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  1. I clicked this thread because of your profile picture, but the fact that you made your creation real is incredible. This would be a super look for the Mavericks.
  2. “You Only Move Twice” - great, classic episode.
  3. The Broncos have had a pretty strong national brand for some time, haven’t they? Like, before the 1997 redesign?
  4. It would make sense that a team named after a felid would want a company named after another felid to manufacture their gear.
  5. Seconded! We want it and we want it RIGHT MEOW!
  6. They can do better than this, but they also can (and, let’s face it, likely will) do worse.
  7. Nice stripes on the pants and socks both.
  8. I agree that the Bengals’ helmet would be a fairly strong logo. In terms of iconic helmet designs, it’s right up at the top with the Rams’ horns, the Vikings’ completely different horns, and the Eagles’ wings. The other three teams all have “normal” logos but they aren’t strictly necessary except maybe Minnesota’s.
  9. I’m mostly okay with the Ravens’ look except when they go yoga pants. The stripes on the helmet could stand to change but they aren’t that intrusive. The white jersey/purple pants/black socks look is really strong in my opinion.
  10. I am sorry your head fell off. May you Rest In Peace.
  11. Plus, the logo itself is boring and lazy, and the font is dated.
  12. So that’s what Starter is up to these days...
  13. And it looks wonderful, but I thought Reverse Retro required mixing an older element with a newer element. Mariners and Astros definitely do that (although I’d recommend a silver outline on Seattle’s S logo), combining older designs with modern colors. Angels (much as I like that design) and Athletics both use colors and design from the same era while changing color balance, which would make them more akin to fauxbacks. Is Texas just the Rangers’ current alts with the old-school T logo?
  14. That’s a lot better. I still cringe seeing them in black, but the sky blue and metallic gold really help.