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  1. Since I have your attention, I thought I'd get the next team up: Football - Much like many of the schools in the MAC, Buffalo does suffer from catalog-syndrome. But where that can ruin some teams, it really hasn't for the Bulls. As we work through the hefty middle of the list of teams, I find myself struggling to remember why I chose the things that I did. Oh well. From what I remember, there was a basketball uniform back in the day that had some double stripes on the shoulders and that's what I ran with. I also finally retired the interlocking UB. It just doesn't fit the new branding they've come up with IMO. Blue and white helmets, with the new bull logo on the sides. Double stripes on the shoulders, TV numbers on the sleeves. Came up with a font that matches the notches of the wordmarks. Pants, do a truncated stripe thing. Alternate is black. Nuff said. Hockey - On the ice, took the stripe idea and ran it down the sleeves all the way, with a short interruption for the numbers on the arms. Same stripes on the hem, down the side of the pants and on the socks. Bull logo on all three jerseys. Another black alternate jersey, much like football. Baseball - For baseball, I went with a vest style design. Same stripes on the shoulders like everyone else. Bull logo on the right sleeve of all the undershirts. Which I imagine would be interchangeable. BULLS on the home and alternates, BUFFALO on the road. Stripes down the pants of all the jerseys. Alternate is black, like everyone else. It's also all black from head to toe. Basketball - Back to where we all started, the basketball uniforms aren't different from their counterparts. Stripes on the shoulders like everyone else, truncated stripes like football's pants on the sides of the uniforms. Colored waistband on the shorts, stripes are a lot higher than normally seen on basketball uniforms. That's because of these uniforms, with a zig zag pattern. These stripes don't have a zig or a zag, but I liked the look of the higher stripes. C&C welcome!
  2. Fair enough. Came up with a dark version of the simpler logos and basically replaced them wherever the old ones were found.
  3. Football - Found it sort of ironic that for a Massachusetts school, especially one that plays in Gillette Stadium to use a striping pattern borrowed from the Bills. I don't remember why I chose that specific stripe but I felt that it fit UMass and away we went. Kept the primary helmet white, new stripe down the middle of it. Simplified the UMass logo which is now on both sides. Stripes on the sleeves, spoiler alert, these are the only uniforms that get the full "MASSACHUSETTS" on it anywhere. Pants are simple, have the stripes down the side. No true alternate, just an all red uniform. Hockey - Not really a lot that variates from the IRL uniforms from a certain point of view. Stripes on the sleeves and hem, down the sides of the pants, and on the socks. Much like Bowling Green, got rid of the college wordmark and replaced it with the UMass logo. Really not much else to say there, no alternate uniforms here. Baseball - Baseball really doesn't deviate too far. Two hats, all red and white paneled hats with UMass on the front. Two-button jerseys, UMass on the front of them, number underneath it. Stripes on the sleeves and on the collar. Pant stripes down the side as well as stripes on the socks. No true alternate here either, total white-out option works instead. Basketball - For the hardwood boys, again, we didn't stray too far from God on this one. Solid color striping around the collar and the arms, as well as on the waistband. Full stripes down the sides of the jerseys and onto the pants. Didn't give you guys a lot on this one, but I'm always open to hear from you guys!
  4. The newest baseball template from Nike doesn't have all the goofy seams and nonsense If anything, they'd be smart to build off of this template. Which knowing Nike means they'll find a way to not.
  5. Football - Ever imagine what the Cleveland Browns would look like with a super modern flair? Well now you can! Since they debuted the pointy stripe on the helmet, I felt that would be a good place to start to get away from the catalog look. With the motion of the logo, which isn't a lot I grant you, felt like enough to engage in stripes that come onto the chest of the jersey. Before that, the pointy helmet stripes I reference exist on two different shells, orange and brown. Full BG with Falcon on the orange helmets, just the Falcon on the brown. Like I mentioned, big sweeping stripes on the chest. Number font started as Agency, with serifs to match the Bowling Green wordmarks. Pants have the stripe coming up from the bottom of the pants. Hockey - I definitely didn't want to screw too much with these. Bowling Green already has a pretty good uniform set as it is. Biggest change is that the stripes on the sleeves are pointed like the football uniforms. I also dropped the college wordmark treatment and replaced it with the full logo on the home and away and just the falcon on the alternate. Pants have the pointed stripe in the same manner as football. Socks have the same stripe as is on the hem. Baseball - Baseball ended up working a lot like football, minus the stripes coming all the way on to the chest. Before that, a few options for headwear. I couldn't decide which version of the brown hat I liked the most, so I kept them both because it's college and why not? Also added a white paneled option. Jerseys have the stripes like I mentioned, script Falcons on all three of the jerseys. Pants have the stripes coming up from the bottom like everyone else. Basketball - For basketball, I went with a similar stripe to the hockey hem stripes around the neck and arms, with the pointy stripe down the sides of the jersey. Did a number sandwich with the wordmarks on the home and away, script falcons on the orange jersey. On the shorts I did the same pointy stripe coming up from the bottom combined with a stripe that wraps around the back of the shorts. C&C welcome! Hawaii has two good identities, both the current and the Rainbow. But honestly, I prefer them in the Warrior identity. Nothing against the Rainbow logo and uniforms, which I like as an alternate, used sparingly throughout various seasons, but I don't think that it's their strongest identity. Who knows though, could be another concept for another day.
