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  1. I don't disagree, but what I think makes the Burger King jersey, the Thrashers alt, and OP's Isles alt particularly worse the rest is because they adhere to the uniform standards of different sports. The Burger King jersey may as well be a 90s soccer jersey, while the others look more like football jerseys than hockey uniforms. All the jerseys introduce something new, and the Kings' alt introduces something fun, but none of them work within the confines of hockey as a sport. The Kings' jersey is the worst of 'em because it introduced gradients and a chest patch, which have never been used in hockey. The other jerseys were certainly unconventional, but still used elements that made a little sense in hockey. Collegiate teams use the football-style text/number, and the striping was relatively normal, though still bad, during the Reebok Edge period. The fishsticks jerseys are the only ones in this thread so far that introduce something both new and fun that actually makes sense in the sport of hockey, IMO. They don't belong in this thread at all.
  2. what are you on about? the original post in this thread is about an islanders alternate jersey.
  3. Islanders/Oilers matchups were always fun when both teams were using royal blue. Looked like an inter-squad match. Penguins/Predators games are always a little hard to watch, especially when Nashville is home. Penguins/Bruins games were also very yellow when Pittsburgh wore their yellow alts.
  4. These helmets aren't bad on their own. If they were unveiled along with the team's normal identity a few years back, it would've been totally fine.
  5. On the ice, these look like practice jerseys. The Liberty logo deserves better.
  6. I like the DC shape a lot better. I would try simplifying it a little, though, just so it'll work on a smaller application. But again, it has a lot more personality and looks better than the original.
  7. The Avs' new gear looks ok on the homes, but terrible on the roads. This just feels so off.
  8. I hate to be that guy, but maybe an upside down red triangle isn't the best option.
  9. I think it's gorgeous, timeless, and much more smooth than the current one. Beautiful.
  10. I’d argue stuff like this is pretty close.
  11. I've never seen those Thrashers concepts before. The one on the bottom left is miles better than the one they ended up going with. The concept is great, too. Real good recreation of the logo, and it works perfectly with the jersey templates.
  12. That’s a 10/10 logo right there. Super clever on all fronts.
  13. This is going to be unpopular, but I fell in love with these white fishsticks jerseys the moment I saw them. They're absolutely fantastic.