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  1. FIFO is that suppose to mean first in first out? I would think they would want FILO first ones into the gym, last ones out or last ones out of the tournament.
  2. Until you see that the side panels don’t meet up with the pants stripes like every Football uniform in the history of side panels.
  3. Does “” mean he wants them blown up or is that the new “”
  4. Falcons is close but look at #78, it’s a different number font
  5. And Draymond Green just got fined 50g for tampering for saying Booker needed to get out of Phoenix
  6. Those don’t even look like Nike shirts so nothing official, most likely the brought a bunch of blue t shirts to a local t shirt place and ordered them to be screen printed with what ever block font they had
  7. I buy certain hats to have a variety of colors to go with what Else I’m wearing. I have to atleast like the team though, like I have a mighty ducks hat, Miami heat, and jaguars hat, while none of the teams are my favorite but they are in my top 5 and are a bunch of different colors. I wouldn’t by a jersey from a team that wasn’t my favorite, it’s much to rich for my taste.
  8. He’ll go to uniwatch like he did during his last suspension and post there
  9. Uh huh, in the game that is probably the hardest to rig there is, because it’s on ice and the puck is probably the hardest thing to work with in any sport.
  10. That could be the same sparkle that’s on teams like the dolphins who clearly have molded helmets, they just add the sparkle clear coat to look better under the lights.
  11. It looks more like just molded plastic with a clear coat and not the metallic burgundy paint they used in the past, but could just be lighting and the angle