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  1. The 2020 NLCS presented by Corona®.
  2. Wow. "Whole New Game" indeed. Can't even recognize baseball anymore.
  3. If the Kraken hadn't come up with it first, this might've been the only acceptable logo element the Mariners could've used to replace the compass rose if they had so desired to.
  4. i remember THAT being my initial assumption of what the name meant way back when they were first announced. Definitely thought it was a terrible 90's name. It still took a few years after they began play, and even with the bear head-wilderness logo, for me to figure out that it was for wilderness.
  5. Yeah, but it's just gonna change again in a year or two. Minimize the change as much as possible. The "Washington" on the jerseys is essentially just an identifier, nothing more. Keep it as simple and non-identity now so it feels less like going from one identity to another identity to a third identity in such short order.
  6. I don't know. Saying "collective SPIRIT" has me wondering. Although, I don't know the trademark situation in regards to that name, so it's purely speculation on my part.
  7. 3ft long and inflatable... Too easy. Moving on.
  8. I think the Padres mostly nailed it. Definitely better than they've looked in years. I would, however, remove the trimming OR the pinstripes. Still not sold on the combination of the two. Pinstripes on the home, trim on the (all-sand) road. Pinstripes on both. Trim on both. Any way would be fine. Also, the giant wordmark on the home annoys me a bit, but not enough to downgrade the overall design.
  9. I don't know. St. Louis Community College is the Archers, so who know how that would work out.
  10. Yeah, the Pirates (both alt caps) and the Mets (home alt cap) are the two teams on the "unnecessary alt cap due to the very little difference from the primary cap" list. The Brewers panel cap is unnecessary because it looks bad and is far inferior to their primary cap.
  11. I'm 38 and I hate it. For a multitude of reasons.
  12. 1. Padres 2. Brewers (minus the panel cap) 3. Pirates 400. Rangers
  13. The helmet Needs Stripes. (We were all thinking it.)
  14. I was gonna post a recolor, too, but couldn't get them on a hosting site fast enough. I did one with it encased in "ice blue", but it was only minimally better. It needs to be light encased in dark for it to have the proper effect.
  15. I honestly think the only that should change from the uniforms is the wording and the logo. This isn't the 1993 expansion Marlins changing from Florida to Miami after 20 years, this is a rather historical team. I find keeping everything possible the same is the best option.