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  1. Once you have something to post (other than a map), feel free to start this up again.
  2. Well played sir. Well played. With that said, while I would love to see this diatribe continue, I gotta ask that we get back to the A's potential move.
  3. Agreed 100%, especially since the 2 are one and the same for the moment. The issue in this thread in particular is when certain individuals derail it with term papers on the complete history of Chinese politics. It just opens a Pandora's Box and I don't want the thread to devolve from its true intent. Trust me, I get what you're saying Buc, but sometimes we can't have nice things here.
  4. On that note - Let's get back to actual NBA discussion and stop diving into the Chinese Political landscape.
  5. Per the Concept Forum Guidelines: If you want suggestions for team names, keep it in your NFL Expansion thread.
  6. On top of that, you need to do the work. If you're "busy as heck", then you need to slow it down and produce teams when you get the chance. This isn't going to be a "I do one team and everyone else helps me" type thread for this huge project.
  7. At the end of the day, it’s an algorithm issue within the board software that we as mods have no control over. The issue is with Invision and we have no control over it.
  8. I moved your initial request to the Requests forum (which you can view once you get 100 posts). If a member here wants to assist, they will PM you about it.
  9. Sounds like this needs to be thought out a little more. Once there's some actual concept artwork to be presented, we can revisit.
  10. *Ahem* Again - let's keep it on topic.
  11. @dfwabel - Point has been made ad nauseam. You are already posting your thoughts on CTE in that dedicated thread and it doesn't need to be continued here. Let's keep this thread on High School Football.
  12. Honestly guys... the league's been dead for 5 months now. I know some of you are having a hard time with the grieving process, but isn't it time to move on? We can only discuss the failure of the league for so long before it devolves into pointless bickering, which is what I'm seeing start to happen here.
  13. Since there's been nothing but requests for updates for the past page and a half, plus the fact the OP hasn't checked in since May, I'm going to lock this. If the OP wants to restart it, he can PM a mod to unlock it. @retromanas - please stop bumping threads to ask for updates. We have a policy against that in the Concept forum rules:
  14. Congratulations. Well played and well deserved.
  15. ..and until the logos come out that showcase a biker logo, that's all the biker talk for the moment. Keep it on point.