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  1. I can't quite decide whether I like the all pewter look or not
  2. People also have screen printed it on hoodies and embroidered on hats https://mobile.twitter.com/ZoroRivera/status/1242468581671145472 https://mobile.twitter.com/RamTommyInLA/status/1242544833027141632
  3. In the Dickerson tweet comments someone did this, the outline on the L looks good
  4. Bucs posted a video on Instagram of 3 players getting sneak peeks at the uniforms, 3 different ones
  5. It's been a while since I looked at their site, but I don't remember there being much, if any, orange for a while already. Very possible I'm wrong though
  6. The sharper lines on the one to the right looks better and more modern, the eye should be white.
  7. Orange face mask is better than red, but there's not enough orange on the current helmet to balance the orange look and too much red for the red look.
  8. Those definitely need to have some orange
  9. New team, new number? Seems like as good a time as any to change it up. It's not like he switched numbers while with the same team. What if Godwin doesn't want to give up 12?
  10. Would look pretty similar to this I'd guess
  11. Maybe Brady will choose to go back to his college number? (10)
  12. Except they currently have a #12 on the roster, pretty sure Chris Godwin will be willing to take some of Tom's money for it though
  13. *Starts to reminisce about when there was actual news and useful information in these threads instead of bickering*
  14. Maybe it's time to use anthracite and drop pewter? It's a color Nike can keep consistent, looks mostly the same in any lighting and also resembles a cannon and cannon ball ¯\_(ツ)_/¯