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  1. Hi Justin

    Heard that Dennis has asked you to join Ice Breakers FHL next season. If you know of anyone else that wants to be in the Canadian division give their email to Dennis McCabe so he can invite them for next season. Wanted to also share some of the work that i did to give our league that spit shine quality. Click on this link to see who won trophies this year. Share it with anyone who loves fantasy hockey. Breakers FHL/Hardware

    Send me any concepts that you have in mind for the Long Island Gunners team. Thanks


    Mac Moore

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    2. New York's Greatest

      New York's Greatest

      Hey just wanted to let you know I am finished with finals and can now focus on the fantasy leagues.

    3. The Nati MacDaddy

      The Nati MacDaddy

      Hope you did well on your finals. I'll keep you posted.


    4. New York's Greatest

      New York's Greatest

      They went very well thank you for asking! Also sounds good to me