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  1. Hi all, I was reminded by the phenomenal Colorado College redesign, that I like making new logos for D1 NCAA Hockey schools, so I decided to jump back on the horse and deal with one of my long time least favorite hockey logos, the University of Vermont Catamounts. The logo features a catamount (a name referring to the extinct eastern cougar) jumping through a V. The idea of the logo itself is fine, it's just that I hate everything about it: the extensive use of non-school colors, the extremely poor rendering, the clashing styles of the cougar and the V. It just has never worked for me. Therefore, I decided to just kind of completely scrap it all and go with two new logos. I'm gonna be honest, I don't have really that much to say. It's a cougar head, it's in school colors. The second logo replaces the block letter V and replaces it with a letter lockup representing the school's initials UVM. The M comes from the schools latin name Universitas Viridis Montis. The letters V and M are stacked, and each interlock with the U.
  2. So the subliminal messaging thing in that reads: Bucs! Super! Return. New Era. Acknowledging they may mean nothing, this could be a hint that they’re going back closer to the Super Bowl era set with modern flair
  3. I for one enjoy the guaranteed conference win every season.
  4. If you think this site is bad, wait until you see the rest of the internet!
  5. There's no reason for them to switch to black. Their school colors are blue and silver, and one of the other military academies, a chief rival, wears primarily black. Wouldn't really make sense in any way.
  6. I agree 100%. I always felt like the new logo went way to far with the update/redesign and became a robo-falcon instead.
  7. I mean, I was being glib, but... Sure they do. Just because cashing in on dividends is restricted to preferred stock or shareholders aren’t allowed to sell their stock at a certain time doesn’t mean they’re not real shareholders, it just means that they have common stock and agreed to a restrictive shareholders agreement. Neither of what you said claiming they aren’t real shareholders is all that uncommon, and there are perfectly reasonable reasons for both (mostly ensuring that they don’t lose control to an unwanted new owner i.e. sharks/corporate raiders. An NFL team especially wouldn’t want to risk that). Executives and board members of a corporation have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders. Acting however they want, especially when they straight up ask the shareholders the direction they want to go in is illegal (barring invocation of the business judgment rule).
  8. They literally have to, it's the law. Holding the vote and then ignoring what the shareholders want is called "defrauding the shareholders" and is an extremely serious crime that has zero consequences because America doesn't prosecute white collar crimes.
  9. Blades of Steel is still the greatest sports video game cover of all time.
  10. I mean, the Titans figured out how to have worse uniforms than the Bucs, so I guess anything is possible.
  11. Honestly, with the way things work in design these days? I'd say it would be on par with the 49ers one-day logo. At the MLS level, you can't just scrap a primary logo after a day like you could in the 90s. A single season is about as short of a period you could pull this off now.
  12. But it's not just stylistic preferences, these are all things that have to be taken into account. Design isn't just drawing something pretty. Reproducibility is extremely important in design, and if something is being designed in a way that doesn't take into account if alterations made for reproduction will fundamentally destroy or obscure details, that's bad design. And that Carolina design is embarrassingly amateurish. So many details destroy proper perspective, create unnecessary visual distraction, and quite frankly make the Panther look like it was hit in the face with a shovel. These guys are professionals, they know what they're talking about. Just because you like a design doesn't mean they're wrong. I mean, I prefer the old Falcons logo to the new one, but it's pretty clearly a worse design.