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  1. As if I needed another gut punch, look what showed up in the mail today...
  2. I mean, he's at least not breaking character. He's literally taking his vitamins and saying his prayers, brother.
  3. Member has been suspended for trolling, abusive behavior, and physical threats against another community member.
  4. This thread, like every other unveiling thread... A little bit of this: And a little bit of that:
  5. Agency is a dated font that was used all over the place for a while and shows its age. The Chargers, Canucks, Pacers, Blue Jays, and Sabres (off the top of my head) all got on the bandwagon.
  6. Sorry, no outside advertising of fantasy leagues.
  7. Tone deaf? Perhaps. Giving a reeling community something tangible to rally around? Also perhaps. The Seattle club could start immediately performing community outreach like the Knights did after the shooting. It would help if people knew what the hell to call them.
  8. So, if righting a wrong is considered “mailing it in” this guy loses every ounce of credibility.