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  1. 1985-86 Regular Season The 1985-86 season featured the debut of Lokomotiv Tyulsk (representing the transportation industry) and SKA Dnitrolovsk (representing the military in the second largest military HQ in the country). Due to political upheaval in Ostrovia and increased tensions with the Soviet Union, several top players defected to North America. In uniform news, Krilya Sovietov went back to their original red uniforms, Metallurg changed their look a bit, Lokomotiv took to the ice with their classic purple and gold look, and SKA Dnitrolovsk sported their military uniform inspired threads. Instead of a K for the captain, they used stars on their shoulders like the military. Western Division 1. SKA Khirov 52-10-16 120 pts 2. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 51-22-5 107 pts 3. Shakhtor Gorabinsk 47-23-8 102 pts 4. Spartak Khirov 37-27-14 88 pts 5. Neftyanik Kligulma 37-30-11 85 pts 6. Khimik Piolsta 32-37-9 73 pts 7. Dynamo Khirov 27-41-10 64 pts 8. Lokomotiv Tyulsk 12-60-6 30 pts SKA Khirov was dominant throughout the season despite a less than potent offense. Mordekai Kadishov led the club in scoring with 44 goals and 53 assists for 97 points, but the real story was goaltender Dmitri Nikitin who played some amazing hockey. With a GAA of 2.26 and 6 shutouts, offenses in the OHF just couldn't figure him out. SKA Khirov lost star defenseman Ben Persky to defection midway through the year. Krilya Sovietov was once again led by the league's top scorer Alexander Bachinsky who tallied 56 goals and 77 assists for 133 points and the league's top defenseman Alexander Telenkov who scored 30 goals and 71 assists for 101 points. Star goalie Igor Vosiyev defected to Canada, so the club picked up aging veteran Elisheva Chertok from Toronto to fill in with Sergei Syrubko. Shakhtor Gorabinsk had an exciting season getting 107 points from young star Boris Rybikov (40G 67A) and 100 points from rookie Mikhail Simonov (50G 50A). Shakhtor led the league in penalty minutes with 6 different players registering triple-digit PIMs. The 4th line of Dmitry Ivlev (212), Andrei Shalygin (233), and notorious goon Gregor Stoltin (296) combined for 741 PIMs. They were so feared by the league that a few teams hired local gangsters to play when they came to town. Erik Marinkovic did reasonably well in goal with a 2.43 GAA and 4 shutouts. Spartak Khirov improved greatly thanks to the top line of Grigoriy Potapov, Akseli Koskela, and Andrei Kuzmichev who combined for 116 goals. Valeri Vyatkin had his best season yet recording 5 shutouts and a 2.76 GAA. They found themselves in playoff contention in just their third year in the league. Neftyanik Kligulma had a decent year and a winning season, but they still missed the playoffs. Their goaltending was good as always with Yuri Bezukladnikov and Andrei Shcherbak combining for a 2.51 GAA and 7 shutouts. Scoring was led by Vladimir Formin and his 41 goals. Their season came down to the last 2 games where they lost to Spartak and Zenit. Khimik Piolsta suffered from a lack of scoring throught their season. With only Ilias Frankau recording more than 30 goals, Khimik was never really in the playoff conversation. Dynamo Khirov lost some solid players to defecetion, but gained an amazing rookie, Alexei Musayev who scored 33 goals and 48 assists for 81 points. Goaltending was the biggest stumbling block with veteran Elisheva Chertok traded to Krilya Sovietov, Boris Bugriyev defecting to the USA, and youngster Mikhail Devyatkov shaky at best with a 3.89 GAA in 42 games. Despite making it into the big-league, Lokomotiv Tyulsk lost a significant amount of players to defection, and didn't have many options in the expansion draft. Former OHF player Viktor Petrochinin served as the head coach for the first 47 games before he was fired and came on as a 44-year old skater. Anatoly Sinyak did poorly in goal with a GAA of 4.87 and was traded for unproven youngster Juris Volkovs who did a little bit better. Eastern Division 1. Zenit Bulganinograd 42-27-9 93 pts 2. Metallurg Novyzamok 37-29-12 86 pts 3. Torpedo Nizhnereka 37-30-11 85 pts 4. SKA Dnitrolovsk 32-34-12 76 pts 5. Stroitel Ostis 31-36-11 73 pts 6. Kransoye Znamya Molotovograd 25-38-15 65 pts 7. Tekstilschik Batapol 22-47-9 53 pts 8. Traktor Pavlivostok 16-46-16 48 pts Zenit Bulganinograd suffered the worst from defections losing their star player Sergei Molchan. His cousin Igor Molchan led the club in scoring with 41 goals and 51 assists for 92 points. Sergejs Votinovs was second in scoring with 39 goals and 51 assists, but was affected deeply by losing Sergei Molchan from his line as they were close friends. Sergei Bachinsky was solid again in net with a GAA of 2.51 and 4 shutouts. The defending King's Cup champs Metallurg Novyzamok had another decent year with Valeri Gyolo and Vadim Tolmachev each scoring 50 goals. Ruslan Varnakov and Dmitri Averkin combined for 7 shutouts sending Metallurg back to the playoffs. Torpedo Nizhnereka had an exceptional year spurred on by the hard-nosed play of Sergei Burlutsky who in addition to leading the club in PIMs with 144, also led in scoring with 31 goals and 52 assists for 83 points. Alexander Glukhov led the club in goals with 35, but only chipped in 32 assists for 67 points. Valeri Mostovoy was effective in net but was assisted greatly by a good defense. SKA Dnitrolovsk surprised everyone by making the playoffs in their first year. Scoring was led by Svyatoslav Spiridonv who netted 29 goals and 37 assists for 67 points, but scoring was scarce. SKA Dnitro picked up Vladislav Voevodin in the expansion draft, and he performed very well registering 4 shutouts and a 3.01 GAA. Backup Sergei Pogodin also did well in his first OHF season with a 3.10 GAA and 2 shutouts of his own. Stroitel Ostis had a better season than the last few years with some much-needed goals from Mikhail Andriyevskiy (39G) and Nikita Firsov (36G). Sergei Kramer was stellar in net with a 2.82 GAA and 5 shutouts, but he was hampered by minor injuries and a relatively weak offense. Kransoye Znamya Molotovograd fell off from the previous few years with shaky goaltending and limited scoring as the culprit. Vladisvlav Ragulin scored 44 goals and 39 assists for 83 pts, but nobody else on the team broke 50 points. Starting netminder duties passed around between Ivan Osipov, Valery Musakayev, and Dov Zakryatin without any goalie really establishing themselves as the bona fide starter. Tekstilschik Batapol had a very poor season despite leading the league in attendance and having the most rabid fans in the league. Only Saul Benshahar and Stanislav Panfilov scored more than 30 goals with 39 and 31 respectively. Tekstilschik had 4 different goalies play in games throughout the season and all of them had over 4 GAA. Traktor Pavlivostok had an awful season and considered folding before receiving an influx of cash from the Soviet State Committee for Sports and Physical Education. Scoring was abysmal with only Tomas Ivanov scoring more than 25 goals with 28. Maxim Kulakov made a ton of saves and actually had a respectable .903 save percentage, but had no defense in front of him and recorded a 4.02 GAA.
