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  1. Next is up is version 1 for the Reign. I am pretty peeved about the team's rebrand. It was hard enough to see them leave Seattle for Tacoma, but now to add insult to injury the new owners have replaced the classy, locally-relevant brand with an awkward name and generic logo that represents Lyon more than the Pacific Northwest. While I'd rather they kept the old logo, I wanted to try to find a better way to combine the Lyon and Reign brands than the actual design. The new crest takes the shape and colors of the OL logo, but adds the Reign crown, and incorporates the "Olympique" moniker by showcasing the nearby Olympic Mountains. The home's vertical stripe is inspired by Lyonnais's '70s designs, and uses a sublimated Mount Olympus design. The away is black (one of the Reign's old colors) and has a simple diagonal design in a map of Puget Sound: I think this is a tad more palatable. Let me know what you think! Coming up soon, my personal preference for the Reign.
  2. That Hawks script is great! The filled in logo looks better than I'd expect, too. The city uniform is an upgrade, but it could use more peach trim and a bit less black.
  3. Time for Chicago: So I had no expectation of outdoing one of the best soccer jerseys I've ever seen, but hopefully my home jersey, which depicts the skyline reflecting on Lake Michigan, is solid. The away uses the neon Chicago Municipal Device on the iconic Chicago Theater marquee. Thanks for checking it out!
  4. Mideastern MI has cool colors, and the crossed hammers are nice, but the logo really doesn't read as an anvil. Maybe you could make it silver with green outlines separating the layers (with gaps for the monogram), or switch to a side view. I like the A&M in the radio tower for the Okies! Agree with what's been said about the Harlequins; a third hat spike might help. Virginia Maritime looks awesome! Love the colors and the logos are great. The only concern is that the crest of the wave looks a tad flat. Also, nice hype song choices here...
  5. 3 is definitely the best. The jaw looks way better connected than separate, IMO. With the eye is way better than without, but you could have it look forward instead of having it rolling its eye. I think the forehead is a too big and extends a bit too far onto the snout. Also the neck shape is a bit off, maybe it could be smaller...? Really nice start, and I think it's pretty close.
  6. Yeah, apparently a lot of the Sounders' aversive branding stems from the fact that, during the jump to MLS in 2009, the front office slapped the historic Sounders name on their generic crest that they designed for a name like "Alliance" or "Republic," both of which would require a loud obnoxious color as SOME form of brand identity. If they had really recognized Seattle's attachment to the Sounders brand, maybe they would have reconsidered their approach, kept the old colors, and taken a classy route fit for a storied team (as the Timbers and Whitecaps would eventually do.) And now the Sounders fanbase is used to the lime green. Now I can only hope for more throwback gear; at least they've started with that lately.
  7. Thank you! The research can be tedious, but it helps me to avoid the blank t-shirts we see all too often IRL As for MLS, I've posted some concepts here, but I haven't done a league-wide series yet mostly because logos take a while and MLS could use some rebrands, IMO. I certainly hope to get that going in the future. And now, an unorthodox take on Sky Blue: Because the team just moved to Red Bull Arena, likely as an appeal to fans in NYC, I tried to create designs that can rep both New Jersey and New York at once. The home jersey has a sunset sky and a silhouette of the George Washington Bridge, which connects Manhattan to the Jersey suburbs. The kit is in NYC blue and orange. The away might be a bit polarizing, but I wanted to capture multiple aspects of the region's history in broadcast. Centered around the crest is a vintage TV test pattern (often seen as a technical difficulties screen.) This is meant to reflect NYC's role as a TV filming & broadcasting hub. That design is combined with radio waves emanating from a stylized depiction of the Armstrong Tower, the New Jersey site where FM radio was developed. All of this is done in the official NJ state colors of blue and buff, as seen on its flag and old license plates. Let me know if you have any advice for the execution here, because it's feeling a bit off to me.
