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  1. We have the first casualty of major North American pro sports to use COVID-19 as an excuse: MLS expansion to Sacramento is dead.
  2. Just noticed that the Coyotes have gotten rid of the numeral outlines on the Kachina jerseys and made the numerals thicker, for whatever reason. Now it looks like they're wearing knockoffs.
  3. So you're telling me "Polka Pike" didn't exactly set the Stateline afire, then.
  4. Tired: Arena Wired: Fur-um
  5. The Arizona Coyotes are going to announce their plan to fill the arena to capacity for every game in two weeks.
  6. Again, if this all sounds a little familiar, right down to the "We're gonna sue the bastards" at the end...
  7. There is some precedent for that. Arena Football's Indiana Firebirds were going to be sold for $6 million, but the expansion fee for the league was $25M, so the Firebirds got nuked. Not sure that the NHL wants to be following in the footsteps of the Arena Football League, though!
  8. Jim Balsillie's music: Chiptune that approximates the theme from "The Sopranos" Quebec Nordiques music: Something mind-blowingly racist, but it's in French, so most people outside the province don't notice Hartford Whalers music: BAH BAH BAH BUH-BUH-BUH-BUH NOPE
  9. Well, the Coyotes are making the news again, so it's time to bump the ol' thread! Katie Strang of The Athletic went deep on the current suspect state of operations, and here are some highlights: - Alex Meruelo tried to buy the Hawks from Atlanta Spirit in 2011, but got turned away by the NBA because of questions about the legitimacy of his finances. (I add this in because it's a very long thread we have, and it's good to include little callbacks like this one for the sake of continuity.) - Under Meruelo, vendors working with the team are being asked to "work with them," which means they either need to accept less payment than the team agreed to in their contract, or the team starts threatening to bring out its big expensive scary lawyers. - Ownership refused to expense pizza for the players during an overtime playoff game in the Edmonton bubble. - Alex Meruelo's son, Alex Meruelo Jr., has a front office job as a "strategic advisor of business and hockey operations," despite having never been involved in the operation of hockey at any level in his life. Meruelo Jr. has commanded influence in managing player development, but he also has a very short attention span and doesn't want to bother learning anything, so he spends the day watching YouTube videos in his office while also expecting people to follow his orders. - Meruelo and his cohorts have built a business environment that demands loyalty and secrecy under threat of termination, which is probably why it was so easy for Katie Strang to get all this stuff to leak out. - The new GM, Bill Armstrong, is both an ideal lackey and bumbling bully. - The ownership may be under investigation for workplace sexual harassment, inaccurate financial reporting, and misappropriation of league funds. - If this sounds like another casino owner's business operations to you, congratulations on being conscious at some point in the last 5 years.
  10. I would say that the carpet-bombing of league identities is a prelude to selling corporate naming rights to each league, and maybe it is. But I think MLB's true endgame here is abandoning the minors entirely, and replacing the whole system with taxi squads like we saw in 2020. Everything outside of that is something someone else can pay for.
  11. Hope I can do this fast enough, because my antivirus keeps blocking the site as a phishing attack, due to one of those full screen takeover ads that insists I'm eligible for a $1,000 Walmart gift card. EDIT: Happened twice in the time it took me to type this.
  12. Glad to hear the ad issues are being addressed. Hit a new low tonight. I would pay a couple bucks a month to not have to deal with this.
  13. I thought the Grizzlies wearing a jersey designed to resemble the signage at the motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated was peak NBA Meaningful Uniform Cringe. Then the Thunder decided to do a Murrah Federal Building uniform. Now, the Atlanta Hawks have said, screw you all, we're doing a jersey with Dr. King's initials on the front, and we're getting it blessed by the Pope for social media cred.
  14. Considering their last name was just FC Kansas City, what's the difference, other than a much better badge this time around?
  15. That entire thing reads like MLB isn't satisfied with the level of murder it's done to the minors yet. Maybe the endgame is replacing the entire system with the practice academies they had for this season, and leaving the rest of professional baseball completely unaffiliated and unsubsidized. That would absolutely suck for the sport, but I imagine it would be fantastic for the short-term bottom line.