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  1. Rounding out the Cascadia trio, it's Vancouver: I know the Whitecaps' current logo is genuinely really nice, but lately it's felt a bit stale to me (Is it the execution? The too thick lines with too thin outlines, or the boring font?) I try to freshen it up a bit, and add some retro callbacks (a running theme today) and a more explicit V-W monogram. The Whitecaps have returned to their iconic W/B/W + hoop look, and I say that should stay forever as the home look, but the 2015 home kit was also quite elegant, so I crossed the two to create one potential way to keep the fauxback look fresh. The away is a take on the team's current away. The wave design is fine, and I know it's a city flag shoutout, but I think the simple sinusoidal waves have more history with the Sounders, so I changed it to match the NASL and USL logos' wave. Finally, a third jersey, which is my attempt to spice up that black away that they had a couple years ago. I add a triangle tessellation that forms the nearby Lions peaks.
  2. Glad I could get it to a place you're happy about. Thanks for the comments! Thank you; Dallas really ought to commit to their classic hoops look, but I feel that locking in to a basic design doesn't have to prevent some flair! I appreciate the kind words! The Burn logo was close, so I'm glad to hear that my attempt to bring it the rest of the way is well-received. Also, thanks for looking at the back leg; it was driving me crazy! As for the green, I still prefer to keep it as a little shoutout to the Burn era, the city skyline, and Dallas's other teams, but here are some edits with silver (like the team does IRL) or with just RWB: Not bad by any means; just not my preference. Also, to address @QCS's comment about Houston from a bit earlier: Does this look any better? Anways, thank you all for your feedback!
  3. I like that Mexico jersey; nice use of colors to it. I feel like the sleeve striping pattern could afford to be a bit bigger to closer match the rest of the shirt, and maybe shifted up so that the top of the sleeves are still in the white stripe sections. Madrid looks solid; the pattern is verges a tad close to the Adidas teamware pattern for a Nike jersey, but it's still pretty. I'd just say the orange swoosh feels out of place with no other orange on the jersey... You could make it yellow like the logo or blue, and/or you could add a sleeve cuff stripe. Out of the Walker University ones, I think I like the gold one the most! I feel that the horizontal pinstripes are a bit busy when paired with a logo with so many outlines, but the gold jersey is just so elegant. I'd just change the socks so they match the jersey hoop. The yellow Arsenal jersey you did is a cool take on the bruised banana, well done.
  4. I think Heavyweights is a really nice choice of name, and the home and away jerseys look good (though I'm not feeling the blue knee stripe, even if it's meant to emulate shorts.) The alt looks good in a vacuum but I wonder if Philadelphians might be averse to a Pittsburgh color scheme, so maybe you could do it in gray/light blue like the shirt it's from. The logo needs some rethinking, IMO, especially since it's a bit hard to read as a boxing glove. The front of the glove is too short and stubby, and the thumb looks pointy rather than being tucked in (especially because it's longer than the fist!) Also not really feeling the use of black outlines instead of blue, or the H on the wrist. I'd definitely suggest @neo_prankster's Philly Brawlers concept as a potential source of inspiration. As for Motor City, I think the jersey design is pretty cool, especially with that sorta emanating design and leg striping. That said, I'm sorta with WLD42 on it; the striping gap is a bit big and it takes a sec to see the sparkplug. Luckily I think this one is a bit closer! The top looks kinda like a hat right now, but you could make it less squat and more into a screw shape and I think that would help. The "S" is the hardest to read, I think, but you could probably ditch it, just go with "MC," and make the bottom much more explicitly sparkplug-like. I think that third jersey is really pretty. The colors and simple striping are quite nice, and even if the MC doesn't read as anything specific, it still has a really cool industrial vibe to it!
  5. Richmond looks much better with the updated hard hat; good work! Definitely happy with the other updates as well. Berkeley has an interesting look; I'm not personally big on the groovy '60s aesthetic but you pull it off. I'm a bit off-put by just how tiny and squished the "ELEY" is compared to the "BERK" on the logo, though I wouldn't blame you if you'd rather not have to rework it (letters take forever!) The jerseys are solid; I'd suggest you ensure that the top of the swirly purple side panels connect to one of the blue waves, and maybe try purple on yellow for the New Balance logo on the away. Santa Maria's look is pretty funny! I never would've guessed there was a SoCal barbeque style The monogram is cool; I wonder if the top of the shield should be flatter so the curve doesn't clash with the flat top of the M...? Anyways, good work here as always!
