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  1. They still have the horned “U”, that’s their athletic logo, this new logo is their academic logo.
  2. Baylor never had notches in their numbers, unless it’s from before 2000. They have the current custom font, and before that they used black. Michigan states font came out in 2010 and was made popular and copied by everyone since then.
  3. Because as others have said, the jets are being extremely secretive about the uniform to a near obsessive level. You likely won’t see anything until day of when retailers stupidly put out the product before they’re suppose to, or some shmuck that works at said retailer opens the box and puts it on social media not realizing he probably just lost his job.
  4. I don’t know if there is a rule exactly but I do know the NFL would need to approve it
  5. The guy who made the Oregon number claim specifically said the fake jersey was not what he was referring to. Also as I’ve already said that numbers from the video are just the same font as their word mark. Stop trying to spread your misinformation please.
  6. The thing is they aren’t taking the flag and making a uniform out of it. Using a pattern that matches the flag on a uniform isn’t the same as taking the flag and making a uniform out of it. It’s all about looking into what the code actually states. It’s up to powers higher than us to determine the intent of the code and so far none has come to say they have violated the code in any way.
  7. That likely not the number font. That is the same font as their current word mark.
  8. I remember when concepts had there own section of the boards to post them
  9. I’m just waiting for @BringBackTheVet to try and make this seem like a diversion for the Phillies to trade for him in this offseason.
  10. They have, Nike sells $45 practice shorts that match the pants rather closely.
  11. Helmets can’t because that’s one of the main things that are used in graffics for marketing the teams. Pants aren’t used really and can be changed rather easily.
  12. You won’t be saying that by week 4 when fitzmagic runs out and you really won’t be saying that when the dolphins select a bust with the No.3 overall pick next year
  13. It needs to match a jersey he actually wore on a regular basis.
  14. Just be patient, you won’t see anything until probably day of the reveal