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  1. I somehow just realized that the Guardians logo looks like a cat. I would have been OK with that logo and color combo for the Wildcats.
  2. square numbers with metallic silver outline??? Wow wow wow
  3. There's a difference between a team representing a city than just playing in it. Maybe the Clippers are just waking up to that fact. Yea this just feels like a throwback like the Nets did. The LA Angels claim LA but they play in another county. Doesn't sound like much difference. The Clippers can't just go play in a Compton gym to be close to the city.
  4. Huh. Didn't know that. Makes sense now.
  5. I think it's good the Clippers and the Nets are bringing in a look that reflects the inner city. Despite the large fan base in these communities, it's a segment of the population that is largely unrepresented in the NBA (any sport really). It may not connect with a lot of people and it may viewed as a negative image, but it's a part of reality. The Nets statement uni made me a fan, maybe this Clippers uniform will bring in some fans as well. The gear with that Los Angeles logo should sell well at least.
  6. How do you know so much about Marina del Rey???
  7. Pink numbers!!!! That's the real deal.
  8. Damn it, you beat me to it. Pink front number!!!
  9. Ahhh snap! My man knows whassup! Those clips unis are cool. Seems like LA is doing divided teams like NY: posh vs. street. Clips also added more black to their court. There are rumors that the leaked Heat Vice jersey is not accurate. There is to be more pink on the front and the blue is lighter. Good.
  10. Now is the perfect time with a new provider. They're getting new unis anyway. And wear the blue jerseys during the season!
  11. Last time I checked, creamsicles were orange and white.
  12. I gotta say I'm not a fan of Boise creamsicle.