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  1. Yeah they needed to get away from the catalog looks. Painfully boring yes, but it's their shtick. Could have brought back the drop shadow for something different, but I'm not the one designing the uniforms.
  2. If there is a Schedule Poster Hall of Fame, this has to be in it.
  3. Football - Did the smart thing. No more navy, all royal blue. Also changed the double stripe on the helmet to match the rest of the uniform parts to the northwestern stripe. Other wise, same stretch Y oval logo on the helmets. Jerseys stay damn near the exact same and so do the pants. Dropped the black alternates too. Didn't like em, don't need em. Only real big change is the addition of a satin royal blue helmet which is a first since the 1960's and could present the opportunity for the first all-royal blue uniform in BYU history. I tried fact checking that as best I could, and could still be wrong. Hockey - I swear in two seasons of club hockey against BYU they had like 8 different jerseys. These jerseys look like none of them, borrowing the same elements from football, with the stripes on the sleeves and on the hem, Oval Y on the chest of the home and away jerseys. Stripes apply to both the pants and the socks. I wasn't quite sure how to proceed on alternates, but I ended up in the throw/fauxback range. did a lot of stripes on the sleeves, followed by a smaller set of two on the hem. Classic-ish looking BYU on the chest. Dropped the stripes from the pants, put the block Y on the front of the pants. Socks match the arm stripes. Baseball - For baseball, kept it very simple and on brand with the stripes on the sleeves that match everyone else. Single color placket piping on the home and away jerseys. Cougars script on both the home and away uniforms. Hats are either all blue, blue/white and white/blue with the block Y on the front. Pants have the NW stripe down the side and on the socks. And despite my own personal aversion to pinstripes, I thought it would look good for BYU, so I went with a simple pinstriped alternate with the same BYU on the chest as hockey as well as stirrup socks. Basketball - Finally, didn't change up too much. Added the NW stripes around the arms with solid color on the collar. Kept the same stacked wordmark with the number sandwich. Also kept the mountains on the shorts. Thought it was cool and for BYU, definitely fits. Added the NW stripe to the hem with the oval Y on the front of the waistband. Keeping in fashion with the rest of the sports, Danny Ainge era throwback, like they've been wearing in the past few years. C&C welcome! I totally get it. My main goal was to keep Wisconsin as close to how they look now, since it is a great look, but also part of that goal was keeping them visually distinct from Nebraska. I think that I got there with the concepts. Glad you're enjoying the series so far!
  4. I mean, lateral move at best? didn't really have a gripe with the last ones.
  5. So to that end, all the alternate red jerseys get retired, meaning that is really all that changes for football, hockey and baseball. Basketball sees a little more change than the rest, with some subtle changes to the white striping as well as using the arched wordmarks. I think the fauxback got more hate from the giant W on the chest more than anything. Can't really see anything wrong with a simple racing stripe down the shoulders. IMHO, I think what Under Armour did for Wisconsin was good, but almost a little too subtle. Also, I just don't like the Forward stripe. I personally don't get it and don't really like it and wanted to take things in a different direction.
  6. The '72 Project Train rolls on! Football - So here's the deal Wisconsin (and by extension, all the red teams in the Big Ten), how do you make them look visually distinct from each other and maintain their traditions and individuality? Well in the case of Wisconsin and Nebraska, they both have a damn near identical look. You and I here know the differences, but does the causal fan just watching a game? So what I did for Wisconsin: remember the Adidas Unrivaled uniforms with the racing stripe down the shoulders? Well I combined that with the same double stripe they've worn for a while now. The helmet doesn't change much at all. And for whatever reason, I had a tough time changing the red jerseys. It worked on the white uniforms, but I didn't like it at first on the home reds. So the home reds don't change that much, road whites get the new stripe setup. Pants stay the same. Alternates do the Michigan State route from a couple years ago, with an alternate that isn't that much different from the home but is different in some way. Also showcases the alternate red pants and helmet. Hockey - Like football, there isn't much that changes of consequence. Kept the same Rangers-esque script on the home and away, with the Red Wings-esque away sleeve coloring. Double stripe on the pants and the socks. Alternate jersey is a color inverse of the white jerseys, with the motion W on the chest instead of the wordmark with some slightly different socks. Baseball - The last of the Power 5 schools that doesn't have a varsity baseball team, much of the same style carries over from the previous two uniforms. All red hat with the W and a white paneled hat with the W. White jersey has the new striping, red away does not. Both do have arched Wisconsin and the number on the chest. Pants have the same stripe as everybody else. Alternate is just like football, which also gives the option for an all red uniform with the red pants. W on the chest instead of the wordmark. Basketball - I'm still unsure of this one. Much like everyone else, the white jersey has the same style as the other white jerseys, with a large red block of color and the stripes cut out of it. Red jersey doesn't quite have that and looks more like a classic basketball jersey. The alternate is a color flip of the white jersey and does something similar to the PK80 jerseys Nike unveiled, with the logo on the chest instead of a wordmark. C&C welcome and wanted on this one.
