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  1. Should not have gone with the solid blue pants here along with the wavy multiple blues of the jersey. It looks like they forgot to finish. White pants with a wider stripe mimicking the "ripple" effect of the top would have served this look a lot better.
  2. Should have just revived the old Prairie Thunder identity wholesale, if this is the route they wanted to take. Though there is a nod to it with the little thunderbolt on the bison's cheek. It's Abe Lincoln's hat, which is for Springfield, over an hour away. It's done in Chicago colors, over two hours away. The US Highway shield is presumably for Route 66, which congratulations, does actually go through BloNo. Shove the whole state in the periphery just in case. That's a whole lot of mess with very little payoff. They could have just done the cartoon bison sans hat in the shield and be far better off.
  3. And now we can all ponder the delightful coincidence of the Minnesota Vikings using a font very similar to the one used on "The Love Boat."
  4. Of course they're using when tweeting the reveal. What trite nonsense. It reminds me of the fad-chasing of 20+ years ago when every mid-major college team needed the Denver Broncos' side panels on their jerseys. Except this is the NFL and you're supposed to be dictating the style, not chasing it.
  5. By dropping the shoulder numbers, one of their primary colors, and their proprietary wordmark in favor of something Agency-adjacent, the Minnesota Vikings have done an outstanding job of creating a uniform that makes them look like a high school team attempting to mimic the Minnesota Vikings.
  6. This just reminded me of how Wisconsin rebuilt I-94 through Kenosha and Racine Counties, then their doofus governor signed a cocktail napkin deal with Foxconn, so they had to rebuild the same stretch of expressway again just a couple years later to add a lane in each direction for those 13,000 full-time jobs that were coming to Mount Pleasant, and then ope! What I'm saying is that the conclusion the McCaskeys will draw from this mess of their own making is that they need a Scott Walker in office to get things done for them. They are going to try to become explicit political players and it is going to be hilarious because all they know is how to run a football team and we all can see how that goes. Can't wait to see who they handpick and set $100 million on fire for to become the second coming of Richard Irvin.
  7. Good God I had just read that article and had come here to share the result. We gotta get off this wavelength.
  8. Ohhhh, he's going to try to pretend he got ousted because the other owners are racist. Buddy, you're "the best lawyer in Minnesota" or whatever. You don't want anything from this league with your fingerprints on it going to discovery.
  9. I eagerly anticipate Lee Hutton releasing a statement reasserting himself as the true commissioner of the AFL, along with his own roster of active franchises and weekly schedule. Give me an Indoor Football Antipope!
  10. Bad tweets killed the Minnesota Myth, definitely not the whole "not paying any of the employees" thing.
  11. So this would mean Fox intends to go beyond its initial 3-year commitment, right? I was surprised to see the UFL mentioned in the actual Deadline story and that Fox noted the league in its upfront. I figured this was a case of Fox announcing a couple sports for Fridays and some spring football enthusiasts rolling out the jump to conclusions mat, but it's not. An intriguing development. Also boy network TV is dire. I feel like we broke something unnecessarily there.
  12. Well, for our Saturday evening update, we have to figure out how to un-ring a bell, because West Texas is apparently one of the few entities in this operation that actually has money. They found enough of it that the NAL was willing to grant them the release, so they're back and have announced they're playing Washington... Except, uh, Oregon is already playing Washington. Ah well, should sort itself out. And *ding* *ding* it's back down to 11 as Minnesota lacks the capacity/capital to travel for a road game, and Rapid City had to forfeit their game hosting Billings tonight due to a pregame player mutiny. Rapid City was reportedly one of the "We can't pay you $1,000 because this league is broke as hell, how about $230?" teams, so I guess that proposal didn't take. Standing by the bell as it is possible Louisiana and/or Oregon will fold by the time I finish this post.
  13. The Chicago Rush already announced back in the spring of 2023 that they would be taking a pause before beginning play (in Rockford) in 2025. We got ourselves two teams committed for next season!
  14. *ding* *ding* *ding* And we are down to 12 heading into Week Three, with the Soul kaput, West Texas legally barred from playing, and this from the quarterback of the Georgia Force: Other fun financials: Some of the teams that jumped into the AFL and got players to sign for that promise of $1,000 per game are now telling those players it's actually $230 per game, because the money from the league is clearly never arriving. Some games last weekend were played with non-league footballs, because the official AFL balls were allegedly crap quality and the league wanted to charge teams $240 per ball for them.
  15. I think I've brought this up in the thread before, but this is a practice in broadcasting known as "brokering." How it works is that a station or network negotiates with an entity on a purchase price for the airtime they want. The entity then controls that block of airtime and can either sell ad space during it to make up for what they spent, or for infomercials, try to sell enough product. The AFL tried buying airtime and then not pay for it. It wasn't very effective.
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