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  1. People also forget that at the time the deals to bring Rutgers and Maryland into the Big 10 in late 2012, Rutgers football wasn't the complete garbage fire it has been recently. They had a winning record in 7 of their prior 8 seasons and were a consistent bowl presence. Even in their first year in the big ten, they had a winning record overall and a bowl appearance. Combine that with the new york media market being more readily accessible and it at least kiiiiind of makes sense at the time. Of course, even back then the move was questioned.
  2. The fact that "clean" has become the new "fire/lit" makes me want to bash my own skull in. At least prior slang made sense in its own way. I can't begin to count the number of times I've seen people describe something overdesigned or cluttered as "clean."
  3. What the hell is going on with the creative departments in the MLS lately? Chicago, Nashville, and now Charlotte have all been bad. The secondary logo is okay, but the primary is just so lifeless. That 5-minute redesign is minor but adds much more character.
  4. The crazy part is that the marathon isn't even nearly the worst part of those Olympics. That would be the Anthropology Days, which were a wildly racist display designed by the organizers to pit non-white competitors from around the world taken from the "human zoo" at the World's Fair, and push their theories of white supremacy.
  5. Nothing says "we strive for success" like naming yourself after the complete and utter show that was the 1904 Olympics.
  6. Nah, the backlash was always there from minority groups too. It's just that those in power could afford to ignore them until recently.
  7. It’s almost like they went to a Cup with the old logo and the fan base is clouded by nostalgia. Honestly, a hybrid between the two would be fine, but I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone can look at the face of the original and think it’s even remotely up to par. That is the face of someone who’s designer doesn’t know what a face looks like. That looks like how I drew a face when I first started learning how to use vector programs. Literally every single part of the logo consists of curved lines and circles, but the face is a bunch of straight lines. It all just baffles me.
  8. That's because they brought back the wrong 2D logo. It's the new one that we wanted them to use, not the old one that would have gotten panned if someone had shown it in the concepts section.
  9. How the hell did they find a way to make the original logo even worse? This is why the Senators are the laughing stock of the NHL.
  10. Honestly, you might want to get your color vision checked, because I have zero problem picking out the red on those jerseys. Is it the MOST vibrant color scheme? Nah. But it'll be fine.
  11. To be fair, not many people are watching sports in 480p with horrible interlacing these days.
  12. In my continuing quest to expand my design retinue while also redoing old designs I decided to take a look at the University of New Hampshire Wildcats again. I've never liked their current logo, and always felt that the logo is a poor representation of a bobcat. In my old design, I made the logo front facing and stylized it differently. Much like the other designs I've redone, I'm not particularly a fan of it anymore. It's overly cartoony, especially in the eyes, and indicates my general inability to move away from a particular style in my logos back then. For my new design, rather than just updating the logo, I decided to challenge myself and go in a direction I haven't really gone in before. There's something I've always liked about the old school, hand drawn look of logos, and I wanted to depict that. I also wanted to move to a more realistic depiction of a bobcat than I had before. This includes more realistic eyes, head shaping, and markings than the logo I did back in 2013.
  13. I hate that I laughed at that pun, haha.
  14. I've been trying some new stuff lately when it comes to design, and after seeing Iceland's incredible new identity, I decided to try something in the modern design style that Iceland and the Montreal Alouettes have utilized so well in recent years. As I'm wont to do, I decided to go back to a team that I'd made a design for previously. Awhile back I made a logo for Leicester in my European soccer redesigns thread that I'm, honestly, not very fond of looking back. I'd redo it, but I can't seem to find the original file anywhere, so I thought it was the perfect team to try something new and different with. The design uses more of an outline style rather than the illustrated style and features only two main colors. Overall, the linework is designed to mimic the fur color of the original logo, with most of the head featuring yellow, and the snout featuring white. Rather than place the flower behind the logo, I decided to integrate it into the actual shape of the fox's head and ears. Finally, I wanted to keep the traditional roundel but kept it a simple circle with the ears protruding beyond it. Below is a comparison with the current logo
  15. I'vLately with all the extra time due to the coronavirus, I've taken on a few different projects and have been looking to branch out a bit. Generally, my designs have always been 95% designed in inkscape/illustrator with a final touch up in photoshop. So, for this project, I decided to almost entirely eschew illustrator and work in the mediums of 3D modelling and photoshop. Ultimately, I wanted to create a presentation that combined the ideas of live model Nike photoshop templates with a more illustrated look that regularly can be seen in video games and other concept art. I ended up choosing to update an old Penn State Women's Volleyball design because I love my alma mater, I love the sport, and womens athletics deserves more love in the concept scene. The concept features 4 jerseys, a home and away, and two libero jerseys. The overall design is pretty simple, with the main design element being shoulder stripes with cutouts on the sleeves as a sort of reverse shoutout to the football team's iconic helmet stripe. The libero jerseys reverse this and feature full horizontal sleeve stripes. The conference logo is contained within the striping area. As to the art itself, the goal was to create a middle ground resulting in a stylized look somewhere between a regular photo and an illustration. The backgrounds feature the the court at Rec Hall, Old Main, the Lion Shrine, and the Rec Hall exterior. If you like these, they're hosted over on my new behance page, which I had to start because for some reason my old account was disconnected from my email address, so now I need to have a new one. Thanks, Adobe. The page is a bit barebones at the moment, but I hope to populate it again with new stuff. So if you wanna check that out, here's a link. Otherwise, I'd love to hear your C+C!