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  1. Those jerseys were anything but beautiful with the random piping that wasn’t consistent from player to player.
  2. Not your only prediction not even on this thread that has since been proven wrong.
  3. You can call anything you want. It’s going to be wrong like the rest of your predictions.
  4. I doubt it, he’s 45. He had 5 more competitive years before this. Now add to it recovery from a back injury and and all the surgeries he’ll need on his legs now. It’s easily looking at a year long recovery to even start training again. He might try to make a comeback at some sponsor of his tournament, see he has nothing left 2 years from now and quit.
  5. You should probably stick to hockey because football clearly isn’t your element
  6. Monograms are suppose to represent the city not the mascot.
  7. They’re thinner, but more durable. You don’t see players having their jerseys ripped off them like back in the day. Your number issue doesn’t even exist they are sewn on tackle twill numbers across the board now unlike in the 90’s when half the teams used screen printed numbers. As far as templates go Nike has been very good about altering their templates to fit teams designs. Even ones with weird side panels like the Broncos, and falcons got transferred over. Even the example posted on this thread of the Jaguars Nike actually fixed their design to be consistent across the players rather than the issues Reebok was having of 5 different striping patterns. As far as color accuracy all manufacturers have had that issue throughout time. There are examples of Washington going to a redder burgundy color because the manufacturer that Lombardi brought in couldn’t supply the right colored fabrics.
  8. I don’t consider a spring game against an NAIA team as a real first game. Let’s wait for them to play a real school with scholarship athletes and see what happens.
  9. What are you going off about? How are using seamless, form fitting, moisture wicking, lighter, stronger fabrics cheap and cost cutting?
  10. It isn’t though. You wanting your account deleted doesn’t change that. There isn’t any private information on your account that could violate the regulation.
  11. They’re all the same version, just different cuts that they couldn’t/wouldn’t make the stripes the same across the cuts and templates.
  12. What is “gunmetal blue?” They wore sea foam blue which looked nothing like any kind of gunmetal I’ve ever seen.