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  1. Northeastern have a red infield and track and a black pitching mound!
  2. I posted the valley pic in a SFV sub on reddit, they liked it, asked if it was a real team!
  3. Nets grey vs Rockets light blue tonight on ESPN! Nice!
  4. The time between plays could be quicker, and there have been some bad calls, but most of the games have been exciting and decided on the last play. I love it. And two games in this league last as long as one NFL game.
  5. 0/00 is my favorite uniform number. So rebellious and uncommon.
  6. I'd also like to be on the Slovenia handball team.
  7. LIKE OMAGOD TOTALLY RAD BITCHIN!!! I grew up in the valley and I love 80s culture!
  8. Both Kings and Sharks in RR tonight! Kings need to make these colors primary! Give the Lightning black and silver.
  9. I'd be happy as a middle reliever on the Dodgers or Columbia Fireflies.
  10. McNeese has blue infield turf!!! no way to stream games though
  11. Coyotes in Flagstaff AZ Kraken at CLink