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  1. Wasps usually have great jumpers and these just prove beyond a doubt they're out in front of the other English sides.
  2. Football Giants, never heard it live.
  3. My favourite would be Deportivo, but i like how you got the Sri Lankan look for the Tigers.
  4. Spread the bottom of the w out a bit to match the ball line. the wings should extend to the red part. very capitalsesque
  5. Life bans for all drug cheats and those that supply/manufacture the drugs would be banned from holding any position within or associated to any sport/team/organisation.
  6. tigers

    AAF Redux

    Oh ok, it's a bit hard to tell, it looks like a bubble popping more. I do like what you have done don't get me wrong.
  7. tigers

    AAF Redux

    What's that blobby thing on the Forge logo? I would of liked the Ball logo of the Forge to be the head of a hammer.
  8. I may be among the few who actually like it. It's by far better than any of the current NLL logos, it's what more NLL teams should be aspiring too.
  9. so much lower case is killing logos nowadays.
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