  2. 1985 King's Cup Playoffs Quarterfinals #1 Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs #4 Dynamo Khirov Krilya Sovietov swept Dynamo without too much effort. Dynamo goalie Boris Bugriyev was pulled in all but game 2. Alexander Bachinsky scored a hat trick in game 3 to help Krilya Sovietov to a 6-5 victory. This got out of control in game 4 with Krilya Sovietov blowing out Dynamo at home. Play was delayed twice as fans threw rubbish onto the ice. #2 Neftyanik Kligulma vs #3 SKA Khirov SKA Khirov held on to defeat Neftyanik in six games. Alexander Ryzhikh tied game one late in the third period for Neftyanik, but Nikolai Anyukov scored 3 minutes into overtime for the SKA victory. SKA forward Avisha Zlato had a 4-goal outburst in the third period of game 2 to lead SKA to a 5-2 victory. The final game of the series is to date the longest in OHF history. After trading goals during regulation, it would take until 9 minutes into the 6th overtime when SKA defenseman Ben Persky scored on a rocket from the point to win the series. #1 Zenit Bulganinograd vs #4 Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd Zenit entered the playoffs as the Eastern Division champions with 107 points, and Krasnoye Znamya just squeaked in by finishing the season with a 9 game winning streak. Despite the overwhelming odds, Krasnoye Znamya held off Zenit in seven games to advance. Zenit forward Igor Molchan scored the overtime winner in a 2-1 victory for game one. In game two, Krasnoye Znamya took a lead early and never looked back winning the next three games. Zenit's offense came back to life in games 5 and 6 netting 5 goals in each, but Krasnoye Znamya goalie Vladimir Kovalenko stood on his head to shut out Zenit in game 7 in their own barn. This series was the beginning of what would become a brutal rivalry. #2 Torpedo Nizhnereka vs #3 Metallurg Novyzamok Despite a slew of goals from Torpedo, Metallurg knocked them out in just five games. Torpedo embarrassed Metallurg in game one with Nikolai Yelovskikh shutting them out 6-0. After game one and a stern chewing out from head coach Ivan Khalanin, the team came together and won the next four games. Semifinals Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs SKA Khirov In a rematch of last year's semifinal, Krilya Sovietov had the last laugh in 1985. Despite decent goaltending from SKA's Dmitri Nikitin, SKA suffered from untimely goals and an anemic offense, and they were eliminated in six games. SKA forward Vladimir Razin was suspended for the rest of the series and 5 games in the 1985-86 season for a nasty two handed slash on Krilya Sovietov goaltender Sergei Syrubko. Metallurg Novyzamok vs Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd Metallurg eliminated Krasnoye Znamya in just five games. Valeri Gyolo scored twice in game three for Metallurg as they took a commanding 3 game series lead. Krasnoye Znamya jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first period of game four and held on to win 5-4. Gyolo recorded four points in game 5 as Metallurg earned their first trip to the King's Cup finals. Finals Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs Metallurg Novyzamok The 1985 Kings Cup finals may as well have been renamed the Vadim Tolmachev show. The young rookie lit the lamp consistantly scoring hat tricks in games 1, 4, and 5. Goaltending was abysmal on both sides and goals came easily and frequently. Metallurg jumped to a commanding 3 goal lead which proved insurmountable for Krilya Sovietov. Metallurg won a fast paced game 6 on home ice for their first King's Cup. Because of his dominant play, Tolmachev was awarded the Usenko Cup for playoff MVP. 1985 Awards For the first year, the OHF recognized the best rookie with the Tankov Trophy. King's Cup (OHF Champion) - Metallurg Novyzamok Usenko Cup (Playoff MVP) - Vadim Tolmachev, Metallurg Novyzamok Babikov Trophy (Top Scorer) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Rogov Cup (Most Goals) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Lyovkin Trophy (Best Goaltender) - Sergei Bachinsky, Zenit Bulganinograd Yanikovsky Trophy (Best Defenseman) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Khanin Trophy (Regular Season MVP) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Tankov Trophy (Best Rookie) - Dmitri Nikitin, SKA Khirov 1st Team All-Stars G - Sergei Bachinsky, Zenit Bulganinograd D - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin D - Viktor Bem, Neftyanik Kligulma C - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin LW - Boris Rybikov, Shakhtor Gorabinsk RW - Sergei Molchan, Zenit Bulganinograd 2nd Team All-Stars G - Dmitri Nikitin, SKA Khirov D - Vladimir Gorodovoy, Torpedo Nizhnereka D - Oleg Kynazev, Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd C - Vladimir Formin, Neftyanik Kligulma LW - Avisha Zlato, SKA Khirov RW - Alexander Ryzhik, Neftyanik Kligulma
  3. The cooking doesn't take too long, but the prep does. I'd highly suggest doing large batches. Ostrovian cuisine does have quite a bit in common with Scandinavian cuisine, however, there is quite a bit of Slavic and Jewish influence.
