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  1. The Colts’ uniforms provide an example of something on which I’ve changed: I used to hate sleeve/shoulder stripes that didn’t go all the way around. Anymore I see them as a function of tight-fitting jerseys. (I still get illogically happy when I see one that does go all the way around, though.)
  2. Light blue and red were the colors of the prototype that was actually made. I’m thinking that scheme came from the Chicago flag. Ditto the star. But yeah, Houston having a star on their uniforms was probably an influence on the Sox’s (Sox’?) decision to go in another direction.
  3. Was this an early April Fools’ Day joke? The Lions are fine when they stay away from the grey alts. No need to fix what isn’t broken.
  4. People, we’re having a debate over something that was settled once and for all, long ago, by the brilliant Gregg Easterbrook: they should forevermore be the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons. Logo? How ‘bout an interlocking I and P?
  5. ...I highly doubt the user Norm MacDonald is actually Norm MacDonald, sir.
  6. Thank you. This is precisely it.
  7. Old man? I’m 36. Racial slurs? I was talking about the name Redtails. Is that a racial slur?
  8. Le sigh. In this hyper-politicized day and age, there probably would be people getting offended by that.
  9. People would call it a cop-out and an attempt to surreptitiously hang on to the old name (which we can’t say here for some reason, even though one year ago it was their actual name). Even if it were a brand-spanking-new team with no connotations of past names or ties to racism (lot more than just the name there; they were also the last team to integrate, and their Hall of Fame owner was a virulent racist), it would seem overly casual. And it also seems as though visual branding would HAVE to be goofy almost to the Brandiose level. I see a pig wearing a maroon helmet. Maybe also standing upright and holding a football. Maybe also-also doing the Heisman pose.
  10. Too close to Minnesota. I want something unique.
  11. Wow. Time really does fly. I remember the “We Got Next” marketing, and I think I watched part of the very first game. I remember seeing New York Liberty star Rebecca Lobo on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” back in the day. And Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Swoopes becoming minor celebrities.
  12. Redtails. Honor the military and the historic contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen. Spiffy logo. Maybe a mascot dressed up like a WWII airplane. Same colors. Same helmet shell. Striping that complements the logo (or perhaps a unique helmet incorporating flight motifs). Done.
  13. Solely calling them Washington is also annoying. I remember before they dropped the old moniker, some of the more...ah...outwardly virtuous sportswriters would call them only by the city name in protest, and it was clunky. Football Team is also clunky. I like the idea of still calling them the Hogs unofficially, but not having an official nickname is so...European at best, severely awkward at worst. As an example: if you’re covering, say, the Chicago Bears, you can easily and smoothly switch back and forth between “Chicago” and “Bears” and even throw in “Monsters of the Midway” once or twice. Everyone familiar with the NFL will understand you. Now imagine that you can no longer call them Bears. You go back and forth between the city name and the unofficial historical nickname. Occasionally you just call them “football team”. It sounds like you’re the commentator on a video game that has NFLPA approval but not that of the league itself. When you really think about it, some of the team names are already pretty generic. No need to make it more so.
  14. How about Washington Spiders too?
  15. Hey, respect my authoritah!
  16. Right. This is not soccer. This is not Europe. This is American football, and NFL teams have plural names. They need to stop with this nonsense and pick an *actual* name.
  17. Your work is creative and enjoyable. I like that you appreciate the aesthetics of the Astros’ 1990s set, which I always considered underrated. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!
  18. Those colors are SO vibrant. I love them.
  19. Can I see what this would look like with the light jersey being sand instead of white?
  20. As an Ohioan and an OSU alum, I don’t like the idea of a Columbus team wearing dark blue and yellow. Even with the lighter blue in there.
  21. Agreed. They need slightly more orange in the overall white uniform but the black stripes on white background look good IMO.
  22. Orange socks and maybe a hip logo. Jersey by itself is wonderful though.
  23. I clicked this thread because of your profile picture, but the fact that you made your creation real is incredible. This would be a super look for the Mavericks.
  24. “You Only Move Twice” - great, classic episode.
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