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  1. You’re supposed to have logos ready in your first post or else it will be locked...
  2. Updates look great. However, I’m having an issue with the backgrounds being the same color. It’s not as bad for Ipswich and Macarthur, but for Adelaide, the border of the shield is the same as the background so, despite the shadow, it’s kinda hard to see. This isn’t an issue with the logos; they’re great. Just the visual presentation, maybe it’s my phone, but either way, I love seeing this back!
  3. You could’ve saved yourself some time and realized Dallas would never go to the super bowl.
  4. As a Boston sports fan, this reminds me of when Kyrie was traded to the Celtics. I never liked him, he was actually one of my least favorite players. But I knew that he’d be good and I’d have to like rooting for him, but I had to see him play great before I did. I’ve never liked Antonio Brown. I’ve been making jokes about him all week but now he’s on my team. He needs to provide an impact before I’m hooked.
  5. Well, the fact that you are commenting here means you do. Haven't checked back here in a while, but I wasn’t happy at the idea of AB coming to New England, and then he actually did, and now with the Mcginest Gronk rumors, I’m really pumped. We’ll see what today brings.
  6. Ya beat me to it by 8 minutes. That’s what I was seeing too. The Riptide/Breakers thing is fine because they don’t exist anymore, but I don’t know if this would “fly” with the Valor.
  7. I think it looks a little weird that the sleeve cap is turquoise on both uniforms, I’d make it white on the home uniform.
  8. I think the alternate looks much better now, I prefer the Indy Blues script to the St. Louis Blues script.
  9. I really do like the script, but I can’t help seeing a J on the alternate, and now I can’t unsee it.
  10. I think the stripes from the shoulder to the arm on the road uniform should be taken off, but the stripe around the neck and arm line should stay. Otherwise, looks fantastic!
  11. Like when an MLB team has a road game in London they play it a the neutral site? Then there isn’t a London team at all.
  12. Teams wouldn’t be happy about losing home games to help out a London team. Also, the Red Sox and Yankees had 3 days off to travel and reds before the game and 2 days off to get back, so with that amount of off days, the mlb would have an mlb season that lasts about 1 year, which obviously wouldn’t work. Also, I like the Lions look! For my guess as to what the other expansions are, Mexico City, Nashville, San Antonio or Austin, Memphis, Portland, Indianapolis?
  13. But this isn’t the NFL where they have a week to travel and it still is an issue, and that you might not play any west coast teams a year, in the MLB you travel all the time, every 3-10 days. Also, every team plays every team in their league. If London was in the AL, they would make 1-2 trips to Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle.
  14. The thing on the top is Long Island, where the school is located, the thing in the corners is the America East logo, hopefully this answers your question.
  15. I’m a sucker for light blue, and something about the font and stripes (and the name haha) makes me think this set is the best you’ve done.