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  1. CCU still doesn't have a consistent number font.
  2. Seattle was planning on having their AHL team in Palm Springs until the world went down. Now that's in danger.
  3. Cop: I clocked you at 70. Dice: I know, snapperhead, I would have hit 90 but you stopped me!
  4. I'd love Seattle's AHL team to be the Jellyfish to stick with the nautical theme. Wouldn't work for Palm Springs though.
  5. Aren't both teams black and grey? Guardians also have red, but in a small league that seems too similar. Move LA To SD and bring back the Fleet! LA doesn't need another football team.
  6. Chargers reveal vs. actual unis
  7. Hopefully they can add some old AAF teams, especially the Iron. But they'd have to tweak the branding to not conflict with NY.
  8. Pro sports just using random clip art images now? Even I know that is amateur and I know nothing.
  9. It wouldn't have looked much different than Pelicans/Grizzlies. ??? By monochrome I meant both teams had similar colors. Wrong word I guess.
  10. Pelicans Red vs. Memphis teal tonight. Beautiful.
  11. Monochrome matchup. Ugh. Should have been a vice game.
  12. Looks like that jersey answers its own question haha