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  1. Oh, wow. Their city flag is in team colors. This could actually be really good!
  2. I mean, technically yes, but a huge proportion of Miami residents are Cuban expats who love Cuba but hate its government. So a uniform for an old Cuban team would probably have a lot of appeal there.
  3. Steve Fuller, I’m guessing? Won a ring as McMahon’s backup on the ‘85 Bears.
  4. I don’t know about Clemson and #4, but I know #98 holds a special significance to Meatchicken. Gardner definitely wasn’t the first to wear it.
  5. I for one would LOVE to see a QB or kicker wear 99.
  6. Can’t help thinking of Carson Palmer.
  7. Amari Rodgers should be #13 to make his jersey look as similar to Aaron’s jersey as possible just to irritate opponents. I’m sure Allen Lazard would give up his digits for such a noble cause. Also, if Aaron somehow forces his way out, change it to #12.
  8. You’ve got some very interesting concepts here.
  9. Plus, I think #1 would look just as good on a wideout or cornerback or linebacker as on a QB.
  10. Ooh la la, that Saints number font!
  11. Semi-related, I really wanna see Jacksonville’s Josh Allen sack Buffalo’s Josh Allen sometime. I was hoping the Jets would take the defender for that reason. I’d also like to see Lamar Jackson the QB picked off by Lamar Jackson the DB. To be clear, I have no problem with any of these players. I just think it would be hilarious.
  12. That was probably a stipulation the head honchos made. As comically bad as Bengals management can sometimes be, they know their helmets are iconic.
  13. I want the 80s to become common for WRs again, but otherwise I agree. And I’d love to see a quarterback wearing 0.
  14. Or to have Mahomes playing quarterback when this pic was taken!
  15. The Colts’ uniforms provide an example of something on which I’ve changed: I used to hate sleeve/shoulder stripes that didn’t go all the way around. Anymore I see them as a function of tight-fitting jerseys. (I still get illogically happy when I see one that does go all the way around, though.)
  16. Light blue and red were the colors of the prototype that was actually made. I’m thinking that scheme came from the Chicago flag. Ditto the star. But yeah, Houston having a star on their uniforms was probably an influence on the Sox’s (Sox’?) decision to go in another direction.
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