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  1. Yeah, this is all well and good but you know the conferences will be very restrictive.
  2. Exactly. So far, no players have tested positive and they haven't exhibited any kinds of negligence. This is a logistical nightmare, though. When do they make up all of these missed games?
  3. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia...
  4. It is also kinda why I can't root for Atlas. I love Trevor Baptiste (I'm a Philadelphia Wings fan) but I guess I'm so petty that I don't like that the founder also being able to play in that league. Rabil shouldn't be forbidden to play and I know there isn't any preferential treatment towards him or his club but I still can't get past that.
  5. Still not as good as the previous set but it is so good to see the Noles look like the Noles again.
  6. To me, since I'm an American, I would root for a team in the United States over a team in Canada. However, I don't know if I could give up rooting for a team that I have invested interest in for 30+ years. In summation, I am no help.
  7. I get the logo not existing but why wouldn't the jersey exist? Those jerseys could exist with a name like the Sockeyes.
  8. What is going on around the ear hole? Bad Photoshop job? Chrome?
  9. Why is this country so dumb?
  10. These sweaters are beautiful but the red is completely unnecessary
  11. I have given it some more thought and I completely agree with everything about this statement. I really want to like the name because it's unique but I just can't. Everything else is pretty solid.
  12. One Arizona is bad enough. Question is...is the 2nd Arizona the evil twin?
  13. Soon enough, we will be back to MLB The Show telecasts. Yay.
  14. Orioles and Marlins in the World Series. Lock it in!
  15. On topic, that was a great game. I think the Waterdogs have a pretty good squad for an expansion team.