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  1. Based on the released video, my guess is that the third will be something like this. My hope is that we can get at least a cool reverse retro as well.
  2. I know Lou is pretty traditional, but if he gives the Isles the green light for this recolor, I will be a really pleased Islanders fan!
  3. If this is correct, this would be my best guess on the design, but just on the modern template instead of the old CCM ones.
  4. This should probably go in the Raptors specific page, but I don't know why, but especially with a greater presence of black, I would have preferred black numbers and lettering on the new association uniforms.
  5. What a way to honor a Jets legend.
  6. These are ugly and amazing at the same time!!
  7. What if they replaced the white with black, and changed the bottom stripe to black like this?
  8. This was such a missed opportunity to use the modern Roman Senator logo that has been sitting on the bench for the past decade plus. I am glad to see that the Senator has a red outlined robe, instead of the golden one that was seen on the initial leak. Also, the oversized "S" logo reminiscent of the Sheraton Hotels logo was never my favorite, would have much rather preferred either the =O= logo, the parliament building logo, or an entirely new design.
  9. Not a great name. Would have much preferred the Columbus Mad Dogs.
  10. I wonder if the contrast would improve if the yellow and white were inverted on the wordmark.
  11. Now if you are going to go with a basic font, the least they could have done was bring back the unique 80's template.
  12. Would be perfectly okay with this as a primary Association uniform.
  13. What if they altered their helmets to add a little bit of sparkle, like Notre Dame.
  14. I know its probably not going to happen, but we can only dream!