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  1. I've driven on this exact street dozens upon dozens of times. It's pretty wide open there but it's the beginning of a long descent down the hill. I will say that the closest trauma center to there is Harbor-UCLA which is... not exactly the greatest place.
  2. Live look in at Gary Bettman:
  3. Move them to Houston already. Leave the Johnny Rockets for the NBA Rockets. It’s fate.
  4. Your numbers could really use some outlines. The Red Sox particularly isn't very legible.
  5. We've noticed that for a while. Not sure what we can do about it. One of the issues is that there's a board update that's been pending for a bit but can't be installed since it's incompatible with the current board configuration. Chris is looking into how to adapt it.
  6. The Panthers have made two Super Bowls. It's not so much an issue of the error of expansion so much as the ineptitude of ownership and who they hire. And that's not just a product of expansion franchises. See: Snyder, Daniel; Brown, Michael; Spanos, Dean; Ford Hamp, Sheila; Halas McCaskey, Virginia; Johnson, Christopher and Robert Wood; Davis, Mark; etc.
  7. Compliments of CCSLC alum @SouthSidePride.
  8. And with that, the Big 4 titles are split between LA and Tampa.