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  1. That is the biggest, Nike (not so)Swoosh(-iest) eyebrow I've ever seen. And are those supposed to be bags under his eyes or eyeblack? If the face were done a little better, everything else, as is, would be elevated. Although the point of the back of the hair going beyond the wordmark causing the grey keyline to jet out is awkward and unappealing. Plus, did they really need to put the suits of the cards like that? Looks like it was just thrown in there to fill space.
  2. Just Tampa Bay and Oakland, really. Angels aren't leaving the LA market and no other team is moving in, so it has no effect on any other teams relocating or future expansion. Arizona, as far as I'm concerned, is low on the list. I'm not in the area, so from an outsider's opinion, it seems more posturing from the team's part to get a new ballpark or at least massive upgrades with the city footing the bill. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  3. They can't make any changes until next year at the earliest.
  4. Is there a chance they cut it out after they install it? Look at 3B. There's still a notch that goes into the base path that I assume has to still be trimmed off. Maybe the same thing with the path to the mound.
  5. No deferrals, but supposedly heavily front loaded.
  6. You have paid attendance, which is what is announced, and gate attendance, which is how many people actually show up. The team itself only announces paid because regardless of whether they show up or not, those tickets were sold, paid for and the team collected money. Actual gate attendance is more important to the event staff, i.e., concessions, retail, etc. Those are the people who are going to be spending money on the day of the game/event. We I ran the team store for the Springfield Cardinals, I had to check the actual gate attendance every night. We based our "per cap" (amount sold in relation to the number of people in attendance). Same with our concessions. We'd take the sales/number of people which would tell us how much money each person spent on average. Paid attendance means nothing to gameday staff. You could sell out the entire stadium and have no one show up and they're not gonna make anything more than the tickets that were sold. The entire operation cannot be successful in this scenario.
  7. I wish I could have back the life I had before I read that.
  8. It's ok. I don't think any MLB team will try to get into the Big Ten anytime soon. Overall, it's not a bad modernish take on a classic style uniform.
  9. Carolina Blue Sox. I'll wait for the flying objects to cease...
  10. Yeah I went to the Liberty Bowl Game (Mizzou vs Ok. State) and it was not set-up with Memphis designs, but rather the competing teams wordmarks in the endzones and the Liberty Bowl logo at midfield. Why would they change it back when Memphis didn't even play after the Liberty Bowl? I'm assuming that's actually just a stock aerial photo that they tweeted and not how it actually looks at the moment.
  11. Wouldn't doubt it if they wanted jerseys with "BOSTON" on it.
  12. CCSLC dungeon. Chris has a stern side. And amazing catfish.
  13. Their team color is Navy. So that's what the merchandise is going to predominantly be. That's like saying the Cardinals don't have a red jersey, but you can buy merchandise in red anyway. Or the Dodgers and blue. In baseball, not everybody has colored alternates, and home/aways are neutral white/gray, so you can't go by the color of the jerseys when determining the dominant color in which the merchandise is going to be produced. A better example would've been like the Giants who are predominantly black, but you can find orange merchandise. Or the A's with green/yellow. Mariners navy/teal. Tigers navy/orange.
  14. Every team plays each other. And with both being in the West, they'll play twice, home and home.
  15. Umm... huh? Navy blue (and some white) is the only color their uniforms are heavy on.