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  1. Well they applied the copyright far before the league died, it just didn’t get to the point of lawsuit and court filing until after it died
  2. There is absolutely no way they are getting an expansion team. The NFL isn’t going to add just 1 team. It would have to be 2 and probably 4 and there are no plans to do that especially in the current circumstances. They would have to buy a current team but then they run into the problem of finding an owner wishing to sell, and have them not write into agreements that the team has to stay in the current city for “x” years. I wish them the best but going after the NFL is just not feasible, maybe trying to bring an NBA team back to Oakland is more feasible but has its own problems.
  3. True but you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t say they were similar and used a lot of the same design elements, down to stylized guy wearing a hat, with 3 tails, and the same color scheme.
  4. Not saying much when it’s still another black v white match up
  5. Sand is too dark to be a home set, that’s why the Padres use it as their away set
  6. He needs either to keep this or fairly above average performances for the rest of his career, or a deep playoff run.
  7. If it’s not the worst I don’t know what is. Serpientes? Really? This is a glorified Latin nights jersey
  8. Wow, surprised they haven’t gotten sued yet. They even have the same segmented horn.
  9. That hat just looks like it’s has sweat and piss stains. No thank you
  10. I wouldn’t consider GFGS as short lived since it’s still alive and well
  11. It’s not, it’s the vapor untouchable template that’s been around for about 4 years
  12. The nba hasn’t had that problem with the Utah jazz, Minnesota timberwolves, or golden state warriors. I’m sure I’m missing some others.
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