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  1. But without wordmarks or logos from their actual teams, how will we know who the players are?
  2. How exactly would Team Lebron wears white and Team Durant wears dark or vice versa be a mess? Simmons wears white and Embid wears black or blue. Same with Gobert/Mitchell, George/Leonard. It's not rocket science
  3. Every team still has at least one white jersey and dark jersey, some even have multiples
  4. I was just coming to post about the Atlanta/Oklahoma City mess... here's another pic
  5. While I agree that they should have a green jersey in their rotation, I preferred the previous, darker version of the earned jersey
  6. The gradient on only the one side is an homage to the original mountain jerseys that had mountains on one side only. Doesn't necessarily make it look great but it's a bit more tolerable at least
  7. After watching the Jazz games on local broadcasts, I'm curious. Is it weird for anyone else to see local company ads on the courts of opposing teams? Jazz broadcasts have had Vivint (sponsor of their home arena) opposite of the other team's court/arena name/sponsor and locally based banks such as Zions Bank or America First Credit Union inside the 3 point arc opposite of the team's logos. I really don't like the clutter of logos on the courts
  8. The color on one leg only is a nod to the Stockton/Malone mountain jerseys which also only had designs on one leg
  9. Guess there won't be many City vs City jersey match ups this season
  10. So....orange Heat jersey for the earned edition...
  11. Here's the write up explaining the Jazz jerseys https://www.nba.com/jazz/nike2021?cid=jazz_natsocial_FBphotos_cityeditionlaunch_20201123&fbclid=IwAR012znBmxkCkjoWcjVDr3u4c-Pmv3_Oo67k57_JKS4SCdn87Z50uD252Xs
  12. Not sure I like the sunset effect on just one side of the shorts. I like this version more than the original, the colors pop more
  13. I would hope for something a bit more creative than that for Utah, but after seeing some of the other upcoming City editions I'm not very optimistic
  14. Jazz will release their city edition Monday, 11/23