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  1. Honestly, I don’t hate the idea of a gold helmet in hockey, but that’s probably due to the fact I’m used to seeing Notre Dame wear one. However, Vegas definitely needs to go closer to the Notre Dame style, i.e. less chrome. This type of gold would better match the jerseys and I think could be a good medium between traditional and unique. EDIT: Logomaker beat me to it.
  2. Yeah, vinyl wrapping isn't at all uncommon for things like cars and motorcycle helmets. In theory it could also be used for a football helmet, but the process is slow, requiring removal of all decals, a lot of cleaning to make sure no dirt is under the vinyl (that stuff becomes extremely obvious when wrapped), then heat, and a good amount of time to apply. As I noted above, this process just likely isn't worth it for teams when you can approximate with a team color helmet and it'll look fine.
  3. Honestly, I think it's probably more of a cost-value judgment. Helmet wrapping isn't exactly the fastest process in the world, and for a full NFL team of 52+ players that would be a pretty short window to apply and then remove the wraps between games. I can't imagine teams want their equipment staffs dealing with that midweek, and it's likely not viable to send them off-facility and have them returned quickly enough for players who have to wear them in practice. With a two helmet rule teams could just have that done before the season and the weeks leading up to the game for every player.
  4. I don't remember where in the thread it is and don't really have the energy to look, but they were supposed to have a new throwback this year but things got all jumbled with Covid, so it got pushed back a year. At least if I'm remembering correctly, that's what happened.
  5. Because alternative American Football leagues are almost always an investment grift doomed to fail miserably in under a year, so why even bother taking up front page space on the forums while actual things of note get pushed down?
  6. So THAT is how Brandiose comes up with their team names.
  7. I disagree with all of you, I think this new logo sucks. The old one wasn't great, but this does absolutely nothing to improve on it. I'm fully convinced that they looked at the Iceland crest and the Alouettes brand and just wanted something like that without even coming close to the execution of either.
  8. The way these turned out, I have no clue why it’s called the Reverse Retros rather than the Retro Remix. They’ve consistently been using remix to describe them as it is. It’s both more factually correct and sounds better.
  9. That's an extremely knockoff Levi's logo they've got there.
  10. Nah, he was too busy almost dying from internal bleeding and getting major surgery after the second round to carry Bourque to that Cup.
  11. People also forget that at the time the deals to bring Rutgers and Maryland into the Big 10 in late 2012, Rutgers football wasn't the complete garbage fire it has been recently. They had a winning record in 7 of their prior 8 seasons and were a consistent bowl presence. Even in their first year in the big ten, they had a winning record overall and a bowl appearance. Combine that with the new york media market being more readily accessible and it at least kiiiiind of makes sense at the time. Of course, even back then the move was questioned.
  12. The fact that "clean" has become the new "fire/lit" makes me want to bash my own skull in. At least prior slang made sense in its own way. I can't begin to count the number of times I've seen people describe something overdesigned or cluttered as "clean."
  13. What the hell is going on with the creative departments in the MLS lately? Chicago, Nashville, and now Charlotte have all been bad. The secondary logo is okay, but the primary is just so lifeless. That 5-minute redesign is minor but adds much more character.
  14. The crazy part is that the marathon isn't even nearly the worst part of those Olympics. That would be the Anthropology Days, which were a wildly racist display designed by the organizers to pit non-white competitors from around the world taken from the "human zoo" at the World's Fair, and push their theories of white supremacy.
  15. Nothing says "we strive for success" like naming yourself after the complete and utter show that was the 1904 Olympics.