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  1. The yellow seems a bit muted for my liking but Dortmund's kits have been bad the last few years, so I agree.
  2. Highly debatable but I agree with you implying that Barstool isn't funny
  3. I watched my brother slowly lose control of his life and ultimately succumb to depression and PTSD. Mental health struggles are not a weakness of any kind, not even for a world-class athlete. Yet, here we are in 2021, and people are essentially telling her to "rub some dirt on it". It's disgusting.
  4. Some of these people would know the difference unless the franchise changed colors. Maybe that is why we have now have Nike's city connect in baseball and the 700 uniforms in the NBA.
  5. With this and the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, we know we have gone way too far.
  6. Fair enough. I really don't know her from anything other than College Gameday so I can't speak on it.
  7. I have nothing to add other than, if any of these rumors are true, then this is a complete joke.
  8. I saw that Kenny Mayne is doing a Olympics show with Cari Champion (I think that was her). Does NBC just pull a car up to the ESPN HQ and wait for the anchors to leave or be let go so they can hand them a contract?
  9. I had the same Mandela Effect type of thing. I could have sworn I have seen skateboarding in the Olympics. I have never watched the X Games so I didn't confuse it for that. Maybe I am thinking about snowboarding too.
  10. I thought it was a given that today, we are all Guardians.
  11. So, my take aways that no one asked for... The name average. At least you still have "-dians" at the end of the name but nothing special. I like the the block "C" but the wordmarks are poor. I get what they were trying to do but it didn't work, IMO. As for the G-wing atrocity, that thing was outdated 20 years ago. As much as I get tired of the rampant red, white, and blue in baseball, I agree that they should keep it. As someone else had mentioned, the Elks are still green and gold. All colleges that dropped their native American imagery and name but kept their color schemes. The Washington D.C. Athletic Club de Foot of Inter Landover is keeping the burgundy and gold. Overall, I'd say the rebrand is above average.
  12. I don't watch ESPN much at all but I thought she was, at the least, decent on College Gameday. What don't you like about her?
  13. This looks like a jersey to be seen in the Tour de France.
  14. The number font is probably the least offensive part of the jersey.
  15. The Flyers had gotten rid of the orange sweater and used the black uniform as the primary away look. So, that was literally a very dark period for them. They also had that not-so-good orange alt with the gray in the logo and uniform. That was the worst the Flyers has ever looked pre-Edge.
  16. I would say that Waterdogs and Atlas are the surprises so far
  17. They still have the fruit roll up numbers but this is 100x better. So, how long until these can become the primary away look?
  18. I watched most of the 4th quarter against Australia last night. Man, they looked bad.
  19. I never said it was malignant. I just was pointing out that he is a dork.
  20. Quebec...oh wait, they aren't back in the NHL? Seattle will probably go to the WCF at least.
  21. Old white guy trying to be cool on Twitter. He is such a dork.
  22. I root for the Archers because I had a class at PSU with with goalie Drew Adams. It's a loose type of allegiance but it works. Other than anything like that or something like your case, it is a crapshoot.
  23. I like fireworks from a distance but I'm terrified to be anywhere close to them. Having dogs that are terrified of them doesn't help. This is such a horrible story made worse, knowing that he wasn't the one lighting them.
  24. Based on that logo alone, it seems as though the colors have been changed too.
  25. The new legislation has me asking the NCAA this...
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