  4. 1984-85 Regular Season The 1984-85 season was a huge year for rookies. Spartak Khirov's Andrei Kuzmichev scored 44 goals, setting the new record for a rookie. Zuriel Yushkevich debuted for SKA Khirov scoring 30 goals in his first campaign. Dmitri Nikitin continued his winning ways becoming SKA's new starter in his first full season, and Maxim Kulakov had an decent first season in goal for Traktor Pavlivostok. In uniform news, Neftyanik Kligulma updated their white jersey fixing the color balance. Western Division 1. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 54-13-11 119 pts 2. Neftyanik Kligulma 48-17-13 109 pts 3. SKA Khirov 46-16-16 108 pts 4. Dynamo Khirov 33-31-14 80 pts 5. Shakhtor Gorabinsk 26-38-14 66 pts 6. Khimik Piolsta 26-38-14 66 pts 7. Spartak Khirov 16-43-19 51 pts Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin had another amazing season thanks to goaltender Igor Vosiyev and his unbelievable 31 game undefeated streak. Although they had fallen a bit from their overwhelming offensive dominance from the previous season, they still managed to finish first in the standings again. Alexander Bachinsky led the league in scoring with an astounding 71 goals and 67 assists for 137 points. Alexander Telenkov finished in second with 38 goals and 81 assists for 119 points. Neftyanik Kligulma dominated most of its opponents in the 1984-85 season. Vladimir Formin was leading the league in scoring in front of Krilya Sovietov's Alexander Bachinsky, but he suffered a concussion putting him out for four weeks. He still managed to finish third in scoring with 47 goals and 64 assists for 111 points behind Bachinsky and Telenkov. Alexander Ryzhikh led the team in goals with 51. He also contibuted 57 assists for 108 points, good enough for fourth in the league. Andrei Shcherbak took a bit of a step back sharing the crease more equally with Yuri Bezukladnikov. Though he played fewer games, Bezukladnikov was the hotter goalie with 3 hutouts and a 2.12 GAA. SKA Khirov was led in scoring by Alexander Anyukov who had his best season scoring 44 goals and 54 assists for 96 points. Goal scoring was led by Avisha Zlato with 47. They really shook things up in the goaltending department trading last year's regular season starter Sergei Kramer to Stroitel Ostis for goalie Dmitri Averkin, a couple young prospects. Dmitri Nikitin started in the majority of games recording a 2.24 GAA and 8 shutouts. Dynamo Khirov again rode the goaltending tandem of Boris Bugriyev and 44 year old Elisheva Chertok to a successful season. Mikhail Makeyev lead the team in points with 73 while Vladislav Lyapukov led the team in goals with 39. Shakhtor Gorabinsk had tragedy strike as goaltender Denis Shulyov suffered a heart attack during a game against Tektilschik. He passed away a few days later in the hospital. His number 1 was not officially retired, but has not been worn again to this day. As a team, they led the league in PIMs with 4 different players finishing with 0ver 150. Scoring was led by Boris Rybikov with 36 goals and 47 assists for 83 points. Khimik Piolsta had a fairly young team with their top 3 scorers and starting goalie all under 25. Evgeny Dmitriyev and Sergei Razin each scored 30 goals. Ilias Frankau led the team in points with 17 goals and 46 assists for 61. Goalie Maxim Igonchenko was the starter recording a shutout and a 3.22 GAA. Spartak Khirov had some decent scoring from their top line of Andrei Kuzmichev (44G, 30A, 74P), Grigoriy Potapov (26G, 48A, 74P), and Vladislav Belekov (20G, 28A, 48P), but it dropped off sharply from there. Goaltending was mediocre at best with Valeri Vyatkin recording a 3.51 GAA and 2 shutouts in 63 games. Eastern Division 1. Zenit Bulganinograd 46-17-15 107 pts 2. Torpedo Nizhnereka 37-29-12 86 pts 3. Metallurg Novyzamok 33-35-10 76 pts 4. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd 28-39-11 67 pts 5. Traktor Pavlivostok 21-39-18 60 pts 6. Stroitel Ostis 20-49-9 49 pts 7. Tekstilschik Batapol 20-50-8 48 pts Zenit Bulganinograd was again dominant with Sergei Molchan leading the club in scoring with 52 goals and 43 assists for 95 points. He shocked the hockey world when he announced it would be his final season despite being only 33. His younger brother Igor Molchan was third on the team in scoring with 30 goals and 39 assists for 69 points. They also picked up a solid backup in Igor Rulin from Traktor Pavlivostok in exchange for rookie goaltender Maxim Kulakov in an even trade. Starter Sergei Bachinsky lead the league with 9 shutouts. Rulin chipped in with another 5 shutouts and a very decent 2.42 GAA. Torpedo Nizhnereka had a very good season thanks to 39 year old Nikolai Yelovskikh who recorded 2 shutouts and led the league with a 1.77 GAA and Valeri Mostovoy who added 3 shutouts. They were definitely a tougher team to play after picking up Sergei Burlutsky in a trade with Traktor Pavlivostok. Valeri Rukas led the team in scoring with 32 goals and 32 assists for 64 points. Metallurg Novyzamok was a lot better this season thanks to some youngsters. Rookie Vadim Tolmachev led the club in scoring with 30 goals and 51 assists for 81 points. Valeri Gyolo finished second in points with 72, but first on the team in goals with 43. Alexander Pletnyov did well in his first full season with the club with 28 goals and 41 assists for a respectable 69 points. Andrei Shaidullin was the starting goalie for Metallurg after signing as a free agent in the off-season. He recorded 4 shutouts. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd had a weaker season after playing so well the last few years. They were led in scoring by Vladislav Ragulin with 70 points, but scoring dropped off steeply after him. With Yegor Yakupov going out with an injury and then being traded away to SKA Khirov, 5 other goalies saw action with Vladimir Kovalenko getting in on 30, Valery Musakayev in on 28, Dmitry Shafronov in on 16, Andrei Koreshov in on 10, and Ivan Osipov in on 2. Traktor Pavlivostok started very poorly losing their first 11 games, but had a late season surge thanks to the acquisiston of Yves Caron. Rookie goalie Maxim Kulakov looked really good at times recording 4 shutouts. Stroitel Ostis suffered from terrible luck throughout the season with leading scorer Erkki Kartunen (27G 28A 55P) ending his season early due to minor injuries suffered in a train accident. The next leading scorer Nikolai Borodulin (23G 29A 52P) broke his wrist toward the end of the season, and Alexander Vorobiev (21G 29A 50P) pulled his hamstring in practice putting him out for a few games. Vladimir Karpov returned to the club, but his game wasn't at the same level it was before his arrest. Goaltending improved with the acquisition of Sergei Kramer, but it took him a while to get used to the new club's system and his numbers suffered. Rookie goalie Juris Volkovs got into 6 games and looked really solid but was sent back to the minor leagues to mature. Tekstilschik Batapol finished at the bottom of the league but was hopeful. Stanislav Panfilov and Dmitry Solomatov tied with 66 points to lead the club in scoring. Panfilov had 32 goals and 34 assists while Solomatov had 29 and 37. The downfall of the club was weak goaltending with starter Vitaly Panov and backups Maxim Marchkov and Evgeny Starkovsky all registering over 4 GAA.
