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  1. I like Pearl of Honolulu's logo a lot. Feels kinda Art Deco-y in a really nice way. North Shore is kinda silly, but it works really well! Yamato's away and Kamehameha's home are really nice jerseys! The monogram for Maui is kinda hard to read though. Not feeling it. I'm normally not a big fan of Euro-style names, but your team names (except Maui United ) are totally classy. Good work!
  2. The first A is much better for Atlanta, and I like the drumsticks, it's a nice touch. You could adjust the stem & leaf to make a the logo look like an eighth note! Excellent idea with Houston! Love the stars. The visor should be inside the helmet a bit more, though, and the ball is too detailed. Minnesota is WAY too similar to the Loons, especially when the bird still looks the exact same. It would be great to use a duck with some markings in a different position (a scaup duck, perhaps?) A different background (Nordic cross instead of sash?) might help too. Maybe a barracuda or turtle theme could work for Miami?
  3. I really like the rendering of the dog, even though it doesn't quite read as a husky specifically to me... I think that it would work really well as a standalone logo outside of the snowflake with a full maple leaf (a la Blue Jays) For the secondary, I'm not feeling the leaves, so that's where you could go more abstract like your current primary. The font update feels much more appropriate. I'd be curious to see this in the royal blue of the original Huskies. Overall, really good ideas here! Do you plan to do uniforms?
  4. Dang it, I've been working on and off on a NWSL series myself, but I can't compete with mcrosby! The logo looks excellent, but it feels like a great Sacramento Republic concept (even cooler than your actual one, I might add!) The identity should be a bit more distinct, IMO. Maybe lean into the Quails thing or something similar? I'm not feeling the detailed map in the R, though. I'm curious to see your ideas for Miami and Indiana! Good work as usual.
  5. The Funky Quaffles look pretty sharp to me, especially that font. I'd make the FQ monogram black at home, but otherwise great! For the Gambits, I think "Los Angeles" or "LA Gambits" would work better than just "LA" on the logo. The home script is good but I don't like all the outlines. Maybe you could put the script in black on a white chest stripe, since the photos you linked show a chest stripe. The away is really clever but it feels a tad blank to be a playing card. Adding a little Joker or a playing card back design might be fun! The Vipers look solid, though the away is a bit odd with the light logo on the dark background. Good call ditching the green shorts. Sorry to be so slow with my feedback. It's been a cool series; a unique idea to refresh Quidditch teams, and some nice designs. Good work!
  6. I like the update to Hobart Town; it's got a sort of timeless feel. Newcastle looks excellent! A huge upgrade. I'm curious to see a beveled version (a la Winnipeg), since the jet feels a tad flat. BTW, I think Geelong looks a bit better without the bevels. Well-executed refresh for Macarthur. For Ipswich, I like the new font. The monogram doesn't mesh well with the axes. I think the axes work well enough on their own. The T/bat is really cool for Townsville, and the colors are great. The V feels a bit out of place, but it's a solid logo either way. I'd make "Townsville Nomads" official if I were you, it's a pretty great name! Overall good work, once again!
  7. vtgco

    MLS 2022

    I like the accents silver for Montreal's home. The Fleur-de-lis is cool on its own. The away jersey looks cool, but the pattern feels more suited to a mountainous place (Colorado? Vancouver?) Nashville's home is interesting but it might look more like an equalizer with thinner bars and sublimated horizontal lines. It could also use some white. That LA Galaxy away is excellent! My only suggestion is to have stars all the way down the shirt that get dimmer.
  8. The RD monogram is pretty nice. I like the red pinstripe version better. That said I think given their flag you could do a cool split T-stripe instead. The US looks fine, I'd just use the blue socks from the Dominican Republic instead. I like the idea of a "United States" script, for an alternate at least. Japan doesn't look right in red... I think they look great in their current navy & gold. I think it would be cool you could work your look into an alt for their current set. Not a big fan of the red on red caps for China, but the vests are nice! Israel is a big improvement over their current set. I like the number font, and the "I" in the star is a great cap logo. Well done. Just in general, I think the insides of the Olympic Rings should be filled in white. You could also shift them down a bit.
  9. That 1939 fauxback ("International?") is beautiful! The wordmark works so well with the bat and the realistic bird (their best logo, IMO)... I think it might even beat St Louis's for me! I appreciate the idea of a flag nod but I'm not sure about the orange and white touching yellow. I'm not feeling the BP. The yellow jersey is fine, but I think the sleeve striping should be black-orange-black, and the script & number should ditch the white outline. The rest are solid! Gotta love Baltimore's sleek black jerseys. I'd like to see the caps you would pair with each jersey, though. I look forward to seeing more! Good work!
  10. The second one is cool, especially the face on top, but seems more busy/overly-detailed than World Cup logos. It's also a bit disjointed between each country's section. I actually think the first one looks real. It gets the cultural references for each country across, but in a way that feels coherent across the logo and is simple. It also gets the soccer ball in there, which is usual for WC logos. Take the trophy from the first and the "FIFA World Cup United" wordmark from the second, and you're golden! Excellent work!
  11. The red one looks really awesome but the design doesn't feel relevant to STL (at least from an outsider's perspective). I think that it would make a killer Orlando jersey in shades of purple, though! The second one is great, and fits the city quite well. I think you could make the Adidas logo blue, put the crest in city flag colors, and maybe add some gold trim, and you'd be done! I like the design on that yellow and green one... It's in AC STL colors, so I guess there's a connection? As for the pinstriped one, it would be cool if there were multiple shades of blue like on the crest. It could tie in with the Blues very nicely.
  12. Definite improvement on the actual logo. I think the logo is a tiny bit bottom heavy, so I'd move the head & hat up a tad. I'm curious how this would work on a helmet. Would you do a Ravens-style thing where the D switches directions, would you reflect the whole thing, or would you just have a secondary logo without the D? Good work!
  13. A couple thoughts, to take or leave as you see fit: - The font and MA outline are really jagged when juxtaposed with the goals. Maybe you could rounden the outline a tad? - The goals are a bit small. You try could centering them and have them extend up out of MA. That said, it looks solid already, and I could totally see that being used as-is! Edit: I agree with @BellaSpurs about the line weight, and the busy full wordmark version. However, I think "MQC" works fine, and the blue and red look alright on my screen.
  14. You've done a great job capturing a vintage aesthetic. I love that Walleye logo! The Duluth hornet logo is also excellent. I could imagine both of them as iconic logos that stuck around to the present. The new Duluth jerseys are an improvement. For Steinbach, I'd say go with the standalone windmill on the jerseys. Looks good otherwise. I'm curious how the name Barbarians came about... I'm curious what your La Crosse jerseys look like! Excellent work!
  15. Looks pretty good. I like the idea of adding more texture beyond the outline and ditching the unnecessary black. I'm curious to see what the monogram would look like without an outline though, since the red and yellow bleed together a tad.