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  1. Probably the first song from the line-up I think would win the contest, Norway has gone with Gåte's "Ulveham". It's a great song from a great band and I recommend it.
  2. Malta has decided to go with Loop by Sarah Bonnici. Not much I can do.
  3. 6th country is a returning country after 30 years, Luxembourg with 'Fighter' by Tali. My most unanticipated country at the beginning, and then they revealed no local songwriters were involved with any of the songs except one and also the contest was organized by a foreign company. Couple that with the artist controversy (same reason as why I'm not doing *sr**l and *z*rb**j*n) and all the songs being so mid that I struggle to make anything out of it, and the result is a very low-effort kit from me.
  4. Took a long time (so much that there is now 20 songs released out of the 34 I'll make, with 4 more coming by the 29th) but finally here is country no. 5, Ireland with 'Doomsday Blue' by Bambie Thug. Thank Ireland for being interesting this year otherwise, y'all would get just a plain colour shirt (like Luxembourg who are up next).
  5. stupid thing to complain but I wish Novi Plan Drugi San was in this year's Serbian selection instead of last year's because that's a bop and I want to make a kit for it.
  6. lol that's where the name comes from (a part of her real name means raven).
  7. Country 4, Slovenia with their entry 'Veronika' by Raiven released in 20th January. This was hard to conceptualise considering the directions the music video went and I wish I incorporated more stuff like the silver ferns or the one black outfit underwater but for now, this is it. and the song is my favourite so far.
  8. Since the artist we got (Olly Alexander) was English, I am most likely doing just England. Maybe Scotland as well as there is a chance if the UK wins, the host will be Glasgow. The other 2 don't really have much going on in terms of Eurovision involvement
  9. No.3 is Albania. Besa won the right to represent Albania on December 22nd with Zemrën N’dorë. This took a while to imagine how it would look ( that 3 more songs came out) and I am worried looking at the next 2.
  10. The second country is Czechia. Their representative Aiko won the national final on December 13th with the song 'Pedestal'. I'll be honest, it was a bit hard trying to capture the song into a kit.
  11. I love the unusual topics on the forum. Daegu is my favourite here.
  12. Note: all the kit manufacturers are replaced by the country's national broadcaster for this. (ex: England gets the BBC instead of Nike)
  13. The first country to release the song, and get a kit, is 2022 World Cup finalists and 5-time Eurovision winners France, who released their song back in November 9th 2023. The song they went with, 'Mon amour' by Slimane, is a ballad about a person wanting their (former) lover and wanting them to come back to Paris. As such the kit takes inspiration from the Eiffel Tower and the outfit Slimane uses for his live performances of the song.
  14. I have decided to combine the two things on my mind for most of the last year, Football(Soccer) and the Eurovision Song Contest. Originally planned to be a crossover with Euro 2024, I remembered the fact that there are some teams that are not in one or the other competition and the UK is split into its constituent parts. So I'll just be making the Football kits based on each country's song and artist and also use the existing Malmö 24 branding. Enjoy!
  15. Well, that's it for 2023. Plans for 2024 in terms of concepts, In the Alt Asia 2050 series, finish up soccer, basketball and baseball and then start any 4 of Kabaddi, Volleyball, Aussie Rules, Handball, Field Hockey or Ice Hockey for India. Also, find a rugby and American football template for the last 3 parts. Then maybe start thinking about 2075 concepts but that one is too far away. Do non-Indian leagues for Alt Asia 2050, such as a Turkish Baseball League, NPB expansion, Asian continental basketball, Super Rugby across all Asian regions etc. Besides that, I'm planning to do Eurovision x Euro 2024 jersey concepts. Also, more World Cup/World Championship logo concepts. Anyways, Happy New Year 2024 for anyone seeing this.
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