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  1. Final Destination (2000) - Billy Hitchcock wears a Lady Liberty Rangers alt in the opening scene.
  2. 1995, the only time the Jags played the creamsicle Bucs
  3. this is the best logo out of any New York team
  4. I will give you one million dollars to have that blue titans jersey irl
  5. Cincinnati's got Beast-themed unis coming for what I assume is a Kings Island night and they look aces imagine the possibilities if other ECHL teams do this. Atlanta Goliaths. Toledo Mavericks. Utah Cannibals okay maybe that one's a little too metal
  6. there's nothing wrong with where the New Era logo is on MLB caps
  7. RIP to names with spaces in them I guess at least my name here is finally consistent with everywhere else
  8. if this is too much I'll amend my thoughts, but
  9. brandiose is the graphic design equivalent of a comedian with one good joke that keeps ramming it down people's throats until everyone wants them to get hit by a LIRR train.
  10. The new Winston-Salem Dash rebrand is a downgrade. I'll take "sneering fastball with deliciously 2000s wordmark" over "ChiSox dress-up but with some purple" any day of the week.
  11. anyone but Green Bay. more specifically, go AFC.
  12. the late '90s-through-2000s trend of complex, some might say "overdesigned" logos with stuff like shading was really good, actually, and should come back. it's most prevalent in college; I'd much rather have this over this, just to provide one example. minimalism blows 90% of the time. also, drop shadows f-cking rule.