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  1. Woohoo! I'm very proud of myself for my first ever gold medal here. But what makes this so special was how many great entries there were in this event. Just about every single one was a high quality, well-put-together identity, and I especially applaud @Josef_Bretones and @scottyeagle for their medal-winning entries as well. Thank you, and good luck.
  2. The Seoul Owls were so good that when I checked the KBO article on the main site here, I thought they forgot the Owls. I then realized they were a fake team that somehow just got burned into my mind as a real team. Just about all of these look great, and you've really nailed the aesthetic of the league.
  3. Fantastic entries all around, wow! If I had to cut it to three, Gold- 6 Silver- 8 Bronze- 2
  4. It's been a long time coming, but I finally won my first Logolympiad medal! Thanks to everyone who voted to me, and congrats to @Bruins and @scottyeagle for their well-deserved medals.
  5. Does the team have to be in the location it is currently in? Or are previous locations allowed?
  6. I'm actually weirdly okay with teams being named after companies. If it lets the game be played, I can live with it. I'd rather have them be named after cities, but honestly I really only care that a team is "The Dinos", not where they're from, especially without knowing the geography.
  7. I've watched a few games and I've always been curious about why the team names are in English on the front. That said, it's an interesting aesthetic, except for all the ads.
  8. This graph really shows how many good entries there were here, and how close the voting was. Just about every single entry was fun, creative and really well-done. I'm also happy that @scottyeagle and I had almost the exact same idea and ended up tied. I actually tried to make a striped hat (for the sunday uniform) look good but I couldn't do it, and then you did it perfectly.
  9. That's enough out of you. Not the point of this thread, dude. I think the only real issue with this is that it didn't just tweak good old Toucan Sam for the new generation, it pretty much created an entirely new character. I personally love this redesign somebody on the internet did. It keeps the new bright chibi style, but makes sure that the character is still toucan sam, with no human teeth, neon colors, or acidtrip gradient.