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  1. AAF just moved the championship game from Las Vegas to Frisco, Texas. But please, continue to tell me how I shouldn't believe my lying eyes.
  2. @andrewharrington, is that playing card design you posted available as an actual deck?
  3. Chicago annexed Austin a hundred and some odd years ago, so yes. Mount Greenwood is Suburban Chicago, though. It's almost Honorary Will County.
  4. Understood, then. If you legally can't talk about it, hopefully you're not talking all about it here in 10 to 12 weeks.
  5. Then you'd better start speaking your truth instead of just shouting "LIES!" at every sourced and attributed news report that shows how much trouble this league is in, because that's how facts work.
  6. You, and the rest of the state of Florida! *rimshot*
  7. Dundon came in last week to keep the league from folding mid-season. Someone screwed up badly on the financials. The checks almost didn't clear. This league's done. It's Dundon.
  8. And don't forget Panthers owner and momentary Secretary of the United States Army nominee Vinnie Viola.
  9. I seem to remember @TruColor being a bit stunned upon the unveiling, because he had the official PANTONE values for the Ducks rebrand in advance, and they were dark green, orange, and copper/bronze. Burkie had other ideas late in the process, apparently.
  10. Bakersfield was using that bird at the time. Still is.
  11. And we'll see if he can hold that gig on the other side of his testimony in Tiger Williams' sexual assault trial this June!
  12. What an absolute pudwhack Brian Burke is. What station was this on?
  13. Books took a bath on the XFL early on from people betting the under, didn't they?
  14. The football on national TV tonight was bad, the broadcast, while professional, was unremarkable outside of the terrible-sounding drops for swearing, and I don't know how the league progresses past that first impression. I felt robbed when that last-minute INT meant we wouldn't get to see an onside non-kick. Also, isn't the app just NTN QB1?
  15. They'd have been better off just wearing practice jerseys and socks with the black pants.