  5. Ostrovian Culture As previously mentioned, Ostrovia was originally settled by Scandanavian explorers before becoming Slavic, so there is an interesting mix of cultures similar to the Baltic states. The traditional dress for the first several centuries in Ostrovia was entirely utilitarian. It wasn't until the 1400s that people began to wear more vibrant clothing and what is now viewed as traditional Ostrovian garb came to be. Every spring, Ostrovians wear their traditional clothing, eat traditional Ostrovian foods, and sing and dance to traditional music to celebrate surviving another brutal winter. Traditional Ostrovian Clothing (1890, recolored) original image from http://folkcostume.blogspot.com, edited by Jordan Roberts Ostrovians love smoked food, especially fish which are abundant in the rivers and surrounding seas. The National Dish is Smoked Cod with baked Potatoes. Now, thanks to the Ostrovian Ministry of Culture, you can make it too with this recipe: 2lbs of fish fillets (cod is best, although whitefish, slamon, and walleye do very well with this recipe) Dry Brine: 1/3 cup (43g) dark brown sugar 1/4 cup (32g) Yuri's seasoned salt (Lawry's will do in North America) 1/2 tsp (2.1g) pepper 1/2 tsp (2.1g) smoked paprika 1/2 tsp (2.1g) onion powder 1/2 tsp (2.1g) celery seed Pat dry your fish fillets with paper towel and then spread a thick layer of the dry brine (about half of the dry brine) on each side of the fish. Refrigerate uncovered for 2-4 hours. Rinse the dry brine off the fish and pat dry with paper towel. It should be tacky to the touch. Spread a thin layer of the dry brine over the fish and put it into your preheated smoker at 195 degrees F (91 degrees C) Use fruit wood chips like apple or cherry for the best flavor. Add more chips as necessary. Cook the fish for about 2 hours or until the temperature in the middle of the fish is 145 degrees F (63 degrees C) Serve with baked potatoes and dark beer. Now you too can enjoy Ostrovian food! This is actually my favorite (real life, my personal) smoked fish recipe.
  6. 1984 King's Cup Playoffs Quarterfinals #1 Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs #4 Dynamo Khirov This high scoring matchup featured hat tricks from Krilya Sovietov's Alexander Telenkov and Alexander Bachinsky in games 1 and 5 respectively and Dynamo Khirov's Dmitri Simutenkov in game 2. The explosive offense of Krilya Sovietov proved too much and they advanced in 6 games. Because of an injury to Krilya Sovietov's Viacheslav Usoltsev, Yves Caron got called up for game 3 becoming the first North American player to play in the OHF. #2 Neftyanik Kligulma vs #3 SKA Khirov Neftyanik looked a lot better on paper coming into this series, but SKA Khirov's defense and goaltending was solid. Dmitri Nikitin shut out Neftyanik in 3 games in his first OHF playoff games after spending the first several years of his careers in the minors. SKA's Ben Persky scored the overtime winner in game 5 to send the club to the semifinals. #1 Zenit Bulganinograd vs #4 Stroitel Ostis Zenit had no problems at all with Stroitel putting up a ton of goals in their sweep. Sergei Bachinsky was in rare form shutting out Stroitel in game 3. #2 Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd vs #3 Torpedo Nizhnereka In a rematch of last year's semifinals, Torpedo pushed Krasnoye Znamya to seven games and emerged victorious thanks to a scoring explosion in game seven. Gleb Galuzin and Alexander Glukhov each had 2 goals in game 7. Semifinals Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs SKA Khirov Despite Krilya Sovietov beating SKA Khirov in 7 of their 8 regular season matchups, they were upset in seven games thanks to the red hot goaltending of Dmitri Nikitin. Throughout the first game and first 2 periods of game 2 Krilya Sovietov was in charge. With Krilya Sovietov up 6-1 going into the third period of game 2, SKA Khirov scored 6 unanswered goals for the huge comeback win. Zenit Bulganinograd vs Torpedo Nizhnereka In one of the most exciting playoff matchups in OHF history, Torpedo forced Zenit to play all 7 games before finally going down. Zenit's Sergei Molchan was amazing scoring at least once in every game except game 3. Game 6 was the longest to date making it 14 minutes into triple overtime before Torpedo defenseman Vladimir Gorodovoy fired the puck into the zone and it took a funny bounce beating Sergei Bachinsky for the winner. Torpedo actually led game 7 going into the final minutes, Zenit scored with an extra attacker to tie, scored again even strength, and scored the final empty net goal to earn their first King's Cup finals berth. Finals Zenit Bulganinograd vs SKA Khirov Brothers Alexander and Nikolai Anyukov were the offensive stars of the 1984 King's Cup Finals combining for 9 goals in the series. Yet again Dmitri Nikitin was solid in net despite the offensive firepower of Zenit. The home team won each of the first six games, and things looked good for Zenit going into the second period of game seven up 2-0. Nikitin had other ideas as he shut them out for the rest of the game, while Mordekai Kadishov cut the lead in half on a 2-on-1 play, and Yitschok Rabbinovits scored two in the third to tie the game and then take the lead. After the game, SKA Khirov captain Anton Latchman announced his retirement from hockey after an amazing career in the OHF and pre-OHF Ostrovian League. 1984 Awards King's Cup (OHF Champion) - SKA Khirov Usenko Cup (Playoff MVP) - Dmitri Nikitin, SKA Khirov Babikov Trophy (Top Scorer) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Rogov Cup (Most Goals) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Lyovkin Trophy (Best Goaltender) - Andrei Shcherbak, Neftyanik Kligulma Yanikovsky Trophy (Best Defenseman) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Khanin Trophy (Regular Season MVP) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 1st Team All-Stars G - Andrei Shcherbak, Neftyanik Kligulma D - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin D - Ben Persky, SKA Khirov C - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin LW - Viacheslav Usoltsev, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin RW - Sergei Margiyev, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 2nd Team All-Stars G - Elisheva Chertok, Dynamo Khirov D - Vladimir Gorodovoy, Torpedo Nizhnereka D - Mikhail Desyatkov, Tekstilschik Batapol C - Dmitri Simutenkov, Dynamo Khirov LW - Avisha Zlato, SKA Khirov RW - Sergei Molchan, Zenit Bulganinograd After the season completed, the league announced that there would be more expansion coming soon. They would be adding 2 teams each from the Ostrovia League-2 in the 1985-86 and 1987-88 seasons.
