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  1. I can’t remember whether the Saints wanted to make their helmet black full-time or if it was supposed to be an alternate, but I believe the league said they hadn’t given proper notice to receive approval. When the Seahawks went through their first redesign for the 2002 season, some people wanted them to wear blue helmets at home and silver on the road, but the NFL nixed that, too.
  2. This picture is a prime example of why the NFL needs to ban plain white socks. Either teal or black and you have a solid, if overly simple, look.
  3. That doesn’t preclude the Rams introducing a bone(r) helmet, or the Seahawks going neon from helmet to cleats.
  4. The Chargers should do a ‘94 throwback while there are still players from that team living.
  5. Agreed. Yellow pants 100% of the time.
  6. Is it bad that, even with all the flaws of this set, I think the Rams look fantastic in this uniform combo?
  7. Madden ‘08 for PC had a Cardinals alt with a black helmet. I feel like that was probably a glitch though.
  8. IMO, the current logo wouldn’t work as well with a block number font.
  9. Man, those throwbacks are gorgeous. If I were the Fins I’d go back to that full time, except with the aqua facemasks from the Marino years.
  10. They could, but we all know they wouldn’t. They’d take the opportunity for head-to-toe yellow, replete with multiple tweets using multiple fire emojis. Besides, white pants would look better with a yellow jersey. I’d like that better than using white pants for a whiteout color rush, which doesn’t look right for them, at least not to these eyes.
  11. Decent logo. Wouldn’t work on a helmet. It would also be quite easy to go overboard with a modernization and make the dude cartoonish. This one has a classy look that might be hard to duplicate.
  12. Maybe one reason I like the black trim is that, in a vacuum (forgetting about team performance and culture in the different eras), I like their 1990-97 look, with the addition of green pants and black facemask and trim, better than the Gastineau-era look, which has always struck me as a bit too plain. Could be because I became a football fan in 1993 and thus that look was what I was first accustomed to for them.
  13. It’s a good shade with just white and with black and white. It could also, in various other applications, work with silver, metallic gold, purple, different shades of blue, or even red. Kelly green is a great color and I wish more teams used it.
  14. Not really an apples-to-apples comparison. The Eagles’ shade of “green” (actually dark teal) is too dark to contrast properly with black. NYJ’s shade is much brighter. I’d actually like their use of black trim if they were consistent with it. Philly, though, needs to go back to kelly green, go back to using silver as their secondary color, or both.
  15. Nike learned quickly that nobody wanted their toilet-seat collars in the NFL; maybe these will be similarly unpopular in MLB.
  16. Wasn’t he previously one of the few WRs who still wore numbers in the 80s? At least Toney’s getting 89.
  17. NICE! Nevada is the Silver State, after all. Proper silver pants would definitely be good too, as you said. I wish UNLV would lean in to the silver a little more too.
  18. Yep, royal, not navy. My bad. I mostly just remembered how bland it was compared to their current color scheme.
  19. Historically (IIRC) the Athletics (especially in their Philadelphia days) were not a blue and red team, but a navy and white team. The blue and red is probably kind of an anomaly in their history; their successful periods were navy/white and green/yellow (you could split the green into kelly and forest too, since they have done well in both). I’d hate to see the Athletics move, if only because we would run the risk of losing a very historic MLB brand, which today happens to also be paired with an excellent color scheme.
  20. Danny White had a better run in Big D (heh-heh, he said Big D) than Bledsoe did, and Bledsoe was among my favorite players of his era. By the time Drew got to Dallas, he was basically just a statue in the pocket - he was too immobile and injury-prone to help the team much. White was a two-position player who served as the Cowboys’ punter and backup quarterback until Staubach retired, then spent several seasons as the team’s starting QB. They went to the NFC title game every year from 1980-82 with White at QB.
  21. And if they’re Cowboys fans, they’ll go, “Danny White is like 70. Why did he come out of retirement, become Black, and switch to linebacker?”
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