  6. Here's a bit of an era-blending look for FC Dallas: For this one, I did my best to retool the Dallas Burn lightning horse logo into the iconic Dallas Pegasus (for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get a more detailed back leg to look good... Any advice?) I also created a new wordmark with the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge as inspiration. Light green returns as an accent color in an otherwise unchanged color scheme. The home jersey adds the pattern from the Fair Park Esplanade to FC Dallas's classic red-white hoops. I think a Greek-esque pattern feels kinda appropriate for a Pegasus team, no? The away jersey adds a Reunion Tower pattern and goes for a blue-green combo for Mavericks/Cowboys synergy. For this one, I also have a third jersey, very loosely inspired by the Burn's 1996 white away jersey and the neon lights of the Bank of America Plaza: Thanks for checking it out! I'm feeling a tad stuck for Sacramento, so if anyone has any suggestions for that or anything else, please let me know.
  7. Glad you like it; thanks for all your comments to get it where it is! I was definitely hoping to go for "dynamic," so glad that came through. I'll go to other teams to work on for a bit, but I might return to the Charlotte concept and try those other versions later. It's kinda funny that you say that; I tried the hoop striping as you suggested and worried that it looked too much like the '79 Whitecaps hoop! Still looks good though, and a nice callout to the Chicago Flag: That said I also tried a second striping pattern for good measure. I also tried this one with the blue skyline per your suggestion. Anyways, thanks for the feedback!
  8. The idea is pretty straightforward, and I'd say that you've done the idea justice... (though I admit I'm not familiar enough with the NHL to recognize any of the players) If I had to come up with any suggestions, maybe I'd suggest rotating the scraps around a bit and/or using the font that's the most different (e.g. the styling of Tampa Bay's "B", the font of Edmonton's "T") for the first letter... Or maybe that's unnecessary. I'd be curious how you'd attempt to do Vancouver; that'd be a challenge, I think!
  9. Glad you like the edit! Fair point about the contrast; easy enough of a fix: Also, I wasn't sure what you meant about blue, but I tried replacing black with blue... I guess that red, blue, and silver has a touch of Alouettes/Expos/Canadiens synergy, which is always nice, but I can't put my finger on what looks off about it: ------------------------- Why, thank you! I hope they start recognizing the potential of the five-stripe format again, and I suspect no one has even begun to tap the possibilities for Atlanta-themed jerseys... Thank you; always great to hear from a local! Glad that the MARTA one is well-received; I feel somewhat positively about Seattle's buses but I wasn't sure if that was the case for folks in Atlanta. Hope you've been enjoying the other entries of the series! ------------------------- @QCS Thanks for all of your suggestions for lots of Charlotte-themed stuff; it's certainly some good inspiration! You mention the heads face of the Mint's coins; I think that's a great idea, but I don't want to infringe on @kerlonmoura's excellent concept... As for the eagle, it'd be worth a shot (especially with the eagle from the Randolph), but I'm not great at shading on animals, so I might have to take a long time to do it. In terms of the public art, I think that Il Grande Disco would make the basis for a beautiful alternate kit, so I might have to try that in the future. I liked your Bank of America Tower suggestion and started looking into that a bit, but as I was looking at skyline pictures, I felt even more inspired by the design of the Duke Energy Center: I don't know if that's a building Charlotteans (?) feel very attached to, but I thought it looked cool and worked well with the crown. Depending on what folks think about this, I might go back and try the BoA Tower or the Truist Tower or something altogether different. Still, I think it's a bit more exciting than before, so thank you for your encouragement and brainstorming help!
