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  1. This is a logo that uses orange, cream, and gold, a weird "gradient" pattern, and drop shadow, but still seems better than any of their other logos.
  2. We literally call this the "flying Elvis," but still it seems very right...
  3. I completely agree. The piping is completely unnecessary for that uniform.
  4. This is a great update! Very surprised nike didn't take this over the top. My one tweak would be on the primary white pants. Something about orange stripes on a white base doesn't scream "tiger stripes" to me. Would prefer having them go with something like this:
  5. Hey everyone, so recently I've been thinking about a possible Phillies rebrand. They have had plenty of solid looks over the years, but I wanted to combine elements from their different eras. Since there is an plethora of teams that wear red and blue (and blue and red), I've decided to switch it up with the Phillies by combining their classic red seen originally on the Whiz Kids and later on their modern set with the Burgundy seen on their 80's set to go with a double red look. I have also updated their classic "P" logo by tweaking it to more closely resemble the 50's look, which is a little bit more timeless than their current look.
  6. Couldn't agree more. I tried to tackle the balance issue some more in this updated concept. Also took some time to clean up the lines a bit.
  7. I do agree that there is that fine line that I may have crossed. I have since made a few tweaks to reduce that "knock-off" feel, but it is still needing a little bit of work. I tried to add that nod to Belmont, but found it to be a little challenging, since the new rink will be right on the Nassau border.
  8. As a diehard Islanders fan, it's tough for me to admit that our logo, although iconic, is outdated and possibly flawed. I have since attempted to fix some of these issues. My update tried to find a balance with keeping the classic look and cleaning it up and bringing it into the 21st century. While still not perfect, I wanted to avoid a complete rebrand, which would likely yield better results.
  9. Based on the popularity of the color rush uniform, here is my best guess for the white jersey.
  10. I feel like Vegas should have made their gold helmets shimmer like Notre Dame, rather than a plain chrome look to match the shine on the uniforms.
  11. This would have been the perfect opportunity to fix the coloring error on the left skate, but Arizona dropped the ball yet again.
  12. Let's just say that the black uni has nothing to do with the Knicks "professional" status
  13. Some may say that they aren't a professional franchise, but the Knicks haven't worn a black uniform.
  14. https://www.nba.com/grizzlies/cityuniforms This website debuting the City Jerseys is sick!
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