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  1. The other team in Williamsport North Port Wanderers - the wanderers are little brother to Athletic, they were founded on the north side of Williamsport in a predominately dutch neighborhood, dutch seamen formed the club due to growing feelings that they were outsiders from the rest of the city and port. commonly referred to as "The Oranje" Crest - the wanderers crest shows the great pride the club has in its dutch heritage by showcasing the dutch lion in orange on a blue shield Kits (it is not uncommon for north port to use any of their 3 kits at any game and typically not having kits as sole home or away) - the wanderers traditional home kit is all orange with white and blue accents, this years kit features a dark orange chevron gradient -the away kit is typically all blue with orange accents, this years kit features an orange circle pattern gradient - typically every year north port has a third kit that is all white with orange accents, featuring the iconic orange sash, ironically the third kit is typically the most traditional kit always featuring the orange sash
  2. thanks for the feedback. No national team kits
  3. Well it was a good amount of time since the last one, and I have updated all the designs and some have changed. Also, each team will have more backstory to it
  4. I am, that account was banned, and basically I took a year away from the forum. I learned my lesson.
  5. I will be posting in an order that closely resembles the map order, so state by state, rather than alphabetical. First team up Williamsport Athletic The most popular team in Williamsport and probably the country, feature the iconic Williamsport colors of navy blue and sky blue. being a port the city is very much attached to the sea. In everyday talk the team is typically referred to simply as "Athletic" Williamsport (The City itself) The town name comes from my first name. The largest city in the country, Williamsport, features two teams who have a bitter rivalry: Williamsport Athletic and North Port Wanderers the rivalry is very heated due to the success of both teams and the nationalistic divide. Athletic supporters see themselves as the club for the entire city and represent the better club, they refer to as north port as the oranges and typically chant "you're just a bunch of fruit" toward the north port supporters. The wanderers see themselves definitely as a set portion of the city but see it more as representing a separate city in itself, although the team has its dutch roots popularity among non-dutch people is growing, this fact also increases the rivalry because Athletic can see the wanderers growing each and every year. Kits Home kit- The traditional home kit is a navy blue top with white sleeves, accompanied by white shorts and navy blue socks, this years kits also feature dark blue vertical pinstripes and light blue accents Away kit- Athletic's traditional away kit is a clean all white look, typically with navy accents, this years kit a mixture of light blue and navy blue accents Third kit- Athletic's trend in third kits, although they don't always have third kits, is to feature both colors of blue, typically making light blue the main color, this years kit features a light blue top with navy blue horizontal striped gradient that goes to navy blue sleeves and light blue shorts and socks
  6. So I decided to create a fictional country and soccer league as my new project. This is the 1st fictional league that I have done. So the country is The Republic of Gedland, and the top league is the Gedlandian Premier League. So the country is an island with 18 cities/towns spread throughout the land. Each city has at least 1 team with two cities having two giving the league 20 teams. I went about names and locations based on my ancestry and background. So here is a map of the country along with state lines, and city locations/names. It also includes names for all the teams and their location. The league crest is a shield broken into three parts: the sky, the dog, and the ground. the league crest color changes with each team, and the dog is pointing ahead with a soccer ball at its feet The entire leagues kits are made by nike
  7. Good start, I like the road colors because they are a unique look that no one really has thought of when they make Atlanta concepts.
  8. Suggestions. home kit-take of the stars on the front and go with a different design, make the stars on the shorts fit in the stripe, make name and ad white. away ki, get rid of the stars on the front, make the stars fit in the stripe on the shorts logo- if you really want to do a "redesign" might think of creating a new log and not just changing the colors of the current one
  9. Again I would just have to disagree I think the navy gives it a good solid base to let the accent colors pop, but thats just my opinion also @NDFreek here is a link to the newest template If there are more I'll find them and let you know
  10. I would have to disagree on the notion that red and yellow looks better than navy and red. For the uniforms yes the fighters are known to wear black and yellow but the yellow is a highlighter reflective yellow and it also has a silver highlighter with it. In my Chicago concept I did a third kit that was representative of what they wear. I would say if he wants to put yellow in them add it as a detail and remove the gray in the logo but leave the navy and red
  11. Not necessarily. i get what it's trying to be with red and yellow because red and yellow screams fire, but you need understand why the Chicago fire were navy and red, those colors are classic firefighter colors, when you see a firefighter t-shirt or symbol it's going to be red and navy. So really it doesn't make more sense and really it's not a redesign it's just a re color, but I like where the away kit is going and I would suggest using raysoxs most recent template
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