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  1. They will have to be complete and utter failures and/or Allegiant Stadium becomes one of the biggest disasters and just comes crashing down (while empty, of course) for them to abandon Vegas at any point in the foreseeable future. Even if the team ended up for sale, unless one of those things happen, the league would not let anyone move them.
  2. Doesn’t make the White Sox uniform any less clownish. It’s not an either/or. Both can be clownish despite one being more than the other.
  3. Before the addition of Arizona and Tampa Bay in 1998, Detroit was in the East and Cleveland was in the Central.
  4. Waterfront stadium on Table Rock Lake? With the hills as a backdrop? Nice. Although, (and I know this was a joke), the Springfield Cardinals would still outdraw the A's.
  5. Don't worry about mine. Small price to pay for this heavenly experience. I feel like Elaine driving in the lanes after Kramer widened them on that episode of Seinfeld. So roomy and comfortable.
  6. They've been doing that on Sundays at home for like 3 seasons now.
  7. Yeah, I re-read over that part, but eventually saw it and PM'd him.
  8. Ok. I've never used Patreon before and just signed up and paid. Now... How exactly do I access the ad-free version site?
  9. In honor of his former Cardinals teammate/idol ,and former Dodger, as well, Skip Shumaker. Obviously.
  10. It will always be big brother (SF)/little brother (Other), but I believe it can work. It just seems that, now, San Jose is the ideal second city to San Francisco. So while it's very possible, it's just not probable given circumstances that are business-related and not necessarily market viability-related.
  11. The A’s never had the rights to San Jose. They were given to the Giants as a condition of the A’s being allowed to move to Oakland. So, no. Because the Giants have no interest in giving up those territorial rights.
  12. INLAND EMPIRE: Outside chance if they were really open to a 3rd LA-area team. Though, you have to remember, the Padres are Southern California, too, so that would be FOUR teams in the SoCal region. So doubtful. SAN ANTONIO & AUSTIN (One or the other, basically close enough to be considered one market): Possibility. PORTLAND: Strong Possibility. SACRAMENTO: Not really. LAS VEGAS: Strong Possibility. VANCOUVER: Outside chance. Mariners would probably veto it due to the proximity to Seattle. SAN JOSE: Giants will never allow it since they control the rights. So, no. OKC: No chance. SALT LAKE CITY: Not really. TUCSON: Not in a million years.
  13. Yeah, that makes no sense. This isn't a Sonics-OKC situation where the success of a multi-team market is there, it's just a stadium issue, but the new owner wants to move the team to his hometown. This is a "pretty much no possibility of ever getting a new stadium, and also the other 2 major teams jumped ship" situation. When the A's leave, Oakland's done.
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