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  1. If they're going to just do stripes without a yoke on the white jerseys I feel like keeping them black would work...basically turn the current snow tiger color rush into the away. Orange stripes look bad on the mockups.
  2. Always liked this one, somehow evokes playing catch in the backyard with dad.
  3. I like the masked duck better than the naked duck.
  4. I think a lot of people agree with that opinion. I'm not one of them. I think the Screagle is an ugly (and horrifically unbalanced) blob, Times New Roman or whatever it is is a terrible jersey font, and putting your team name on the hem is awful.
  5. Only flaw is the Wild numbers really should be green. Very poor legibility on TV. Edit: Another shot showing the front of both sets
  6. Did not have Washington Journey on my bingo board, I'll admit.
  7. Does the DCU kit work better with a color matched badge? The black stands out to me
  8. Nothing else to comment on. Could've just posted the uniforms to start with. Seriously what kind of commentary were you expecting on years with color outlines?
  9. Teaser for my reaction to teasers for concept series:
  10. 3rd and 33 No, Patrick, not like that...
  11. That was me. I ended up spending the day creating a new, more balanced vector logo and making an entire concept as Affinity Designer practice:
  12. I'll take this on a hockey sweater: over this:
  13. Not to mention, in practical use unless you're in one of the front rows the relative size of the logos on jerseys in play is going to be fairly small. So there's a lot of benefit to designing for small. Since I keep complaining about the Lightning logo: a modification of an old shoulder patch with more character than the current logo and less cringe than the original: