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  1. The Tampa flag is amazing. I wish more flags embraced weirder shapes. That said, an update is in order, although I hope they don't sterilize it too much.
  2. Ooh I love this. May I suggest the angels back to red & yellow? The Phillies back to powder blue & maroon? The cubs back to blue and gold? The cardinals to red and powder blue? The twins to Purple and blue? The Indians Cleveland Baseball Team to just blue/black?
  3. I'm gonna be honest, the copper really takes away from the concept imo. I think you have a very sleek, modern look, and then pair it with a rustic color,a nd it doesn't do your design justice. I'd maybe go blue/black/white? or blue/blue/white? Or even a galaxy purple?
  4. I'm gonna be honest, I don't love the Pittsburgh Stallions. I think there's more that can be made out of a team name like that. The current design has some slight legibility issues, and I don't think it has as much character as some of your other designs. That said, I love the voyageurs. I wonder if putting the M in a color other than white would make it more clear the face of the voyageur in the back. May I suggest powder blue? \ I'm sad to see the old Suns wordmark go because I loved it, but this is a nice evolution. And I absolutely love the tridents. It's maybe not quite era-accurate, but it looks fantastic.
  5. I can't wait to watch the 30 for 30 on the '78 Toros. What happened there? As for the concepts- I'm absolutely in love with some of the simpler designs: LA, Boston, Atlanta (twice)! The name that has been bouncing around in my head is San Diego Sandcastles, but that feels a little Brandiose to be major league. I'm also curious to see if you stick to classic color schemes for places like Pittsburgh, Miami, and New Orleans.
  6. As a Philadelphian, I know a lot of us absolutely hate the look of the Comcast Technology Center (or "the middle finger") and I really don't mind it not being included in a logo of the skyline. Liberty One/Two and the Mellon center are the most iconic philly skyscrapers, and the other iconic buildings are all smaller (city hall, PECO, etc). Also I know this is not the point but I kinda hate the direction Philly development is going. All the new big buildings have ugly logos on them (FMC, WSFS) , and I hate the fact that they're building up west philly even more. FMC Tower is especially heartbreaking, and breaks up the skyline in a way I really don't like
  7. I've been lurking on this thread since its inception, and I am overwhelmed with the consistent quality, creativity, and beauty of this extraordinary number of concepts. This is an outstandingly huge series and you knocked it out of the park. I'm sad to see it over but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing each concept, and I love the cohesiveness of each set, and the little quirks put into each and every school's set.
  8. I'm also a teenager, although I did find this community when I was 11, and spent a year or so lurking. I find this form of social media (if you can even call it that) so much more friendly, fun, and productive than places like reddit and the like.
  9. These are fantastic! I personally love the new Fox bug, and I loved the old "FOX box", but I find I hate the flat, non-gradiented score bugs. The ESPN ones also have always looked great imo.
  10. New mexico flag beats a C any day, sorry @DTConcepts. My rankings: 1. New mexico 2. Arizona 3. South Carolina 4. Maryland 5. Colorado HM: California
  11. I don't hate this case of "sans-serif lowercase". Considering it's basically the same as the old logo, minus the circle, it's a lateral move for me. Watching the video though, a lot of their other icons look fantastic and it seems like they put together a pretty good, cohesive package. Overall, an upgrade.
  12. It's an incredibly recent example, I know, but I have no doubt that in 10 years, seeing pictures of Machado and Tatis in the blue/white Padres uniforms will look weird.
  13. Woohoo! I'm very proud of myself for my first ever gold medal here. But what makes this so special was how many great entries there were in this event. Just about every single one was a high quality, well-put-together identity, and I especially applaud @Josef_Bretones and @scottyeagle for their medal-winning entries as well. Thank you, and good luck.