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  1. how is this relevant ...because these are jersey designs for the Mavs...
  2. Thicker lines, thicker lines, God almighty thicker lines.
  3. Here's an update of the logo with some thicker lines. I know ya'll love thick lines. Here's one with Sonic's colors.
  4. Hey all, I updated my fantasy basketball logo and thought I'd share. I got a blast of inspiration and stayed up way too late working on it. Hope you like it! C&C welcome! I posted the uniforms to go along with it in the NABA forum below if you want to see those.
  5. You will soon!!! Go 'zers! 'zers? Do people in Portland actually call them that? It's worlds better than what people in Salt Lake call them As a huge Blazer fan, I always found the name 'zers quite annoying. However, I prefer 'za to pizza.
  6. Yeah I agree with what nyy said. The general shape of the jaw and mouth area could use some more definition. Also, I like the second version because I think red belongs in their color scheme, but I don't think it meshes well with the lighter shade of green used as accents. Maybe using white in the accents? Hope thats not too much C+C but I think you have a good thing going here and with a little refining it can become a really good concept.
  7. Oden had his first big night of the season, with many more to come. Dark horse All-Star.
  8. Portland wore their "Rip City" alternates tonight against the Suns in Memorial Coliseum. has a few photos, none that great though.
  9. Definitely an upgrade over the past set. Good start to the Ken Bone era.
  10. Brian Orakpo with the Redskins. Michael Crabtree holding up his number fifteen jersey with the Niners.
  11. TLChandler

    A Fish Logo

    I'd say the only areas it needs work are the fin and mouth. The fin maybe just fill in light blue and outline with brown without the blank space. Also, the mouth just looks kind of awkward. Looks great though excited to see whats next.
  12. Hey man I think you did an excellent job on the primary and secondary logos. I think the jerseys could use some work, maybe download the NFL number fonts and try some of those out. But I liked the logo so much I did a quick clean up for ya, I hope you don't mind.