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  1. I want to be clear that I don't think Chrome is a good name
  2. Yeah the name is 90s Minor League, but it's 30s Major League! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milwaukee_Bavarian_SC
  3. I think it might be overkill having 3 on the short and 2 on the tops, what do you guys think? A lot of selection issues. My Juve concept had me move the adidas logo, and the way it was grouped with other adidas stuff really made it hard to just simply change it.
  4. There's definitely some layer issues that I need to work out, but I'm happy with this layout. For you guys that want both sides of the shorts, then you can easily duplicate it.
  5. How'd you guys know I was working on this! I made the outer lines thicker like many comments have said they liked. I'm gonna work on shorts and socks and get a post out hopefully soon.
  6. For what it’s worth, the Freedom Football League (TO/Ricky William’s League) has a team there if they ever actually start playing
  7. I was on board for this league, then they released the team logos and i'm sort of turned off. They have such good league branding and gave us six unlicensed lacrosse video game crests. Also calling teams lacrosse clubs seem really weird for a travel league. Team Chrome and Team Redwoods seems like it'd be better.
  8. To be fair, Toyota doesn't run in IndyCar anymore so it might be because of that. Acura now sponsors the race. Long Beach GP is still seen as one of the biggest races of the year, and even more they've looked into hosting F1 instead semi recently. Plus changing the layout of the track isn't necessarily unheard of http://racingcircuits.info/north-america/usa/long-beach.html#.XHWW31NKjOQ Also for a quick second I thought about the prospect of naming them the California Angels, before I realized they're Los Angeles still
  9. Simms, to his credit, is 3rd in the league in yards. But has 2 TDs and 6 INTs. Hackenberg is a dumpster fire with 277 yards, no TDs and 3 INTS. John Wolford of Arizona had 2 yards less in the first game! He seems to be pretty good but got knocked out this weekend. Logan Woodside for San Antonio seems to be pretty bad too, but has 2nd most passing yards. Luis Perez of Birmingham still doesn't have a passing TD for a 3-0 team. They've been giving it to Richardson up close, and their defense has been stout. Gilbert is far and away the best QB in the league. https://aaf.com/league/stats/passing
  10. I'm not sure if it's the effects, but that logo seems drab for what you're going for. I think it could look something like the Oakland Roots if you tune up the saturation and make it white
  11. They did go up against NASCAR at Atlanta Motor Speedway i guess
  12. Last one. Purple endzones, wordmark on the 50. Hope this brings some fans out cause it looks like a nice day for football!
  13. One big plus i’ve noticed is the games seem to be getting better. A lot more completions and touchdowns. But that could just be from Hackenberg getting benched and Gilbert setting up to be MVP. also sidenote: I wanted to play with the app during Salt Lake’s game, and the profile/score I had made was wiped clean. Then when I tried again during Orlando’s game it was back to 0. Very odd.
  14. Arizona vs Salt Lake is the first game I'm trying to watch on a platform I don't have(B/R Live), but like I assumed you can just hit Watch Now on the box score on the AAF website and you're in.