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  1. Interesting situation in the NLCS...the home Cardinals are wearing "St. Louis" jerseys while the visiting Washingtonians have their "Nationals" jerseys on.
  2. It looks like they got ran over by a truck.
  3. Anything you spend money on is yours to do with as you will. If anyone has a problem with it they can shell out for the next jersey.
  4. Kind of a bummer to have Vegas turned into another red and black team, to be honest.
  5. Well, it fits in the trend of going to flat, sans serif wordmarks with one quirk. I think the Y! logo works pretty well though.
  6. Above all else, no ads or manufacturer's marks. Can't be said enough. If no name on back, number needs to be adjusted up to compensate so it's centered. Tangential: all score bugs have to be colored with the main jersey color that the respective team is currently wearing. Intuitive and improves functionality 100%. Also standardize soccer to follow the home is right/bottom convention. The proper abbreviation for Washington DC is WSH, not WAS.
  7. The shade of green makes the Packer look like he's a zombie.
  8. For easy reference, this article has all the previous logos in one image: Agree that it feels too skinny.
  9. Yeah I've never seen Minnesota Stars apparel or merchandise, it's all North Star.
  10. Minus the lame oar stuff this is by far my favorite look for the Gophers
  11. I appreciate you being willing to concede a mistake. Thank you. Sorry if I've come across as terse. I'll be honest that I don't really feel like going down this rabbit hole back and forth again, I'm willing to leave it at agree to disagree, but I appreciate that you've made considered and good faith arguments.
  12. So the emotional connection is good except when it's inconvenient. The fans opinions matter except when they don't. Anything to support corporate entities, because that's why people watch sports. Not the point I was making, I used the Marlins because their ownership is well known, but it applies to any team. People aren't fans of the New York Yankees LLC, they are fans of the idea of the New York Yankees and the specific players. All professional sports is marketing. Literally the point of the exact sentence you quoted. When you dissect arguments piece by piece you miss the forest for the trees. I didn't say they couldn't. I said the hypervigilance about new franchises in cities paying tribute to old franchises ignores the basic reasons why people feel fandom towards teams in the first place. I don't have a problem with the Twins honoring Walter Johnson. I think it makes more sense for Washington to do so and don't have a problem if the Nationals have Walter Johnson Day. It's good marketing.
  13. And the "we must preserve the corporate history of sports franchises at all costs" shtick doesn't land with me because it ignores the fundamental emotional connection fans make with their teams. The whole of sports branding is based on the idea of getting fans to connect on a personal, emotional level with the team. People aren't fans of Derek Jeter's baseball franchise which right now happens to play in Miami, they are fans of the Marlins as a representation of Miami. People lambasted the Golden Knights for the forced West Point connection instead of a Vegas or Nevada connection. Utah Jazz and LA Dodgers are nonsensical names and would never be used for a new franchise started today. All the speculation about the Seattle franchise name is what will fit best with the city and its culture. Poor and inconsistent designs (Yankees NY logos, Cowboys mismatch, Patriots, Tigers home/away mismatch) are kept because of the emotional connection people made to the team when they wore those designs. But when it comes to relocation suddenly none of that matters because we have to respect the corporate entities involved and if you don't you have disgraced against God. No one is saying that the current Nationals are the same team or franchise as the 1901 Senators. But Walter Johnson never played in Minnesota. There are more people in the District of Columbia that remember watching Johnson play than there are in Minnesota. The memories and emotional connection to Johnson are in Washington. Yes, Johnson played for the franchise that is now the Minnesota Twins. But on every facet except the boring legalese it makes far more sense that the Nationals remember and honor Johnson than the Twins. That's not re-writing history; telling Minnesotans who were watching the Saints and Millers play that actually they should feel a personal connection to men who played in a city 1000 miles away is re-writing history. For the vast majority of sports fans, the team represents the city, not the other way around. You can be Spock and argue that this makes no logical sense, but without an emotional connection there's no reason to support one group of disparate men brought together for financial reasons playing in a specific geographic location over another.
  14. Honestly the football B is a really boring logo.