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  1. That's beautiful. I never got to see those jerseys in action, although I use them quite frequently on MyTeam (the Piston ones, of course). I don't really have any complaints here. One suggestion: I don't know exactly how you're going about these concepts, and I definitely don't want to disrupt the creative flow, but it would be cool to see you tackle some out-of-the-box designs for some of the clubs. The NBA should stick to professionalism, IMO, but the G-League has a lot of room to maneuver the boundaries of jersey design. What if the Drive had their logo on the chest, in a Warriors-esque fashion? or the Herd had a vintage Bucks-style sublimation? You've proven that you can nail a classic design and your talent is unquestioned. I'd love to see you push some boundaries and really let your ideas fly here. Remember, this is the G-League, you have a license to try something that the NBA team wouldn't (or has in the past). I recall @darkpiranha saying something similar to me in one of my hockey design projects, it stuck with me ever since. (thanks darkp)
  2. I agree. If you added the Vice City palette, the set would be perfect. The design is already sweet, but sky blue would make it amazing.
  3. Those are beautiful. I’d even consider buying one, and I’m from Toronto! I’m trying to nitpick and I can’t really find anything that I’d change. Although, maybe a splash of red would look nice, while also tying in the history of the parent club.
  4. Honestly the parent club should adopt those. I’m looking forward to see what you do with my Raptors!
  5. Those are sweet. I'm intrigued to see how the other clubs are going to look. Will be following this for sure.
  6. Being from Toronto, I can confidently say that these would sell. That purple jersey is a thing of beauty. A couple nitpicks; I’d like to see one if the Raptor secondary logos on the shorts. The maple leaf is cool, and it looks good, however a Raptor biting into a basketball on the shorts (one of their alternate logos from the 90s) would be gangster. Think Villanova Wildcats white throwback jersey from 2018 (?). It maintained the classic, college feel, with the added ferocity of the wildcat on the shorts. Overall, it’s a really well-done concept and I’m excited to see more.
  7. I’d lean bottom right or top left. Beautiful logo. I do not understand how a team can produce something such as their new “Global” logo and call it a day. Especially when there is concepts such as this floating around. Solid work, HTown.
  8. Here’s my 2 cents... Boston - I agree with some others about the claw marks. They seem a little out of place for the current brand. However, they look good and I can see the reasoning behind the addition. Uniforms are perfect. Vancouver - Gorgeous. Only thing I would change is the blue/black plaid pattern. I think it works but I’d also try a blue/navy combination. I think black should be relegated to the alternate (which is also solid). I also like the V collar. Pittsburgh - I love the current set they wear, but this is a great update. The pattern on the arms is a nice touch. No major complaints here. Anaheim - Another upgrade to the current brand. Only thing I’d change is bring a purple helmet to the home, which is really just a nitpick. I’m also not sure of the standalone mask on alternate. That A/duck foot secondary logo would look sharp on a uniform. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Excellent work so far.
  9. Your drawing is absolutely fantastic. Wish I was at that level. And the green over neon combo is a winner in my books. Simple change, but I think it’s a solid improvement.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. This was one of the things I was hoping to improve. I’m going to try to rework the design of the mountains.
  11. I've been away from the Boards for some time now, but it's good to be back. This little project started as a school project, but I liked the direction so much that I decided to expand it, adding a secondary logo and a wordmark. A little background information - the Northwest Arkansas Springdale Naturals are a MiLB club playing in the Texas League and serve as a the AA affiliate to the Royals. This is their current logo. My basis for the name change started with the fact that there is another Arkansas-branded club in the same league (the Arkansas Travelers). The name "Springdale" is a more suitable handle for the region and gives the local supporters a bit more personal connection to the team. It's also shorter and cleaner than the former. Some details about the brand itself; Springdale is located in the Ozarks (which runs through Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas). This served as the inspiration for the mountains in the primary. The two primary colours (navy and maroon) are derived from the Springdale crest.* The sky blue is taken from the many waterfalls found in the Ozarks. The four stars are taken from the Arkansas flag. You'll probably notice a star in the top left corner of the secondary mark. The outline behind the N is the shape of Arkansas, and the placement of the star is actually the location of the city of Springdale on the map! (I moved it a little bit southeast, I just didn't want it to clash with the outline of the N) * - I don't know if this is the official Springdale crest. I Googled it and this was the best result I got. Any help in this matter would be appreciated! PRIMARY LOGO SECONDARY LOGO FULL SET Feel free to check it out on Behance! Show some love if you want, anything is much appreciated! Leave any C&C if you wish.
  12. I don’t even mind them. Sure, they could be better from a design perspective and could have used something from the history of the area, but the uniforms are clean and I won’t mind seeing them in action. The Parley collaboration is unique and I like the direction of the project. Just my opinion, though. Totally understand if people don’t like them.
  13. Fantastic concept. I'm actually staying in Miami right now and the logos (especially the secondary) perfectly represent the area. Some nitpicks: I echo @Hoopladawg87 about the colours. The reasoning behind each one makes sense, but they need to work as a unit. The triple-shade of red move was bold, but it needs something else in there. My suggestion would be sky blue-orange-maroon, and just swap out pink for the blue. One additional thought about the wordmarks, I'd try out two different sets. One will the block-style and one with the neon-style. Maybe the block style is the official (which is also similar to the one they have now) and the neon would be used for the throwback nights. Overall, it's a great set and I appreciate the way it's presented. Nice work.