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  1. Arizona Tech vs. Western Texas: AZ TECH vs AZTECS
  2. Quick review of my picks... woohoo!
  3. I'd most want to see the Athletics move to somewhere like Portland or Austin/San Antonio. Las Vegas proved that sure, they can support a hockey team for two years. But to support NHL, NFL, and now MLB that quick? It seems like one of those 3 teams would relocate again pretty soon due to expenses and lack of support. Also who's to say that the Athletics won't run into similar stadium issues if they choose to share a stadium with the Raiders (again). I might be out of the loop, but what's wrong with Oakland? The Warriors just moved out (sure, to San Fransisco), and the Raiders now, is it just a terrible city to have a franchise in?
  4. Predictions: (I know I was late today, and I would have got it right but eh)(and I'm getting a little bold here but I want it in writing in case it happens) Athletics over Rays Nationals over Dodgers in 5 Braves over Cardinals in 3 Astros over Athletics in 5 Yankees over Twins in 4 Nationals over Braves in 5 (MVP Max Scherzer) Astros over Yankees in 5 (MVP George Springer) Nationals win World Series over Astros in 7 games MVP Juan Soto, Sports Illustrated Headline: BRYCE WHO?
  5. Let me begin this concept by saying I don't care about the rules. I realize that ads are on jerseys. I realize teams wear more than 3 jerseys. But I designed what I thought looked best for the team, and here it is. Colors: The traditional red, white, and blue have been tweaked to be a slightly deeper red, cream, and navy. I think this brings the 76ers look into the present and makes for a more unique and dynamic color scheme. Primary: Mainly, I simplified. I'm not sure on the NBA's rules about the primary/global logos and whatnot but as I said, I don't care. The city name no longer appears on the primary logo, the 13 stars don't sit above the 7 anymore, and line widths have been tweaked to be slightly heavier, and excess outlines have been eliminated. Secondaries and wordmarks: I love the Phila script that the team has been using on city jerseys (maybe not last year, I can't keep up), and also PHILA and SIXERS wordmarks finally get their drop shadow to match the numbers. All-new number set, with consistent line widths and a timeless feel. The other secondaries keep it simple with the 76 number in the 13 stars and in a basketball. Uniforms: Similar striping patterns, unified look, none of the GFGS or unneccessary forced weird old wordmarks. One cream, one blue, one red. Cream replaces white in every instance. Please let me know what you think, if you have any questions about why I made certain decisions, and C&C. Credit to @bkknight95 for the template Enjoy!
  6. I would want to see it in 2-color mode, with the main \ in a bold medium color and the horizontal lines in a darker shade, like its folded behind.
  7. I'm getting cheese vibes, anyone else?
  8. If there's any invites still out there, my username is JakeRoo and I'd love an invite!
  9. Of all cities to want to redesign their flag, Seattle? They already have a great flag. I agree that It could use an update, preferably with no words and more simplicity, but they really didn't need a complete overhaul.
  10. Today's game: Grays @ Reds. The Grays will be wearing their grays, and the Reds their reds.
  11. I’d tweak the left wing of the P in pilots so it goes with the curve. Also the difference in line widths on “knights” is a bit jarring.
  12. Those stars are all out of wack.
  13. I think since he had no reputation and the only record we had of him was him being mean to people (including mods), it's easier to ban him right away than to suspend or anything else
  14. I see four very different fonts here, and they clash. I'd like to see it reduced to maybe 3. "Celebrating" looks good, and the XX looks good too. I'd edit the "Silverback" font so it looks more professional rather than sci-fi. I'd also choose a different number font, for the sake of cleanliness.
  15. I'm going to strongly disagree with the idea that the white space needs to be changed. I like it as is, because it is balanced and even line widths across the entire bracket. I feel like if you can't figure out that the sharks didn't play the avalanche then you have bigger issues. Keep it as is.