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  1. What? Will Power hadn't raced on oval before Indy and also never started in open wheelers but tin tops.
  2. Hence my he could make a motza. You don't have to be a one horse pony on an oval track to make money in NASCAR, ask Marcus Ambrose. How well have Will Power and the other Southern Hemisphere drivers done in Indy and on ovals as well.
  3. So when was the last time a North American driver conquered the other way around? Differences for starters are the tracks, and the directions of tracks in particular. Next is speed, brakes, wheels and setups, weights, gearboxes and gears, engines are way different in power, fuel, seating position, steering wheel position, racing formats and probably more. I guess it's better to say they have less in common than you'd think, besides the wheels being black and having doors.... wait no NASCAR don't have doors.
  4. He aint no one horse show. Loads of talent, he could make a motza in the US driving NASCAR.
  5. I think you'll see after a few seasons if they are still operating it could go down the path of the NFL and take bribes to win the XFL Big Game. I do see your point of weather taking a big part in the decision, after money.
  6. How do the Haudensaunee work? Are they chosen for their country then their culture nation or vice versa?
  7. A pity it's going to be a North American Final but it's good seeing a few countries in the finals system like you mentioned Jamaica even though they just beat Italy, but how good has Hong Kong and Ireland been? I don't understand why Pool A has the best nations all in it.
  8. I was actually surprised that they did it so well in St Louis, not many complaints about the games, refreshment stalls or trasit. The whole club, city and people should be congratulated. By no means am i saying DC wasn't just that St Louis looked like it run a whole lot smoother from an outsiders point of view.
  9. Love the way they have decided to bring back the collar. One of the local soccer sides here bought back the collar on their jerseys and they went from selling about a hundred a season to over a thousand. The pattern is innovating also.
  10. In Australia it is played in some Primary Schools and High Schools and has a presence in most capital Cities and has a Yearly National Tournament. Where i am atm they are trying to get a few teams together for a National League of around 6 teams but have had to just meld two teams together to play.
  11. I'm enjoying this and i love those Oil City designs.
  12. I love that palete of blue it really suits the design they have. One thing about Union is that 99% of the time they stick with basic designs for Internationals which lets the countries colours shine.
  13. Most of those names even the locals would have zero idea what they were for.
  14. And the PGA shot themselves in the foot by having a global competition within the United States.
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