  7. Alright, I'm back. I was out for a few days getting my wisdom teeth out. Good fun! 1983-84 Regular Season As previously announced the league expanded and also decided to realign a bit into the Western and Eastern Divisions. In uniform news, Krilya Sovietov changed their look much to the dismay of fans, having worn red as their main color since the 1940s. Western Division 1. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 57-14-7 121 pts 2. Neftyanik Kligulma 49-18-11 109 pts 3. SKA Khirov 42-23-13 97 pts 4. Dynamo Khirov 37-33-8 82 pts 5. Shakhtor Gorabinsk 28-33-17 73 pts 6. Spartak Khirov 24-39-15 63 pts 7. Khimik Piolsta 21-37-20 62 pts Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin had a ridiculous year leading in all important statistical categories. Alexander Bachinsky led the league in goals with 77 while Sergei Margiyev was second with 51 and Viacheslav Usoltsev was fourth with 43. Alexander Telenkov led with 102 assists followed by Bachinsky, Margiyev, Usoltsev, and Valeri Ponomarenko before another team showed up on the list. The top 4 point-getters in the league were Bachinsky with 166, Telenkov with 159, Margiyev with 126, and Usoltsev with 105. Krilya Sovietov even led in PIMs with Svyatoslav Vambolt picking up 294. They seemed absolutely unstoppable going into the playoffs. Although Neftyanik Kligulma wasn't on the same level offensively, goalie Andrei Shcherbak was amazing yet again registering a 2.16 GAA and 8 shutouts. He was backed up by Yuri Bezukladnikov who chipped in 4 shutouts of his own and a 2.30 GAA. SKA Khirov sorted themselves out after a disappointing season led by the scoring line of Anton Latchman, Ben Persky, and Mordekai Kadishov. The addition of Alexander Anyukov joining his brother Nikolai on the second line also boosted their offensive abilities and as a result, they found themselves back in the playoffs. Although Sergei Kramer and Vladislav Voevodin were decent in net, career minor leaguer Dmitri Nikitin got the call-up late in the season and played exceptionally well earning the number one spot to start the playoffs. Dynamo Khirov picked up promising goalie Boris Bugriyev as well as a 2nd round draft pick from Shakhtor Gorabinsk for goalie Denis Shulyov and fourth line forward Alexander Tsygurov. In the second half of the season Bugriyev formed a goaltending tandem with 43 year old Elisheva Chertok, who they picked up from Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd in the off-season, that pulled Dynamo out of the depths of the standings and into playoff contention. Shakhtor Gorabinsk did fairly well after an awful 1982-83 season thanks to young rookie Boris Rybikov who scored 34 goals for the club. Erik Marinković had his best season yet with Boris Bugriyev out of the picture recording 3 shutouts and a 2.66 GAA. Despite this upturn, they did not make the playoffs. Spartak Khirov did exceptionally well in their first season in the league led in scoring by rookie Grigoriy Potapov who had spent the previous season at the University of Khirov. Spartak picked up goalie Valeri Vyatkin from Metallurg Novyzamok for two picks in the 1984 draft, and the change in scenery seemed to do well for him as he recorded 3 shutouts, and a decent 2.99 GAA. Khimik Piolsta took a massive step back after a successful 1982-83 campaign with a drought in scoring. Khimik rotated through 5 goalies with Andrei Shaidullin getting the majority of starts but recording a pedestrian 3.44 GAA. Eastern Division 1. Zenit Bulganinograd 49-20-9 107 pts 2. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd 34-25-19 87 pts 3. Torpedo Nizhnereka 28-34-16 72 pts 4. Stroitel Ostis 25-40-13 62 pts 5. Tekstilschik Batapol 24-46-8 56 pts 6. Metallurg Novyzamok 22-45-11 55 pts 7. Traktor Pavlivostok 20-53-5 45 pts As expected Zenit Bulganinograd had a great year led in scoring by Sergei Molchan (42G 58A 100P) and Sergejs Votinovs (26G 50A 76P). Sergei Bachinsky was solid in net recording 6 shutouts and a 2.27 GAA. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd had a good season despite losing their top scorer in a trade. Mosheh Dresner and Alexei Metlyuk picked up the slack in scoring tying for 63 points each. Goaltending duties were mostly handled by Vladimir Kovalenko with Viktor Bogayev taking a backseat. He retired at the end of the season to make room for rookie Yegor Yakupov who showed quite a bit of promise. Torpedo Nizhnereka had a bit of an identity crisis never really figuring out what kind of team they'd be. Sometimes, they would play a flashy offensive game, other times they would be more physical, and on other nights they were pure garbage. Scoring was led by youngsters Mikhail Koftun, Valeri Rukas, Alexander Glukhov, and Gleb Galuzin with 78, 75, 67, and 64 points respectively. Nikolai Yelovskikh and Valeri Mostovoy each went through streaky patches in net, but neither truly established themselves as a bona fide starter. Stroitel Ostis took some steps in the right direction with scoring picking up and goaltender Dmitri Averkin actually looking pretty good in a lot of games. Scoring was led by big Ostro-Finn Erkki Karttunen who came out of nowhere to score 35 goals and 40 assists for 75 points. Tekstilschik Batapol's first year wasn't too terrible with some decent scoring from Stanislav Panfilov who led the team with 66 points. Vadim Nesterov led the team in goals with 34. Gealtending was a team effort with Maxim Marchkov, Alexei Tarasov, and Vitaly Panov splitting duties. Metallurg Novyzamok was in full rebuild mode in the 1983-84 season. Metallurg traded Maksim Degtyarev, Vladislav Ragulin, and Dmitri Obukhov to Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd for their offensive star Alexander Pletnyov. Right before the playoffs, Metallurg shipped out star forward Alexander Anyukov to SKA Khirov in exchange for Vadim Galanov, Konstantin Alexeyev, and Valeri Gyolo. Alexei Levin led the team in scoring with 55 points. Traktor Pavlivostok had an awful season from day one. The only positive from the team was Sergei Burlutsky who led the team in scoring with 22 goals and 36 assists for 58 points and 227 PIMs. Goalie Igor Rulin played in an amazing 71 games, but didn't get any help from his defense and recorded a 3.95 GAA.
