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  1. I really, really wish this board would stop propogating this lie. They don't. They don't do as poorly as say, the Marlins, but they're not a top watched team by any metric.
  2. Wasn't expecting this to break on a random Sunday night...
  3. Lions/Falcons might be the ugliest game, aesthetically, in NFL history. There is nothing redeeming about either set (and I don't mind the Lions other sets), but the all gray against that gradient nightmare... yikes.
  4. No, the new look is the single worst identity in NFL history. The old one was ugly, but this new one is :censored:ing abhorrent.
  5. The shorts not having matching stripes is ridiculous, the single color pinstripes is not the route they should have gone, and that font is so :censored:ing ugly.
  6. You're going to come back at me with that energy? I'm not trying to get banned. It's an awful, awful "abbreviation" that doesn't mean :censored: all to anybody who isn't directly from that area. On top of that, it's not an abbreviation for a city, it's a goddamn AIRPORT CODE. WHAT ABOUT HORNETS OR CHARLOTTE? NOT BUZZ CITY, NOT STUPID :censored:ING CLT. Jesus :censored:ing Christ.
  7. Wait.. people WANT "CLT" on their jerseys? Like you would wear something that says CLT? ...the :censored:?
  8. The hyperbole and toxicity in this thread reminds me why I don't hang out in this part of the boards anymore.
  9. I'm not sure if you know what the leotard look is. Both the pants and the socks have stripes on them. It's more than fine and I don't disagree that they should have an alternate color socks to them because it can be too much blue, but that's very much not leotard. Leotard is the same color socks with stripeless pants. This is not what the Patriots are doing.
  10. I would not be opposed to the midnight green if it wasn't so close in tone with the black. And the font and the treatment of the font with the big ugly drop shadow are just plain booty.
  11. The proposed Everton badge is way, way better than the one they ended up going with.
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