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  1. I’d like to see the new name start with R, but not Redtails or Redwolves. I’ve always thought the name Roughriders with maybe some sort of Teddy Roosevelt motif would be cool, but I don’t think that would fly with the CFL team of the same name. Plus, the name would not be original. I’m actually more concerned that the rebrand will come with some sort of new uniform abomination. I love the team’s unis (with the addition of gold pants) and would hate to see them stray away too far from the current look.
  2. The point he was trying to make is that he believes the fan base would be more willing to accept WFT/No name versus a new team name that’ll always be compared to the old name. If they can’t have “(Washington Football Team)”, WFT/No name would be an easier pill to swallow. At least that is what I got from it.
  3. The idea of just sticking with Washington Football Team full time has grown on me as well. I was listening to Tony Kornheiser’s show recently and I thought he had a good point in saying that no matter what name the team lands on, Redtails, Redwolves, whatever, it’ll never satisfy the fan base. The new name will always be compared to the old name, so just stick with WFT.
  4. There have been some WFT photoshopped helmet concepts floating around Twitter... As a WFT fan, I generally like our unis, but they feel incomplete without helmet stripes. I'm hoping to see at least a single gold stripe down the middle of the helmets next season.
  5. As a WFT fan, my biggest concern with their presumed new unis is that they'll have a monochrome set.
  6. I actually like that for Washington too. Maybe with Teddy Roosevelt on the side of the helmet? Would there be a large objection to that from the Saskatchewan Roughriders? I'd imagine so.
  7. Apparently, there is a new BC Lions logo. i wonder if that means it’ll appear on the helmets as well? https://twitter.com/roarreport/status/1306758739299450880?s=21
  8. I’ve always liked how the Buffalo Sabres and Bills feature a buffalo in their respective logos even though the teams represent the city of Buffalo, and not a team called the “Buffaloes”. It makes me wonder that when WFT becomes the Whatevers, could they have some sort of George Washington logo without being the “Washingtons”?
  9. Zero fans in a 2020 return image. A 2021 image would have a stadium full of opposing fans. haha
  10. I think he’s referring to the gold plastic piece close to the ear hole. That is a feature on newer Schutt helmets. I think it’s called a “stabilizer” or something of the like. It’s been around for 3 or 4 years now. I can’t see where it adds any benefit/safety, but I could be wrong. It goes unnoticed for the most part as most teams “stabilizer” is the same color as the shell. Washington is one of the few outliers that uses a contrasting color.
  11. Yeah, I really hate those things. The team has been using them for the last couple of seasons. They are a feature of newer model Schutt helmets. Most teams elect to have it match the rest of the shell, but the Football Team doesn't....
  12. I really like this update. I think taking the rounded edges and making them more pointed, really improved the logo. Terrific work.
  13. I like what I see so far. Looking forward to seeing more. Good work!
  14. Same, I'd like to see white, but if the uni looks similar to that, I'm fine with brown.