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  1. I like Calgary's home and away especially. Feels like a good modernization of past looks. Also love that you brought back that shoulder patch/alternate jersey logo.
  2. In other news, I just remembered that Fresno joined Adidas
  3. I don't hate it. I do think the (now-possibly) old logo is better, but I'll hold further judgement until something official comes out.
  4. Have not yet. Check the first post to see all the completed teams.
  5. Thought I could get away with the full script look on the hockey jersey but I knew it would be a stretch to get it to work on the baseball jersey. Well that's embarrassing. But fixed.
  6. Football - Is SMU officially back? Idk, only time will tell, I just make uniforms. Kept the main helmet largely the same. Mustang logo on both sides, Dickerson-era stripe down the middle, red facemasks. Also brought a red bucket back for use with properly inverted colors. Jerseys work off of the newly unveiled Dallas uniforms, with the double stripe built from the helmet stripe. SMU on the chest. Only one pair of pants, same stripes as the helmet down the side, the other colors threw things off IMO. Alternate blue jersey becomes the new Dallas jersey with the Dallas script replacing SMU on the chest, and the inline D-logo replacing the standalone Mustang on the helmet. Hockey - Hockey jerseys work a lot like the football jerseys. Double stripes on the sleeves, single stripe on the hem. Full arched SMU logo above the Mustang on the chest, numbers on the sleeves. Like football, one pair of pants, this time red with the single stripe down the side, Full logo on the front pant leg. Alternate blue jersey, also a Dallas variant, this time with a script afixed to it, Mustang logo just under it. This moves the SMU to the shoulders. Baseball - Elevating another club team in this case, kept things about as classic and on-brand as I could. Hats/helmets get 3 variants: an all red option and 3 color, white panel front. Both of those get the arched SMU on the front. Alternate hat gets the inline-D logo with the Mustang on a blue hat with a red brim. Jerseys are classic button ups with single color placket piping. Script Mustangs on the home whites, arched SMU on the road reds and Dallas script on the alternate blues. Double stripes on the sleeves of all three jerseys. Pants all have the same stripes as football and hockey's pants. Socks also have the double stripes on two different colors. Basketball - Seeing as how the current jerseys have little to no life to them, these are infused with stripes and colors of all sorts. Single stripe on the shoulders of the jerseys, SMU above the numbers on the chests of the home and away sets. Shorts have a single colored waistband, SMU on the front in an off-colored square. Did some Nike-esque things with the shorts stripes that cut on the triangle of the shorts but still wrap around the whole of the legs, Mustang logos on the sides. Alternate jerseys are mostly the same with the tail-less Dallas script on the chest, Mustang logo on the waistband and the inline-D on the sides of the shorts now. C&C welcome as always! I get it though, the SEC does have a lot of similar colors in it. It also doesn't help that Texas A&M was the 9th team I posted and MSU ended up being the 90th team posted. Lots of time between those.
  7. I get what you're saying about the addition of grey vs having the black as the alternate uniform. My biggest fear was having a grey uniform would make them too similar to my A&M concept which also has a grey alternate. I think that grey does work better for the Bulldogs' maroon and white, but for individuality I do think that black uniforms will help maintain that vs Texas A&M.
  8. Football - Knowing what I wanted to do with Miss. State was easy, but it wasn't the challenge. The challenge was how can I visually separate them from their conference mates, Texas A&M. I reasoned that they could share the same colors and still be visually distinct. One big distinction here is that where the Aggies are either Maroon with White, or White with Maroon, grey plays a larger role in the Bulldogs look. I also resurrected the the ribbon/banner stripe with an alteration or two. Went back to the glossy helmet shells, all with the banner stripe down the middle. M-State logos on both sides of the shell. On the jerseys, just a simple triple stripe around the sleeves. Big wordmark on the chest, Starkville number font stays in place. Like I said, grey plays a larger part in the scheme so there is a set of grey pants. There are also white pants, I just wasn't in a place to mess with one of the four images and make things ugly with varying widths. Banner stripe comes up from the bottom to allow for the logo on the hip. Against my better nature, I stuck with a black alternate uniform for the Bulldogs that sees grey replaced by black. Hockey - Went with a fairly classic approach for the hockey team. Triple stripes on the arms and the hem. M-State logo on the chest of the home and away. Also went with some tie-down collars to complete the "classic" look. Pants have the banner stripe down the sides, with the M-State logo on the front leg. On the alternate black uniform, I went with a Rangers-esque wordmark style based on this jersey, which I don't know a whole lot about. Based on a quick Google search, it doesn't seem to match anything the club team has ever worn. Baseball - Probably my favorite of their uniforms in real life right now, this part of it was more about slimming down the uniforms to the 3 you see here now. Couldn't decide between pinstripes or a striped white home jersey sooooo I went with both. Used the script State for the home jersey, '85 Stacked script for the away and for the alternate. Pants have the banner stripe, including the pinstripe pants. Black Magic Alternate uniforms don't deviate too far from the rest. There's an option for non-striped maroon socks and striped maroon socks. Basketball - For basketball, was more about adding things to the uniforms. Added the triple stripe to the arms and to the collar. Kept the same stacked wordmark, with the number underneath it. Mississippi state logo on the back up near the collar. Shorts have the banner stripe ending about 3 quarters down the side, M-State logo underneath it, with smaller triple striping at the bottom of the shorts. C&C welcome! Stay safe wherever you guys are!
