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  1. A minor update, but the hem stripes now have three smaller FDL's sublimated into the larger part of the northwestern stripe. In all seriousness, the way the divisions shook out, it just wasn't going to work out.
  2. Moving on to the second easiest team in this expansion: Quebec If Winnipeg can get a second stab at their team, so too can Quebec. No real frills, nothing really no nonsense. I wanted to keep a lot of the charm of the original igloo logo. It was an igloo right? This new logo now bears the shape of an N, but retains much of the original logo's charm and look. The Fleur-de-Lis returns as a secondary logo. A pretty simple and easy set of wordmarks, from which the tertiary Q logo comes from. Home - Away: The biggest change from the old uniforms is that these bear almost no resemblance to the previous Nordiques uniforms we all know and love. The biggest change, is that navy comes over from the aborted rebranding that would have taken place had they stayed put. These actually bear more of a resemblance to the early WHA uniforms than anything, with a northwestern stripe on the sleeves and hem line, FDL on the shoulders. Primary logo on the chest. Pants are navy with a solid stripe down the side which leads us into our alternates. Alternate: The all navy alternate goes back further than the WHA and goes all the way back to even before the NHA. These were inspired by the Quebec Bulldogs of amateur status and NHA days, with a solid stripe across the chest and sleeves and the socks. FDL moves down to the sleeve stripes, with the numbers above it. QUEBEC wordmark on the chest contained within the stripes. C&C welcome! I'm not sure that I'd elevate this to full-time alternate, but this is something I think I'd bring out for special occasions or the eventual special event game. I used elements from the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, the suit you most commonly see the astronauts in, usually when their outside the ISS, which is where the solid stripe on the sleeves, hem line and on the pants comes from. The patch on the front also comes from those suits. The black lines on the sleeves, as well as the stripes on the socks come from the more modern Sokol Launch and Entry Suit. You can see the suits at the link posted below. https://www.businessinsider.com/spacesuit-design-history-timeline-changes-nasa-2018-3#sokol-launch-and-entry-suit-present-8
  3. NHL 21's custom team builder has taken bunny hops in the last few iterations, but still lacks in many areas. But it does help launchpad a designer, like myself, when coming up with new teams, case in point, my take on the then unnamed Seattle NHL team, which I took in the direction of the Seattle Pilots. I gave Orlando the nod because 1: They're my current NHL 21 expansion franchise, thus halfway designed already & 2: They were a geographical fit. What comes out of an aborted, but not abandoned rebrand for UCF from the 1972 Project, was a dumb but also kinda fun idea for Florida's 3rd NHL entry. With the entendre of the name in place, comes with some influence from NASA, particularly in the wordmark fonts, as well as in the alternate Space Shuttle logo. The asterisk is not a part of the logo, but in fact the logo isn't mine by design. It belongs to Dylan Nowak, which you can see here, but I really didn't have a strong enough logo, and resorted to the team logo I use in game. Home - Away: With the exception of Philly and Edmonton in real life, and Anaheim and Philly in this universe, wearing orange as a primary color, it made logical sense, especially for a team in Florida to go all out on the orange. Two thick stripes on the sleeves and the socks, single stripe on the hem. Citronaut logo on the chest, alt on the shoulders. Alternate: Similar to the home and away jerseys. with two big stripes, this time, spaced out slightly, and running across the chest. Citronauts wordmark in the middle of the stripe, with the Citro logo on the shoulders now. Everything else that was orange now becomes black. No Legacy or RR uniforms for the four expansion teams. C&C welcome! I did say above that for the purposes of this thread, I'm gonna run with the teams I picked out, but I am thinking about another thread for just throwing expansion ideas out there.
  4. As painful as that comment is to a Sonics fan, this time it did not
  5. With no disrespect intended, I am going to stick with the four teams I had chosen. Orlando got the nod because I already had a halfway cooked idea so it wasn't incredibly hard to push that one over the finish line. Now does it squeeze every drop out of the Florida hockey market, even over squeeze it? Absolutely. There's no way in hell Florida is getting a third team. Atlanta has had two teams already and they've found new homes. I don't see the NHL going back there with a third attempt. Of course money talks, and I just draw pictures. Hell, I might just make a second thread for all the expansion ideas I can't fit in here. Also, Houston never even crossed my mind at the time, mostly because I had a dumb idea set up for Oklahoma City.
  6. Alright. Y'all convinced me. After some more looking and figuring :censored: out, I think I have a plan. So the NHL is nowhere ready to expand to 36 teams in real life, but what if they were? The first question I had, was 4 - nine team divisions or back to 6 divisions with six teams. Geographically, I knew that some teams were going to be somewhat awkward fits, but I think that going back to the six division spread would lessen the geographical oddities. Without further explanation: So please note that I worked the realignment in before I had expansion locations chosen, so sorry to the NHL to Houston supporters. When I had this figured out in the early stages, Detroit was always going to rejoin Chicago in the Central Division, which precipitated Nashville joining the Southeast, even though Detroit and Columbus are further east than Nashville is. Which also makes Columbus the odd duck in the Atlantic division, but there wasn't a much better fit that I had found. With the realignment in mind the four open spots and cities I decided on are: Portland, San Diego, Orlando and Quebec. Now, does California and Florida need more hockey teams? No, probably not, but after the dust settled and I had my openings, they just made the most sense. I'll leave you guys with this for now, and within the next week, we should have a team up for scrutiny and praise!
