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  1. Oh my god I am so sorry! I love the new update and I like the reshaping of the right ear a lot, the panther feels much more threatening. Here's the fix I tried a hand at. Didn't redraw anything major, just rotated stuff around lol
  2. I like this a lot, but i think a couple of things are a tad off about it. I like the shape of the right ear, but rotating it a little bit more down and shortening it up a little might tuck it a tad more back, conveying a better sense of motion. The right eye and whiskers need to be rotated a bit down too, because rght now they're angled up if you were to look at the panther from head-on. Lastly, I like the idea of the thinner neck, but you're losing a bit of that forward motion the original had. I think that sacrifice is fine, but that's the trade-off anyways. I hope this is fine, but I straightened as much as I could out to describe what I mean. As you can see, the original sketch is very wonky in its perspective, but all the bones are there. Just rotating some stuff around and shortening up a few areas on the right, everything beings to point in the right direction.
  3. a couple of like perspective things are throwing me off about this. The bottom part of the jaw is a little wonky, with the far tooth being larger than the near tooth and a lack of indention to delineate where the bottom jaw starts on the far side. The far ear is a tad off too, it looks more like it's flying higher than the more pinned back shape of the fully shown ear (I think something like the original sketch might be better for that). I love the new shape, but it is now kinda missing that original "vaguely north and south carolina" shape that made the head uniquely built for the panthers. To remedy this, maybe try to incorporate something *sorta* like this shape? I have no clue if it would work and I don't think it really needs it, but using it as the nose or modifying the snout could possibly make it work. This has been my favorite series on here in a minute, and this panthers logo looks like a great refresh! And uh, white whiskers
  4. Southern Miss got new jerseys that are compressed to all hell in this video. Unsure of the jersey template, but they finally get away from the tiretrack/cheetah print pattern
  5. Okay that's even more BS, because all those city jerseys were posted onto Uni-Watch! This is an absolute joke.
  6. Time to play the interesting game of “did they actually take inspiration from a design I did 6 years ago?” I mean I feel weird for thinking that these two ideas could be linked somehow, but Nike usually, for better or worse, does something we’ve NEVER seen before. This feels weird. Also, the hat sucks. Like as for the jersey, the weird diffuse fog gradient is dumb and the big ol G is hilariously even dumber. Bad. Booooooooooo. Gross bad dumb bad jersey and even worse hat.
  7. He means that the helmet logo shouldn’t have a bevel, like what you did on the throwback(?) uniforms. FWIW, I’m in agreement with him
  8. Yea this is valid though. The NHL’s reverse retro program really celebrates the city’s pro hockey culture (see a similar situation: the Wild wear North Stars colors, while the Stars wear a reverse retro style of their old jerseys from Dallas). I’d go with an Oilers inspired reverse retro for Houston, and a Titans inspired reverse retro for the Titans
  9. the NFL okayed a move of a pro sports franchise that was vital to its community, and as a Houstonian, I can solidly say that I will never purchase a licensed piece of Oilers memorabilia as long as I know that it will be partially shared revenue with the Titans organization. The NFL has fallen ass-backwards into a situation where they failed to recognize and properly capitalize on the history and identity that a lot of people related to within Houston, and only have themselves to blame. Morally, the NFL has offered no recompense to the city of Houston, so they shouldn't have the right to get mad when a team in a spring league galvanizes interest and creates a brand that can stand on its own, regardless of the inspiration. Personally, I believe that the logos do not cause confusion because they are both recognized as separate in the suggested market.
  10. I see where you're going with it and like I understand where you're coming from, but it doesn't feel like any of it really works together for a unified theme, I gues. I would be kind of excited to see a whole graffiti set for the nets, but the very geometric net and kinda clip-art basketball take away from the dynamic nature that graffiti brings to the logo. The shield also feels very static, but more in a regal sense than just a stock shield. If you want to have a very "Brooklyn" themed design, don't feel afraid to have an asymmetrical shield that feels organic, and try to play with a more stylized net. I love the idea, but I feel like the execution isn't *quite* there yet.
  11. Once again, it's been a minute. Here we are (finally) with Minnesota. This is sorta rough, but I wanted to kinda go through each of my decisions the best I can and then eventually post a logosheet like the other teams so far. -This is a custom made, realistically inspired evolution of the baseball uniform. One thing that's always bothered me about baseball jerseys specifically is how loose they are. While some of you might claim it's for the purposes of player movement, modern stretchable fabrics allow for tighter, more form fitting uniforms that allow for an equal, if not better, range of motion. To increase this dynamic flexibility, I have made the sleeves substantially shorter (think Roger Maris short), while the back of the jersey and under the arms feature holes for breathability, similar to how the Vapor Untouchable football template features seamless perforations, as well. The pants are also shortened, mainly because of personal preference but also to better reflect the trends of athletics clothing and the need for flexible, and aesthetically pleasing clothes that make the person wearing it look good. Perfprations are also added to the back of the pants on the hamstrings, and an extra seam denotes the knee area to help protect against exposed kneecaps. Baseball needs a uniform that reflects the athleticism that its players posses, and Nike is specifically the corporation to mess around and push baseball into the future. - I went with a sorta-retro-inspired look while trying to retain the elements of the most memorable Twins teams, and I think I did an okay job at that. Incorporating the new T into the TC monogram was a must for me, as well as using that wordmark (shown off in the previous post) on the home jersey. I omitted the overly complex, cartoony "two-guys-shaking-hands-over-a-river-even-though-there-is-a-whole-ass-bridge-behind-them" logo, for all of those reasons. The number font is custom and VERY open to change, was I'm not 100% with how it looks right now. - I feel the need to mention that the bull "City whatever" uniforms (I can't remember what it's called and don't care atm) seriously impacted how I went about the construction of the uniform set. The use of light blue on the hat squatchee and as a drop shadow where Gold would normally be used is inspired by Minnesota's "Land of 10,000 Lakes" moniker, and the texture of the away uniform is meant to invoke the view from above onto a lake. As always: C&C appreciated, and I'll be trying to incorporate as many suggestions as I can.
  12. Yeaaaaaa, could you use literally any other astros uniform set , the use of Columbia and red was definitely the right choice but I would love to see either their current set (or a modification of the post-sunrise 80’s set) used as the base. Love the series though, and the recolor away from sand and brick at least made this look palatable lol
  13. It's not Kenny's fault that his path to the super bowl in his prime ran straight through Bum and Luv Ya Blue, not to mention the Steel Curtain (the AFC Central was absolutely brutal in the late 70's). Randall Cunningham is up there, too. Now THAT is a man you can't tell the story of the NFL without.
  14. No one would be that stupid to think that Astros fans *want* any reference to those brick and sand uniforms, right? Right?!
  15. Reverse retro seems like a program tailor-made for baseball, I really hope Nike does something of the sort starting in 2022
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