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  1. This is how college does it. And having been to literally hundreds of games, I can confirm that there isn't a rash of players firing pucks into the skulls of the horrified masses in the stands. It's bizarre to me that the NHL nailed it with the icing rule and no line changes, but completely overshot with the delay of game rule. Then again, the NHL Rules and Player Safety Departments are both complete and utter jokes, so I shouldn't be so surprised.
  2. I mean, he's very obviously been injured since at least game 2 when Lauzon ran into him and it's clearly been getting worse each game. I had a real bad feeling when they announced that Rask wasn't involved with the team skate. And you're not wrong, he as moving pretty terribly, even when he was coming out of the crease, he looked like he couldn't skate properly. The fact they even acknowledged that the injury was part of the reason why they pulled him is a good sign that it's actually pretty significant. Which honestly, is why they should go with Swayman. The kid's real good, and most importantly isn't suffering from a groin injury. Outside of that first goal, which honestly was more defense than anything, he looked solid. Might as well roll the dice. If it fails, maybe they can spend the offseason actually investing in depth for once instead of giving $6 million to a third line forward who completely disappears and wondering why the first two lines are the only groups doing anything.
  3. Basically it's a frustration thing. The Bruins' lack of depth means that the first line is the only line that can be reasonably expected to score any given game (though Taylor Hall's addition to the second line made it considerably better assuming DeBrusk drops to the third). Other teams realize that and can tailor matchups specifically to try to shut down the first line. When that strategy works and things aren't going their way, both Pasta (who basically falls apart the second things get physical) and Marchand especially try to force things trying to be the heroes because they basically need to be the heroes for the team to win. It became especially apparent last night because with the second change, the Islanders have been able to force Bergeron to go against Pageau in the faceoff circle, and Pageau has absolutely abused Bergeron in the last two games. So, the first line is immediately on the defensive and can't get proper breaks. Combine that with defensive injuries, and they further struggle to get it out of the zone because their opponents can forecheck more aggressively against guys like Tinordi and Clifton. This is the same thing that happened against the Blues in 2019 and Montreal in 2014. The lower lines couldn't be trusted to score, the defense got aggressive and physical against the first line, Pasta (obviously not in 2014) gets shaken by contact, Marchand forces things and takes dumb penalties, and Bergeron is negatively affected by neither linemate playing well. TLDR; Don Sweeney is a bad GM who has provided the Bruins with no depth. Opponents can target the first line more aggressively because the lower lines struggle to score. The perfection line has such high expectations that they begin forcing things because nobody else can be trusted to score. This has been exacerbated by injuries on defense and the replacement players' inability to get the puck out of the zone properly.
  4. Solid hire if you're looking to blow it up.
  5. And instead of drafting a first round grade defenseman to help fix things, the boys club will draft Somerville's 564th ranked center and then be shocked when they never make it to the NHL.
  6. It's refreshing to have a rebrand/redesign that just nails it and doesn't find a way to mess everything up trying to be "innovative".
  7. In 1995 the Quebec sovereignty vote failed ~50%-49% and modern polling on the matter shows that anywhere from 25% to 40% of the population still support it. That's a pretty damn significant percentage of the population.
  8. Ooooo, a significant portion of Quebec definitely doesn't agree with that statement.
  9. How do you explain the Leafs' countless other collapses without him on the roster?
  10. Yeah, "wouldn't make an ounce of sense" was an exaggeration. There's certainly Irish influence, but English and French have both, at least to me, appeared to have considerably more cultural influences. Though, a big part of the french influence is the Quebecois proximity and spending the summers of my youth overrun by their vacationers. If someone asked me to describe Portland, I almost certainly wouldn't go in that direction in my first few answers, whereas Boston by comparison, I'd be more likely to mention the Irish Heritage (Though, part of that might be the fact that the hockey east finals regularly are played on St. Patrick's day so I was in the city a bunch for that). And to be perfectly honest I'll hate any name for a Portland team that isn't nautical. If anything is Portland's identity its the ocean, and Windjammers would fit that perfectly. The more I've thought about the name change, I think the best way to describe how much I hate it is by comparing it to the Sea Dogs. They wear red and blue and basically wear a Red Sox jersey and very clearly are a Red Sox affiliate. It would absolutely destroy an extremely unique and fun brand if they decided that for BUSINESS TM they needed to change to the Portland Red Sox. This is exactly the Celtics' mindset and I despise that they made that move.
  11. "Brand Synergy" between major and minor league affiliates can :censored: right off. That's two teams this year alone that had their unique and fun branding ripped away (the other being the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers becoming the Bridgeport Islanders) so they could share a name. Celtics doesn't make an ounce of sense for a team in Maine, a state in which Irish heritage and culture isn't exactly a big deal like in Boston. Red Claws acted both as a reference to the Celtics (Red Auerbach) and a strong tie-in to the local community,
  12. There's a lot of SoundOfThrowingPennies too. To be fair, I'm still not convinced they aren't all the same person.
  13. I choose to believe this is Cody21 making his triumphant return to the boards. That offseason was the best.
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