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  1. How about Buffalo Penguins (because Buffalo, NY has snowstorms, and it's a perfect cold place for Penguins) Sacramento Quails (State Birds of California)
  2. Welcome to United States Basketball of Alliances or USBA for shorts This project will contain 32 teams Also this is a collaboration fun project, so i can't just work alone, because of school. so i might need everyone's help. I may be new in this forum, but i'm busy as heck. 32 Teams 4 Divisions 2 Conferences So, if you want to help me for my project, use this template City: Team Name: Colors: Why it's called that name: Stadium Name: I already have one of my logo ready There an limit for 2 or 1 teams suggestion ONLY. Here the teams i'm planning: Oklahoma City Whirlwinds Buffalo Blizzards Please to make sure to give a feedback, or C&C
  3. Does anyone know how to use affinity designer, so i can make my own basketball league?

  4. I have trouble in the following cities for my basketball league Long Island Buffalo El Paso Colorado Springs Sacramento
  5. Here the upcoming logo for NationaL Pro Basketball of Association I'm still developing the logo, if you have any idea to modified it, please feel free to have a feedback, or a suggestion
  6. Youngstown State Penguins #12, South Carolina Gamecocks #23, Indiana Pacers #17, Baltimore Ravens #5, Toronto Blue Jays #17
  7. I made some of the teams name, and some explanations And i might need some help with the others, if you want to name the cities i choose, leave a reply, There 40 teams, 12 division, 2 Conference, One Winner!! Northern Conference Great Lake Division: Buffalo Ontario Chicago Green Bay Erie East Coast Division: Portland Norfolk Atlantic City Baltimore Staten Island Northwest: Winnipeg Vancouver Seattle Corvallis Billings Northeast: Rhode Island Concord Pittsburgh Boston Hartford Southern Conference Appalachian Mountains Division: Scranton Chattanooga New Brunswick Atlanta Charlotte Central Division: Colorado Springs San Antonio Kansas City Omaha Austin Coastal Division: Galveston Biloxi Tampa-Ybor Charleston New Orleans Pacific Coast Division: San Diego Las Vegas Arizona Albuquerque Anaheim
  8. I decided to remake IBA. Because some of the user that's i need to changed some things, and i'm really sick of it. But some of the states are returning. Here are the Remake version of our team, and also new one that will be at International Baseball Association Southeast Division: Charleston Palmetto Bugs Florida Barracudas Wheeling (name suggestions) Atlanta (name suggestion) Raleigh (name suggestion) Lexington Mustangs Norfolk (name suggestion) Chattanooga Blues Biloxi Gamblers Little Rock Diamond Miners Southwest Division: Austin Bats Arizona Firebirds San Diego Tuna Colorado Springs Greenbacks (Colorado fish capital) Provo Saints Las Vegas Magics (Because Las Vegas look like magic) Albuquerque (name suggestion) Galveston Shorebirds San Antonio Generals Texas Fire Ants (Fire Ants are native in Texas) Northeast Division: New Haven Jays (Named after J. Cleaveland Cady, who built Yale University) Rhode Island Sailors Boston (name suggestion) Long Island (name suggestion) Scranton Shockers (Scranton, PA is known as "Electric City") Maine Beacons Manchester (name suggestion) Burlington Maples Rochester (name suggestion) Trenton (Name suggestion) Northwest - Midwest Division: Chicago Pepperoni Grand Rapid Highballers Cincinnati Monarchs Corvallis Timberjacks Omaha (name suggestion) St. Paul Lakers Summit City Cardinals Billings Grizzlies Vancouver Totems Aberdeen, SD (name suggestion) These are the remake version of IBA these are some sketches, sorry i didn't work too hard on it. Anyways, if you have any suggestion for my teams, and colors, reply to me.
  9. Yeah, i guess you right about the Hurricanes. Hey @JMtexan09Can you changed the North Caroline High Knicks into something else.