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  1. Apparently Harper’s tampering wasn’t convincing enough.
  2. If he chooses to return that’d be an autoban so that’s something we wouldn’t have to worry about.
  3. Essentially, he started a Euro football league concept project and blatantly ripped off every team he did (took the helmet off of the Dolphins logo, changed the outline color off of the Timberwolves old logo, stealing a designer's pay-for-use logo, etc). He PMed us begging to have his thread resurrected claiming that he had another 25 teams done so we told him to submit any three he wanted for us to vet. All three were blatant rip-offs and when told of such he went on a meltdown about such things as the NFL allowing logos to be used by non-profits and how none of us could have made it through high school without plagiarizing and ending his last point saying, with the grammar cleaned up, "go ahead and ban me but I did nothing wrong!" So, blatantly violating posted board rules, continuing to do so despite being told several times with said rule quoted and bolded, and then us being attacked made it clear that a suspension wouldn't sink the point home. After the suspension he actually emailed the mothership's account asking for Chris' address or phone number because he didn't want to talk to the mods anymore since justifying his logo theft to us was like "talking to a wall."
  4. Member has been banned.
  5. Member has been suspended for knowingly violating the concept forum’s rules regarding plagiarism and belligerence towards the moderator team.
  6. I’m sure Oakland would be thrown in. Fitting that they have the white elephant origin of their mascot.
  7. The Twins were included because the owner was sick of the Metrodome and couldn't secure public stadium funding. Q & A from the time.
  8. It’s part of a phased transition. The athletic teams will be getting new uniforms and the basketball court will be repainted for the next academic year. I’ve already received an alumni donation request in the mail with the new logos.
  9. My point is that where the team store is currently has no impact on the concourse size. That area's the widest part of the inner concourse at street level. Going higher and towards the foul poles are where you have issues and the upper deck's design really doesn't give you any options to fix anything.
  10. Read the whole review. The concourse where the team store is behind home plate isn’t the issue. The issue is with the levels above the main level and the closer you get to the foul poles. That, and the outfield is already cramped.