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  1. I'd argue that the home and road are perfect as is. No more changes needed. I do like the blue "Mets" jersey. Paired with the regular cap (no alternate needed), it's a great look. Used as an occasional alt, home or away, maybe day games, it'd be a great compliment to the home and roads.
  2. No credit necessary. I simply used what the team already had. Actually was thinking about refreshing this. Don’t have the “Tampa Bay” mark in vector anymore, though.
  3. The Paw/M logo has been around for decades. Yes the block M is similar to Michigan, but how many schools seem to use the same block S (Syracuse, Michigan State, Stanford)? And yes, the "Make it Right" is in reference to the NCAA Sanctions. I like this helmet, though I'm also torn between the return of just the block M, this and the tiger-oval. Either way, I'm happy for the return of the traditional helmet striping.
  4. Nor their Saturday Powder Blues. My guess is, with it being a quick 2-game series in Mexico and then off to Milwaukee, they just decided to pack light.
  5. I'd say it's an either/or situation. Teams like the Colts and Giants use it as a throwback. Or even the Cardinals, even though the rest of their uniform is the farthest thing from a throwback. Then you have teams like the Raiders and Titans where it actually is part of their color scheme and thus is not used in the throwback capacity necessarily.
  6. FTFY At least it appears they have fairly simple block numbers. Don't see that much these days with new uniforms. We should be grateful about that... Right? Little victories?
  7. I agree. And actually, I'd say revert to the previous navy jersey with "Indians" on it and just have the red and navy alts be color swapped. And i'm saying this as someone who loves their road uniforms, loves the basic block in navy trimmed in red and loves the block C with no white outline. But you lose that on the alts when "Cleveland" is outlined in white. THAT does look generic. At the very least, add gray piping back. Preferably, bring back the navy Indians alt.
  8. 10 years later, technology has allowed colonization of the sun and the Rays take advantage of this opportunity to become the first team to relocate to the center of our universe and become the “Sun Rays”. Along with the relocation, they finally make a decision as to their identity and go with one direction of the Rays name... choosing the devil ray imagery... Thus, the new idiom “your as bright as the Rays of the Sun” is born.
  9. Do you stop at Love's a lot on your trucking adventures?
  10. Yeah the head-to-toe powder blue just doesn't work for me. Plus, with many players wearing white cleats, it made it even more jarring. I don't think anybody wore high socks with red shoes (Wong wore powder blue cleats, which didn't look terrible with the uniform). The jersey individually looks nice and if it was worn at home where they wear white pants because grey pants with powder blue looks off, it wouldn't be a bad "limited alternate" jersey. But at this point, I'd rather they just switch the "St. Louis" mark to the road jerseys and limit the alternate to the cream Saturdays. Maybe wear the powder blue jersey for the occasional day game, but not all of them.
  11. It'll only be the Expos if Montreal gets another team. Can't imagine them using anything else nor fans wanting anything else.
  12. It's the logo from their Spring Training/BP(?) caps.
  13. That is the biggest, Nike (not so)Swoosh(-iest) eyebrow I've ever seen. And are those supposed to be bags under his eyes or eyeblack? If the face were done a little better, everything else, as is, would be elevated. Although the point of the back of the hair going beyond the wordmark causing the grey keyline to jet out is awkward and unappealing. Plus, did they really need to put the suits of the cards like that? Looks like it was just thrown in there to fill space.
  14. Just Tampa Bay and Oakland, really. Angels aren't leaving the LA market and no other team is moving in, so it has no effect on any other teams relocating or future expansion. Arizona, as far as I'm concerned, is low on the list. I'm not in the area, so from an outsider's opinion, it seems more posturing from the team's part to get a new ballpark or at least massive upgrades with the city footing the bill. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.