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  1. The obvious choice would be to go with the Cleveland Spiders name, which means they will call themselves The Cleveland Baseball Club for the foreseeable future. Because nothing is simple anymore.
  2. It went further than that. They were revealed 30 minutes before the first game in which they were to be worn, when the team went out for warmups.
  4. God DAMN. For a :censored:ty name, they absolutely KILLED it with logo and jersey design. It’s like successfully polishing a turd.
  5. That’s 2013. You can tell by the lack of Black on the collar.
  6. I second both of these. And for the first one, just get Mr. Morsani in for an interview. You can base the whole documentary on that alone.
  7. Now that we have a clear view, I expect one of the alts to be a more traditional away uniform, and in 5 years, instead of a full reverse, it’ll probably be some minor tweaks, like getting rid of the segmented crap, and no more graidents. They found a good base, and then screwed up everything else. Atlanta is still worse though.
  8. Well I’ll give them one thing, it’s not as bad as I thought they would be, and the Falcons unis are worse.
  9. Rocco’s stint as a coach for the team makes that jersey right for him, in my eyes at least.
  10. I would never stoop that low! I just told you to F yourself! (MODS. THIS IS A JOKE. NOT SERIOUS.)
  11. I have a feeling the helmet numbers are going to be divisive, but besides that, they hit the nail on head. Now we wait for the inevitable crap the Rams’ jerseys are going to be.