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  1. You do know how bad gradients on uniforms look right?
  2. These all look like fantastic updates/evolutions of existing logos. The only thing is, I like the yellow/white split on Northern states. I wish you had kept that, at least in some form.
  3. It looks to me like there's about 3 different shades of teal in the sharks identity. I'd shorten that to 2, and probably 1 would get the job done
  4. "Oh, cool, they updated the font, like everybody else these days— wait, what did they do to the S?"
  5. I think the facial features definitely need a bit of tweaking as it doesn't immediately read as a nose and mouth to me. I'd also try to stay away from red/white/blue, as tempting as it may be. Purple tends to look good in royal settings, and I've always loved a green and gold approach.
  6. One of the things I loved about the old template was how natural the shoulders and other curves looked. It gave a bit of a sense of what the jersey would look like on a person, and the new on looks like it's laying flat. Also, thicker outlines do look cool. Also, I'd love to be part of that trial group, thanks!
  7. I loved your previous 2 templates, and will love the new one as well, but would it be possible to have it as an .svg or .ai?
  8. Yeah, I actually loved the original logo, apart from the 8-color thing. The new one just doesn't look right. @Zeus89725 hit the nail on the head with his assessment, but somethign else feels off. Maybe it's the generic bright color choice? I also liked the original logo better rotated 45° so it was in a diamond shape. The new one feels like too many separate pieces if it wants to be one logo.
  9. It hurts my head that the North and East conferences are in the Midwest, and not in the Northeast.
  10. I would also like to see what the identity would look like without bubbles.
  11. Jake3.roo

    Austin SC logo

    These look great, however, I can't help but read "SAC" in that last one.
  12. So while the logos look cool, nothing about that says "kings" to me. I understand the reference to playing cards, but that is more of a Las Vegas thing than Reno. I'd work at least some sort of crown into the mix.