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  1. wow i actually really love the avs' uniforms
  2. Given all this pre-hype, no one's gonna be happy with whatever name they use. May as well just accept it.
  3. On the subject of Bernie, the dems, and shades of blue, I like Bernie's usage of both bright blue and navy. Different vibes on each design and they both feel good for the campaign. I also like his "Artists for Bernie" line of merch, where independent artists make designs for shirts and whatnot. His campaign also released a poster for his rally with The Strokes a little bit ago, and it's fantastic. Bernie's branding may not be as new or unique as Warren's, Pete's, or Klobuchar's, but he's got a ton of versatility in it and I like it.
  4. Unpopular opinion: The Avs' Stadium Series jerseys are actually really good, and that helmet looks fantastic. The hats and whatnot also look f***ing spectacular.
  5. Not sure if it's meant to be included here, but Bernie's campaign has been using this "Not me, us" artwork a fair amount.
  6. I agree. More color would really make this logo a 10/10. Everything else is a big improvement, though.
  7. Not a fan of the Tampa set. The home/road have a good idea behind them, but they feel too minimalist. I'd be curious to see how they'd look with black incorporated into the jersey, maybe filling up the arms on the home and as the piping on the road? The side panels on the Pride jersey feel out of place and unnecessary, too. I'm unsure about the brighter blue, but I don't think it's a bad idea. The Honor jersey is good, especially with the Victory Stripes.
  8. I still wish we could've had a branch of the military with "MARS AWAITS" on it. That would've been so good.
  9. I wish the Isles' fishsticks uniforms would've stuck for a few more years. How cool would it have been to see all those 90s matchups?
  10. Turns out rampant monopolization and vertical integration lead to boring branding. Who knew?
  11. the nhl recently unveiled its jerseys for the 2020 all star weekend, and they were underwhelming to say the least. i figured i'd make my first jersey concept in quite some time and fix 'em. the main influence is obviously the st. louis blues' jerseys from the 90s, adding eccentric design and local flair to the jerseys, of course with the modern twist the current jerseys have. each jersey also has the color of the divisional logos given to each all star team. what do y'all think?
  12. That Hawks Pride jersey is a work of art.
  13. Here are pics of the dark and light jerseys. These are just s—-tily designed jerseys being passed off as “modern” and “minimalist.” I think I like them, though.
  14. Knockoffs have started popping up on Depop and other resale apps. This is getting to be REALLY annoying.