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  1. Finally the long awaited Phase 3! For this, i was trying to set myself up for Phase 4 while trying to look dated already. I used the trendy color scheme of the time, duel blues and yellow. Although the yellow gets down played majorly. There's the Greek pattern from earlier in a roundel, and a custom script font based on old script logos from the PCL days. The uniforms are pretty basic, but the road uniform is navy. I justify this because teams like the Marlins wore their black jerseys more than the greys to the point where the road jersey identity becomes fluid.
  2. Thanks man, i appreciate the comments. I'm going to revisit it at some point. The font discrepancy was based on the Padres. Just a weird quirk i liked haha. As far as the pointy font for the 90s.... Yes, the BEARS are the team I was talking about. And their Phase 2 logo fits the profile of the Diamondbacks/Mariners script. Rainiers, Buffs, and Beavers are on my list, but the Beavers are lower since they continued to exist until 10 years ago. The Tacoma Rainiers logos consistently weren't great so I want to tackle them
  3. Yeah they're on my list, but farther down since they were formed in 1962.
  4. Just wanted to do a quick bump. I had an idea for the Denver Bears Phase 2 brand and built that, and was playing with plans for them while I sat on Solons. I have a general idea of what I want for Phase 3 and 4, but wanted to sidetrack. Also feel free to name some teams and I can tell you if I have plans to do them!
  5. I really really appreciate this because for the most part it's just me doing observations. I can try to explain my thinking though! So my thinking with Phase 1 is more a Padres-Orioles mashup. Back when cartoonists could do a graphic designer's job. The futuristic comment is really smart and not something I had realized, but for a team based on 600BC Greece, it might not be the time and place for that. That's a really good take though and will think about how that works in the landscape of it all. Totally fair comment about the font, i can look at it some more later. My thinking was outline overload, and drop shadow. This specific font reminded me of the Phoenix Suns which was introduced in that era, and the Cubs' similar font in the circle logo was enough for me to justify it.
  6. As the world rolls into the 90s and pro baseball player's biceps keep expanding, the Solons move to a black and red look. I went for a not so subtle Greek building with the pillars being baseball bats. The font becomes more in your face, and the cap logo becomes harder to stitch than it needs to be.
  7. That’s a good idea, I just didn’t want to make it exactly like the Padres off the bat. Maybe down the line I can explore that route. I’m not sure about the specifics because my list is so big, but right now it’s imagining the teams of the PCL, CL, then a few more. I’m defaulting to minor league team names that existed prior to 1960, so it won’t be hard to figure out who I plan to do. on top of that, I have some ideas for non-AAA teams to make the jump in large markets. New Orleans Pelicans and Charlotte Hornets come to mind, and I’m not talking about basketball
  8. This thread will be full of revisionist history. Some teams existed past the 1960 date, and have influenced my concepts slightly. I justify this because not every team has all 4 phases into history. The longer a team was around, the less I'm inclined to create concepts for. Some good examples are the Buffalo Bisons, and Portland Beavers(RIP). The Sacramento Solons are named after the Greek senator Solon, which was a reference to the California senators in the city. I took that as a sign to lean into the Greek symbolism. The Mets started the racing stripes trend in baseball in 1982. The MLB Solons would follow with a Greek pattern running all over the god damn place. The mascot logo of a bearded Solon is a bastard of if the Swinging Friar was the Orioles bird. The S logo is from Wikipedia. It's the first thing you see when you look into this team, and I cannot find the source outside Wiki. The 1970s Solons wore a block S logo, but I really liked the english S as the cap logo for Sacramento. Next: Sacramento Solons Phase 2.
  9. I can't quite place the genesis of this idea. For years I've kicked around an a spreadsheet with what the MLB would look like if the AAA Pacific Coast League, known for it's skill level in the 50s, evolved into a 3rd major league in 1958. The idea is fun because so much would be different if that ever happened. You'd have names like the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Angels still around, but then the Seattle Rainiers, Portland Beavers, and Sacramento Solons would continue to exist. The Dodgers wanted to move west to LA, and brought the Giants with them, ultimately ending the possibility. A few weeks ago, i got lost in the thread about a third major league in the sports in general board. I didn't know this, but the Continental League was starting to form in 1960. Houston, Dallas, New York, Denver, Minnesota, Toronto, and Atlanta would all have team names that existed for decades, and Buffalo would have a Major League team. This was bound to happen, but didn't before MLB approved expansion to Los Angeles(Angels), and DC(post Twins move). The Mets(owned by William Shea, the leader of the Continental League), and Houston Colt 45's joined the next year. The team names have been dead for about as long as they existed in the first place. But what if the Continental League of Pacific Coast League ever formed to major league level? So that's where I come in. I noticed a trend with the expansion era MLB teams. It came and went with trends in graphic design, fashion, merchandising, and nostalgia. PHASE 1: A strong brand in the 70s and 80s. Establishes for decades without change, as teams create fans. Noticeable cartoony logos, bright colors, and simple design. PHASE 2: The world became dark, and extreme. Teams ditched their brands for expanded merchandise options and better t-shirt printing. PHASE 3: Turns out the 90s were rough on design, and it might be worth completely adjusting what defines your team. PHASE 4: People miss the simple design, and we can sell much more merchandise than we had been. Now, i'm certainly simplifying things. Not every team can fit into this formula. The Twins and Royals have refined their Phase 1. The Mariners need a refresh from their Phase 2 set. The Angels are in Phase 3 and I wish they'd bring back the California Angels branding. The Rockies are holding strong in Phase 2. The Marlins are sprinting towards this pattern. The Diamondbacks just love playing with colors. There's also this. How is this a concept? Well sit tight and continue reading.
  10. Just remembered Juwanna Mann. There's a few from this movie but I have no idea where to start searching for opponents names
  11. I know this got mentioned but no one has done a deep dive into all the teams I found a website with team helmets from the movie Washington Sentinels Detroit Ironmen San Diego Stallions Phoenix Scorpions Miami Barracuda Dallas Ropers wonder if the AAF becomes the new go to for football highlights in movies
  12. I didn't expect to actually like the uniforms after seeing the brands but here we are
  13. I know some of their designers were based in Tampa, so I imagine Tampa Lease is an office space.
  14. Every non-in-the-know baseball fan would call it minor league as it is