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  1. Dallas's entire new identity has always looked like it came straight out of Create-A-Team. The most unique thing they have going for them is the shade of green.
  2. Has there been a good, hi-res version of the updated Twins script posted anywhere? I'm a big fan. Best I've been able to find is this Zoom wallpaper.
  3. Feels like the Wild where the name is awful but the colors and uniforms are fantastic. The logo is fine--middling concept quality.
  4. Purple and sky blue is such a beautiful and underutilized color scheme.
  5. Can I sneak in my Roman/barberpole mash-up I've had sitting on my hard-drive for a while?
  6. +1 to liking the perspective numbers for the Giants, however impractical.
  7. "Are" implies that "King" is plural. So I think you either meant The Kings Are Our King (Los reyes son nuestro rey) or The King Is Our King. (El rey es nuestro rey).
  8. The black would be a good fashion or alternate jersey for sure.
  9. It's "nearly" 30% larger, per this page.
  10. A good argument both for not abusing the quote function and resizing inline images to be smaller when you make a post. This is 2005 message board etiquette people.
  11. Something something long lead time something something 5 years in advance.
  12. Not quite what you asked for, but from the Twins subreddit: And Twins Twitter:
  13. If you're so fragile you can't handle a discussion about race history in this country...