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  1. TVIXX

    Dock spiders alt logo


  2. @CHRIS87

    Good afternoon. I just did it sign up the forum.

    And I didn't present myself. My name is Marcos Marcelino dos Santos.

    Best known as Marcos Flamengo. Flamengo just because i'm just a fan of the most popular Brazilian soccer club. I always loved sports, and I always loved logo designs and concepts. I also like to give ideas to the forum users for logo concepts of many real and fictional sports leagues around the world.

  3. Hey Chris Creamer, thanks for crating one of the best Sports websites in history along with the forums. There are no words to describe how extraordinary the website is..

  4. Luigi

    A question from a friend. What is your occupation?

  5. Luigi

    could i request a ban for a user named fowlza

    He has made an account just so he can spam me. He also has another account named fowlza14

  6. Nice mugshot.

  7. You are so hot