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  1. Football, at both the pro and collegiate levels, has been a complete farce. The NFL will complete the season but not because they did anything right.
  2. Las Vegas Minnesota Miami Chicago Houston New Orleans Tennessee Seattle LA Rams Green Bay New England Kansas City Pittsburgh San Francisco Baltimore
  3. Excuse? The REASON for Penn State's failure was that they were already massively overrated for this season. Realistically, they were a 6-3 team, at best. I said that losing to the Hoosiers was going to devastate this team. I knew they would start 0-2 and the hole could get bigger. I don't make any excuses for this team.
  4. Now that my beloved 2020 Nittany Lions have won a damn game, I'd like to think they have moved out of that bottom tier...for now.
  5. Agreed. This pandemic-ridden season has told us all one thing...not all franchises are created equal.
  6. I think Williamsport is a short season A club, which makes them a prime contender to be axed.
  7. Not to mention, the inclusion of light blue makes the Dash logo even better.
  8. I really want to like this look but I just can't. That shade of yellow is a bit too mustard-y for my liking.
  9. South Florida has been doing it for a little while now so I feel that it's acceptable at this point for them. Aside from USF and Oregon, it shouldn't be used.
  10. Detroit Dallas Pittsburgh Tennessee NY Giants Buffalo Las Vegas Cleveland Miami Arizona Minnesota LA Rams New Orleans Kansas City Green Bay Seattle
  11. Welp. That sucked. It did feel very familiar though. Like it was the Union of old out there last night!
  12. I didn't know Joe Montana almost played for the Expos! Kidding aside, I had no idea he played baseball, let alone, drafted by a major league baseball team. That means that the 1999 Michigan Wolverines had two baseball players behind center with Brady and Drew Henson.
  13. VERY sparingly. Generational talent definitely is only one guy per generation. When I think of generational talent, I think of Lebron, Jordan, or maybe even Griffey, Jr. 25 years ago. I look at the NFL and I don't really see a clear cut generational talent. There are certainly a few that are contenders but it's hard to say that any of them are definite.
  14. The Union are playing its first ever playoff game as a number 1 seed. I need some advice...how am I supposed to act??
  15. I call last night's game the Nike Bowl. All pewter (it's damn near anthracite, let's not kid ourselves) vs all beige (which in Nikespeak is "bone") is a Nike wet dream.