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  1. From the look of the local promos and schedules, that may just be happening.
  2. Ok, I love this Rays set. Puts together everything great about the current and classic looks, and makes it so that they can reuse old merchandise, a prospect Stu would love. (And my favorite cap is now the main!)
  3. How do you always make better logos for my local sports franchises, then they have ever had? IT ASTOUNDS ME!!!
  4. Rays over A’s.... clearly not biased Nationals win a playoff series in 5 Cardinals continue to use their magic dust in 4 Astros destroy my team in 4 Yankees continue the trend in 5. Nationals continue to surprise in 5 Astros barely squeak through in 7. Nationals win in 7 games, breaking their legacy of failure. Juan Soto is named MVP. In Philly, Bryce Harper is pissed off. He never hears the end of this.
  5. Coming from an actual resident, the color rush Jersey is mildly popular. So I suspect if the go for a redesign, they’ll base it off those. My best guess would be a full color jersey with the accents of the current one, and maybe a change to the numbers.
  6. Meh, they’re ok, not the best- WAIT ARE THOSE VICTORY STRIPES?!?!?! NEVER MIND THEY’RE PERFECT!!!!
  7. Well crap, the signature rules just screwed the designs over. QUICK, EVERYONE EDIT THEIR SIGS TO FIT PROPERLY! Oh, and while I’m freaking out over this Forum is become more restrictive by the day, I love the designs! Especially the retro one!
  8. Tampa Bay sports teams please. ‘Nuff Said.
  9. You see my current icon? That’s the colors. Here, I’ll put it in as an attachment
  10. You have improved on the D-Rays set, AND THEN SOME. now all I need is my icon in Sting Ray style
  11. Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Rowdies alabama crimson tide Orlando Magic