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  1. New candidate for the Wide World of Sports agony of defeat:
  2. Member has been suspended for one year for posting a politically incendiary concept in the Concepts forum.
  3. Seeing as how Alex Kerfoot and Jared McCann are not the same player I don't know much stock can be taken in this.
  4. Probably Manfred taking notes from the Raiders fiasco and preventing multiple years of lease-renewing lame duck status.
  5. I can confirm. My cousin went to Stanford for volleyball. The athletic department can't actually offer you a scholarship until you apply to the university and your application is accepted like any other student. It's actually amazing that the school has such a strong athletic program since not only do athletes have to be accepted by one of the most prestigious universities in the world but they have to bank on students holding off accepting other offers until the application process is finished.
  6. Not to mention that a return in Oakland was seen as a last grasp way back when the Fremont plan imploded.
  7. Much better guys. Now throw everything bone in a pit and never speak of it again.
  8. Because typically numbers like 3, 4, 5, etc have more bends in them when written then 0 or 1.
  9. Agreed. I don’t think there’s been any action from the DA because the case has so many holes in it (encore performance, text messages stipulating desires, 125 mile drive to the hospital with a cracked skull, etc.) and the restraining order was a play to either hurry a decision or to have something documented for the civil trial.
  10. The LA Times has a good legal analysis. Short version - there's reasonable doubt and expect a lawsuit.
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