  7. It's funny that the thing that made me unfollow him was his constant pushing of his seam rippers to get the New Era logo off of baseball hats. I really didn't have a problem with his views, uniform related or political.
  8. Just as a quick reminder, the football teams aren't limited to the combinations in the posted image. My signature image takes you to the uniform combo site so you can see all the possible combos if you want. Football - No real big changes to speak of. I unified the branding and retired the old Trojan logo in favor of the new, updated Trojan head. Jerseys stay damn near the same, save for the dropped cuff coloring on the white jerseys. Kept the key pattern on the collar in the sublimated style. Pants keep the double stripe. Almost changed it, but it surprisingly works for me. White socks, black shoes. No need to blow it up and start over. Hockey - Like football, I kept things pretty simple. Solid color striping with the key pattern sublimated in. USC wordmark on the shoulders on the home and away jerseys. Trojan logo on the front of the same jerseys. Decided against the hem stripe on this one. Pants are the basic inverse of the football pants. I borrowed the shield logo that Track and Field uses. I liked the look and thought it would be a good pants logo. Red helmets for all the jerseys. Alternate jerseys are gold. Only change is the college style logo on the front, with the USC wordmark above the Trojan head. Baseball - Biggest change is that I retired the convoluted SC logo that baseball uses and replaced it with the more traditional SC logo. One hat/helmet, all red with the SC logo on the front. Jerseys keep up with the simplicity, with the same style striping as hockey with the key pattern sublimated in. Trojans on the chest of the home and away, with the number underneath it. Alternate gold replaces Trojans with USC. Trojan head logo above the numbers on the back. Pants are double striped, red and gold socks. Basketball - Much like Iowa, fit things in with the IRL jerseys with some changes. The collar and arm striping matches the hockey and baseball uniforms. Trojans on the home and away jerseys, USC on the alternate. Double stripes that start at the arm holes and run down the sides to the shorts where those stripes end at the bottom with another instance of the key striping. C&C welcome!
  9. Fair. I thought they'd at least try and avoid blue as the main color since Vancouver is going to be their closest geographic rival. How'd I forget the Oilers went orange...
  10. Amazing how they got away with a blue based jersey in a division with the Oilers and the Canucks. Can lump the Sharks in that group with their teal. Disappointed in the name, surprisingly pleased with the branding and jersey.
  11. Well yes, but keep in mind, I've had this done since the beginning of December and just haven't posted it here yet.
  12. Well, no time like the present. With the forthcoming announcement of the Seattle NHL's identity, I thought it time to post what I had done, actually as a school project and now probably going to be the letterhead of my design portfolio. I was inspired by the history of airplanes as well as Boeing being founded in Seattle, along with the Museum of Flight in Seattle (awesome place, if you haven't been and have the chance, I would highly recommend). I do acknowledge the fact that the Milwaukee Brewers do own the copyright to the MLB Seattle Pilots, but for a concept, I ran with it. I loved the idea of a double green for the base of the color scheme. I wasn't sure about a tertiary color other than white, and with the Sonics still not back in town, I felt yellow would be a welcome addition. The primary logo was designed around the idea of pilots wings. Secondary logo is the Space Needle with the viewing deck(?) replaced with the same style wings as the primary logo. Wordmark is a block font with the wings on the ends of the P and the S, with Seattle just above it. I wasn't crazy about the roundel logo, but my professor felt there needed to be another logo, so this was something I whipped up rather quickly to beat the due date. So fun fact, these jerseys were actually what my NHL 19 expansion dynasty wore and it made things somewhat easy building the rest of the identity (hence Marner and MacKinnon being the jersey models). I can't explain why I used the Senators Centennial Classic jerseys, but I fell in love with the style and the colors. Went with the primary logo on the chest, Space Needle on the shoulders. For the font, I went with a blocky, almost current Jags style number font. Also, came up with an inaugural patch. Again, not crazy about it, but I think it's simple and gets the point across. Went ahead and imagined the expansion with an alternate jersey ahead of time. The roundel I'm not psyched about becomes the only real logo for this set. Yellow is dropped in favor of grey, with the exception of on the Inaugural Patch season. The striping changes a little bit with the dark green flanking a thin stripe of light green. C&C welcome!
  13. Montreal doesn't need an alternate logo, but this one isn't bad. Also San Jose's works really well.
  14. As an NDSU fan, I'm perfectly content with them staying where they are and I think they are too. As for FBS down to FCS, I think San Jose State would/could be the next possible victim. I think I read somewhere that since the Mountain West expanded in the early 2010's, they're the only school that hasn't won a conference championship in anything so far. Not to mention they've been mediocre to bad in the same time period. Now would they drop down? Probably not.