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  1. I love the Coachella Valley kit! The incorporation of the recognizable windmills out here works great for a crest and the colors represent the desert well, this is awesome!
  2. I don't know... I usually don't like gradients on sports uniforms but the Heat's vice jerseys these year aren't really that bad in my opinion. They have to change them up every year and the color scheme is too unique in the Big 4 and iconic to Miami to discard. The Heat's normal unis just feel like a standard black, red and white uniform to me, nothing that special. Plus they're just alternates so they don't get in the way TOO much.
  3. Bucs will be wearing their red jerseys with pewter pants this Saturday. WFT in all-white for good luck.
  4. Yeah, the Eagles font seems so cartoony. Especially the 2s...
  5. Bad fake. Square cut, bubbly logos and collar area are dead-giveaways for adidas knock-offs.
  6. Looking forward to seeing my home team in the Coachella Valley! Awesome concepts so far!
  7. Alleged Rangers reverse-retro. Meh from me, wanted a Lady Liberty!
  8. I'd personally go with a color scheme based around the New Jersey flag. I don't know if the Jets exist in this universe, but it seems too similar for my liking. Just for giggles how would the logo look positioned like the Michigan Wolverines or the Eagles? Probably like a crown of thorns, but it could work with some adjustments?
  9. Only in Week 2 against the Rams, the game where Brees had a thumb injury.
  10. BenHSports, a very trusted seller of adidas jerseys has said that the Duck's fourth jersey most likely will be an orange version of the Wild Wing jersey. His adidas distributor referred to it as a 'duck breaking through ice'. These adidas fourths are going to be absolutely awful aren't they...?
  11. Hmm, I think it would be okay as a fashion jersey like Starter did in the 90s, but those white cuffs kind of ruin the look. At least the nameplate isn't white with black text..?
  12. Yes! The baby blue and navy scarf penguin with drop-shadow numbers would be a great alt that stands out from the rest of the set while referencing their history.
  13. I have the same opinion, I don't think the shoulder penguins are really needed and clutter the design because of how many edges they have versus the Robopen logo. Also, I don't know if I really like road alts but they do already have a yellow and black jersey sooooo.
  14. The Penguins are throwing it back to the Gin N Juice days with this leaked FOURTH jersey design. Thoughts?
  15. I'm not really feeling the banana logo on the sleeves or the stout number font. I'd put TV numbers there instead of on the shoulders. I could see the Card's current numbers working on these unis as they aren't exactly block but still have the modern look you're going for. I still think the horn should be continuous on the helmets, it was the Ram's most recognizalbe look for the majority of their existence and I don't think it makes sense to change it now for the sake of change. Whenever I watch them on Sundays, I think they look like robots. But besides those nitpicks, bravo!