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  1. The Diamondbacks hid two replies on their teaser video for the unis with screenshots of the hats on New Era’s site, so that should about confirm it. Gonna rule when it just says SNAKES in cursive.
  2. Echoing this. I think it's nice to have but ultimately the top version is better. MAYBE you could put the record to the right of the text, but it's super clean without it. Really nice work all around, looking forward to more of these animated!
  3. So there's an easter egg where if you hit the Space Jam logo on the new website, it took you to the website from 1996 https://www.spacejam.com/1996/
  4. Dunno what's worse, the Waterdogs having the No2 overall pick crosschecked in the head & taken to the hospital in his debut, or the Atlas No1 overall pick being stuck in Canada. Hope they're scouting already. I did some looking at schedules. Each team plays 9 games - 7 against every team and two teams twice. They split the league in top half and bottom half to determine the second matchup. Whips and Chaos play Redwoods and Archers twice. Chrome and Cannons play Atlas and Waterdogs twice. I bring this up because the Cannons getting a slightly easier schedule may end up being beneficial if they play like the whole season like they did this weekend. Also noticed that the four teams that play in the "top half" of the split end the season on a double header weekend playing against each other. That's going to be exciting.
  5. Anyone want to turn this into a 2021 Lacrosse Season thread? PLL Week 1 in the books from Foxborough. Watched all 5 games, and there wasn't many surprises. Archers, Whipsnakes, and Redwoods good. Atlas, Chrome, Waterdogs and Chaos bad. Cannons seem to be going well with Rabil outscoring his 2020 total in the bubble in a single game, and Lyle Thompson proving he deserved to be the #1 pick in the Entry Draft. Oh, and the finger biting incident. There's video of Gaudet missing half a digit covered in blood floating around twitter, so look that up if you're curious. But extremely vital to know the Chaos didn't play the Chrome, and Gaudet wasn't on the weekend's roster for their Sunday game!
  6. Different Ross from my last posts. Just went to look on Friday.
  7. Ross in Clearwater I randomly stopped in had the 2020 Serbian National Team home, away, and training top for about 20 bucks each But I bought an authentic alternate All Blacks jersey for 10 bucks, which I'm sending out to a friend who replied on twitter
  8. Wait why did I never do a Kookaburra! Go nuts, man
  9. I haven't been on too much in the last day to really play around, but the expand quote function is sneaky good. Always hated the second post of my concept threads just being a quote of my posts with "nice job", so I really appreciate it that it doesn't fully preview anymore. Looking forward to this ad-less format Chris alluded to, once that launches now we'll really be cooking.
  10. Very nice. I think those are three good updates. The modern ASL logo is also A+
  11. I opened this thread thinking "what could this possibly be about" and this has absolutely messed me up. What in the world.
  12. No Expos, that concept has been done a thousand times. Here's some alternate uniforms
  13. Lets try this on for size.
  14. I mean, of course. But you have to imagine the groups financing MLB expansion bids aren't in charge of minor league teams and want to call their own shots in terms of branding. Sure there's examples like the Marlins, and Brewers, but The Diamondbacks didn't become the Firebirds just for the sake of tradition. Hard to get that expansion team bump in merch sales if the brand had existed previously. If I had my way, yes the Missions Sounds and Knights would just use that name and there wouldn't be a concept series to be had. But until there is MLB Promotion/Relegation, i'd assume they'd start fresh.
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