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  1. There’s actually 2 behind the basket, one facing the floor above the basket, and another facing the camera on the beam
  2. When stadiums cost billions even billionaires can’t afford it and keep their other businesses afloat.
  3. If I was the kings I’d match any offer just out of spite so he has to stay miserable in Sacramento.
  4. So why are their regulars perfect yet the pants stripes don’t match the shoulder stripes which you said before is flawed. And while I will say they aren’t as good as their regular set my point is there is no Mismatching in the uniform.
  5. It’s more their away suit and their travel suit. They decided to keep the home suit due to it being so iconic.
  6. If you say they can’t give credit to developing Pedro into a customer young winning pitcher, I’d say they didn’t for randy Johnson considering he spent less than 2 seasons with them.
  7. Memphis isn’t conspiring with adidas. They just said they didn’t want a city jersey which is their right as the client.
  8. I think it’s more the Broncos offensive line looked like a wet paper bag last night. Shouldn’t have mattered though because we all know flacco is “elite”
  9. I guess their regular jerseys are mismatched then by your logic. They are completely different stripes, from size to shape. That kind of wedge shoulder stripe never has an outline like the pats, and USC, while pants stripes then to be outlined especially when they are color on color so they don’t get muddled. Also all stripes don’t have to be the same on a uniform as long as they work with the uniform as a whole, like the pants stripe does matching the numbers.
  10. Except the logos still predominantly show blue and orange of the knicks. They should Really drop those.
  11. Right, it would look worse with white outlined shoulder stripes, and it’s the way they’ve always looked so I see no issues, especially since the pants match the numbers
  12. If brown thinks he’ll get more than that in FA he’s crazy
  13. What’s mismatched in the Texans pic? The stripes match the numbers