  8. Certainly a unique idea here; I'm curious how you decided which team gets which movie as inspiration... That green plaid design for Washington, I think would be much more appropriate for Portland or the Reign... I like the first realistic version of it most, without the counter-colored sleeves. I like the Coral idea for Orlando, certainly seems appropriate for Florida and the Little Mermaid. As for Portland, as much as I like the vines, the sublimated rose pattern below is really strong, so I think it shouldn't be covered up. Utah looks cool but it really feels Mardi Gras, definitely doesn't remind me of a wintry Scandinavian kingdom... Maybe do something with the flower on the sleeve patch? Mostly I'm surprised you didn't do something from Brave. Maybe some cool runes or wisps. A forest design could also work for Utah, Seattle, or Portland...
  9. Thank you for the feedback! The big stripe angles matched the sublimated chevrons before, but here it is matching the crest's shape: I can't decide if I like the matching angles better or if the small chevrons feel awkward now, but it feels subtle either way. I also added some chevrons to spice up the shorts stripe. Thanks! Your criticism is fair, but I figured I could get away with a shell & rocket themed jersey given the precedence of the Apollos claiming Cape Canaveral... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Thank you! Yeah, I'm just tired of Nike and Adidas releasing bland jerseys all the time, so it's fun that we can show them up here on the boards Next up is Houston, who gets a rebrand: So the Houston Dash have a kinda generic, forgettable brand. That's why I renamed them the Frontier, showcasing Houston's historical role as a city of pioneers. The train is inspired the one on the city seal (which apparently signifies the "spirit of progress"). The moon reflects Houston's significance in space travel, and I use it in the monogram. No research went into the home jersey, but I knew from the start I wanted this chevron pattern and nothing says Houston like Tequila Sunrise. The away, on the other hand, is an homage to the fallen crew of the Challenger space shuttle. The colors match the mission uniform, and the pattern places the HF monogram in Resnik Crater, the memorial for astronaut Judith Resnik (who lived in the Houston area during her time at NASA) and one of few lunar craters named for women. C&C appreciated!
  11. I think the Titans logo would look better (and less Mardi Gras) is the mask was less exaggerated. The sharp nose and rotund cheeks are over defined to the point that they almost don't read as a theater mask. That said the idea there is excellent! It reminds me of a Golden Globe; perfect for Hollywood. The uniform is also great, and the blue & gold feel really glamorous. The teal is cool but maybe a powder blue would look interesting? I agree with what's been said about the Ghosts. Jerseys are good; the logo execution is a bit sloppy. The rounded inner corners are awkward, and the hair curve is a bit odd. Cleaning that up could help a lot. Also, the bottom of the logo ends abruptly. Maybe you could have the torso in the shape of the Bean, with the banner flipped over forming the top of it? These are really good ideas, just need a bit of modification to be really excellent!
  12. Your latest logo is quite nice! Aggressive but classy, and the line weights are better. My only observation now is that the lower jaw looks pretty thin with the thicker outlines. Your Ohio alternate logo is perfect! The uniforms are upgrades, especially with the sleeve numbers. I just don't like how the pants have perpendicular tiger striping, so maybe align them all to one diagonal. Good work!
  13. I love that sublimated pattern striping for Houston! I'd just suggest dropping the small white stripes in between, and just putting the main stripes straight onto the jersey/pants color. Also your Guardians concept with the Empire State Building on the pants is awesome! The gradient works surprisingly well here. I don't know if it'd look better, but I'm curious to see the away without the black background, with black stripes instead of silver. I like the snakeskin for TB, but it might work better on the numbers a la Seahawks. The gradients don't work for me here (especially the pants gradients), but maybe a dark green to yellow stripe gradient would...? Unique stuff! Great work here!
  14. Thanks for the positive response, everybody! And now, Orlando! The home builds on their current Lake Eola design, adding some color and the fountain from the crest to reference both the Pride flag and the Orlando flag. The away turns the Florida horse conch, the state's official shell, into the exhaust of the Saturn V rockets launched from nearby Cape Canaveral. Also, I've been kind of stuck on ideas for Sky Blue, so if anyone has any suggestions, that'd be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. The helmet is pretty nice, about as good as you could get when adapting from the leaked logo. Also, the logo looks doesn't look half-bad on the chest! The sleeve horns need a bit of work, however, especially on the road jersey. The white gap between the yellow and the horn is really awkward and having the points on both ends of the horn makes it look more like a wave or a vortex than anything else. Overall, this would be close to a best-case outcome given what we've seen so far. Good work!