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  1. Tempest is awesome and unique. It's also my favorite video game.
  2. Wolves and hawks? More boring common crap. Comets has a nice ring to it. "In my opinion, what I think most people are upset with is that the options presented to us were bland and unoriginal in the end. We felt that we ordered a filet mignon and instead got a hamburger,” said Butts." Glad I'm not the only one.
  3. Check out that logo! BIG3 to Host Playoffs And Championship at Atlantis Paradise Island For Bahamas Beach Bash – BIG3
  4. http://collegesummerleague.com Teams all play in the same city, and are corporate sponsored. MOON SHOTS!!! Tropics have pink on the jersey but red in the digital logo. Still great to see vice colors again. At least these are somewhat original names, not the standard animal or medieval names.
  5. I was hoping Danville would use their unique font on the jersey. No traditional baseball script. A bit simple but I think it's great.
  6. Colors: hell yes! Design: hell no! This makes the last vice look good haha
  7. This. I get it: the few teams that have won multiple championships in the same uniform haven't changed it, fine. But just because they HAVEN'T doesn't mean they SHOULDN'T. And if this was such an unwritten rule, changing to vice colors would be out of the question for the Heat. But because they're still considering it all these years later, and the next alt still has vice colors in it, this belief doesn't have to apply to every team.
  8. This is exactly why they should change to vice colors! You can't be iconic when three other teams are wearing almost the same thing, you're just another one of them.
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