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  1. "and that's when I took it personally" You're right. The more I sat on it, the more it felt off. As well as the paw logo being slapped together from my old concept. I completely redid their brand, going with an abstract lined Coyote howling at the moon.
  2. Two more expansion teams that i'll add after another season(1978). First was a name I used before but I really think it works. In the mid 70s, the name Charm City was coined. Plus, the Colts would be there still, and the lucky horseshoe would be an easy tie in. Expect them to stay! Introducing the Baltimore Charms Had to pair them with another team. I deconstructed a logo concept I did for the for the Denver Bears that had this basic idea, but with a db. It's a good idea, so I made it work for the 'Yotes. Introducing the Denver Coyotes. Finally, after I made the chart above, I didn't realize that Minnesota had been worse than Atlanta over their brief history. Their logo looked somewhat outdated going in to the 70s. Thinking of campy cartoon like logos, then something clicked in my head that I could make the shape of Minnesota with a loon. Introducing the look for the loons for 1977.
  3. I don't want to dip my toe too far into the Sports Fan Fiction territory, but since you asked and that I was curious-
  4. The C-Deer logo for sure looks best on the brown, but I really was aiming for a red cap. I tried your version, and it sort of looked like an incorrect reversed logo. Not that it's your fault, it was just my opinion comparing both. The cursive font comment makes me think of the Dodgers, who has a cursive font and a block logo. Not every baseball brand has a matching font. Most do! But I took creative liberty here. Although after I posted it, I realized that the font I used was the one I wanted to use for a possible future expansion team so it might get changed anyway!
  5. For those of you that know me, you know i'm huuuuge into Out of the Park Baseball. I had an itch to create a fictional league, and let the league develop and expand while I sit back and press sim. The league started in 1965, and I've simmed 5 whole seasons. But of course, the Sports Fan Fiction board was blown to rubble so i'm not here to share that side of it! I branded my teams! The first 10 teams were in large and growing markets for the 60s, and I'll rebrand accordingly. Most of the names are spiritual precursors to the first fake league I started on OOTP in 2014. But that league didn't have nearly as many big markets, so for them I tried to be pretty straight forward with their names that would make sense, and fit the time period. Houston Saturns Golden Gatekeepers New York Lancers Los Angeles Suns Boston Bulldogs Washington Admirals Detroit Mechanics Chicago Falcons Philadelphia Keystones Toronto Darts
  6. Big :censored:in farts bro

  7. Are you guys gonna do another super bowl logo shuffle for LIV since the league announce a long time ago the game was moving to Miami and future sites that was announced back in may? 

  8. hello is there any way you can contact me I would like for you to create a few mock ups of a basketball court for me

  9. Dude, for an Inkscape user, what you've done is incredible. I use Inkscape and I have an incredibly tough time just trying to make a logo.

  10. Hey, raysox, are you going to try a CFL series. I saw in the "When Nike Takes Over the CFL" you joked that someone stole your idea. Just wondering.

  11. Start up Yakball Again... Please?

  12. Clear your inbox a bit please...wanted to ask you something.

  13. Great work on all the concepts you design.

  14. We're in talks to get a fantasy football league in the LogoAsylum to replace the defunct World Football League. My proposal was a 8 team league with teams all around the world. Would you be interested in being in it? I know you did the International league and you might be able to see some come to life

  15. dude, if you can and you want to make some money, head to see your logo in a video game under concepts and check it out