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  1. And Puma lost all 3 group stage matches and finished with a goal differential of -15.
  2. That would make the most sense. Unless they let every team in. Didn't they do that with all 6 in the inaugural season? That season feels like 10 years ago.
  3. Cannons may not be too bad this season, considering they are an expansion team. Having Lyle Thompson helps. I know it's only one week but it does look like Chaos, Waterdogs, and Atlas will be fighting it out for the basement.
  4. Is this before he sexually assaulted a prostitute?
  5. I was just watching the game vs Michigan in 1999. I don't remember them wearing blue pants but it looked really good. I, too, miss the old Illinois look.
  6. Those Cannons jerseys look really nice.
  7. I think, overall, these aren't bad. But they are so very unnecessary.
  8. I'm good with the Spiders. I'm also not against the Blues and the Americans. It would be kinda neat to have the Nationals in the National League and the Americans in the American League.
  9. I'm a Sixers fan who LOATHED Hinkie. The Hinkie worship has always been beyond my comprehension.
  10. In the last dozen years, I have probably watched ESPN a handful of times when it wasn't coverage of live sports. The only show I would still watch regularly was College Gameday but I hardly watched that the last couple of years.
  11. No they haven't played since March of 2020.
  12. The Pegulas own Buffalo and Rochester. I believe they are in the same division. So this is definitely not unprecedented.
  13. Las Vegas is going to go from forbidden land to having a franchise in each of the Big 4 leagues, MLS, and NLL (and probably more) in less than 10 years. Unbelievable.
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