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  1. I like the update to the Cascades; the logo looks really great with Rainier! I'd suggest thinning out the lines of the baseball, and maybe add a few more trees. The drop-shadow on the jersey was a nice touch. I imagine it could look nice without the white separation, though I suppose it might necessitate a slight change in the shades of green for contrast... Either way, excellent update! I don't mind the detailed Neptune as a sleeve patch; I think there's precedent for teams to have a logo with that detail. I do feel this could use an additional trident-focused logo, though. However, with some edits to the trident, I think you could do some sort of J + trident monogram as the cap logo. Also, I don't know how practical it is, but having an inline on the away "Jacksonville" script would be really cool. Finally, I think the waves on the sleeves should be the same color design as the text, e.g. blue/teal/blue for home & away, blue/white/blue for the alt. Good work!
  2. Okay, since @mcrosby makes a good point about Georgia O'Keeffe being a more suitable inspiration than Frank Lloyd Wright, I reworked the Architects into the Madison Vanguard: This logo has an easel with a painted Madison flag and an MV monogram worked into the legs. The Vanguard name honors Madison's innovators in general rather than Wright specifically, and feels like an extension of the Forward brand. I reworked the O'Keeffe flower away jersey into a swirly home jersey. The new away takes the pattern of a muskellunge fish, a tribute to the defunct Muskies baseball team. I'll plan to be back with a new away jersey for Atlanta to finish the updates for the series!
  3. Here's an update to the LA uniforms that I pulled together after the announcement of the new team, which has no Barcelona connection. They seem to be using the name Angel City and a metallic rose gold color, so I wanted to work with that. The logo is framed by a clapperboard to represent Hollywood. I wanted to do angelic symbolism without infringing on any of the Angels' historical imagery (wings & halos), so I went with a harp. Hopefully this would allow a "Harpers" nickname rather than have a confusing second "Angels" team. I've kept most of the design of the jerseys, but I replaced the Barcelona red stripes on the home with the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and old gold is replaced with rose gold.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! It's always nice to get a local opinion. Thanks for bringing this point up; that totally didn't cross my mind (and if they mentioned it during my tour of Oak Park, IL, I forgot about it... ) I just drew up a quick sketch of a painting-themed version of the logo with an easel, but it doesn't have the fun beveling and negative space stuff that I enjoyed while making the drafting compass. Also I don't know if I have a good name for it... Anyways I'll try to pull that together. Thank you! Glad to hear you liked it.
  5. And now, the last team I have planned. It's probably unrealistic for a USL1 team in a relatively small city to field an NWSL team, even with Madison's eager fanbase, but the Mingos' branding is top-notch and this series is just for fun anyways! The team just had to share Forward Madison's unique color scheme, but it embodies a decidedly different mood. The name comes from Madison's famous modern architectural landmarks, including several works by Wisconsin-born Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries. The logo depicts a window from one such work, the Monona Terrace and a drafting compass with a negative-space State Capitol building. The home jersey loosely draws from the horizontal design of Wright's iconic Prairie School style, specifically the Jacobs I House. The away jersey is inspired by the floral artwork of a different creative Madisonian, painter Georgia O'Keeffe. This flower is the wood violet, state flower of Wisconsin. I had a pretty good time trying to do something a bit more detailed & realistic than I'm used to! I'll probably work on some updates for Atlanta and Los Angeles before I call it a wrap, but now I want to thank you all for your suggestions and feedback during this series! Here are the logos and colors of the full league, as it stands:
  6. I guess I hadn't really thought about how that history might play into opinions on the away jersey; thanks for pointing that out. It's probably too light & fun of a design to work as a memorial jersey, so I could try something else entirely... As for the suggestion of a Coca-Cola kit, I'm a bit lost on how I'd keep it from feeling like just another ad, but I'll think on it some more. Oh, come on, don't get that one stuck in our heads again! Also, I did some more work on Toronto. I tried the suggestion of centering the T and it was better but still kinda static. However, I tried it off-center with the actual curved T shape of the Toronto flag and I think it finally gets some nice motion to it!
  7. The update to Denver was exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for deciphering my ramblings; maybe I'm a bit too used to Inkscape. Now that all the jerseys have yellow text, it's grown on me a bit on the home & away. Certainly you're right to call it unique and now it feels more cohesive, too. Your updates for Seattle's jerseys are subtle but nice. I don't mind the light green you have; it's not overly obnoxious like the Seahawks or muddy like my Sounders. Mostly it was just curiosity about the mint. Look forward to seeing your logo edits if you're so inclined. As for New Orleans, I'm more on board with just purple & gold; looks much cleaner that way IMO. The NO monogram is pretty classy.
