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  1. I know. Sometimes they really are creepy. Maybe they beat you to your own idea - like when Little River Band wrote “Lonesome Loser” about my dating life almost a decade before I was born.
  2. Only thing is, the live humans pictured are actual LA Rams players, aren’t they?
  3. What you have said I pretty much agree with. Blue over yellow looks good. Blue over blue looks passable. The bone jersey looks awful. Give it more blue and take away the white patch and it can be passable. The bone pants also look awful, and I hope they’re replaced with the yellow ones as much as possible. The gradient home number is gimmicky, but not at all aesthetically displeasing to me personally.
  4. Good uniform. I could do without the whale tail on the helmet.
  5. The Dolphins are tricky because there’s little to no compatibility between their current look and their throwback. Like, can you imagine if they took colors and striping patterns from the throwbacks, but kept the current logo and team fonts? It would be a trainwreck! I would be totally cool if they just kept the current designs and fonts, but gave their logo his helmet and face back, but in a more contemporary style. That would be a great compromise I think.
  6. Eh. I think Nike's treatment of the gold pants was the whole reason they dropped them in the first place. Me too. That said, they have looked good wearing black pants with white jerseys in the past. They just need striping. Sock stripes would be nice too.
  7. This is for teams that (in my/your opinion) don’t need rebrands or color changes, but rather could be substantially improved through a few simple changes. My submissions are two of my NFL pet peeves: the Panthers and the Texans, plus a Jets team that’s terrible on the field but looks good and could easily look even better. Carolina Panthers: -banish the white pants forever -if you’re wearing black pants, you’re ALWAYS wearing blue socks, whether the jersey is black, white or blue -if you’re wearing silver pants with either black or white jerseys, wear black socks. If you’re wearing silver pants with blue jerseys, wear blue socks. -have a code for when you wear what. For example, silver/white/silver/black for home day games in the first half of the season. Silver/black/black/blue for Sunday and Monday prime-time games. Silver/blue/silver/blue for Thursday games and late-season home day games. Silver/black/silver/black for road games where the opponent chooses to wear their light jerseys. Houston Texans: -when you’re wearing dark jerseys, ALWAYS wear either blue/blue/white/blue or blue/red/white/red -when you’re wearing white jerseys, ALWAYS wear either blue/white/blue/red or blue/white/white/red New York Jets: -make the sleeve stripes wrap all the way around to the back to create a contrast-color faceplate (like the NHL’s Flyers have). -Give those stripes thin (black) outlines on green and white jerseys. (Both these rules can be waved for the black alternate jersey, where ideally I just want everything to contrast enough to be visible.) Anybody else have examples of their own, where it just seems so obvious that a quick fix or two would improve so much?
  8. I think Utah’s desert alts are extremely well-established and belong in the first group. Also, expanding your entry for the Chargers a bit: powder, royal, dark royal, navy, with yellow going from small but mighty trim color (1988-2006) all the way up to sometime pant color (originals, most of Fouts-era, and today).
  9. San Diego Padres. Pre-90s Chicago White Sox. Miami Marlins. Buffalo Sabres at one time. Utah Jazz for awhile. Anaheim Ducks are settled on a scheme, but refuse to use a good one like they used to have.
  10. If the Hawks, Bulls and Blazers were the only NBA teams with that scheme, I’d be happy. Let the Heat go with Vice, or go back to original unis with that brighter red and bring in the orange from the original logo too. The Raptors should be purple and red with black accents. Rockets should be red and yellow, maybe with grey accents. Cavs should be maroon and yellow and navy blue, or metallic gold instead of yellow, but they should never touch black again. Rant over. It just annoys me how much all these teams’ uniforms look like each other. There are so many good color schemes that aren’t used at all.
  11. They’re predominantly red and yellow, with a black alt. Prior to this they were red and black with volt trim. So the black is actually less prominent than before.
  12. Actually, isn’t the Hawks’ season already over? I didn’t think they were invited to the bubble.
  13. I hope they have good balance in what they wear. I actually like the black one, although they could stand to add a bit of black to the regulars so the alt doesn’t stick out so much. But the red and white are also very good. I’m kind of sad to see volt go, as I feel they never really explored its potential. But what is replacing it is clearly an upgrade.
  14. Okay, I’ll bite: why? Mind you, I think bone can look fine if used with contrasting trim. But they didn’t do that. At all.