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  1. I knew it did exist. We are just so conditioned to only see the painting.
  2. I'd rank it as such: Steelers - classic but not great, IMO Browns - I wouldn't say it's a good logo at all but like you said, it works for the franchise Bengals - I really don't like the striped "B" Ravens - it is terribly dated and the gold "B" sticks out like a sore thumb
  3. It's the best by default. I never realized how awful the AFC North is in terms of logos.
  4. I've seen that painting of the gold jerseys so many times that I am completely convinced that it never actually existed in real life.
  5. A little too boring. The teal jersey should be the primary because without it, they seem like a black and white team.
  6. My problem with this set is that it is too clean. Not enough color.
  7. Dark navy pants would have worked the best with what they had. I wonder what silver pants would have looked like if they kept that in the color scheme.
  8. Everything about that uniform was bad...the navy blue, the number font, and drop shadow.
  9. I know nothing about South Carolina besides where it is on a map but this feels like this would be akin to the Braves moving to the sticks in Cobb County.
  10. I hated the inclusion of navy. It muddied up everything.
  11. It will be strange if front offices have to base some players' abilities on the their 2019 AAA stats.
  12. That was me. I would love to see the helmet phones again too!
  13. The sleeve logo being a part of the undershirt and not the actual jersey would be a downgrade but I'd love to see the Seahawks in those again.
  14. Maybe it is a naive viewpoint but I don't think it would become the Wild West like the NBA has become with Nike.