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  1. On my tv, the pants look even more blueish-green than ever. Almost a light teal-like color that's an extremely major contrast from the clearly silver helmets. Looks so awful.
  2. I may be in the minority, but I always loved the Bucs white pants with this uniform design. In fact, I love both pants and each combination with the jerseys; red over pewter, red over white, white over pewter, white over white. Each one looks great to me and loved that about the set.
  3. You should write cards for Hallmark.
  4. His number history in a nutshell: He does wear 23 because of Jordan. He switched to 6 in Miami because he did think 23 should be retired league-wide (Miami had already done so by this time, I believe). He went back to 23 upon his return to Cleveland and kept it in LA. He planned/plans on switching back to 6 so AD can wear 23 again. Don't know if that's still the plan or not.
  5. The Cardinals were named after the red stockings they started wearing when they became the Perfectos. They were originally the Brown Stockings. Then shortened to Browns (not the AL Browns who became the Orioles and were originally the Milwaukee Brewers). Then Perfectos. Then to Cardinals after a fan noted their socks were a "lovely shade of Cardinal". Has nothing to do with the Catholic Cardinals. And they've had navy for much of their existence.
  6. I find all that red is dulled when paired with all that gray. The all navy hat seems to make the red seem richer and more vibrant.
  7. Naw, the all-navy is much better. I would prefer it return as the everyday away cap.
  8. Yes, the Yankees and the Red Sox/Giants' home uniforms all do it properly with the number moved up with no name. But it seemed that every team that regularly has a NOB, did not move up the number for the Jackie Robinson games.
  9. No you can definitely see that the Yankees numbers are naturally higher up due to no NOB.
  10. No, because, like with the front of the jersey, the eye naturally goes up. The chest area on the front and (more or less) in between the shoulder blades on the back.
  11. I'm convinced now that they need to return to normal baseball block numbers, probably the serifed ones like they used on the throwbacks (same as the Twins). This one is way to close, but the more "vertical" angles make it seem like they moved some points up or down just to have something different. The Rangers did a good job by putting the "thorns" on theirs, but here, some of the numbers look like they been squished and thrown on the jersey. I mean, look at the 4. It's normal and it makes the 2 look deformed next to it. The old numbers would go with the new wordmark fonts just nicely, IMO.
  12. It would be the most elusive jersey ever.
  13. It was. That's clearly a knock-off.
  14. I don't know if he was talking about KC. It was intended to be off air, so he could've been talking about any city on a completely unrelated subject.
  15. As baseball traditionalist as I am, i'll never be on board with this unwritten rule. I'll never fault a team for scoring as many runs as they can or for a batter bunting to break up a no-hitter, no matter the score. You're trying to beat them, and they're trying to not let you beat them. Anything can happen at any time. The worst situation was a couple years ago when the Twins were up 7-0 on the Orioles in the 9th inning, and they, the Twins, shifted on Chase Sisco, who then bunted for a hit. Dozier and other Twins players criticized him for doing so, saying he violated an unwritten rule. THEY shifted, up 7-0, and HE broke the unwritten rule for not hitting it where they were positioned? They were basically saying, "you have to lay down and accept defeat or you're the bad guy".
  16. A picture OR a thousand words. Please, not both.
  17. Reds-Pirates game for today has been postponed due to a positive test. Seems like as soon as one team comes back, another goes off. Marlins-Cardinals-Reds. EDIT: Tomorrow's game has been postponed as well.
  18. Yeah 1925C definitely is more red in my Pantone swatch book. It's a lighter red, but red. Compared to 200C (Cardinals red) or even 186C, it "appears" a little bit pinkish, but not magenta-esque. So it kinda straddles that line pretty well of being red, but a unique shade to (North American?) sports.
  19. They're playing 2 tomorrow. Saturday. They don't play today. They're actually traveling, individually in 41 rented cars, today to Chicago to help ensure another day of negative tests. Only the guys coming from Springfield are taking a bus.
  20. If it makes you feel any better, I rarely follow MLS.
  21. Cardinals in postseason if the season ended today!
  22. They dropped them. Both sets.