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  1. What’s wrong with the Jaguars’ logo? I think both the original and the current are fantastic!
  2. What’s even more frustrating is that they have striped socks that go perfectly with the blue pants and the white ones as well, but they almost always go solid blue or solid white.
  3. By the time I got to the end of this comment, I knew who its author was. That isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. Also, by “shiny sublimated shoulder spikes”, did you mean the ends of the toilet bowl collars Nike was all about in 2012-13?
  4. The swoosh is almost perpetually either lazy or in a fever dream. The only truly balanced new sets (as in, new-new, not a refresh of an old look) they’ve pulled off have been Vikings, Jets, and Dolphins. Seahawks’ look works for them but is a bit busy for most. Tampa, Cleveland, and Jacksonville all got shoehorned into excessively busy looks. Atlanta’s is overly simplistic. It’s like the designers are either right out of bed after a night of terrible sleep, or on LSD. Why can’t they just have a coffee in the morning like the rest of us?
  5. Where did I use the word “love”? I’m just saying it’s basically salvageable if they surround it with the right things.
  6. When Washington finally gets a new identity and logo, I’d also like to see a return to the basic Gibbs styling (white over burgundy and burgundy over white) for at least 75% of games, with white over white and burgundy over yellow being occasional exceptions. Realistically, they could’ve changed their name to Warthogs, replaced the Native American fellow on the helmet with a warthog, kept the exact same font and helmet striping, and gone back to the two-stripe style on the jerseys and pants full-time, and they would’ve looked fantastic. No need to drag this out so much.
  7. I know it’s apples to oranges, but Fernandez was probably the better player between the two. He was dominant, even though he played for a team that perpetually stunk. So there’s no excuse for WFT. Remember Taylor, yes, but let’s not pretend he was the greatest safety of all time and the greatest human being of all time rolled into one.
  8. The bone Jersey is acceptable with yellow pants and blue socks. The bone pants would theoretically be acceptable with a yellow jersey and either yellow or blue socks. Bone socks are not acceptable in any situation or combo.
  9. The Browns have since ditched the clown suits. Wish Arizona would do likewise.
  10. At least the pants have stripes. Man, give them purple socks and they’d look good.
  11. In my opinion, the Ravens’ purple pants are the single greatest uniform element the team has. By far.
  12. The design teams behind these mixed-era fauxbacks are extremely talented. I’d like to see them come up with whole sets for the next few teams to change their regular uniforms.
  13. That was what, four or five years ago?
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