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  1. Having screwed up at ESPN, worn out his welcome at Fox, and gotten dumped by Clay Travis in favor of something called a "Buck Sexton," Jason Whitlock has landed a job at Glenn Beck's The Blaze. Welcome home, Ruckus.
  2. The AHL had some Reel Line Mints news today, announcing the divisions will be a 9-team Pacific, 7 in the Central, 8 in the Atlantic, and 7 in the North for 2021-22. They also announced they will finally achieve a league-wide standard of a 72-game season... for 2022-23. For next season, the special snowflakes in the Pacific get a 68-game schedule, while each team in the rest of the league gets to choose how many games it would like to play; either 72 or 76. This means that the Central Division will have three teams playing 76 games and the other four playing 72, so if you liked points percentage before, hoo-boy, what a treat! If the NHL is a garage league, the AHL is an attic-above-the-garage league.
  3. I don't know what you're talking about; that is clearly a Blue Jackets alternate.
  4. "Respect Our Neighborhood," brought to you by the family that bought half of it and turned it into Naperville.
  5. My vague understanding of the CFL-XFL partnership is that it's cost efficient for two leagues to run out of one operational structure, especially after both bled out during the pandemic. I would guess that you'll still see Canadian football played in Canada, and American football in America, and never the twain shall meet. Getting regulation-size CFL fields in the States was just one of the logistical stumbling blocks last time around.
  6. If they can't shell out for "usfl dot com," I don't think they're going to be able to sustain eight professional teams for a full season.
  7. It's a big jump from running televised scrimmages out of San Antonio to running an actual competitive league that's supposed to draw fans in multiple cities. To get that up and running in nine friggin' months seems impossible. This seems as doomed as every other USFL reboot that's been attempted over the past two decades. EDIT: What's that logo font, Verdana Extra Bold? That bodes well.
  8. Gonna take all of these newly-unaffiliated minor league identities and group them together for ironic sales on a site I'll call "The Clunk Room."
  9. Boy oh boy, this is really good. I love the thick lines, sharp angles, and simplicity of the shapes. It has the feel of the mid-1970s trend of geometric simplicity in logos, and that fits very well with the new wordmark and existing "EE." I'm specifically reminded of the WHA's Michigan Stags: They'll likely be getting some of my money.
  10. Home opener for the Red Stars is tonight, and it looks like there will be a new home kit unveiled along with it. I trust this club to come up with another winner, but the Elevated kit is going to be tough to match or beat.
  11. I thought it looked a little different when I saw it in a promo a couple days ago. Good job. Drop the superfluous stuff and don't screw with what works.
  12. Oh my Gord, this is glorious.
  13. I've bought in. I definitely get seven dollars' worth of use out of this website, and there's no way I contribute seven dollars' worth of content to it, so I view this as a solid investment.
  14. Tony LaRussa doesn't like his players hitting home runs off of 47 mph meatball pitches. Tony LaRussa does like opposing pitchers hitting his players, especially after he promises "consequences" for the player who got plunked. Anyone who does a postmortem on the 2021 White Sox season and wonders aloud why this team fell apart completely after the All-Star break needs to gets get bludgeoned with wiffle bats.
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