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  1. Guess there won't be many City vs City jersey match ups this season
  2. So....orange Heat jersey for the earned edition...
  3. New court for the new jerseys too
  4. Here's the write up explaining the Jazz jerseys https://www.nba.com/jazz/nike2021?cid=jazz_natsocial_FBphotos_cityeditionlaunch_20201123&fbclid=IwAR012znBmxkCkjoWcjVDr3u4c-Pmv3_Oo67k57_JKS4SCdn87Z50uD252Xs
  5. Not sure I like the sunset effect on just one side of the shorts. I like this version more than the original, the colors pop more
  6. I would hope for something a bit more creative than that for Utah, but after seeing some of the other upcoming City editions I'm not very optimistic
  7. Jazz will release their city edition Monday, 11/23