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  1. I like the creative striping on the original 4th better. I think by the time you get to 4 jerseys you're allowed to get a little looser with the design. Great work overall!
  2. Actually, unless I'm missing the relevant rule, there seems to be more leeway on this than you'd expect. Rule 5, Section 4, Article 3 (b); Although I've always thought the standard is 12-inch back, 10-inch front, 4-inch shoulders, 3-inch NOB.
  3. The old Gopher alternates also used to have championship stars on the sleeves. I think the striping is much cleaner here too where you don't have white touching gold. Also miss the old striping on the homes, I think the new version is bland. All they needed to do was extend the maroon to avoid having yellow on white again, like this:
  4. It only increases my scorn for the mustard color every time I see it paired next to the vastly superior ASG beige. Boy I hope multiple people are fired for that blunder.
  5. It boggles me that Adidas "needs" two years to create MLS kits that are color-swapped templates from other teams. This isn't rocket science FFS you're just making shirts.
  6. Really like this! Works great for Winnipeg!
  7. Yeah Birmingham is plain but it works for them. They look good. I think having smooth versus block numbers helps.
  8. Use of serif and non-serif fonts reminds me of Obama, while the prominent green is an obvious nod to Paul Wellstone. Not groundbreaking, but not terrible.
  9. Totally boring is an upgrade over ugly, I guess.
  10. Pretty rich coming from the guy that always gets annoyed and condescending when anyone disagrees with him. Don’t want people getting snippy in threads maybe model that behavior yourself, Mr. Moderator. I was just expressing an opinion, I don’t really care what the Jets look like, or to continue arguing the point. I’ve said my piece.
  11. I believe you should proofread what you write before casting aspersions on others’ literacy. Putting pedantics aside, to the broader point: there’s 10 NYC professional sports teams in five leagues. I think the city is represented well. I think people know New York exists. The team that has historically emphasized its nickname (it’s not a N-E-W-Y-O-R-K! chant) should have a more creative logo based on that nickname than a fairly boring wordmark.
  12. That specific execution isn't what I would use but I like the creativity and how the elements integrate with each other. In the 78 logo the "jet" looks like an afterthought. And all the other Jets logos look like they were designed in a boardroom in 5 minutes. It's just always felt like a huge missed opportunity to me.