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  1. I updated the ear, and added the new bolt. I had to work on the horse a little but I still think it all fits together nicely. updated uniforms and numbers coming soon!
  2. When looking at your mouth design, from the evolution gif I can see that the inner notches supposed to be teeth. Try to re-add the indent on the front of the teeth to distinguish between the they start and where the lips(?) end. Right now it looks like they’ve merged into this weird scary zombie mouth to me
  3. I decided to go with a 1960 shield inspired look that I think looks good in both applications hey Rams, take note in what "inspired by the past" means.
  4. they're actually grey facemasks lol but I might think about swapping it over also thanks for making me realize I drew a cat ear last night and not a horse ear lol this immediately looks so much better. The numbers will be addressed but I'm just trying to figure out how short i want the serifs/ not short enough and it looks the same, too short and they look like the rockets' new wordmark.
  5. click here to go down to most recent post I tried to create something iNsPiReD bY tHe PaSt - The shield logo and the bolt are incorporated into a new primary with a kickass horse. I went without an eye because I couldn't really figure out a proper shape for it that fit the bolt going through the center of the design. - The wordmark is a lil uninspired, but isn't supposed to be the primary focus anywhere it would be used except for merch, where it would mostly be used with the horse. - The uniforms use a custom number font and try to simplify things. No more double outline (no need for one) and no dumb stupid over the shoulder bolt striping, which I always felt was a little forced. I added bolts to the socks! Lemme know what y'all think!
  6. great job as always but something about TXST is bothering me. I love the concept of the star stripe thing and having them own that look, but the entire set and logo are extremely simple. It looks kinda jarring to have a detailed, bevelled star with a thin white outline. I'd suggest something like this? idk if i'm threadjacking let me know, I'm just bad describing what i mean with words
  7. depends on the game and region. Wolfenstein I know does (alt hist where Nazis win WWII) and I assume all others do too; Germany for the longest time had a complete ban, but recently changed their laws and will allow some nazi imagery. The extent idk but I know that no game studio every really censors things like that.
  8. I'm gonna have to push back on this kind of thinking, as far as college football goes. One thing that I've come to notice is how large the AD and coaches' presence is in creating a uniform set for a team. This can be done by only using certain combos (Jimbo has drastically reduced the combos at A&M) to creating an entirely new set (Rhule at Baylor, Fleck at Minnesota, Brown at WVU, AD Heather Lyke at Pitt, and so on), and often timmes are done to bring a new "culture" or something into a building. I use these coaches as examples because each one of them has admittedly simple uniforms, but that doesn't mean that they're boring. Each has a uniquely created number font that doesn't feel overly designed or needs any nikespeak explanation, and Nike themselves do get to show a certain level of creativity with each of these sets. The numbers have become the new striping, and I don't know this for a fact, but with the success of blue-bloods in recent years, and the trend of recruits enjoying "clean" uniforms, the focus has been less on striping and what can make a uniform unique, but instead focusing on what can make your brand unique. Say what you will about each uniform set, the numbers and font are distinct, and the introduction of a widespread theme of sublimation or two-tone numbers (IMO stared with RichRod at Arizona with their dumb :censored:ing dots or whatever) create a unique and identifiable pattern to represent the school with varying applications. If you wanna see an example of that specific pattern used on uniforms in creative ways, look at Pitt's striping, or (since I'm going there) North Texas' feather pattern used on their sleeve caps. They're trying to introduce subtlety into their designs without looking like garbage Nike isn't truly moving towards a "boring" aesthetic, rather a more nuanced aesthetic that has to creatively circumvent the trends that Athletic Directors, coaches and recruits continue to push for. Also, if you want to see some interesting/non-"boring" Nike designs that have come out in the last 3-4 years, when they kinda got on this kick of simplicity, look no further than Oregon State with their interesting number sublimation and shoulder stripes, Syracuse's solid 2019 update with a decently unique font and basic yet effective striping, UNT's 2017 update, Purdue's 2016 update, so on and so forth. We just don't focus on those because for every one of those, there's a West Virginia or Minnesota or Jacksonville or Tampa. I'm fine with 2 of those because they incorporate all the team's colors into a cohesive look, but the NFL one I'll give you are very uninspiring.
