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  1. Here are a list of NFL teams that have gotten sleeve stripes to work on the Vapor Untouchable template: bears cowboys chiefs 49ers Vikings Giants (away) not a long list, but certainly possible. I think we get caught up in the bad attempts at this (Lions, for example, have to be terrible with their stripes in order to put a goddamn wordmark on their sleeve stripe) that we don’t realize that designers and manufacturers can get pretty much anything to work, so long as they actually care about the design. So it’s valid to complain about how the STATE just barely cuts off, because it doesn’t look intentional, it looks like a mistake. Especially since when you took out the lime green, that could be a top 10 alternate IMO if that dumb wordmark was just small enough to fit on the front. With the lime and the seemingly accidental wordmark, it’s just another below average set.
  2. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo (for all of them btw)
  3. So the thing that bugged me so much about the Ravens' draft cap is that it's a really cool concept. It's hard to improve on a really cool way to show civic pride in the form of a hat, but I'm trying anyways. NOTES: people who don't know flags, you're about to learn smthn. The Maryland flag's 2 designs come from Sir George Clavert, the first Lord Baltimore, whose 2 coat of arms (Calvert-Crossland) were represented because he recieved the intial charter from the British crown to set up a Catholic safehaven. The flag of the City of Baltimore is actually really cool because it's the black/gold part of the Maryland flag, so I made a Baltimore variant and a Maryland variant. BALTIMORE: Maryland: Who won? Who's next? YOU DECIDE!!!!!!
  4. So the thing about the Jets, more than any other team in American pro sports except for the Padres, is that the relationship between success on the field and success in branding don't have a strong connection. I've seen more people (rather suprisingly) stump for the 78-97 logo than I have for the current logo (or old logo? or old old logo? You know the one). That success the team had in the 60's didn't translate into the substantial amount of goodwill that one would expect, and that's why so many people seem to have this fondness for often below .500 record team branding. Therefore, when in the situation to completely redesign their logo/uniforms and create something beautiful and iconic for new generations (even if they didn't find success on the field, as history shows), they failed miserably by failing to even scratch that surface of potential.
  5. The template is by @raysox and you can see it here. The download is at the end of the first post. As for the Raiders, that's tough to say because they're going to be playing in San Francisco next year, under the Oakland name, waiting for their Las Vegas stadium to be built. If you guys have any suggestions on a way to fix them, put it down in the comments. I decided to do the Texans next, as on and off over the last 2 years I've been working on concepts for a new Houston flag. I have a few different idea kicking around, but I decided to go with this one I made last night. There's symbolism in there, sports and historically, but this is about TERRIBLE DRAFT HATS so here's my version of this hat. I gave them Columbia blue, sue me.
  6. omlllllllll via on the "turbo & nitro" font page, aka Fonts by Hoefler & Co.: We designed Nitro for Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, as part of a new identity for the New York Jets football team. (link)
  7. For real though, how on earth do people genuinely think that this logo is somehow a "placeholder"? If they wanted a placeholder, wouldn't they use their current logo with a lighter green? Seriously, it's been seen on at least 2 separate instances of the draft hat, and also coupled with ALL THE OTHER DRAFT HATS IN THE GERMAN VIDEO, it seems like wishful thinking/the first stage of grief to think that a placeholder logo got all the way through production and shipping with all the other official hats. Some people really out here wildin'.
  8. Try this on for size I picked the old logo for a few reasons: 1) the centennial celebration of the league should be a time to remember some of the more interesting design histories of some of these teams, and 2) we don't know what logo they're going to have when they move into the new stadium, but we know it's probably going to be blue and gold.
  9. So we've all seen em, but I want to make them better. Here's Detroit: I would like to thank @raysox for the template and New Era for being bad at designing draft caps so I can fix them.
