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  1. Bitch all y'all want but they are still undefeated in the black jerseys, beating the mighty Scherzer!
  2. Yea there would be goals on both ends of the court. 2v2 could work.
  3. I'd prefer the Chargers have no navy at all. I love this look.
  4. These colors combined with a new "electric" logo/stripes would look awesome.
  5. GOOD. There's too much navy in the league, and powder blue is perfect for LA. Update to a modern logo and I'll be a fan.
  6. Whatever the Brewers do, they need to get rid of the white outline on the sleeve logo. Looks like a bad craft project job.
  7. There are a few teams that have dark green and gold.
  8. Louisville Bats debuted Mint Juleps unis today. Beautiful.
  9. They would riot! I know I would. Just thinking it was good for them to use grey with the volt instead of the usual black.
  10. A's, Packers and Supersonics. Big deal. At least they still have a little volt, better than nothing for me.