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  1. The Red Stars' kit is incredible in its detail. It's not a scale map, obviously, but just from the teaser image, you can see the Loop, Meigs Field - er, Northerly Island, and the diagonal arterial streets. This took work *and* it looks sharp.
  2. This was true when the uniforms debuted in 1998. But every manufacturer and template change made them look demonstrably worse, and the Jets were long overdue for an overhaul that was built with a modern football uniform in mind. This accomplishes that goal. The look overall is perhaps too simple, and definitely resembles a Nike stock teamwear option, but it's still a significant upgrade for me.
  3. If your e-mails are anything like your posts, you're lucky you didn't get a flaming bag of poop on your doorstep as a response. EDIT: Never mind, went back a page, need your address.
  4. Charlie Ebersol had this league fully funded for three years, he excitedly told everybody. Then he needed a quarter-billion-dollar bailout from a guy who made his fortune in subprime auto loans so Week 1's checks could clear. It was his idea. It is his fault. It is his books that should have a good rifling through by an army of lawyers and/or federal agents.
  5. And Charlie Ebersol gets himself added to the "People who won't go to prison, but probably should" list.
  6. AAF just moved the championship game from Las Vegas to Frisco, Texas. But please, continue to tell me how I shouldn't believe my lying eyes.
  7. @andrewharrington, is that playing card design you posted available as an actual deck?
  8. Chicago annexed Austin a hundred and some odd years ago, so yes. Mount Greenwood is Suburban Chicago, though. It's almost Honorary Will County.
  9. Understood, then. If you legally can't talk about it, hopefully you're not talking all about it here in 10 to 12 weeks.
  10. Then you'd better start speaking your truth instead of just shouting "LIES!" at every sourced and attributed news report that shows how much trouble this league is in, because that's how facts work.