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  1. Jets are a couple tweaks from perfection IMO.
  2. Cardinals, with a sizable gap between them and anyone else. I’m probably in the minority here, but I think the Rams’ set is salvageable if they wear yellow pants and blue socks full-time.
  3. Saints just need to either switch back to the former old gold full-time and in all applications, or keep the shade the same and simply bring back the gold pants full-time. Or, y’know, put a stripe on the black pants. Or use sock stripes. There are several ways the Aints could improve their look, but they don’t need an overhaul.
  4. The original striped set had very thick stripes. Sometime in the ‘80s they thinned them out, perhaps overcorrecting. The late-90s thickness appears to be in between.
  5. I feel like the jersey and pant stripes both got thinner between their first and second Super Bowl runs. It’s why I think the Boomer set looks very slightly better than the Anderson set.
  6. Add orange to the stripes of the Color Rush, along with solid black socks, and make the pant stripes full-length. Maybe an orange outline on the solid block-font numbers. Make a black version and an orange version. Black socks with black and white jerseys, orange socks with orange ierseys - OR just black socks always. No need for black or orange pants. Straightforward and as clean as a tiger-stripe design can be. More than likely they’ll keep the curved pant stripe and black pants and wear terrible white socks with the white pants and black socks with the black pants. Even that would still be a lot better than what they’ve been wearing. Those CR jerseys were a breath of fresh air.
  7. They’ve already said the helmet won’t be changed.
  8. How about Cleveland Pumpkins? There would be some brand unification with the Browns, whose helmets look like pumpkins.
  9. Wow. Somehow I remembered the striping being more intrusive. That doesn’t look bad. I’ve always loved the tiger stripes on the pants. For some reason I was thinking the striping on the jerseys looked closer to a yoke.
  10. Warriors is such a generic name though. I’d like something that nobody else in Big 4 sports leagues uses.
  11. The number font? The side panels? The excessive striping? The Bengals have a good helmet. I’ll give them that. EDIT: You had already mentioned the side panels, about which we agree. I meant to say drop shadows on the numbers.
  12. Could the Bengals possibly look worse, though?
  13. Even so, I hope Mixon or Burrow or one of their other young foundational players can get that proverbial ball rolling.
  14. I didn’t realize it was still the ‘90z!
  15. As far as the Cardinals go, you have to realize that the “Phoenix Cardinals” never made a single playoff appearance. It was a moniker that had a short life representing an unsuccessful franchise.
  16. That looks almost as dated as what the Mavericks somehow still wear.
  17. I like the black jersey and pants together. Just not with black socks. That combo pops with blue socks.
  18. I got redirected to a scam site today. I wish this would stop. It’s been a problem here for years.
  19. Make teal and silver the main colors, with navy mainly for trim. That would immediately give the look more energy. Alternatively, brighten the teal and drop the navy altogether. Minimize the silver and make the home uniforms cream. Or (sigh)...replace the teal with bright lime green while keeping navy the main color. Make the silver more of a dull grey. Drop the only team color that actually reminds one of the ocean (navy blue no longer counts since it’s so ubiquitous anymore). Get fire emojis by the thousands. Profit despite having a look wholly unsuitable for a baseball team.
  20. Julie Hagerty? Surely you can’t be serious!
  21. All uniforms are unnecessary. Want to have more women fans? Just have them play naked! /s
  22. The Falcons’ helmet doesn’t look too bad. Satin-textured helmets have kind of a “frosted” look to them. Black matte, on the other hand, looks like a car with only primer.