  8. Good update here. I think the highlighting on the statue is really nice and makes the design even classier. However, the navy statue on burgundy feels a bit muddy, so you might need to lighten the burgundy background or switch the statue to gold & white to get enough contrast on 4 & 5. It looks best on 3 because there's such good contrast between the orange & brown. The river stripe looks better but could be slimmed down even more, so that it matches the other white outline, IMO.
  9. Glad to hear you like ABQ, and I'll mess around more with Toronto shortly. I think the Olympics suggestion was I needed to hear to get the ball rolling for Atlanta, so now I've got that one done first! And it's another re-incarnation of the Atlanta Beat: I thought there was some potential in the poorly-executed original A & note logo, but it took me a while to think of interlocking them in this slightly different way. I added the Olympic flame above the A and a record to further represent Atlanta's burgeoning music scene. It's in Atlanta black & red with a peach color added. The home jersey is inspired by the city's original Terminus name. It has air traffic, reflecting the city's airport hub status, and railyards to show its railroad history, all emanating from a central point which represents Atlanta itself. The away is based on the Olympic Cauldron from the 1996 Games. It's a bit weird so let me know if there's a way to improve it.
  10. This is great! This idea mixes the best parts of Hawks designs, and I love the use of peach instead of yellow. That said there's a few changes I'd make to clean it up. I'd keep red as the primary, at very least for maintaining the team's history. I'm not feeling the new spikey number font (especially the triple outlining) and I think you could make the stripe on the back more like the original where it goes behind the name. Finally, I think the shorts should match the jersey; both in color and with the same stripe design. The bird logo could just go in one color on top of the stripe. Still, overall I'm a big fan of this one. Miles more interesting than what they just changed too.
  11. This would be a great look for the team. The Apotheosis statue always looks good. I'm also partial to the red/blue/yellow but certainly the navy/wine/gold are close enough to work fairly well. Not feeling the bottom one so much. That said I think the white outline of the wave, while accurate to the flag, is too thick to go with the inner white stroke of the arch. I'd make it thinner to match and shift the text down. Also, I think "AC St Louis," like the defunct USL team, rolls off the tongue better than the reverse. Great work! Hopefully the real logo is as nice as this.
  12. The Cascades look pretty nice (I'm used to saying that more literally ) I think the mountains on the baseball diamond logo feel really vertically stretched out, so I'd shorten those a bit and maybe consider adding some snowcaps. The jerseys are solid but I'd ditch the white outlines on the away. While your shades of green are fine as-is, I'd be interested in seeing that mint green version you mentioned. I'm not sold on the yellow-heavy text on the white jersey, but Denver's alternates are gorgeous. I love that red-brimmed cap. I'd swap the text fill & stroke on the red jersey, though. I think you had the roundel right the first time, personally, but the partial logo without the text is best. Also, despite the colors that feel more Colorado or Philly, your NY design is quite nice, especially that monogram.
  13. Sounds like New Mexico fans are making waves in the USL, so here's a take on a women's team for the latest soccer hotbed: The Cranes are named after sandhill cranes, which migrate in great numbers through New Mexico. Unlike NM United, they take on a very Southwestern color scheme. The home jersey is a hot air balloon pattern, inspired by ABQ's famous Balloon Fiesta. The away jersey uses the iconic New Mexico chile on a kit of the brother team's colors. I have one last team planned and almost ready, but if anyone has some suggestions for Atlanta designs, I might be able to get that to happen too.
  14. Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to hear you like Louisville's logo. I felt pretty clever with that idea. I tried getting rid of the breaks on Toronto's home jersey, and I think it looks good but it's a bit static: I might need to workshop some more on it...
  15. I think it looks pretty good, but it could also be rearranged to be a bit more concise and eliminate people's concerns. The Monument rendering is pleasantly simple and the DC flag is nicely integrated, but I can't see an NFL team using such a text-heavy primary logo. You could work off the secondary logo, putting the Monument between the letters DC and on top of a burgundy ball shape rather than a shield. I think you'd kill multiple birds with one stone that way, and get a design that would look more at home on a helmet. Then you could use your banner and maybe put it underneath a different monument (Lincoln Memorial?) as a new secondary.