  10. (NOTE: whenever a second-person pronoun is being used, that means the Jets) I genuinely cannot get over how objectively terrible the new Jets logo is from any sort of perspective. To anyone saying “oh it’s fine they’ll have an alternate logo that they can put on a helmet”, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Primary logos should ALWAYS be used on a helmet, the main use of a team’s logo of any kind on a football uniform (there are exceptions of course, such as Alabama, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Cincinnati etc.), and if you’re putting an alternate or secondary logo there, then you’re devaluing the main thing that people should associate with your brand. Now onto reasons why this logo is bad: Jesus christ they kept the most uninspiring wordmark in pro football. I could understand it in the previous logo, as it was an update of the 60’s mark, but with an apparent full rebrand upon them, they decide to keep it? Stylistically, there are so many other fonts that are better at not only saying “Jets” or “New York Jets”, but look more aesthetically pleasing. THEY ADDED A FULL ASS “NEW YORK” ABOVE WHAT THE YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING. Going back into the primary logo-on-helmet rant for a minute, but that logo should be identifiable from a ways away, right, so when you add “NEW YORK” in a tiny font above “JETS”, you’re actively diluting your scalability factor AND its readability from distance. If you really think that it’s SO goddamn important to make sure that your New Jersey based team is in New York, there are more creative ways to do it while still remaining a good LOGO (I pulled an all-caps because I don’t mean illustration, as mentioned in a few pages back, I mean logo). Also it looks dumb and like it’s just there to fill up space. And if a key design element in your logo looks like it was add to fill up space, heads up you might have a bad logo. (I’m writing this in a word doc set to MLA format and at this moment, I’ve exceeded one page) Speaking of key design elements, unless your logo is a monogram, a la the NY Giants, Bears, a few others and all of MLB, your primary mark shouldn’t use text as the most important feature of your logo. Period. End of Statement. What about this says “Jets” to not only a hardcore football fan, but also the average consumer (besides the incompetence)? But seriously, literally nothing in your logo indicates what your mascot is besides the boring-ass font spelling out what it is. I mean we get that it’s a football team (s/o to the designers who let us know that it was a football team by overlapping a football onto a wordmark and putting that inside of a larger football), but there are exactly ZERO visual clues telling us what you are or what you’re trying to convey through design. Except, of course, that you are a football team that plays football. What’s with the two footballs anyways? You’re one of the biggest teams in the league, just based on what market you’re in alone, and you feel the need to put 2 damn footballs in your logo because of tradition that was brought back arbitrarily in the late 90’s??? You’ve got to be kidding me. We get it, Joe Namath existed. Note that I’ve gone this far without talking about the jets logos sandwiched between the iterations this idiotic excuse of a brand. That’s because I wanted to provide concrete, rational reasons to call this logo out for being complete horse without going too much into the thing everyone’s been clamoring for when these rumors started around a year and a half ago. These rumors started a year and a half ago and THIS was the best they could come up with?? Back to the point of the previous mini-tangent. The logo from when the team was terrible is somehow still popular with fans and logo enthusiasts alike because of one thing: it’s good design. We all talk about it as if it’s the pinnacle of Jets logo design, and I, as well as many others, used the main design element (streaking Jet, for anyone wondering) in the logo as the basis to which we proposed uniform concepts. It bucks the trend of “success of the team breeds success of the logo”, and it really is a shame that this organization couldn’t take notice. People love the 78-97 logo because it’s badass, and screams “J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!” And “we’re a goddamn menace upfront and you best be getting out of the way”, even without the history attached to it that the inferior Namath logo has. This was a waste of time, energy, and money by everyone involved. This entire thing was a farce, and to be honest, the people hoping for neon green deserved this. But not Jets fans, they’ve endured enough. Alas, my dear readers, I give you this post from the mothership, under the 98-18 Jets logo.
  11. relatively good is a good way to describe this. I mean, comparing it to the Browns look, yeah, relatively good. In any other sense, this is a joke. I bet you could give about 20 other deisgners on this site less than a day and they could come up with a concept on-par or better than this. Honest to god, the uniforms better look half decent because the logo surely isn't saving this rebrand.
  12. The statue is really cool, and if simplified correctly can be a really amazing centerpiece, but right now it looks like more of an engraving on a state park plaque than anything. Take the most important visual elements in the statue and truly create a logo or simplified illustration of the statue, and wham bam thank you ma’am that’s a good crest. The pieces are there, it’s just up to you to figure out what are the things you want people to focus on when they see the logo.
  13. so we aren't gonna talk about how the outside corners are rounded but the inside corners look like the rams throwbacks? Because that seems kinda wack ngl
  14. I made the template (based the jersey off nbajerseydatabase), and I was trying to think of a way to spruce up the design but figured a classic look would be the best option, since they're emulating a classic team. Here's a Nets-centric version? I only have a B on a basketball, but I want to come up with something better than that. I'd love to put it on a court in something other than 2K, but I don't know where I can find a good template. Anyone know of one?