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  1. I meant, would San Antonio be bitter that they were not getting the team and therefore not let them use the Alamodome on a temporary basis?
  2. Would the Alamodome be available to use temporarily, or will this be a Memphis situation with the Oilers where San Antonio thinks they should be getting the team permanently, creating tension and issues? San Antonio has been trying for many years to get a team. Don't know how much they'd like just being the temporary home.
  3. Yeah, that's all I get from that as well. Actually seems pretty clear.
  4. 3 schools bring you 1 market... OR... 2 schools bring you that market AND K-State brings you the KC market. 2 additional markets>1 additional market
  5. But at this point, it also seems to become about number of members. If it means getting to 16, there's not many other options outside of, perhaps, pillaging the ACC, which is a possibility. Bringing in Iowa State and Kansas may be an easier way to reach 16. Kansas (for reasons known only to the NCAA) counts as a quality education school, so that appeals to the "appearance" of the member institutions being good academic schools.
  6. MLB doesn't have a 2 year advance notice requirement. It's simply that they must notify an intent to change or make a change before the end of March, I believe, and then submit said changes by the end of May to be incorporated into the rotation for the following season at the earliest. In this instance, without knowing the actual details, it would appear that, although, they were granted special permission to use them for 2021, they would have to follow proper protocol to use them for beyond 2021. Since the March deadline had passed (and thus nullifying the May deadline), the earliest they could bring them into the full-time rotation would be for 2023, as they technically are now "on the clock" for the 2022 deadlines.
  7. This was much more suspenseful and exciting than the trade deadline.
  8. My prediction if the Big XII dissolves: - Kansas State, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to the PAC-12(ish). (Oklahoma, Ok State, Texas and Texas Tech were often thought to go to the PAC, so I could see simply subbing K-State and Baylor) - Kansas and Iowa State to Big Ten - West Virginia to ACC (along with maybe Cincinnati from the AAC unless they get Notre Dame to join for football) - TCU ? (Probably American)
  9. If they did the amount of focus grouping that they've said or implied, chances are the colors came up.
  10. Too many are associating their dislike for the navy & red combination (which I love, but admit, is very overused) with the problematic points of Cleveland's baseball identity. They are not one in the same. This was not a case where "everything has to be completely changed or else it's still offensive". Cleveland baseball is one of the most historic franchises in the sport, whether their name be Indians or Guardians or anything from the past. Whether they use Wahoo, a block C or G-Wings. I preferred Spiders, but even then, I wanted them to limit the changes as much as possible. I repeat, what they did was take the most problematic points of their identity and replaced them with Cleveland-centric items, the name "Guardians" and the logo's inspired by the bridge. Literally, their entire identity now is purely CLEVELAND. They can't change the history, nor should they. Who did Larry Doby play for? Cleveland. Whether an old nickname or the future one. What colors did he wear? They literally just Clevejacked their own identity.
  11. Yeah, the entire Cleveland identity and history were not the problem. They picked out the parts that were, changed them, and left the rest. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. 1. Texas and OU went to the SEC and asked to be let in. It's not like the SEC sought them out. 2. Although expanding, the SEC geographical footprint is pretty mild compared to some. Oklahoma and Texas are often considered part of "The South", and really although Missouri is the only state not considered part of the region, the southern part where I've lived pretty much my whole life, is not far from the south. We border Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. In fact, there is no state in the SEC separated from another SEC state, i.e. West Virginia from the rest of the Big XII.
  13. Depends on when his friend, the former player, played.
  14. The franchises still exist within the league. They basically took over everything from the 2020 league. It never ceased to exist. Just shut down, like every other league, and then sold to new owners. The only thing may be the players, and they're constantly changing anyway. If new players and new owners determined the continuity of leagues, then every league would be "new" constantly.
  15. Came across this article and not sure if it was posted or the quote portion, but it appears it's gonna be Oakland or Vegas: https://news3lv.com/news/local/oakland-as-continuing-eyeing-las-vegas-as-a-future-home "We’re not going to any other cities," said Oakland A's President Dave Kaval. "We felt like Las Vegas and Southern Nevada made a ton of sense with the success of the other teams, the business-friendly climate, the entertainment capital of the world."
  16. Is the trim around the armholes going all the way around again and not being cutoff? Did I miss something?
  17. Did you install spyware on my computer?
  18. So Hector Santiago has been suspended 10 games, but the glove was never tested by MLB. They're simply going on the umpire's ruling/ejection. So, obviously, there's noooooo way any umpire would ever dare use this unilateral judicial power for any kind of personal vendetta or vengeance... right?
  19. They will have to be complete and utter failures and/or Allegiant Stadium becomes one of the biggest disasters and just comes crashing down (while empty, of course) for them to abandon Vegas at any point in the foreseeable future. Even if the team ended up for sale, unless one of those things happen, the league would not let anyone move them.
  20. Doesn’t make the White Sox uniform any less clownish. It’s not an either/or. Both can be clownish despite one being more than the other.
  21. Before the addition of Arizona and Tampa Bay in 1998, Detroit was in the East and Cleveland was in the Central.
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