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  1. Fernando Tatis, Jr. and the Padres agree to an historic 14-year/$340m extension. He's played less than a full season's worth of games and already has the 3rd biggest contract in baseball history. I think it's safe to safe the Padres are out of rebuilding mode.
  2. I agree. Although, if they do join one of the Partner Leagues, that makes 40 teams among the 4 leagues. If possible, I'd split those up into 4 regional leagues of 10. Trickiest part would be which team joins the Pioneer League. The westernmost teams of the American Association are in bordering states/provinces, but on the eastern sides.
  3. Anybody open this up in twitter and see the first couple comments by an old familiar name?
  4. Yes, which means no, there aren't any.
  5. Completely obsolete. Who still uses an alarm clock, anyway? I do. I still use one.
  6. No kidding. Cleveland jacks threads, Cincinnati gets their threads jacked. It's Ohio.
  7. Am I missing something here? What does the Chiefs collar slogan from the Super Bowl yesterday have to do with last season's Spring Training caps still being in inventory?
  8. MLB 20.... something. League expands to Portland (or Las Vegas, as they're interchangeable in the alignment below) and Nashville. And, by some stroke of luck, both Oakland AND Tampa Bay remain where they are after the Rays are able to secure a new stadium across the bay to open at the conclusion of their Tropicana Field lease after the 2027 season (suspension of disbelief here, folks). In addition to the two expansion teams, Colorado and Tampa Bay are swapped between the NL and AL for the purpose of making the divisions make more sense, which is less impactful negatively with the universal DH in place. NATIONAL LEAGUE WEST SOUTH CENTRAL EAST Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Chicago Cubs New York Mets Los Angeles Dodgers Miami Marlins Cincinnati Reds Philadelphia Phillies San Diego Padres NASHVILLE STARS Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates San Francisco Giants Tampa Bay Rays St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals AMERICAN LEAGUE WEST SOUTH CENTRAL EAST Los Angeles Angels Colorado Rockies Chicago White Sox Baltimore Orioles Oakland Athletics Houston Astros Cleveland Indians Boston Red Sox PORTLAND/(LAS VEGAS) Kansas City Royals Detroit Tigers New York Yankees Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays In all the realignments I do, this seems to be the least "invasive". To go from six divisions of five to 8 divisions of four, there's obviously going to be some movement. But this one keeps it to a minimum while maintaining quite a bit of continuity. Of the current six divisions, four simply have one team removed and in all those cases, one could argue that they are the geographical outlier of the division. So many of the division rivalries remain. And in the cases where they aren't, they remain in the same league (save for Colorado and Tampa Bay) and are aligned in a division that just makes more geographical sense.
  9. Should be noted that Jaguars owner, Shahid Kahn, is from Illinois and had previously entered into an agreement to purchase 60% of the Rams with the intent to keep them in St. Louis. However, Kroenke exercised his clause that allowed him to match any offer and become majority owner.
  10. Cardinals trade Dexter Fowler and cash (reported to be $12.75m) to the Angels for a player to be named later. Only seems to free up about $1.75m, so not necessarily much of a "salary dump". 40-man roster wasn't full either, but it does allow for some younger players to get in the line-up while also keeping open the possibility of adding another OF.
  11. I heard somewhere that the language in the proposal made it seem like he would have the ability to cancel or pause games at will, or something to that effect. Don't know how accurate that is.
  12. I'm pretty sure he's just doing a carousel of currently existing teams. Since New Jersey has no team and there is currently no team named the Swamp Dragons, I would assume there will not be one. Now that I am done empowering myself with false MOD-esty (see what I did there?) in your thread, mcrosby, this is an awesome idea that always seems to come up in a roundabout way (wink wink) whenever the discussion of NBA names and how they seem to fit better in locations other than where they reside. And if it wasn't for you being a self-admitted "dum-dum", I would have total faith in your continuation of these concepts has they are quite good.
  13. The batterman logo looks like crap and the hat is only $19.99. This could easily be some knockoff. Not saying it's not accurate, just that I wouldn't judge legitimacy based on it.