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    New York Rangers'logos, Anaheim Ducks'logos, Basically 97% of all NHL logos.
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  1. True it was but then again it was the 1970s so...okay for then
  2. I love the Nets but I feel LIs is better just my opinion it makes me think back to the Old New York Nets (in color and style)
  3. Yes especially in the case of the Long Island Nets and Brooklyn Nets
  4. Love the work so far and love how Charlotte has the colors of my Mets (though I feel the colors work better for a team in New York and not Charlotte) Speaking of New York will New York (or at least Brooklyn/ Long Island as whole) have a team?
  5. The stripes on the home and away are interesting...I like them though. I feel like they'd look good on the alternate though but that's my opinion
  6. Love how the Kings came out my only suggestion is to make the Captain's "C" on the Alternate black in the inner most part of it to make it more visible and to bring a little more contrast to the uniform
  7. My verdict on Las Vegas, Knights look better with helmet logo on the home and away, Alternate looks better with Las Vegas star logo.
  8. Perhaps makes the Mountie smaller and the blue a bit thicker maybe that could work out nice in game and irl.
  9. As I mentioned on the other version of this post I recommend a blue outline of the roundel logo otherwise they are perfect
  10. Very cool they look great! My only suggestions are that you put a blue outline on the inner and outer part of the roundel logo. And the other is to upload to NBA 2k17 and see how it looks in game
  11. Very cool and very sleek for Watertown, Cornwall look awesome as well. Ah the Fed, always been one of my favorite independent leagues I remember first seeing a game when there was still a New York/Brooklyn Aviators in the league
  12. I was hoping for more fisherman and less constant reminder of "We won four Cups in a row!" all in all the Fishlanders look good.
  13. Thank you for clearing that up! also I made a small tweak to the away jersey, the logo was decreased in size to match the home one
  14. Lol we all forget about Vegas sometimes...but Vegas, Vegas always remembers.
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