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  1. I have no complaints with a blue helmet for BYU. I think it would be a welcome addition. They just need to decide which blue to go with.
  2. Home - Away: While there isn't anything wrong with the current home and away in all honesty, I wanted to get away from a complete throwback look. So the look is pretty damn similar, but the stripes on the sleeves have been reduced drastically, and now terminate at an angle, somewhat similar to the late 90's uniforms, but more on those later. A new pants stripe that mimics the sleeve stripes is found on said pants, and the socks mirror the stripes on the hem. Alternate - Before I knew there was going to be a Reverse Retro program, I had borrowed inspiration from the uniform that would inspire said RR uniform. So basically the sleeve stripes stay the same, the hem changes to more of an angular design. I contemplated using the triangle-less penguin or Robo-Penguin but neither of them worked for me. Equipment is the same as the home/away, save for the helmet, which is gold. Legacy - Back to the very beginning for the Pens. The baby blue 1967 uniforms in their original glory, not the Winter Classic version we got some time ago. Since this was before the era of required helmets, wanted to do something different with a baby blue helmet just for fun. Reverse Retro - Since the Reverse Retro inspiration went elsewhere, I put the other Winter Classic inspiration to use. The 1970-71 uniform is now black and gold, with a twist. The often golden triangle is now baby blue. Hey, its a Reverse Retro isn't it? C&C welcome!!
  3. Even though the helmet color isn't orange, could we see a version swapping the red out for orange?
  4. It feels lateral to me. Like I feel like it was a nice simplification but at the same time, it could just be a simplified version of the primary logo.
  5. Home - Away: Vegas is still young enough as a team that I didn't feel a whole change was necessary. Which resulted in a single minor change, adding the red stripe from the sleeves to the hem line. Alternate - I love the introduction of a glittery gold uniform to the NHL, but I feel like the way Vegas approached it missed the mark a little bit. Particularly the use of white, which is visibly grating against the gold. To fix that, white is pretty much minimized completely. The sleeve stripes are now black, grey and red. I also introduced a black helmet which works better here than the grey one. City - With the Legacy being poured into the Reverse Retro, I give you probably as close to a true City jersey in this series as we're gonna get. Decided to dress up the Golden Knights like their new city mates, the Las Vegas Raiders. Introducing a gold helmet, with a finish similar to their gold jerseys (and how they should have approached the gold helmet from the start). Stripped down jersey, black, gold and white, with just the laurel stripe. Still the Knight head on the chest, this time with Vegas above the logo, akin to the Raiders logo. Gold, yes gold pants, stripe down the side. Laurel stripe on the socks. Reverse Retro - Kept the Reverse Retro pretty much as advertised, but brought the black helmet from the alternate over, which works a hell of a lot better than the grey. C&C appreciated!
  6. If Detroit's never debuts I'll be a happy man.
  7. Home - Away: Oh Edmonton, what ever will we do with you? I don't think a return to the Gretzky-era uniforms is the answer but what they have now doesn't work for me. For starters, made some tweaks to the logo, namely separating the letters from their "drips"(?), which will come in handy later. Returned to a shade of blue that isn't navy, but also isn't the same from the Gretzky era. Orange is the brighter shade they currently use now. The stripes don't change, nor does the font. What does change is the yoke goes away on both jerseys. The stripe fits the same as Gretz era, just doesn't have that taper at the bottom. Also on the pants, the oil drop now works as a simple secondary logo. Alternate - Keeping in with the home and away's theme, yoke's be gone. But at the base of it all, it's the old WHA alternate without the shoulder yoke. The numbers also aren't on the shoulders. Thought about it, tried it, didn't like it. Also, recall the letters being separated from their drips? Well that comes in handy here, when it mixes with the oil drop for the alternate logo. + Legacy - If there was any question about what throwback would be featured, this would be the easiest answer. Went to the 80's dynasty era uniforms, or the 2013-2017 home uniforms if you fancy. Reverse Retro - I like the approach they took with their RR, but I did it to a different jersey, the 2001-2007 alternate jersey. With the jersey becoming white, the main elements are orange, with the blue acting as a trim. C&C welcomed!
  8. The black pants did kinda stick out didn't they?
  9. As many people before me have noted, the Notre Dame approach would be more cohesive with the overall identity. I liked seeing the Blackhawks wear black helmets with their white jerseys during some of their many outdoor games. Not saying every team needs to do it, but it would be fun seeing teams shake things up every once and a while.
  10. Home - Away: The green doesn't look right and I don't know why. Anyways, Dallas doesn't need change really, but I made some anyways. Switched from the triple stripe to the northwestern stripe. I also switched the shoulder logos to the Texas logo and moved the roundel to the pants. The pants stripe also switched to the NW stripe. Alternate - Dallas doesn't seem overeager to acknowledge their Minnesota roots so this is about as close as I feel like they'll ever get. Big NW stripes running down the shoulders. Texas logo on the chest. NW Stripe just above the hem, socks match their same stripes from the jersey. Legacy - Like I said, the Stars aren't really going out of their way to acknowledge that they started in Minnesota, so their Legacy jersey is a re-templating of their Winter Classic jersey. Reverse Retro - Did what they should have done instead of going for the total white out. But I kept the white gloves around, just to have some fun with it. C&C welcome!
  11. Not really sure its anything specific. Hockey doesn't have any rules (written rules like in football with receivers wearing numbers in the 80's) governing what numbers a position can wear so its really just player choice. Goalies tend to wear #1 or numbers in the 30's, though there always exceptions.
  12. I honestly never gave it a thought. So I tried it on the sleeves. It felt like too much on the hem and socks. I also just did it to the home and away to make the alternate unique and not just a straight up color flip Gave the away jersey a navy yoke. I'm just gonna let y'all look at this without me saying too much.
  13. Much better on the Blues! Also wouldn't mind the Sens wearing something like that in real life
  14. I think the gold elements need a navy outline. It's a little grating between the brighter blue and the bright yellow.