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  1. I don’t understand how people can make this list and not have the Browns at the absolute bottom.
  2. Oh, sweet, so there is a red sock option. It’s annoying how they’re matching pants to socks in most of these though.
  3. You know what does concern me a little bit? I didn’t see anybody wearing red socks. Only black or white. Boring.
  4. Or a silver facemask, as the case may be.
  5. So...the red jersey is a gradient? Like the road uniforms of the ‘90s Hawks? Nice homage, but not necessary. Jerseys and pants are upgrades from past. Hate the ATL part though. Not sure about matte black helmets. In my experience they always look like cars with only primer. They looked decent in release photos though.
  6. Give it some time - a month or two - and hit up eBay.
  7. Wow. The red looks brighter than that of the 2002 set to me, closer to the 2014 red. It’s good either way though.
  8. I LOVE that they brought back the black outer and orange inner outline on the numbers and pant stripes. Absolutely love that fact. That was one of the best parts of the 2002 set IMO. Wish they had socks in any color but black, but hey, their socks won’t match their pants!
  9. Nike speak. The old fabric is .000001% heavier and, thus, slower. We’ll eventually get to a point where it’s again possible to make metallic finishes on “new” pants and jerseys. Till then, this is a fantastic look.
  10. Well, the Chargers have already announced a return to powder blue and yellow. It would be nice if the Titans would downgrade the navy blue, but seems unlikely.
  11. Phew. First time I can remember seeing a “pro” helmet logo look like a semi-embossed “puffy” sticker. Although, how absurd would it be if the Falcons’ brass and Nike and the various focus groups all agreed that changing to the Riddell Blaze helmet would be the best move?
  12. Yep. Makes total sense. Which is why they won’t do it. Lol
  13. It’s an interesting concept for sure. I wish they’d go with yellow primaries but I’m sure they’ll do royal blue instead.
  14. Love the extra turquoise. Why they don’t use more of it IRL is anybody’s guess. On that note...I’d really like to see the road shirts and pants together be monochrome turquoise. Maybe sand could be reintroduced as a trim color for the elements that are already turquoise? I dunno, I just think that would be a fantastic, unique look that they could own.