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  1. Here's some logo slicks for the Blues and Spiders... Let me know what y'all think!
  2. Here are some home and road options if the team opts for a "Spider" look. ADDITIONALLY... I have a completely new look! Coming tonight! Decided to take a stab at the Cleveland Blues... Stay tuned For now, let me know any feedback you have! Good or bad, doesn't matter to me!
  3. Much appreciated! Here's a version of the Spider concept on a home uniform! It's nothing too crazy, kept a really similar design to what they have now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. On another note... I'm leaning towards the "Blues" moniker for the guitar concept. Thoughts?
  4. Tape actually does look better. Looks more like a professional baseball bat. I got some uniforms coming later this afternoon!
  5. As someone who has family in New Orleans and a frequent visitor of the city... These are all literally perfect. I don’t get why the Pelicans resort to such bland designs when there’s soooo much inspiration *literally* in the streets of the city. Superb work!
  6. I appreciate it! I actually didn't even think of the bat and guitar combining like that, so thanks to you and @dwboiler for pointing it out! Here's my second attempt and I think this one looks a lot cleaner than the first two. I also added the "C" in there to see if it works at all. I actually don't mind either version. Let me know how this one is looking!
  7. Good evening/morning/afternoon! I was able to get my second draft of the concept done! I decided to try my hand at a Spider concept. There are a number of really good ones out there, including this one, and I wanted to differentiate as much as I could! I took a random spider outline and tossed it into Illustrator. The outline is cool on its own but not unique enough for people to know it when they see it. To prove my point, it's too similar to a Spiderman design. It needed something more. Here are four versions of a spider logo with a couple different variants. Also, a wordmark update and a roundel spider version (though I don't think it fits the circle theme.) I'm thinking of ideas for the Blues and Commodores (maybe Engines too) on the side. I want to flesh out this Spider idea and see where it goes first. Let me know what you guys think! I'll be around my computer all night to make quick changes so don't hesitate to suggest something you want me to try.
  8. Spiders and Blues seem to be popular choices. I’m going to try out a baseball glove/guitar because that sounds interesting. Also the C as a music note is a good idea. Appreciate the feedback!
  9. I actually quite like the Spiders name. I strayed away from using it here because I’ve seen a multitude of other Spider concepts, but I’ll give it a shot tonight. I was mulling over Rockers too. Also decided against it because of the similarity to Rockies. Good point there. Commodores and Blues are also interesting. I appreciate it! I’m fully with you on the Citizens name. I don’t love it - just tried it out to see if it would look better in a logo. I’m going to retool and come up with a new name and uniform set tonight!
  10. Hello to all. I've been away from the boards for another year or so but I'm (maybe) back! We all know the Cleveland Indians are pulling a Washington and dropping their name to move away from any offensive brand material. I got bored between exams and decided to step into Illustrator and try some things out. I'll keep the explanations brief because I'm aware most of you want to see concepts - rather than read a short novel. I've always loved the Indians "C" logo and I really want them to keep it for the future. It's simple and clean. I also love their colours. I know red and blue is a bit overused, but I don't see a viable reason to change them at this point in time. (unless someone can point me in the direction of a better combo) My idea... I'm sure most of you are aware of the Cleveland Spiders. Established in 1887, they are one of Cleveland's first professional baseball teams. The team went through several name changes and rebrands, eventually becoming the Indians we all know and "love" today. FYI, they became the Indians to honour one of their first Native American players - Louis Sockalexis. I'd like to believe this is the truth, but the claim is consistently disputed. There are a number of really good Spider concepts so for the sake of being different, I went with an alternate option. I don't actually have a set name in mind, but I'm hoping one of you guys can suggest one. The name I'll be using for now is the Citizens. I know it's not the best nickname but I've heard it thrown around and figured I'd try and do it justice. My concept isn't crazy or groundbreaking but I'm hoping this is a start of a real project. PRIMARY LOGO WORDMARKS ROUNDEL CONCEPT Now here's where it gets a little weirder... Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I figured they could be the first MLB team (in 2020) to embrace a music-centric brand. My rough idea was an electric guitar extending into a baseball bat. I'm not really sure where to go from here or how to use the mark, so I'd love some feedback! That's all I have at the moment. I'm working on some potential uniforms so stay tuned for that in the next couple days! I'd love any feedback and comments, little or big! Everything constructive helps! T
  11. Wish the Phillies would go back to those. Great set.
  12. The set looks good. This is one where I could see some improvements. The pinstripes are nice, but the last three clubs all have them. I'm assuming they're based off these...so if you decide to go pinstripes, maybe make them smaller and closer together (and less similar to the Magic ones). I love these colours and I fully agree that they should become more prominent with the Windy City club. This set just needs more colour balancing. On the blue and white sets, there's almost no black...and then the red set has the black name and numbers. I understand the difficulty of balancing three bold colours, such as these. I'm sure there is a plethora of directions you could go. Maybe make the names/numbers black on every jersey? or keeping the those the same and simply adding some more black into the striping? This set is so close to being perfect, just needs a little more.
  13. If the Bulls ever rebrand, this would be the only acceptable refresh. Great work.