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  1. Wow, crazy how different the conferences were aligned then compared to now
  2. I think as long as you have an "official supplier of apparel" you're going to have less say by the teams and more from the company, whether it be Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc
  3. I know fabrics have evolved over time and there's good reasons why they switched fabric. I was just making a joke about Ewing being pictured for the example
  4. To be fair, Ewing probably sweated more than anyone in the league at the time so his would obviously get darker as the game went on haha
  5. That's what the guy I know that won the team store design a hat contest told me. I assume he heard it from someone affiliated with the store. The U started a lawsuit because they used the Utah wordmark in red so his design had a gradient in the wordmark similar to the red rock jerseys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BYU copied Utah State when they went to navy blue anyways so of course they won't get mad about the Jazz going to navy
  6. If the Jazz switch to red as the main color the University of Utah will throw another fit. There is already a lawsuit because the Jazz sold merchandise/apparel with the UTAH wordmark in red.
  7. Hey, whatever keeps them from wearing their all blue uniforms on their blue turf...
  8. Something along these lines
  9. I'm glad the Jazz have moved away from purple, especially with the note logo, yeah it pays homage to their roots but it's more of a New Orleans thing. The black and copper alternates did stand out, maybe they should try a navy, purple and copper scheme? Leave the purple in for historical/sentimental value, use the navy to tie them both together
  10. The stuff they have now, except for the red rock jersey, is nearly identical. Even the statement and earned editions had the same base design, just different word marks/logos on the chest.
  11. Mavericks have to be up there, Wizards/Bullets...
  12. Are you counting alternate jerseys and special editions as primary colors? Their primary colors have always been purple or navy blue, accent colors have varied a bit
  13. I know a guy who won the Jazz team store's "design a hat" contest and he asked them about the City edition. They couldn't say much but his hat was gray with the southern Utah fade wordmark...
  14. I would also laugh if they're just trolling everyone and unveil the epitome of black for black sake 1998 alternate jerseys