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  1. Because the Spani are such team players and so likeable amongst the the ownership club.
  2. San Manuel: where you can try to win some of it back on the way home before your spouse finds out.
  3. Because nothing makes more sense than an Indian casino in San Bernardino sponsoring a team playing on the other side of I-15 from the Vegas Strip!
  4. Apparently he forgot the hatred when his beer was formulated.
  5. There's something to be said that the A's AAA affiliate managed to finally get out of their own cesspool of a stadium and yet the parent is still left dealing with complete squalor. If Oakland keeps being done I'm putting money on Portland.
  6. And the Expos repaid the devil with the best record in '94.
  7. Here's my day after take of what happened: The plan was to bring in Kershaw for a clean inning. You'd think that would have been the 7th since Buehler was almost at 100 pitches at that point. Instead Buehler's left out there and proceeds to bean Suzuki. That should have prompted Maeda to come in and clean up the mess with Kershaw saved for a clean 8th. But, no, they left Buehler out there to go to his highest career pitch total and they decided to bring in Kershaw with two men on. That in and of itself was not ideal. But, three pitches and he was out of it... and that's the problem. You bring in a starter out of the pen, have him throw three pitches, then allow him to sit for the bottom of the inning and then go right back out there. Of course he gave up two straight homers on consecutive pitches. He was essentially cold with his rhythm out of whack in the 8th! And after the Rendon shot, WHY WAS SOTO KILLER KOLAREK NOT WARMED AND READY?! Even giving Roberts a mea culpa on Rendon, how the hell could you not have Kolarek/Maeda ready to preserve a one-run lead? Now, the 9th inning worked with Kelly. Jansen has historically been awful in non-save situations so I see that working. But, Kelly this year has been abysmal when sent out for multiple innings. So, he gives up a walk, which should have prompted the hook, then the double, AND THEN HERE COMES SOTO WITH KOLAREK STILL AWOL! So, Roberts gives Soto the free pass with Kolarek chained to the bullpen fence and lets a clearly tired Kelly (who looking at his pitch selection was very un-Kelly like with sticking to low breaking balls and only throwing one or two 99 mph fastballs) pitch with the bases loaded. This one isn't on Kershaw. And while a little more guilty, it's not on Kelly either. This is all on Roberts.
  8. LMU

    NBA court database

    All things said, @retromanas is in violation of the below fantasy forum guideline: So, on that note, @arag. should not take moderating into his own hands but @retromanas needs to stop posting requests in concept threads.
  9. Fold the WAC already. This is getting absurd.
  10. So, here's a few examples of the NCAA and its haphazard application of its amateurism-idolization: *My cousin is Kathryn Plummer - 2-time defending National Player of the Year for indoor volleyball at Stanford. She played both indoor and beach volleyball her first two years. The summer after her sophomore year she competed as an at-large entrant in the AVP Hermosa Beach Open. Her and her partner ended up qualifying and finished 9th, earning her $1,250 in prize money. Even though she was paid in the sport she competes collegiately in (which you'd think would be an instant NCAA ban), she was actually allowed to accept the money provided that it be used on volleyball-related purchases, so long as she spent it on clothes that you could argue were volleyball related and for her coach's salary it was all fine. So, as long as you're in a sport that has individual-entry tournament purchases, the NCAA freely looks the other way. *Jeremy Bloom. Ineligible to play NCAA football for accepting skiing, not football, endorsements. *Portland Women's Golf. School reports violation for athlete using school water and a hose to wash her car. *Rick Majerus. Utah gets a violation for Majerus treating Keith Van Horn to breakfast after Van Horn's father died. I'm sorry, but the NCAA can't even figure out what even qualifies as athlete compensation so I sure as hell don't have any sympathy over whatever imposition these laws will bring.
  11. Not just baseball. The Kings drafted Alex Turcotte and he’s immediately starting as a freshman at Wisconsin. And it’s a whole other issue with junior teams in hockey and NCAA eligibility.
  12. Yeah, this law and the O’Bannon case are getting confused. This isn’t going to pay royalties for jerseys sold at the school bookstore. Besides, Larry Scott has his joke of a TV network to get a handle on before whining about a law that’s not going to take any cash out of his pocket in the least.
  13. I'd put Atlanta as the outlier because it was built on the cheap as Centennial Olympic Stadium and retrofitted back into a ballpark. I don't think longevity was the primary concern with that project. Arlington is more of a case of a perfectly fine ballpark being jettisoned due to poor forethought (which they should have figured out with shadeless Arlington Stadium), lack of decent roof technology at the time, and a populace all too eager to keep shoveling tax dollars into a furnace.
  14. The entire 2020 season ticket campaign uses the new colors.