  8. 1983 King's Cup Playoffs Quarterfinals #1 Zenit Bulganinograd vs #4 Neftyanik Kligulma Zenit's potent offense proved too much for Neftyanik despite some decent scoring of their own. Sergei Molchan set an OHF playoff record with 5 goals in game 3. #2 Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs #3 Metallurg Novyzamok Krilya Sovietov hammered Mettalurg 10-2 in game one. Mettalurg coach Georgi Goryunov replaced Ruslan Varnakov once the score was 6-1 with Valeri Vyatkin who started in game 2. Vyatkin was solid in goal helping Metallurg win games 2 and 3, but suffered a nasty laceration when he colided with his own defenseman in the corner. Varnakov started the rest of the series and Metallurg was eliminated in six games. #1 Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd vs #4 Traktor Pavlivostok Krasnoye Znamya dominated Traktor in all four games holding them scoreless thanks to the amazing goaltending of "the Dedy" Elisheva Chertok and Viktor Bogayev. #2 Khimik Piolsta vs #3 Torpedo Nizhnereka Khimik won the first two games at home, however Torpedo wasn't going down without a fight. Game three featured Nikolai Yelovskikh's sharp goaltending and valeri Rukas scoring two goals for a 4-2 Torpedo win. Valeri Mostovoy played in goal in game four and recorded a 4-0 shutout facing 43 shots. Mostovoy finished the series as Torpedo's starter winning in games 5 and 6. Semifinals Zenit Bulganinograd vs Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin The Southern Division final was an offensive masterpiece that also featured brothers Alexander and Sergei Bachinsky facing off. The goalies for each side had an awful time, with Krilya Sovietov's Alexander Bachinsky, Svyatoslav Vambolt and Alexander Telenkov as well as Zenit's Sergei Molchan and Sergejs Votinovs recording multi-goal games. The entire series came down to double overtime where Krilya Sovietov's Bachinsky beat Zenit's Bachinsky on a breakaway for the series winner. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd vs Torpedo Nizhnereka Where the Southern Division final lacked in defense, the Northern Division final more than made up for it with Krasnoye Znamya's Elisheva Chertok and Torpedo's Valeri Mostovoy trading shutouts in the first 5 games. It came down to a heroic effort from young forward Alexander Glukhov to push Torpedo past Krasnoye Znamya with game winning goals in games 6 and 7. Finals Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs Torpedo Nizhnereka Although the first 2 games were very tight with Torpedo's defense strangling Krilya Sovietov, the massive scoring power of Krilya Sovietov was too much for Torpedo to handle and the King's Cup ended up in Dovetshin after spending the last two years in Khirov. Alexander Bachinsky scored the overtime goal in game 6. His amazing play in the playoffs earned him the Usenko Cup as playoff MVP. 1983 Awards King's Cup (OHF Champion) - Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Usenko Cup (Playoff MVP) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Babikov Trophy (Top Scorer) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Rogov Cup (Most Goals) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Lyovkin Trophy (Best Goaltender) - Sergei Bachinsky, Zenit Bulganinograd Yanikovsky Trophy (Best Defenseman) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Khanin Trophy (Regular Season MVP) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 1st Team All-Stars G - Sergei Bachinsky, Zenit Bulganinograd D - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin D - Victor Bem, Neftyanik Kligulma C - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin LW - Vyacheslav Ivanov, Metallurg Novyzamok RW - Sergei Molchan, Zenit Bulganinograd 2nd Team All-Stars G - Andrei Shcherbak, Neftyanik Kligulma D - Dmitri Obukhov, Torpedo Nizhnereka D - Vladimir Rosen, SKA Khirov C - Sergejs Votinovs, Zenit Bulganinograd LW - Alexander Pletnyov, Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd RW - Alexander Anyukov, Metallurg Novyzamok
  9. 1982-83 Regular Season The 1982-83 OHF season ended up being the most brutally competitive one with neither of the King's Cup finalists from the previous year making the playoffs. Southern Division 1. Zenit Bulganinograd 45-22-9 99 Pts 2. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 40-17-19 99 Pts 3. Metallurg Novyzamok 40-21-15 95 Pts 4. Neftyanik Kligulma 38-22-16 92 Pts 5. SKA Khirov 26-38-12 64 Pts 6. Dynamo Khirov 17-35-24 58 Pts With SKA Khirov juggling 3 goalies in the 1981-82 season, Zenit Bulganinograd saw an opportunity and signed young goalie Sergei Bachinsky as a free agent. As it turned out, he was the best of the 3 goalies in 1982-83 and led Zenit to a first place finish and a Lyovkin Trophy as best goaltender. Sergejs Votinovs stood alone as the club's leading scorer with 39 goals (one more than Sergei Molchan), 47 assists, and 86 points. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin had a dream season with tons of scoring led by defenseman Alexander Telenkov with 122 points (35G 87A) and Alexander Bachinsky with 105 points (48G 56A). Bachinsky's 48 goals was gopod enough to win him the Rogov Cup for most goals. Goaltending duties were split almost evenly between Igor Vosiyev and Sergei Syrubko who combined for a GAA of 2.84 and 7 shutouts. Metallurg Novyzamok earned their first OHF playoff berth after an excellent team season. The club had 4 60+ point scorers in Vyacheslav Ivanov (71), Alexander Anyukov (70), Alexei Levin (68), and Vladislav Ragulin (66). The goaltending tandem of Ruslan Varnakov and Valeri Vyatkin sorted themselves out posting their first winning record while in the OHF. Neftyanik Kligulma started the season slowly, but picked up quickly and earned an impressive 92 points for the final playoff spot thanks to the always steady play of Vladimir Formin. They were led in scoring by rookie German Sidorov with 77 pts. Goalie Andrei Shcherbak was solid yet again finishing with 6 shutouts and a 2.36 GAA. SKA Khirov suffered from a King's Cup hangover missing the playoffs after winning the first two league championships. Scoring was down with only Mordekai Kadishov notching more than 30 goals (32). Goaltender Sergei Kramer played well with a GAA of 2.63 and 4 shutouts, but it was not enough to keep SKA in playoff contention. Aging goaltender Nikolai Yelovskikh was traded to Torpedo Nizhnereka allowing young goalie Vladislav Voevodin to make his debut recording a shutout and an impressive 1.97 GAA in 10 games. Dynamo Khirov had a rather poor season due in large part to a lack of goaltending. With starter Denis Shulyov and backup Alexander Igoshin each going down with injuries, Dynamo had 6 different goalies share time in net. Scoring was led by Dmitri Simutenkov and Mikhail Makeyev with 62 and 60 points respectively. Northern Division 1. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd 38-22-16 92 Pts 2. Khimik Piolsta 37-27-12 86 Pts 3. Torpedo Nizhnereka 29-34-13 71 Pts 4. Traktor Pavlivostok 19-35-22 60 Pts 5. Shakhtor Gorabinsk 22-40-14 58 Pts 6. Stroitel Ostis 14-52-10 38 Pts Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd finished first in their division yet again thanks to the top line of Alexander Pletnyov, Mosheh Dresner and Viktor Petrochinin who combined for 97 goals. Goaltending was once again solid with 42 year old Elisheva Chertok and 39 year old Viktor Bogayev, or the "Dedy" as they were effectionately known (grandfathers in Russian) combining for 9 shutouts. Neither Chertok or Bogayev ever dressed if the other was going to start, so backup Vladimir Kovalenko got into 18 games and recorded a shutout of his own as well. Khimik Piolsta earned their first trip to the playoffs thanks to team scoring. Although no single player had more than 51 points, 14 different players had double-digit goals. Scoring was led by captain Mikhail Dokuchayev with 26 goals and 25 assists for 51 points. Torpedo Nizhnereka had a shaky year, but still managed to finish third due to some very weak play from the other teams in the division. Scoring was led by Gleb Galuzin who scored 24 goals and added 48 assists for 72 points. Valeri Rukas led the team in goals with 36 although he only had 29 assists for 65 points. Goaltending was sketchy early in the year with Valeri Mostovoy getting most of the starts, but got better with the acquisition of Nikolai Yelovskikh who added a ton of experience. Traktor Pavlivostok managed to squeak into the playoffs despite an awful 19-35-22 record. Only Stas Volkov had more than 50 points with 52, and the team only had one 20+ goal scorer in enforcer Andrei Galanin who led the league with 262 PIMs. Goalie Igor Rulin didn't have much defensive support and finished the season with a 3.49 GAA. Shakhtor Gorabinsk seemed ready to make another run for the King's Cup, but suffered terribly from injuries with their entire top line going down as well as star goalie Boris Bugriyev suffering a season-ending knee injury. Erik Marinković did his best to fill in, but he couldn't match Bugriyev's star power, and Shakhtor quickly found themselves out of playoff contention. Stroitel Ostis was a dumpster fire from day one. Captain and top scorer Vladimir Karpov was suspended for the entire season after being arrested with 3 kilos of cocaine at the Khirov International Airport. The only real positive from the season was rookie Alexander Vorobiev who scored 20 goals and 22 assists to lead the club in scoring. Goalie Anatoly Sinyak did his best but finished with an abysmal 4.45 GAA. At the end of the regular season, the OHF announced that the two expansion clubs for the 1983-84 season would be Spartak Khirov and Tekstilschik Batapol.
