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  1. Gonna guess you didn't get the memo. I like the jerseys, but I don't think the collegiate style with the number on the front works for both teams. I think that style should be limited to one of the two teams. Also, if we're basing these jerseys off of their collegiate counterparts, the Lightning look an awful lot like the US Air Force in Colorado Springs.
  2. Red Robin is just your local hole-in-the-wall diner but worse.
  3. Funnily enough, Red Robin seems to be the restaurant of choice so far.
  4. People are actively going to sports bars, restaurants, etc. to prove that this is some kind of a liberal hoax. What the f*** is going on
  5. On a positive note, at least I don’t have to watch the Islanders lose today.
  6. It's a virus, so there's not much we can do to stop it. Viruses tend to just run their course. On a practical, non-sports level, most governments have gone from trying to contain it to trying to prepare for the full force of it. It's gonna be a rough few weeks, months, or maybe even years.
  7. NHL has suspended most activities today. $20 says they cancel before the end of the day.
  8. I love the logo, but the jerseys feel a little sparse. The away needs more blue, and the home would be better without the yoke, in my opinion.
  9. Maybe you should create original work rather than getting defensive when you get called out for recoloring another team’s logo. (And the Rockies are named for the Rocky Mountains, which have nothing to do with miners or rocks. Is that not common knowledge?)
  10. This is like trying to use the Avs' foot logo on a Broncos jersey simply by recoloring it.
  11. Man, that Sabres logo is slick. I like the Jets a lot too. Good work,all around.
  12. I like the idea behind the Ducks, but the eggplant and jade blend too well together. The logo disappears in the purple on the home jersey. The striping pattern is really nice, though.
  13. New Jersey's Pride and Honor jerseys are among the best jerseys I've ever seen.
  14. Shocked nobody talked about the Isles picking up Pageau. It seems like a really good pickup. The Isles need scoring, and Pageau is having his best year in that regard. He also fills in the 2/3 center role the Isles need, and will fit in nicely with Trotz' style of play. I've seen people bashing the Isles for giving up too much, but they can afford a 1st, 2nd, and conditional 3rd. The Isles' prospect pool is deep, and chances are they're gonna be middle-of-the-pack anyways. I doubt the picks will turn into anything. I think this was a smart move by Lou. Plus, the Isles already extended his contract. Not bad.
  15. wow i actually really love the avs' uniforms