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  1. In both pictures...this team needs more magenta.
  2. ...or for anyone in MLB history, evidently. The current Mariners (navy and dark teal) are the closest we've ever come, aren't they?
  3. Current Buccaneers running back Peyton Barber wears #25.
  4. I'm not keen on it either, but darned if that isn't a fine color scheme.
  5. As long as they're consistent with it, I think a team can change decals as they please. I mean, the Rams right now wear yellow horns at home and white on the road, and several teams have been known to remove their decals altogether for throwback looks.
  6. I'm not against custom number fonts. I just think that: 1. They become a lot less "special" when almost every team has its own; and 2. A lot of the custom number fonts NFL teams are currently wearing are not very good, and in many cases represent a clear downgrade from the more-generic ones they wore before. That's not to say that there aren't good ones, even good ones that are "out there", because there are. (I love the Vikings' number font, for instance.) Just that it doesn't have to be team after team competing to see whose can be the most outrageous. I suppose that goes for recent uniform redesigns in general.
  7. That seems a distinct possibility. I would certainly HOPE a guy who covers them for a living wouldn't be fooled by a rumor that was debunked over a month ago, but a writer is only as good as his source, and, not being up on uniforms in general, this guy may have just assumed his source knew his stuff - and you know what they say about assuming...
  8. The Blue Jays' occasional "Canada!" uniforms come to mind, where red goes from a minor accent color to the only color (aside from white). Unpopular opinion: I don't like those either.
  9. The only good "patriotic" uniform, IMO. Love those pant stripes!
  10. Logo is fine. Need an alt logo with the team name somewhere on that uniform. I'm not generally a fan of matte helmets but they could work in kelly green. The presence of black has been confirmed. With the green pants, they definitely need either black socks or some sort of stripe-y socks. The overall look of that concept is outstanding, though, and I wish @brycew8 hadn't taken them down. Sorry about people being rude, man. The points they are making are technically correct but most of us, I think, would rather have visual of what you're talking about.
  11. Indeed. Just red and yellow and they're (pun intended) golden.
  12. Yeah, some of them (Vikings, Seahawks, Broncos) look pretty good, but a lot of them don't. It isn't just a Nike thing either - the mid-2000s looks mostly have goofy-looking number fonts. I think New England is the only one of that group with a decent number font - Atlanta, Arizona, and Cincinnati all look silly.