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  1. I get the idea with the A in the duck's foot, and in isolation it's a good design, but there's a very easy and unfortunate Mooterus 2.0 potential here.
  2. Honestly I think the gradient logo and the helmet on the right would be a pretty good look for the Rams. Would move it into Seahawks "unnecessarily modern but likable in its own context" territory rather than Chicago Fire "the person who designed this has never seen art in their lives" territory.
  3. The new Brazil crest looks great on a jersey.
  4. Interesting to hear complaints that Sockeyes isn't intimidating enough in a league that has Penguins and (Mighty!) Ducks.
  5. Houston looks fantastic top to bottom. I think the shades of green on Seattle are too similar, but the number font is great.
  6. That Cosmos mash-up pattern looks great on the shirt. No idea what it means, but it's most eye-catching.
  7. Value is relative. That is too high.
  8. Didn't see this brought up, might have missed it. Didn't find it on the main TSC site, but if it's a fake it's well done.
  9. Sockeyes seems like the obvious choice.
  10. I definitely could not draw MA, WV, or NJ from memory. Outside of Florida, Texas, and California I think it's very region dependent.
  11. Finally someone stands up for the multi-billion dollar multinational corporation.
  12. This is appropriate rhetoric for the discussion at hand. Civil crisis!
  13. Flames, Habs, Bruins, Stars all use the same Latin alphabet imagery—literally indistinguishable.