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  1. Jordan Ta'amu, formerly of the XFL St. Louis BattleHawks, signs with the Kansas City Chiefs. This one puzzles me a bit. He looked great in the XFL (as short as the season was). Thought he'd go somewhere where he'd have a chance to compete for a starting job (probably not a contending team) or at least for some playing time as a back-up. Instead, he goes to the team with quite possibly the least questionable quarterback situation where he's only gonna play any if Mahomes gets hurt again. Although, I guess spending a year learning under Reid and Mahomes may benefit him going forward.
  2. A giant ram head floating around the beach, in between trees and over a giant puddle of piss. Great marketing.
  3. I hadn't gotten tickets yet, but I was planning on going to that game.
  4. XFL players can sign with NFL teams once their exit physicals are complete. So this may have been the last we see the likes of PJ Walker, Jordan Ta'amu and others who were playing well, in the XFL. I wouldn't doubt many of them are in NFL camps this summer. How different will this league be next year, I wonder? Obviously, always knew that was a possibility, but with a shortened season, kinda feels like being robbed. Oh well. Pretty entertaining 5 weeks.
  5. i now believe Stan Kroenke is behind the virus.
  6. Appears the Battlehawks/Defenders were the top draw at 3pm. I don't know how many of the shows above it were still going on at that time, but it doesn't appear anything began any closer than 4 hours prior to the game or 5 hours after. Am I misreading this? Reading too much into it? Wearing rose colored glasses? Did I leave the pie in the oven too long?
  7. He was the supervisor, not a game official on the field.
  8. I think they really only show the booth when play is stopped to review further. On that play, they probably saw the one view too quick for FOX to even switch over to the booth.
  9. The Cubs wore white on Players Weekend last year. Pitchers couldn't wear white hats. They either had to wear a black version or their regular hat.
  10. DC going red pants with white jerseys. Looks good. Hope they try white pants at home with the red jerseys.
  11. "The space between..." I think this inspired that Dave Matthews Band song.
  12. I think a max 12-16 team league with shared "affiliates" similar to how the G-League came to be, would work. Multiple NFL teams could share one XFL team where they're allotted a certain number of roster spots to send select players (practice squad players and possibly roster players who played less than a certain number of quarters during the season). Maybe 3-5 spots per NFL team with the rest of the XFL roster being non-NFL-team-player-guys.
  13. Actually, yeah, I'd like to see him drop those shoulder yolks. *evil smile*
  14. I don't necessarily think they would automatically be free agents if they went to the NFL after the XFL. Many European basketball players are professionals when they get drafted by the NBA... right? Now, even if they had to still go through the NFL draft, the XFL may still be appealing from a monetary standpoint. Although I don't think any legitimate potential 1st or 2nd (maybe 3rd) round pick would risk injury right before the draft after their final season in college. Some mid-round or later guys may take a chance to get some money and improve in a professional-esque environment in hopes of upping their draft stock. Kenny Robinson of St. Louis was academically ineligible at West Virginia this past year, so he's playing in the XFL now even though he's projected to go in the first couple of rounds, I believe. I could see, in the future maybe, some players being told to get some experience there before they go to the NFL.