  10. Khirov Khirov is the capital and most populous city of Ostrovia with 11.6 million residents. Khirov is the major political, economic, cultural, and scientific center of Ostrovia. It is the northernmost and coldest megacity on earth. It is situated on the Zamok River and is well known for its architecture, particularly the St. Vsevolod Khirov's Cathedral with its colorful style. The city served as the capital for several states including the Ostrovityane, the Old Kingdom of Ostrovia, the Ostrovian Soviet Socialist Republic, and the modern Kingdom of Ostrovia. Khirov is the seat of power of the Government of Ostrovia with the ancient Royal Palace in the very center of the city surrounded by a medieval city-fortress where Parliament and most of the Ministry buildings are now located. History of Khirov Scholars debate as to the period of the foundation of the city: some date the founding to the late 7th century when Scandanavian settlers referred to it as Hjortsheim after a local chieftain. As more and more Slavic settelers replaced the Scandinavian settelers the city bevame known as Yurtsim and the name stuck for the next few centuries. By the end of the ninth century, there were few Scandanavians left in Ostrovia, and the Slavic settlers who by at that point began to refer to themselves as Ostrovityane (Islanders) began building up Ostrovian culture as we know it today. In 922AD, a major Viking raid took place in Ostrovia driving many settlers from their land and taking several thousand Ostrovians as slaves. Over the next few years, the Vikings took over more and more of Ostrovia retaking Yurtsim as their capital forcing the Ostrovityane to move their capital to Novyzamok (New Castle). In 934AD, Ostrovityane Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich Khirov after supposedly receiving a vision from God led the poorly-armed Ostrovityane and surrounded the Vikings in Yurtsim burning their ships and starving them to death. Shortly after retaking Yurtsim, Prince Vsevolod became King of the Ostrovityane when King Yaroslav the Lame died. He had been weak his whole life and many of the Ostrovityane held him personally responsible for all that they had suffered under the Viking raiders. The Ostrovityane needed a strong leader, and King Vsevolod was just that. He united all of the inhabitants of the island including the Ostrovityane, the Ostro-Finns, and Ostrovian Jews into one kingdom that would last for centuries. the city was renamed Khirovograd in his honor upon his death, but that was shortened to Khirov shortly thereafter. 13th century Ostrovian print: "By the will of God, Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich Khirov saved our people and our land from the Norse invaders. Thus sayeth the Lord: I appoint the princes because they are sacred and I direct them." During World War One, the Kingdom of Ostrovia remained neutral, however, the defenses of Khirov were strengthened greatly, and the military more than tripled in size headquartered in Khirov. These defenses proved invaluable during World War Two when the Nazi Germans saw the Ostrovian oil and mining industries as valuable targets. Despite the Soviet Union losing a significant amount of territory to the Germans, Ostrovia never lost an inch, and when the Soviets pushed the Germans out and crushed them, it was with Ostrovian bombers above and Ostrovian troops in their ranks. Although Ostrovia was rich with resources, during Soviet times, Khirov became more and more poverty-ridden thanks to the useless Soviet bureaucracy which was funneling all resources to Moscow. Things grew more and more tense until in 1974 there was a major rebellion in the city. The Soviets quashed the rebellion in just under a month, but the message was sent, and Ostrovia became more and more independent until in 1991 they became fully independent with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Before Ostrovia became Soviet, the reigning monarch, King Vsevolod XI and his family emigrated to the United States where they stayed in exile until 1991 when King Dmitri XVII returned to Khirov in triumph and assumed the now mostly ceremonial title of King of Ostrovia. He passed away in 2006 and was succeeded by his daughter Queen Ludmilla IV. Sports in Khirov Sports have always been a major part of the culture in the capital city with several clubs including SKA Khirov, Dynamo Khirov, Spartak Khirov, Trud Khirov, etc. For years, in hockey, rugby, and football, the Khirov clubs all played a tournament for the King Vsevolod Cup. This has led to a huge rivalry among the capital area teams. When the OHF began play in 1980 with only SKA and Dynamo in the league, small riots broke out among Spartak and Trud fans and hooliganism was rampant. Spartak and Trud remained active in the top rugby and football leagues, but took it as a tremendous insult that they were not included in the top league for the national sport. In the 1982 offseason the OHF announced that it would be expanding by two clubs for the 1983-84 season and that they would be considering Spartak and Trud as well as Ostrovian League-2 clubs SKA Dnitrolovsk, Burevestnik Vyshkin, Tekstilschik Batapol, and Lokomotiv Tyulsk. More details will be released at the conclusion of the 1982-83 season.
