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  1. Congratulations to the Washington Nationals!
  2. Perfection. With as good as this is, I bet if they went with your concept and won a Super Bowl, there's no way they'd ever change. No need to...
  3. Not sure. The article only mentions that they "allowed him to keep it after all the poundings he's taken and all he's given to the franchise". It was $12.8m as a prorated portion of the signing bonus from his 2016 extension, and another $12m in roster bonuses he was paid in March. Does any of that count against the cap?
  4. Adam Schefter said (via twitter) that the Colts could've recouped $24.8m from Luck, but already reached a financial settlement with Luck where they won't take back any money.
  5. They haven't won anything in blue Part 1, 2, 3 or 3.75.
  6. They only wear AZ League team caps. They wear their parent club uniforms.
  7. My best guess is they follow the NHL and go Seattle (obvious) and Las Vegas. Brand new arenas (or mostly new in Seattle's case). Louisville seems more like the type of market where it would have to wait for a relocation, which there doesn't really seem to be a candidate for at the moment.
  8. The only way a pro/rel would even begin to be considered in MLB would be for it to be confined to only the MLB teams, in other words, the farm system would be left alone. You'd have to split MLB into 2 levels, maybe 20/10 (top league/bottom league). This way it's always MLB teams in both leagues. But this still wouldn't work. Besides the previously mentioned enriched history of the leagues, you could have teams in each level spread out and isolated that would make playing a full season, especially from a travel standpoint, a nightmare. England is small country. Travel looks to be minimal. That's something North American leagues have to factor in greatly. Yes, traveling is much farther advanced than the early days of baseball, but it's still a logistical concern.
  9. Actually the inconsistency of the Royals's numbers annoy me way more than the Dodgers. You have the seemingly thicker than average (and better) numbers on the home whites and KC royal blue alt, aswear the road grays and powder blues have thinner numbers that don't look nearly as good, even with the outline, which actually seems to emphasize the thinness of the numeral even more. The Dodgers is at least consistent even if they do need to be thickened up on the back of the jersey.
  10. Well if we're gonna use scenarios that never existed, then everybody photoshopped to be in any uniform is fair game. Kobe never actually suited up for the Hornets, only drafted and traded to the Lakers.
  11. I tried skimming this... "guy's"... posts, but at the beginning of each sentence, I realized it was a waste of time. So, from a logical American's perspective on the Toronto-Montreal rivalry as it pertains sports, I look at Toronto-Montreal as the Canadian New York-Boston, where there is automatic contention, albeit probably more civil since it is Canada, but a rivalry nonetheless. Basically, one of two things can happen: either there's a rivalry or there's not. And I'd say the safe bet is to assume that it WOULD be a rivalry, with one NOT forming being the exception. I also believe, from an MLB perspective especially with travel, that the "Expos" staying in the AL would make more sense. Right now, Tampa Bay is so far removed from the other AL East teams. The Marlins have a nearby opponent in the Braves, so there's at least some lessened travel. Flipping the Marlins to the AL just increases it because A. They're actually farther south than TB and B. It increases regular travel for the Braves as well. This makes me think leaving the "Expos" in the AL East would be better on multiple fronts over the nostalgia of the old Expos in the NL. I mean, they didn't move the Nationals back to the AL when they left Montreal even though every previous MLB Washington team was in the AL. Just my pair of Lincolns.
  12. They've used black, pink and white uniforms already in this color scheme, blue seemed like the next logical choice, so I wouldn't really say they "copied" the Marlins. Besides, they used these colors before the Marlins switched.
  13. Team color's gotta be purple then.