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  1. According to Icethetics, the Golden Knights aren't sticking with their shiny gold buckets past this year. I suppose that'll put chrome hockey helmets on this list, too.
  2. I think one of the weirder things that nobody's talked about yet is the fact that Icethetics has reported that the Islanders will be getting a new logo next year. I can't imagine that either Lou Lamoriello or the Isles fanbase at large is going to let them put out a whole new identity, so I imagine it'll just be a touch of gold to their current logo. Here are a few quick and dirty mockups I made of what I think is possible. All that being said, the Isles are known for their awful logo/jersey changes, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. I don't hate the Bridgeport Islanders' identity, but I do agree that it's a downgrade. It would've been suitable if the team had moved to an actual island, but since they're still in Connecticut, it's just unnecessary. Is it clean and polished? Sure. Is it bad? Not really. Is it good? Also not really.
  4. ... So just this jersey with their modern logo?
  5. I feel like this is more about people forgetting intentional misspellings than it is the "Mandela Effect." Like, it stands to reason that people would assume it's Loony Toons, since it's a carTOON not a carTUNE. All of these so far, save for the Fruit of the Loom logo, have just been weird marketing misspellings. It makes sense that people would forget about them being misspelled.
  6. Apologies for not updating the series - I got a little busy. Here's the next team, the Indianapolis Racers! The Racers hold a place in hockey history as the first major-league club that Wayne Gretzky laced up for. The Racers never had particularly good performance, but they did have an extremely 70s identity, which is replicated in this jersey. But, just like the Stingers, I felt like just swapping colors was a little boring for this team, and as a result, I made a second design based on Indy's hockey history. This jersey is based off the Indianapolis Capitals, a minor/major league team in Indianapolis that played in both the International-American Hockey League, and eventually the formal AHL. The team won a championship in 1942, defeating the Hershey Bears in five games. Here were the teams' original sweaters that I based this design off of: And that's the Racers! Any thoughts?
  7. Palmieri and Zajac just look weird not wearing red and black.
  8. $250k to the Rangers is like $5k to Wilson. It's a slap on the wrist. That being said, the fact they charged the Rangers at all is absolutely insane. Clownshow of a league.
  9. Howdy, y'all! Inspired by the success of my Defunct NHL Reverse Retros thread and how much fun I had making those concepts, I decided to start another thread in a similar vein, in which I create Reverse Retros for WHA teams! None of the WHA teams themselves really had histories long enough to warrant true Reverse Retros, so for a lot of these I'll be reaching back into their respective cities' hockey histories. Anyways, intros aside, here's the design for the Cincinnati Stingers: The Cincinnati Stingers are one of my favorite WHA teams. They were only in existence for the final four years of the WHA, and their performance for those years was nothing to write home about. However, their logo is one of the best 70s sports logos designs I've ever seen, and I wish it would've gotten more usage. That all being said, though, this design doesn't have that logo anywhere on it. Instead, it draws from Cincinnati's older hockey history, namely the Cincinnati Mohawks. The team bounced around from the AHL and IHL for about 10 years from 1949 to 1958, and absolutely dominated during their time in the IHL. They won the Turner Cup five times, which is immensely impressive that they were only in the league for six years. To pay tribute to the glory of the Mohawks, I based this jersey off of their IHL uniforms, which are pictured below. And that's the first concept of the series! I've got some more coming up, and I'll post 'em later. What are your thoughts on the Stingers' jerseys?
  10. The NHL has fined the New York Rangers $250,000 for publicly disagreeing with the DOPS' decision regarding Tom Wilson. What an absolute s***show of a league. This is beyond the point of parody.
  11. I have to agree that this is an incredible concept, but it does feel a little bit more like a Jets farm team than a Canucks farm team. Maybe removing the little jet all together and just having a standalone 'A' would work better? Or reworking it to be centered on a more humanoid pilot instead of a plane itself? I'm not sure how to rework this, but it does feel a little too Jets-y as-is.
  12. George Parros started a company called the 'Violent Gentlemen' and sold shirts with 'Make Hockey Violent Again' on them. Now he's the head of the DOPS. Who could've guessed that he doesn't care much for player safety? What a joke of a league.
  13. Apologies for the delay, finals are kicking up and my life is getting a little hectic. As a little apology, I've got another little splurge of concepts. First up is the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies were one of the easier teams to do in this series, as they only used one jersey design. The jersey is one of my all-time favorites, though, which made it pretty easy to stick with. All I had to do was swap the colors around and make it vibrant, and I think it looks pretty slick. Next up is the Minnesota North Stars, who seem to have one of the more revered identities of any defunct NHL team out there. This design was inspired by two North Stars designs, the first being their 1988-91 road jerseys, and the second being their unused jerseys from 1981, when they tweaked their jerseys and added black to their visual identity. This jersey is one of my favorites of the series, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Something about it just pops, imo. The last team in this series is the Quebec Nordiques, who have one of the touchier identities in the NHL. The fans in Quebec are extremely passionate about their team, and were incredibly resistant to change during their time in the league. As a result, there wasn't a lot to work with, but I did find inspiration in their inaugural World Hockey Association jerseys. After making this jersey, an idea popped into my head. The Nordiques have an infamous jersey floating around the internet, that being their unused 1995 jerseys they would have worn had they not moved to Colorado. What this inspired was an angular, purple and teal monstrosity that just screams 90s from top to bottom. This jersey is probably one of my favorite concepts ever, and is my favorite from this series. And that's that! Sorry for taking so long to upload all of these, but here they are! What do you think? Which jersey is your favorite from the series? Is there anything I should change? Let me know!
