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  1. Good! The Bills' 2011 refresh was a home run; going in a similar direction could really benefit the Pats.
  2. The uniforms aren't the basis for success; they're associated with success. Like, Bill and Tom would've been successful together in New England whether or not the team had updated its look to feature every single early-aughts uniform trend, but now that they've won six Super Bowls in that dated and dull set it's associated with the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Otherwise they would no doubt have changed it (see: 2011 Buffalo Bills).
  3. Current Diamondbacks color scheme - replace dark grey with turquoise for road uniform. Cause riots for second time in under a decade.
  4. Oh, man. Yellow over beige would be barf-worthy.
  5. I can see that point, although I'd love to see the L.A. Rams in yellow over white. As far as baseball goes, didn't Oakland wear yellow over yellow as their main road outfit back in the '70s? Not saying the Padres would or should, but there is a modicum of precedent.
  6. They must've come to an agreement regarding the copyright issues surrounding the OG Coogi jerseys.
  7. Brown uniforms weren't historically popular with Padres players. Tony Gwynn referred to the color of one set as "baby poop brown". Machado probably just wanted to be sure it didn't look like crap (pun intended).
  8. Someone should ask 103-year-old Olivia de Havilland whether it makes sense to base the design of a sports logo off a poster for a movie she was in as a teen.
  9. Nein! The black socks were the one weakness of the 1997-2013 set, IMO, because everywhere else, black was just a trim color. Likewise, it is mostly just outlines here. Let's keep it that way.
  10. Haven't you heard? Contrast is out. Pajamas are in. Pass the word.
  11. Not to mention that the black outline is needed for the orange in the pant stripes to really show off its fiery "glow" effect, which for me personally was one of the best parts of a very strong uniform set and overall visual brand.
  12. Unfortunately, based on what I've read on here, the new fabrics don't come with a glossy/shiny/metallic finish. That's consistent across manufacturers, sadly. The Cowboys and Raiders have both decided that shiny pants are important enough to their identity to use the old fabric and outsource the production to someone besides Nike. Everyone else just wears matte pants. Incidentally, the Cowboys have been pretty good the past few years with dazzle pants, while the Raiders were already bad and haven't gotten any worse since the other teams switched to the new fabric. This makes me highly doubt the Nike-speak about the importance of the new materials.
  13. Wow. Those teams that were so bad they made Steve Young and Vinny Testaverde look like scrubs, and that Bo Jackson flat refused to play for. The uniforms were solid, but when you combine the 2-26 start in 1976 and '77 with the 14 straight seasons without a playoff berth from 1983-96...and the fact that the logo appears to be winking...there's too much failure stink on those duds, methinks. They'd have to rework it pretty significantly. And we are reminded every game of what they did when they reworked the 1997 set...
  14. It's possible that was something the designers had in the back of their minds.
  15. I see 69 Pack 69. Maybe he really, REALLY likes the Packers...giggity.
  16. In the NFL, I think of 80 as a star wideout (Jerry Rice, Rod Smith) or a possession guy. I think of 83 as a speed receiver ('90s Anthony Miller, Lee Evans). 19 should, to me, be the most common WR number in the teens, because it was first to catch on when the league brought 10-19 back into play for receivers. (Keyshawn Johnson mainly, but also a guy named Matthew Hatchette with the Vikings around the same time.) 44 is maybe the best fullback number (Tom Rathman). For halfbacks, I generally expect more power the higher the number. 49 has always been a fave because it was the highest number available to a defensive back. I always thought of those guys as hard-hitting DBs on the brink of being a linebacker, like Dennis Smith. I don't much like defensive ends wearing numbers in the 60s; those are more for defensive tackles and offensive guards. 90s work well for any defensive linemen and for outside linebackers. 56 is a number for a pass-rushing linebacker. LT made it so, and others like Shawne Merriman came along and cemented the impression.
  17. So much more vibrant than what they wear today, without abandoning the style altogether. I like this.
  18. BTW, just discovered this gem:
  19. Aha! Is it fisticuffs for which you are hankering, good sir? For it is fisticuffs which you have found, unless you cease your shenanigans forthwith!
  20. Most of the time I agree with you on that. For this set to work, though, the jersey and pants had to be the same color, so that the horn down the side of the jersey and pants would also be all one color, and would thus appear as a horn rather than two unrelated stripes. I also like the Seahawks in all blue and the Panthers in all black. Wouldn't mind the Ravens in all black if their black pants had stripes.