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  1. I love, love, love the one-off Purdue moon uniforms.
  2. The Arizona blue uniforms are so ugly. There's no contrast between the shades of navy and red and the number font is awful.
  3. There have been some rumblings especially with them going into a new stadium. I know at the beginning of the season, the team tweeted the players looking at color swatches, but I think that may have been for something else. If they do any kind of change, I think we'll see an alt with the Dodgers knockoff script. It's really popular still among the fanbase. Not to supplant any main identity, but a throwback-inspired alt.
  4. Careful, you're being an "internet tough guy" again.
  5. White over gray vs. gray over gray is not a great look when it comes to contrast.
  6. New England Patriots - I think their current uniforms are dated and have been, but their "dirty white" silver alternates from a few years ago were the absolute nadir. Texas Rangers - the black drop shadow years. Texas Longhorns - the Red River Rivalry uniforms with ugly gold trim.
  7. You can debate without being a dismissive jerk.
  8. This is a myth. Their TV ratings are on the lower end.
  9. You know what would be a great move for Tampa? Not this.
  10. Well that was a fun few hours.
  11. This strikes me as just absolutely cuckoo. You'll be playing in two bad stadium situations and be half-committed to each market?
  12. I would say they still haven't. Sure, the name is better, but it's the edgelord version of their old identity without any of the charm.
  13. Because it doesn't stand to any genuine logic. If you loved KB Toys, you can't just name your new business KB Toys. That one is gone, and someone owns the rights. It doesn't matter "how much it meant to the community", that BUSINESS is gone.
  14. That's not how businesses work.
  15. The people in the costumes are either singers, athletes, actors, reality personalities, etc. Some are professional performers but a lot are not. The first person unmasked this week was Antonio Brown, who was the Hippo. The deer is definitely a quarterback, which leads to said speculation.