  9. Football - I LOVE the new(ish) uniforms the Wolfpack unveiled. At first they reminded me of SMU's failed attempt at doing Colt Stripes without using a simple double stripe, but then they grew on me and grew on me fast. That said, the helmets don't change much. 3 helmets, all with the same logos on the sides, middle part of the shoulder stripes acts as the stripe down the front. As I mentioned, call em Wolfpack stripes on the shoulders that end near the point of the collar. New number font and wordmarks on the front and pack. Same stripes on the pants as helmets, ending in a slashed manner. Hockey - Unfortunately for the IcePack, there was no good way to do the same stripe style on the hockey jerseys, so I borrowed the club teams uniforms which make use of a Canadiens style uniform and swapped out the stripes. Two sets of pants here, I felt that black and red could work for the uniforms so they both get a chance to shine. All three jerseys make use of the S logo on the chest, with the wolf logo on the shoulders. Socks match their jerseys as is usually custom. Baseball - I tried out a vest option, two button option, even a traditional placket style jersey, but ultimately the V-neck worked the best. Same style stripes as football. Slanted new wordmarks, with Wolfpack on the home, NC State on the away and alternate. Pants have the same stripes as the football pants do, same slash at the bottom. Hats all have the block S logo, between the 3 hats, all red, white-panel and an all black option. Basketball - Again, like basketball and football, stripes come off the shoulder and end at the point of the collar. Normal wordmarks on the home and away jersey. Simpler stripe on the hem, wolf logo on the front of the waistband, full stripes that go from the middle of the side of the shorts and wrap around the back. Pretty simple. Arched STATE wordmark on the alternate, in respects to the 1983 era uniforms, which if you don't know why that team is significant, well I can't help you. But go watch Survive and Advance and you'll see why. C&C welcome as always!
  10. Took @Htown1141's suggestions and simplified the star stripes down to a single color star. I also got rid of the white jersey colored sleeves. It worked on the beveled star. It didn't work quite as well with the new stripes. Only reason I did keep the full Louisiana-Lafayette was to differentiate from the eventual time I get Louisiana-Monroe posted. It also happened to be impeccable timing that a thread here appeared about the actual name of the university that hosts the Ragin' Cajuns name while I am a sucker for a nice script, and usually try and find one for the baseball jerseys for the teams that have one, I think this is one case where no script is honestly better. I don't think that a script would fit as well with the identity for ULL.
  11. COVID-19 stops hockey? Utica will burn COVID-19 to the ground
  12. COVID-19 keeps getting things shut down, my annual summer roller hockey league plans are suddenly now up in the air. Kinda crazy to think that this could be the first year in 13 years I don't play roller hockey in the summer. Anyways, lets have some concept fun! Football - While I love the simplicity of the red and white look for the Cajuns, I had to add black into the mix. And that's really where the look takes off. Kept the double stripe from the IRL current uniforms and made it a triple with the addition of black. Helmets keep the iconic RAGIN' CAJUNS script on the sides, triple stripes down the middle, black facemasks. Jerseys have the triple stripes up a little higher on the sleeves. Also I didn't know that ULL doesn't like going by Louisiana-Lafayette and prefers Louisiana instead. So that is on the chest of the home and away uniforms. Kept the custom number font as well. Pants have the fleur-de-lis logo on the front hip, stripes down the sides. Alternates are black, FDL logo on the sides now, Ragin' Cajuns on the chest. Hockey - I just want to preface this with the fact that any and all similarities to the NJ Devil's uniform for the home uniforms here. that being said, triple stripes on the arms, FDL logo on the chest, with RAGIN' CAJUNS underneath it, LOUISIANA on the away. Solid color yokes and some solid color hems on all 3 jerseys, with the yokes limited to home/away. Pants have the same stripe down the sides, same stripes on the socks. Alternate gets a basketball-style wordmark treatment, with the number in the middle. FDL logos on the shoulders. Baseball - Much like their Sun Belt brethren above us, the Cajuns get the 2-button pullovers. This time, full stripes on the collar, loud stripes on the arms of all 3 jerseys. LOUISIANA on the home and away uniforms with the number underneath that. Pants have the same stripes as everybody else. Didn't feel like going a full blackout for baseball, so there's an alternate colored belt to go along with it. Hats have three different options: Red/Black, White Paneled Front, All Black, all three with the FDL on the front. Socks have stripes and two different options. Basketball - Went down a classic path with the hardwood team, with simple stripes around the neck and arms, down the sides of the jerseys to the shorts where it's found on the hem, and the bottom of the shorts. In contrast to baseball, all 3 jerseys here get the stacked Rajun' Cajuns on the chest. C&C welcome as always! Stay safe with all the weirdness going on out there!
  13. Definitely not-on-topic, but these are my exact feelings on the Seattle NHL process. Back on topic, it is quite amazing that there hasn't been something that is going to be official that has been leaked.