  9. so I assume that this should go in the "unpopular opinions" thread, but I genuinely do not like neither the original buccaneers uniforms, nor do I find these mockups all that exciting. The main issue I have with the design of the super bowl uniforms is that there is this weirdness when it comes to message. So, I've decided to put boxes around things that would individually make sense within separate sets. The Green is for things that feel like Arena Football. I've always though that while the primary logo was a solid mark and conveyed the "gritty edgy ol' pirate instead of 30's and 40's movies" theme, it never looked at home within the NFL as a whole. It was relatively complex, making it look strange against the Lions, packers, and bears logos, while not complex enough to look at home against the vikings logo (using NFC Central teams to shorthand my feelings). Around the time of the introduction of the logo, I understand that the Dolphins, Bengals, Broncos, Eagles, Ravens (Browns), 49ers, Jags and Panthers all either got new logos or became new teams, but all of these logos feel more expertly crafted of more suited to fit within and next to the simpler logos of the rest of the NFL. Here is the Bucs logo against 2003 Arena Football logos. I'm just guessing, but if you knew nothing about football and I asked you which of these is an NFL team, I'd say the Bucs are maybe your 3rd or 4th guess. Pink is for things that are quintessentially "tame 90's sports design". It matches a sort of evolution with how teams were promoted and the influx of merchandise of the era, while still trying to stay true to traditional sports aesthetics. The block font, although directly clashing with the style of the Buccaneers logo and wordmark, is somewhat forgivable because of that double outline. However, this double outline, especially when the white base is relatively thin, has the effect of making it feel like it belongs on an Old Navy T-shirt rather than an NFL jersey. (All of this applies to the Dolphins block numbers they introduced in '97, but replace the thin inner number comment with the drop shadow.) The pants aren't anything super special, but the shiny fabric that's been talked to death was just seen as an evolution of football/athletic materials. I think it's dumb, but hey, to each their own. Blue is for "Things that feel at home on a movie's football team", or if you prefer, "REAL GOOD DESIGN". Traditional-ish pant stripe (although in nontraditional colors) and a lack of serious sleeve stripe, only replaced with color blocking on the elastic portion of the jersey (not shown in this photo) are kinda, well... boring. The team, during this giant merchandising boom of the 90's, dramatically scale themselves back aesthetically. It makes no sense, that with the name that they had and the new logo that they had, etc. that from a uniform standpoint, they look like they could be playing against the Rock in The Gameplan. It was unimaginative, derivative, and aesthetically bland. The fact that they're bringing back this design, although I understand it makes sense nostalgically, is such a dumb idea. They lose their identifiable traits from even the super bowl era (lak of orange is a big deal) and become a team without a certifiable identity. Unrelated but it astounds me that their stadium is super cool and they have a really unique and interesting feature front and center (the giant pirate ship), but their old and new uniforms in Raymond James literally can't match that energy.
  10. yeahhhhh my b. At least we know for sure that they don't need to try it
  11. They are powder, that pic you posted is from before their rebrand (note the font differences)
  12. Don't mean to bring it back to the colts, but here ya go super quick or whatever, but IMO not terrible
  13. Hot take: Baylor looks bad in powder blue.
  14. Slight update: -The first image is essentially the the exact same as the last as far as the home and away go, although I got rid of the grey facemask. White works fine for this one. -The alternate has an updated right pant stripe to get it up to the Texas flag code, and thanks to @Discrim and @MJWalker45 for the really cool suggestion for the helmet. - I also update the green to be PMS 369 C instead of 362 C to increase contrast -The second image tries to incorporate green more organically. - I made the facemask white on the alt. Which one do you prefer? What else could I do to make it better? Be sure to let me know!