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  1. I mean, revenue is a good way to examine popularity, at least partially. There's no one single stat that shows it alone, but revenue means people are buying their stuff, and not just locally. New England as a whole is smaller than New York State, it just doesn't have that big a population, and a considerable amount of the western half has New York fandom. It's highly unlikely that locals are just buying more gear than other fanbases. They're gonna receive massive amount of hate online because they're hyper successful. It's the Yankees effect, they're by far the most hated team in baseball, but also the most popular. Being successful breeds contempt.
  2. 2nd most valuable team and second highest revenue and operating income in the NFL. People are buying more of their stuff than anyone except the Cowboys. Seems pretty popular to me.
  3. One of them (I can't remember which) posting the concepts of board members and saying that they were Nike Conspiracy Test Balloons is still my favorite troll attempt moment ever on this site.
  4. I believe you're mistaking this with the color rush game in which they wore all white.
  5. You like them for the articles?
  6. This is about as close as we'll ever get to a one-day logo in modern times, already starting to phase it to alternate logo.
  7. I've actually seen this a lot, people show that they've created it "to match the golden ratio" but the lines of the logo don't actually match up. A telltale sign is generally that thickass line weight for the overlay which, lo and behold, is featured in this very example that hides a lot. I guarantee, you make that overlay a 1pt outline, it'll look a lot less aligned than it currently does.
  8. Let's be fair now, with this VERY minor white balance adjustment, it definitely looks purple.
  9. Okay, people need to stop posting this first logo. It reeks of amateurism and a downgrade of the actual logo (which I don't think is that great). The eye placement is awkward, the line are straight on the bottom (and left side) and curved on top, the bezier curve skills of the designer are lacking as seen on the nose, muzzle, and horn, the shading on the eye is inconsistent with the shading on the horns. Overall it takes a design that isn't great but invokes a specific era pretty well, and modernizes it in all the wrong ways. That second logo is WOOOOOOOF. Let's just throw every idea on the planet in there and have absolutely none of it work. The LA monogram is wonky at best and nearly illegible at worst, random silver, absolutely atrocious line work, jagged lines and shapes all over the place, weird cartoony "outlines." Almost nothing about this would work in actual application. I haaaaaaaaaate the real logos, but at least for the most part there is overall strong construction to them (the golden ratio in graphic design needs to die though).
  10. What the hell is going on with the bottom left of the Ram Head logo? Literally every other part of the logo features curves and there's no point where a straight line meets another straight line EXCEPT at the bottom of the logo where it's all straight lines. How did nobody notice that? It looks unfinished.
  11. That isn’t what that says. It says whoever wins isn’t getting the neon nights or whatever dumb name they gave it hat that was shown online. There is literally nothing about the logo, which has been confirmed by multiple people on this site who are known legit. That’s the logo.
  12. No to both, that is specifically the 1995 version of Eddie Murray (stats, appearance, etc). The Diamond Dynasty mode has different versions of the same player based on the year (1939 Ted Williams has worse stats compared to 1946 Ted Williams for example) so it wouldn’t make sense to have a photo from another team when Eddie Murray played for the Indians that year.
  13. This screams focus testing to me
  14. Yeah, it wouldn't be hard to make a case for substantial similarity in this instance. Based on the history of these sort of cases, if the Oilers still existed, they would easily win if they were to sue. Both Creighton and Southern Miss ran into this issue with their logos, both are required to be used in application with either the team name or an identifying letter. These examples are also really good examples of why the "30% different is okay" claim that designers make is a load of crap and generally disavowed in IP legal analysis.