NFL, so I brought in a color scheme just reminiscent enough of the rams (Purple instead of Navy). And for DC, the name Defenders seems a weaker option than one of the other XFL names under consideration, so I swapped it out for Sentinels. DC and STL:
  12. And now, phase 2. In this phase I will tweak, adjust, redub, relocate or completely overhaul the 8 XFL franchises. In some cases only a minor change (colors, name) are needed, in others I may swap identities or relocate nicknames. Basically I think the XFL was just slightly off on several of their identities and I am going to rectify that with some adjustments. No relocation, I keep the same 8 cities, but everything else is fair game. First up are the two Texas teams. In both cases the names and logos are solid but the color schemes are off. Why give Dallas the Love Ya Blue. I gave it back to Houston, but swapped the red for orange to hopefully hold off the NFL lawyers. So, Dallas needed a new color scheme. Rather than give them the Houston Navy & Red, too close to the Cowboys, I swapped out the colors of the LA Wildcats and gave Dallas a Red, Black and Orange scheme, a radical departure from the city's other teams. So, Dallas and Houston reimagined (recolored really):
  13. And the final 2 teams, which turned out to be the toughest. Next up, what I wish the team names, colors and logos would have been. But first, let's finish off the XFL's actual teams. Seattle: I really wanted to incorporate all 4 colors (navy, forest, leaf green and the salmony orange/red) and that simply did not work for me with a more conservative or old school design, so I decided to do something more modern, along the lines of the Tennessee Titans. That, plus the lack of a secondary logo for Seattle, made this one tough, but I am happy with the results. I have to say I love the subtle hint towards the Seahawks old Green-Blue twin stripe on the pants (with more color and flair). Tampa: The issue here was the color palette. The two greens and pale yellow were tough to balance out. I ended up having to use black as a 4th color, which seems to be what the logo designers did with the V logo, so i don't think it is a total departure. I wanted to repeat the forked tongue motif from the helmet as well. Decided to simplify the jersey and just use the V logo on the sleeves. This is probably the one I would be most likely to change in the future. But, in a way this jersey/pants combo evokes the popular and eye-jarring look of the WLAF's Orlando Thunder, which I think is a good thing to do in central Florida.