  7. That's actually a great idea. If I can solve the divisions issues I've been struggling with, then this might not be the end.
  8. After some debate with me, myself and my demons, I have decided that the All-Star Game will conclude this series. If you were interested in what I was planning along with it, I had a further NHL expansion in the works, but I kept getting hung up on the divisions and so I decided to leave that for another day and thread. Atlantic - Metro: Keeping in theme with the host team and the four division 3-on-3 format, the two Eastern teams make use of the more current Panthers colors, save for the use of brighter yellow. I miss when the All-Star jerseys were just a little bit more gaudy, as crazy as that sounds. So the jerseys use chest stripes and single color arm stripes, akin to the Panthers current jerseys, and under the sleeve stripes, are a pattern of stars. Instead of recoloring team logos, I repurpose my NHL Shield from my previous NHL series as the main logo. My poor attempt at an All-Star Game logo on one shoulder, NHL team logo of the player on the other. All four teams use the same navy equipment. Central - Pacific: In contrast to the East teams, the West Division teams make use of the apparently-maligned double blue alternate colors, with red minimized to either the stars on the sleeves and socks or just the logo. Beyond that, the layout is pretty much the same as the East. C&C welcome! It was a lot smaller than the last thread I did, but thank you all for following along on this ride!
  9. Hey y'all, just wanted to let you know I do have plans to get the All-Star Game done. Life is just a touch busy at the moment, so I haven't had a lot of time to play with the designs for that yet. Don't worry, I'm still gonna get it done!
  10. Its a nice feature, since I'm always wondering about which posts do the best in my threads, but like Spartacat and Magic Dynasty said, it just leaves a huge block of grey space on the side and makes things look squished to the left. Also if a dark mode was possible, I'd be down for that.
  11. Not so much a technical issue, but is there no way to get rid of the thread summary that is now present in the top right corner of the threads?
  12. College is now in the rear view mirror and now it's time to get a real job and join the real world I guess. But until then, I've got a concept for you all. While the Winter Classic reminds us of where the game has come from, the Stadium Series gives us a chance to try something new. With Carolina being the only confirmed team so far, I thought it made sense to pit them against the Lightning, get a little Bolts vs Canes action in an outdoor matchup. To that end, both uniforms make use of elements of the teams logos in varying ways. Lets dive in: Carolina Hurricanes - Inspired by the sweeping forms of the primary logo as well as the sweeping destruction a hurricane can bring, two big swooping stripes mimic the color blocking of the primary logo, starting on the hemline and going up onto the sleeves and ending on the backs of the sleeves. The socks do something similar as well, with an asymmetrical design between the right and left socks. Pants don't change too much, with the exception coming with the new NC design from the new state flag patch now the logo there. Tampa Bay Lightning - Big, bold and brash. This was one of many ideas I've had over the years for new Lightning jerseys and finally get the chance to use them. With big lightning bolts coming off the sleeves and meeting in the middle a la a chest stripe. Brought back the old state logo with the new bolt to the chest for the logo. The bolts found throughout the uniform have the dot matrix pattern I used on the Lightning's alternate uniform. C&C welcome! I currently have plans for one more set of jerseys, the All-Star game and I'm mulling over something else to wrap this series up. I have to agree with Macbeth on this one.
  13. Great minds think alike! It's certainly a unique jersey, maybe one day they'll actually give it a shot if the Reverse Retro program sticks around
  14. Dead week hits differently when you're about to graduate college. With the majority of the last assignments I have to get done behind me, I can get back to wrapping up this series with the events the pandemic cost us this past year, leading off with the now 2022 Winter Classic: Minnesota Wild - The Minneapolis Millers rise from the dead to give the Wild their first Winter Classic look. Most of the looks here come from the 1930's with the stripes on the sleeves coming from around the 1929-1931 days. I don't know the validity of this site, but these are really the basis for these uniforms. I wanted to include a pants stripe from the later days of the Millers existence but ultimately, I think the look functions a lot better without striped pants. I borrowed the canvas style gloves from the State of Hockey alternates. The socks, a bit of a deviation, come from a photo dated around 1937 with some changes here and there. St. Louis Blues - Just five years removed from their first Winter Classic appearance, this time a road venture for them, I took their unused uniforms and told them "now kith". No vintage white this time around, letting Minnesota use that, even if it is a part of their color scheme. White jersey, skinny stripes in pairs around the sleeves, yokeless shoulders, with a single skinny stripe, which is also found down the side of the pants. Double skinnies around the hem line as well, and on the socks. C&C welcome! Stadium Series up next!
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