  6. Drop the handle from the design, and it's 10x better.
  7. I can't remember the last time I saw an MLL game on ESPN. If anything they'd probably be an ESPN3 relegation. Though IIRC, CBS Sports had the MLL contract.
  8. just an idea, what if the "Winter" was colored with the gradient it's currently outlined in?
  9. Football - One of the most unique identities in college sports gets a bit of a makeover with bits and pieces borrowed from different eras. The helmet, has been the same design for as long as I can remember, with the H logo on both sides. I really considered doing what they had done this past season, with the H on on side and the islands on the other. I tried it, didn't like it in the end. Black and green matte helmets. Jerseys have "racing-stripe" shoulder designs, with a sublimated Polynesian pattern design in it. HAWAII on the chest, same number font as years past. Pants have the Colt Brennan-era diamonds on the pant leg, with the H logo on the hip. And of course, the Rainbow Warriors throwback jersey. Hockey - Hockey really borrowed a lot from football because there really isn't much of hockey in Hawaii history. So the Polynesian stripes go from collar to end of the sleeves. H logo on the chests of all 3 jerseys. Diamond pattern stripes on the hem. Same diamond pattern on the left legs of the pants. Socks have the same Poly stripe minus the actual pattern. There are two pant options, black and green. Rainbow Warriors fauxback joins the group as well. Baseball - On the diamond, pullovers and racing stripes are all the rage here. Two hats, green/black and black/black with the H on the front. Jerseys have the same style stripes as errybody else. Hawaii on the chest, number found underneath it. Pants have the diamond stripes on left leg. Black pants make for a black-out alternate option. Rainbow Warriors option for them as well. Basketball - For basketball, Poly stripes on the shoulders. HAWAII on the chest. Pants have the triangle stripe on the waistbands, Diamonds on the left legs. I saw that basketball IRL does have their own rainbow style jerseys, but I instead went for the fauxback route to keep things consistent with everyone else. C&C welcome!
  10. Football - After going through what feels like a bevy of one-off uniforms throughout the last couple years, it was time to nail down a good look for the Jayhawks. Using the pants stripe from the past uniforms as the starting point, that's where we begin. Helmets are blue and red, with the KU logo on both sides. I retired the white helmet, since their rivals have a silver helmet and have been using a white helmet a bit more now. Jerseys have the stripes on the sleeves, Kansas on the chest, Trajan numbers underneath that. Pants have the bold stripes on the sides. Alternate jersey is red, with script Jayhawks replacing Kansas. Hockey - The club team currently utilize white jerseys that are too red heavy, and I can't tell if they currently use red or blue as their color jersey. That being said, changes were made. Stripes on the sleeves and the hem match what is used on the football uniforms. I used the whole Jayhawk logo on the home and away jerseys, with the KU on the shoulders. Pants have the same stripe down the side, KU on the front of the pants. Alternate red jersey has the script logo on the chest, with the Jayhawk logo under it. Baseball - I had a few different ideas in mind, but I ended up going with the more classic of the options. I stuck with the button down jerseys, with arched Kansas on the chest. The team currently puts the Jayhawk head on the chest, in place of a number. I liked it, thought it was unique and stuck with it. Stripes on the sleeve echo the other two sports. Hats have the full bodied bird, on either a blue/red hat, or a white-paneled front hat. Pants have the same stripe down the side. The Jayhawks felt like a stirrups team, so you see those present. Alternate jersey uses the same script treatment as the hockey jersey. Basketball - Probably the best known sports team on campus, I wanted their uniforms to feel like they're a part of this unified look, but also keep their unique look. So I went back to what I consider their quintessential uniforms, at least the uniforms I most closely associate with them, which actually worked in well with the new look. Split the stripe in half around the neck, arms and at the bottom of the shorts. Arched Kansas on the home and away jerseys, with the number underneath. On the back from top to bottom is Jayhawk head, arced name, and number under all that. Shorts have the full stripe on the waistband, on the left side, the KU logo and on the right, the Jayhawk head. Red alternate, though seldom seen at least during my research, gets the script on the chest, with the number in the same place as the Jayhawk head on the other uniforms. C&C welcome!! Not going to lie, I honestly didn't know that. That's actually really interesting, and I wish I knew that when I designed them. Glad you're enjoying the series!
