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  1. Alan Garcia handing Long Island the 1990 Lewis as his final act was one of my favorites.
  2. I think shorter more frequent posts are okay especially with the ground this progects needs to cover if reaching present day is in the discussion.
  3. Hopefully these moves help Louisville! And hopefully we can rack up some wins to avoid folding.
  4. I hope the next expansion ends up being Ottawa and Buffalo. Two cities get teams back! The easy solution would be to move Houston to the west and join Dallas. I hope no one relocates. Can't wait to see what happens!
  5. Love this project so far and I hope you keep it up! The logos look very era appropriate. My favorite color is green so for now go Louisville!
  6. That Long Island jersey is my favorite uni in this whole project. Brings back the memories.
  7. Almost got both! I'll take picking arguably one of biggest upsets in AFA playoff history though!
  8. This is setting up for a Whales and/or Firebird upset. I can feel it.
  9. The ending of game 6 vaguely reminds me the 2013 Stanley cup finals when Chicago scored twice in 17 seconds to win it after trailing all game. Thrilling as always!
  10. I wonder if this means Ottawa will get a team again. It certainly is good news for Canadian clubs.
  11. I was briefly re-reading some older seasons when I saw that Generals was almost chosen as the nickname for Atlanta, and that it might be a good name to go to if they decide to get away from Confederate imagery in the 90s (which is now). Is there still any possibility of that or would they more likely just go with different imagery?
  12. Great Finals! The graphic underneath the player holding the Cup says Milwaukee instead of Toronto though.
  13. Ugh that hurts for the Concordes. At least we should have a few more cracks at it.