  10. I didn't even think of that connection! (Is it wrong that I associate cobblestone more with Quebec City? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) Anyways, thanks again for the kind words. I have no idea if Impact fans liked the pink away jerseys back in the day, so you'd know better than I, but I think the pink is cool. That said, gray works fine, since it's the color of the metallic base of the sculpture... I think the part on the right has to stay orange/red/pink to stay recognizable as the torch, though: ---- Hey, thanks for the really comprehensive feedback! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the series, and I've made some quick edits to address some of your comments. I might come back to some of the other stuff later, but here's some of the simple stuff: Nashville New England Charlotte Seattle Columbus Chicago Funny that you mention this; I've been thinking about that... I 100% agree! In the year and a half since I posted it, I have come to dislike this design for exactly the reasons you mention here, as well as the fact that the flag colors really don't work with the fire star. That's why, when Matt Wolff's *new* new IRL Fire logo came out, I began some progress on two different edits: Basically the left one is just the average between the two concepts I posted, with a much thicker C, and the right one is just my tweak to Wolff's new design to get the color balancing and shape to a slightly better place. That one on the right can totally work as a replacement for that Florian cross concept from back then, IMO: Anyways, thanks for the comments; it's nice to procrastinate by doing edits get some quality constructive feedback!
  11. Definitely agree with you, LUFC looks a lot better on the logo than the full-on "Leeds United." I think that one with the un-outlined yellow circle is the best take yet! You're right that it doesn't *quite* read as plumage, but I think that's okay... But if wanted to, you could shorten the gaps separating the petals a tad, so you can enlarge the circle and match the shape of it to the 80s crest (i.e. a section of the bottom of the circle is removed). Anyways, really good work, and I've love to see how it looks on a jersey!
  12. Here's one I've sorta struggled with for a while, Atlanta: So I really love the other Atlanta soccer concepts—especially @mcrosby's train-themed Terminus logo, and the phoenix-themed logos made by @Section30 and Andrew Wagner—but I didn't feel like trying to compete, so I tried a different approach that I felt a bit uncertain about. I was inspired by ATLUTD2's golden spike (let them get their own identity) and Aberdeen's goal-shaped A, and put them inside the state outline. The drop-shadows were a bit of a last-second addition; hopefully it works. The home jersey is a return to the red-back, five-stripe design that Atlanta should stick with (quit it with the all-black uniform, please!) but adds a subtle train track theme. The away jersey is just based on the MARTA buses. IDK if Atlantans like the system, but I think the design is cool, and I don't have any better ideas. Advice on this one would be greatly appreciated, since I'm not feeling 100% about it.
  13. Thanks for the kind words; it always means a lot when it comes from a fan of team! I'm a younger fan, so I don't have the personal experience, but I hope my callbacks to the USL era are on the right track (my Sounders could stand to do more of it, IMO...) Good call on putting the flag on the back; looks quite nice, I think:
  14. Richmond's jerseys are nice, and the colors are quite pretty shades. I definitely like the bridge themed one, though I kinda wish the pattern were more prominent somehow (thicker lines?) The RR of the logo and riveting is quite nice too. I appreciate your shoutout with the hard hat, but to me, this navy blue hat reads more as a tricorn or a soldier's helmet than anything else... I think having the "dent" on top jut out upward instead of inwards would make a big difference (more like the Massive Report blog logo, which I referenced for my design). Some vertical highlights instead of that curved highlight might help too. You could also try some other stuff instead if it still doesn't look right in those colors (Rosie the Riveter bandana? Gear? Hammers?) Those updates are looking good! Good job on that Hub City home jersey. Burbank's away is nice but maybe the design could be even more prominent if it were vertical running below the crest or on both sides or something. Frogtown's crest looks a tad better; the desaturated colors are a bit more pleasant even if the frog is the same. Did you consider having a solid non-gradient light green belly for it? Finally, that Mountainmen away jersey is another beauty! Good work.
  15. Next up, some designs to throw on a bonfire: Credit where it's due, though: Portland's branding is basically untouchable, especially since they removed the text and switched from yellow to gold. Basically all I can do are some minor changes for change's sake. The reintroduction of text and roundel is unnecessary but a bit of a retro touch, and I introduced some red rose petals for a tad of Thorns/Blazers synergy. The home jersey is a callback to the chevron from their 2015 home jersey but incorporates a stylized St. John's Bridge / pinstripe design. I like Rose City red or green & white hoops for Timbers away jerseys, but my design is something new and pretty self-explanatory. C&C appreciated!
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