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  1. I would rework the Bandits logo so that the eye and (idk, ear thing?) look different. It looks a little confusing right now and could use a little refinement.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the number fonts, a. lot of them feel bland and ill-fitting to their teams. I think custom number fonts would make each team look better. Also, punchy gungus made a great point about the chicago machine logo. I'd decrease the number of cogs on the gear, evenly space them, and have the outline be constant (see the end points of the C)
  3. That's an awesome realignment setup, but I have to ask about a couple decisions. Why does Kansas survive but not Oklahoma State? Also while 60 is a satisfying round number, I feel like programs like Boise State, SMU, UCF, Cincinnati are hard to exclude. I'm not even sure BYU deverves a spot over Boise, if I'm honest. I hate to pick apart concepts like this because the perfect response is just "ok then make your own concept", but I am curious about the thought process there.
  4. I think it's interesting that the first picture that Dilbert posted is different from the ones that EddieJ has. Look at how the I's line up in the first one, I like it better that way.
  5. I disagree. I think it's cool and quirky to play off of that logo shape and coloration.
  6. I would rotate the entire script (just the letters) about 10-15 degrees clockwise so it doesn't feel like it's falling off the side.
  7. Temple has that beautiful cherry and white that would look great on the phillies. Sure, they don't have a varsity baseball team, but I personally played against their club baseball team recently, and their colors do look nice. Not sure if Villanova would look as good, but it would be worth a look. Also St. Joes is Maroon and grey. That could look good too? I may be biased, but I do think Penn is the best move.
  8. Yeah, Phillies should be Penn or Temple (Temple has better colors, I'll admit). I don't know about San Fransisco. I don't think Stanford's colors would suit them well. I wonder if Berkeley is a stretch? Unless they become Oakland... Also I think the Yankees would look great in Columbia blue, but I also might enjoy NYU Purple.
  9. Didn't USF have a logo revolt at some point?
  10. I think the issue with this logo is that it has a lot of detail up top and then a lot of empty space on the ship. I'd simplify up top and think about general shapes. Also, the water at the bottom looks weird. If you don't understand what I mean, look at the NFL's logos. Almost all of them are balanced in terms of detail (Falcons, Broncos, Vikings being great examples), and those that aren't as balanced are unbalanced in such a way to drive the attention in a certain direction intentionally (Panthers, Rams, Eagles)
  11. Jake3.roo

    Super Bowl IVXX

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  12. I have to ask, why that version of the LIV logo? Why not the real one with all of the gradients?
  13. I'd flip the direction of the fillets on the A of LA. That way it flows with the L curve.
  14. Jake3.roo

    Superb Owl LIV

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