  14. Here are the updates. I think the Thrashers look better, but the other two are lateral moves imo. I didn't touch the Whalers, since they were based directly off their 1974-76 road, not a blend of the two jerseys. I'll post the next team later today. Any thoughts on these updates, or on the Golden Seals?
  15. I'll go ahead and make some of those edits in the next couple days when I have some more time. For now, here's today and yesterday's teams, since I missed a day. First up is the Cleveland Barons. Arguably the NHL's most embarrassing franchise, the Barons had a long life prior to their tenure in the NHL, but they only lasted a few short years in the big league. They were plagued by poor attendance and even worse performance, which both lead to the team's eventual merger with the Minnesota North Stars. Anyways, these jerseys are based on the Barons' 1965 season in the AHL. The season doesn't hold any particular significance, but I like the team's design and logo. Here's the inspiration: The Reverse Retros I designed are, essentially, those jerseys in the NHL Barons' black-and-red color scheme rather than the AHL Barons' blue-and-white color scheme. They use that loveable, cartoony logo, and try to balance out the colors in the current scheme. The second team I'm posting today is the California/Oakland (Golden) Seals. Their name is all weird and stylized, as in their short 9 year tenure in the league, they went through three different names: the California Seals, the Oakland Seals, and the California Golden Seals. The team was marred by the same problems facing the Barons, as the team switched owners several times in the course of only a few years, and also faced less than stellar production on the ice. The games were almost always empty, and the team seldom made the playoffs. These jerseys are based on their uniforms from the 1969-70 season, their last before they became the Golden Seals. For the Golden Seals, I have two designs. The first is a recolor of the original jerseys, swapping the green out for blue... While the second recolors the jersey in the Golden Seals' most infamous color scheme, with bright teal and gold. And that's that! Sorry for missing yesterday. What do y'all think?
  16. Maybe it's my 6th grade mind, but this logo always looked like a dick to me.
  17. Thanks again for the likes and the kind words! Today's concept is a double-header for the Kansas City Scouts. The Scouts only existed for a couple years, and as a result didn't have any real interesting "retro" jerseys to use, so I dove into Kansas City's hockey history. Turns out, there was a team called the Kansas City Greyhounds that played in the American Hockey Association from 1933 to 1940. They don't have any particularly notable history, as they weren't Kansas City's first professional hockey team, nor were they the first pro hockey team to win a championship in the city, but they did have some pretty cool jerseys: So, with this history in mind, I created some Scouts jerseys based off these wonderfully complex Greyhounds jerseys. There are two versions, one with a silhouette of a horse in place of a greyhound, and one without the silhouette, since I couldn't decide which version I liked best. And that's that! Which version do you guys like better? Are there any tweaks I should make to the designs? Let me know!
  18. Nothing? That's alright, on to the next team! The Flames were relatively conservative with their jerseys in Atlanta, and that carries over here. No flashy designs, no new color schemes, just a bright yellow jersey with the same striping pattern as their other uniforms. Any thoughts on the series so far?
  19. The redesign and recolor is really sharp, as many here have said, but I do agree that it feels a little empty. Rather than keeping the leaf red, I'd change it to gold. It's a color scheme that would break the red-white-and-blue that a fifth of the league currently uses, plus it invokes a military vibe.
  20. Thanks for the kind words and warm reception! Here's the second team in the series, the Hartford Whalers. I know the Whalers aren't technically a defunct team, and they also have a real-life Reverse Retro jersey dedicated to them, but this one was too good to pass up. This jersey is a flashback to the Whalers' 1974-75 season, when they played in the World Hockey Association as the New England Whalers. This jersey doesn't have any particular historical relevance, but I chose it because it has a neat logo that's often forgotten about, as well as a cool striping pattern.
  21. There are already a solid 3 or 4 active Reverse Retro threads right now, but I figured I'd jump back into jersey design with a new series. For this one, I'm going through defunct NHL teams in no particular order and giving them each their own Reverse Retro jersey. To start, here's my design for the Atlanta Thrashers, based on their inaugural road jerseys. The Thrashers' inaugural jerseys are some of my favorite NHL jerseys ever, since I love their arrow patterns and jagged striping. This design keeps that design alive, down to the arrow pattern on the collar. Any thoughts? I'll probably be posting a new jersey each day, so stay tuned.
  22. That second stick shape is fantastic. Great design.