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  12. 1982 King's Cup Playoffs Quarterfinals #1 SKA Khirov vs #4 Dynamo Khirov After an amazing regular season in which he earned second team all-star honors, SKA Khirov center Anton Latchman went out in game two of the first round with a broken wrist, luckily for SKA, Iram Shmul, who was normally on the 3rd line stepped up and scored a hat trick in game 3 and the game winning goals in games 5 and 6 to down Dynamo. #2 Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin vs #3 Neftyanik Kligulma Krilya Sovietov's netminder Igor Vosiyev stareted off the series by blanking Neftyanik on 32 shots, however in game two, he was quite shaky giving up 4 straight goals to force an overtime in which he gave up the winner. Krilya Sovietov yanked him in game 3 and ended up winning in overtime, although backup Sergei Sryubko was injured in the effort forcing Krilya Sovietov to recall their Ostrovian League-2 starter Asbjorn Vaernes to back up Vosiyev. Beiether club was able to get a solid lead until game 7 where Alexander Bachinsky netted 4 goals to help Krilya Sovietov to a 5-1 victory. #1 Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd vs #4 Stroitel Ostis Despite keeping up fairly well and forcing a double overtime in game three, Stroitel just couldn't keep up with the firepower or goaltending of Krasnoye Znamya and was swept out of the first round. #2 Traktor Pavlivostok vs #3 Shakhtor Gorabinsk This matchup became a clinic in goaltending and team defense with Shakhtor's Boris Bugriyev shutting out Traktor in games 2 and 4 and Traktor's Igor Rulin shutting out Shakhtor in games 5 and 6 to force a game 7 which was a high scoring affair. Semifinals SKA Khirov vs Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin SKA Khirov was too much for Krilya Sovietov to handle with Iram Shmul lighting the lamp and Sergei Kramer recording shutouts in games 3 and 4. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd vs Shakhtor Gorabinsk Krasnoye Znamya and Shakhtor were very evenly matched in this round as evidenced by games 1, 3, 4, and 5 requiring extra time. Shakhtor edged Krasnoye Znamya in six to prevent a rematch of the 1981 King's Cup Final. Finals SKA Khirov vs Shakhtor Gorabinsk The 1982 King's Cup Finals were a very tight affair going back and forth, however despite their grueling physical play, Shakhtor could not crack the goaltending of Sergei Kramer who shut them out in games 1 and 6. Iram Shmul was phenominal scoring in each game of the finals earning himself the Usenko Cup as playoff MVP. 1982 Awards King's Cup (OHF Champion) - SKA Khirov Usenko Cup (Playoff MVP) - Iram Shmul, SKA Khirov Babikov Trophy (Top Scorer) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Rogov Cup (Most Goals) - Sergei Molchan, Zenit Bulganinograd Lyovkin Trophy (Best Goaltender) - Andrei Shcherbak, Neftyanik Kligulma Yanikovsky Trophy (Best Defenseman) - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin Khanin Trophy (Regular Season MVP) - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 1st Team All-Stars G - Andrei Shcherbak, Neftyanik Kligulma D - Alexander Telenkov, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin D - Sergei Skrobotov, Dynamo Khirov C - Alexander Bachinsky, Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin LW - Vyacheslav Ivanov, Metallurg Novyzamok RW - Sergei Molchan, Zenit Bulganinograd 2nd Team All-Stars G - Viktor Bogayev, Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd D - Ben Persky, SKA Khirov D - Vladimir Sergeyev, Neftyanik Kligulma C - Anton Latchman, SKA Khirov LW - Alexander Pletnyov, Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd RW - Alexander Anyukov, Metallurg Novyzamok
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  15. 1981-82 Regular Season The 1981-82 season saw a massive influx of scoring with 3 players scoring over 100 points. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin's forward Alexander Bachinsky scored 50 goals and 78 assists for an astounding 128 points beating out Zenit Bulganinograd's Sergei Molchan and Metallurg Novyzamok's Vyacheslav Ivanov who had 111 and 103 respectively. Alexander Pletnyov set the OHF record for most goals in a game with 6 in a 9-1 victory against Torpedo Nizhnereka. In uniform news, Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd changed their look adding a full sleeve yoke while Traktor Pavlivostok changed the striping on their gold uniform. Southern Division 1. SKA Khirov 46-19-11 103 Pts 2. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin 42-18-16 100 Pts 3. Neftyanik Kligulma 35-26-15 85 Pts 4. Dynamo Khirov 34-33-9 77 Pts 5. Metallurg Novyzamok 29-36-11 69 Pts 6. Zenit Bulganinograd 20-35-11 61 Pts SKA Khirov again led the Southern Division with Avisha Zlato and Anton Latchman contributing 87 and 82 points respectively. SKA was plagued by injuries in net with Nikolai Yelovskikh and Sergei Kramer each going down, but rookie goalie Sergei Bachinsky (brother of Alexander Bachinsky) stepped up and filled in nicely. Kramer emerged as the starter by the end of the year. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin had a great season led by Alexander Bachinsky's scoring, but they also got 90 points out of Viacheslav Usoltsev, and over 60 from Sergei Margiyev and defenseman Alexander Telenkov who again played well enough to receive the Yanikovsky Trophy. Goaltender Igor Vosiyev was solid in net getting most of the starts. Neftyanik Kligulma started slow, but picked up mid-season and finished strong earning a playoff berth. They were led in scoring by Vladimir Formin with 37 goals and 41 assists for 78 points beating out Viktor Oslonovsky by one point for team lead. Andrei Shcherbak was amazing again in goal recording 7 shutouts and earning the Lyovkin for best goaltender. Dynamo Khirov turned things around after a disappointing 1980-81 season making the playoffs thanks to a great season in goal by Denis Shulyov. After playing 20 games early in the season, last year's starter, 44 year old goaltender Arkady Kaplenko suffered a groin injury and decided to hang up the skates. Dynamo was led in scoring by Mikhail Makeyev. Metallurg Novyzamok had another thoroughly disappointing year despite amazing offense from Vyacheslav Ivanov, Alexei Levin, and Alexander Anyukov. Goaltending was abysmal with Ruslan Varnakov, Alexei Gordyushenko and Valeri Vyatkin trading off. Zenit Bulganinograd showed promise early in the season but fell apart on defense and in net with Dmitri Averkin recording a 4.22 GAA which was worst in the league for a starter. The only positives came from the offense where Sergei Molchan netted 60 goals, and Sergejs Votinovs finished the season with 97 points. Northern Division 1. Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd 41-26-9 91 Pts 2. Traktor Pavlivostok 37-25-14 88 Pts 3. Shakhtor Gorabinsk 33-31-12 78 Pts 4. Stroitel Ostis 24-42-10 58 Pts 5. Khimik Piolsta 20-45-11 51 Pts 6. Torpedo Nizhnereka 18-43-15 51 Pts Krasnoye Znamya Molotovograd kept the momentum going from the previous playoffs and cruised to a first place finish thanks to the offensive skills of Alexander Pletnyov and Yegor Senyushkin. Goaltending duties were split between the elderly tandem of 41 year old Elisheva Chertok and 38 year old Viktor Bogayev. They combined for an amazing 13 shutouts. After a disappointing 1980-81 season, Traktor Pavlivostok figured things out putting together a decent season thanks to a whole team effort. 8 different players had 20+ goals, and everybody chipped in on defense as well. Shakhtor Gorabinsk just couldn't seem to find the back of the net in the 1981-82 season. They did manage to find the penalty box though with 5 players logging over 100 PIMs. Farkhod Boloshev led the club with 244 PIMs. Shakhtor probably would have finished at the bottom of the league if not for the stellar goaltending of Boris Bugriyev who stole several games. Stroitel Ostis struggled immensely throughout the year never making it over .500 the whole regular season, but they still managed to make the playoffs. Rookie goalie Anatoly Sinyak became the first OHF goalie credited with a goal against Metallurg when a pass was botched sending the puck into the empty net. Khimik Piolsta had an awful year losing more than twice as many games as they won. Mikhail Dokuchayev led the team in scoring, but it wasn't enough to get them into the playoffs. Torpedo Nizhnereka had the worst record in the league thanks to injuries to many of their star players. The only positive came from rookie Alexander Glukhov who notched 34 goals and 31 assists for 65 points.