  11. Football - I might be in the vocal minority on this, but I do not like the move back to the Run-DMC era uniforms. They look too much like Oklahoma to me. So largely a return to the previous set of uniforms. Helmets stay glossy cardinal and white with the Razorback logo on both sides. Jerseys have the tusk design that terminates toward the back of the uniforms. Big change here is the use of Arkansas on all the jerseys. Pants have the tusk design down the sides. At the same time, I also wanted to make Arkansas not look like Alabama, and as such, there is the black uniforms. Hockey - I really wanted the tusk design to work down the arms kind of Flyers style, but it ended up not really working out how I wanted it to so the stripes go from collar to the end of the sleeves. Big solid color hem, Razorback on the chests. Tusk stripe on the side of the pants. Socks have a big stripe on them. Alternates are borrowed straight from the club team, with vintage white replaced with real white and the baseball A on the chest. Baseball - A lot like football, with the tusk on the sleeves and down the side of the pants. Used the slanted wordmarks on these, numbers under the chest. Solid color socks, one main hat/helmet: red and red with the A on the front. Alternate is a black out. Baseball - In keeping up with the simplicity, the basketball uniforms really don't see much change. Just in the shorts with one tusk being used. Not a whole lot really to say C&C always welcome and appreciated!
  12. Only thing I don't like about it is the down and distance marker on the field. Not quite the most legible.
  13. I've always been fascinated by what goes into heraldry, but never really looked deep into it. On that note, does anyone know of a "Heraldry for Dummies" for someone like me?
  14. I definitely thought about it. But it felt more like a BP jersey with the WKU logo on the front. I'm definitely glad I put the script together. Sounds fair enough so I'll meet you a bit in the middle. Home and away gets the stacked wordmark treatment. Alternate stays the same.
  15. You might have noticed the new logo and username change. As well as my former username served me for the last 10 years, I felt that as I am a year away from graduating, it was time to really streamline my online personas, as well as just trying to have a more professional outlook across the board. Football - For me WKU is a red, grey and white team. I think it looks better than the black currently used by the team. The current uniforms are just really plain to me, which there isn't anything wrong with, but I think there are better options. First off, dumped all traces of the chrome helmets. No more of that nonsense. White and grey helmets, with the towel (?) waving logo on the sides, triple stripe down the middle, red facemasks on both. Rather than go straight back to the Colts-style uniforms, I went with something close to Oregon State's previous uniforms, but not quite the same. Grey collars on the home/away. Went to a more "traditional" number font. I don't remember what my rationale was for on the pant stripes looking how they do. On my hand-drawn sketch, that's how they came out and I went with it. Hockey - Much like Tulsa, WKU doesn't have much of a hockey presence on campus. So the result was a pretty safe set of uniforms, that fit in with the theme. Stripes on the hem and the sleeves, as well as smaller stripes around the shoulder yokes. Towel logo on the chest, numbers on the sleeves. Pants have a slightly cut stripe on the sides, socks match the hems. Two helmets, for mixing and matching if wanted. There's also a grey set of pants, which i'll admit is close to white, but this is (imaginary) college hockey, let's have some fun with it. Baseball - WKU baseball currently, at least according to my research, uses the Walgreens World Series Champion Nationals W on top of a baseball logo. As cool as that might be, I scrapped it to better fit in with the theme. Two hats/helmets, red/grey and a white front panel/grey, both with the Towel logo on the front. Jerseys have the stripes on the sleeves, and down the placket as well. Created a script logo I thought worked for the team. Pants have a whole triple stripe down the side, along with striped socks Basketball - Of all the teams, the basketball team has a pretty good existing framework I could work in, so there wasn't a lot of change TBH that went into this one. Biggest changes were the changing of black to grey, WKU rather than the stacked Western Kentucky number sandwich, and the addition of side stripes on the jersey and shorts. C&C welcome!