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  1. As someone heavily rooting for all the fool Socon teams to make it, it pains me to know Washington destroyed UNCG’s chances by getting blown out by Oregon. But now it’s to for the Heels to go win another title.
  2. I hope Nike brings back the powder blue alts from the 80s. Could you try that?
  3. Looking forward to the expos, probably more renaming involved I would think. That said, will we see a Washington Expos?
  4. Especially for teams that only have 2 colors + white, I see a lot of people here basically just make every option possible. You, however, even in making 6 uniform sets, have not. There are a few differences and different uniforms themselves. Great work!
  5. Old Seahawks logo in new colors and new Seahawks logo in old colors
  6. Any way we could see a full sized jaguar like their old alternate but with the new (2013-) logo?
  7. The concepts are great, but as someone who does and likes art in general, your human-drawing skills are fantastic! Your ability to make real looking people and the way you shade is just amazing. Kudos to you!
  8. I don’t have anything against ASU, but I love the idea of the PAC-12 having one bid so much I’ve been rooting against them all season. Hopefully the Tarheels don’t screw up before the Duke game. Also, RIP Furman. I can’t see them getting an at-large but that was a great season and a fun team to watch.
  9. Oh was it? That makes it cooler. Still not my personal favorite though but if it was a favorite IRL, then it’s fine with me.
  10. Home kit looks great, definitely something Nike would do for the US. The away kit, however, I’m not sure about. The slanted stars through me off a bit. The “USA” running down the shoulders reminds me too much of the Cleveland Browns pants with their word mark running down the side. What if the USA wasn’t there on the shoulders?
  11. I’m not sure about how much red is in the background but Lucky looks good. Are you open to other leagues?
  12. I’d like to see Norfolk just because it’s different from OTL
  13. Lebron has talent??? Haha jk, I just love making fun of the Lakers whenever possible.