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  1. It’s gloss, just some gradient shading was added later to hide some reflections/glare
  2. It’s what happens, if there is nothing to discuss the topic will change and morph over time. You can be sure though when something about the bucs unveiling gets released it will be posted here.
  3. It’s too much white to me, and blue draws too much attention. Grey fits the old school look they have.
  4. Agreed, it would also help differentiate them from their in state rival cowboys.
  5. It’s not forced when the B’s shape needs to be changed when the logo gets flipped?
  6. I meant those are the 2 that have been identified because they are the easiest to identify.
  7. Jesus Christ how many times is that painting going to be posted. Every time makes me hate gold uniforms even more.
  8. Right, he was saying it would match lucas’ description if they made the numbers white like the poster above him said.
  9. Should but then one team would want a black out, another want a white out. Another wants full color rush ect and the slippery slope continues. One of the teams with regular and throwback helmet goes why can’t we also have an alt helmet like the other teams. Team with only and alt helmet asks why they are allowed 3 helmets and it goes on and on.
  10. [MOD EDIT: Attack the ideas, not the person.]
  11. Probably the only real identifiable ones. Every one else’s are just plain white, or grey, or share a pinstripe color with another team.
  12. You know Nike, riddel, the NFL, or the team themself would go “you know what this team needs, a chrome lime green helmet“ at some point. Or a pink helmet for breast cancer. Look at college football and tell us that won’t happen to the NFL at some point