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  1. hey I have this really cool idea, it's called "stop taking stupid penalties against the team with the best PP in the league"
  2. well, considering their home crowd went silent for much of game 1, plus the fact that they'll have to deal with Nassau Coliseum's crowd during road games, this doesn't really bode well for them.
  3. I feel like out of the remaining teams, the Isles are kind of the underappreciated workhorses - not the most marketable team, but one that plays damn good hockey. the Cesaro or Jerry Lynn of the NHL, if you will.
  4. put me in the "they should've switched to teal and orange in the '90s and kept it until the present day" camp, then. being Another Red/Blue Team with a logo nearly identical to the far more successful older brother whose arena you bum around in was a stupidly weak identity, no matter how many decades it lasted.
  5. god I hope the isles can get past tampa this time. either way, the fact that this team has made it to back-to-back semifinals is stunning.
  6. not if my islanders have anything to say about it : )
  7. "b-b-but they're not breaking their decades-long championship droughts the RIGHT way!!! you can't just sign good free agents to make your team better NOOOOOOO!!!" we're going to see a team win its first title in decades (or period) no matter what happens from this point forward. don't know about you, but I couldn't be happier about it.
  8. we may currently be witnessing, dare I say it, the most based playoffs in NBA history
  9. yeah, varlamov needs to go. the last thing a team mimicking the Y2K-era devils needs is a virtuoso of choking in front of the net.
  10. isn't it tradition for expansion teams to get the 1st overall pick, though
  11. following up on the Oilers and Flames takes, and saying this as an Islanders fan: the Isles looked much better in navy blue.
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