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  1. I think it's gorgeous, timeless, and much more smooth than the current one. Beautiful.
  2. I’d argue stuff like this is pretty close.
  3. I've never seen those Thrashers concepts before. The one on the bottom left is miles better than the one they ended up going with. The concept is great, too. Real good recreation of the logo, and it works perfectly with the jersey templates.
  4. That’s a 10/10 logo right there. Super clever on all fronts.
  5. This is going to be unpopular, but I fell in love with these white fishsticks jerseys the moment I saw them. They're absolutely fantastic.
  6. Well, $#!T, can't unsee that now. This redesign was unnecessary. Does it look smooth and clean? Yes. Does it look sterile, corporate, and like a half-assed attempt at minimalist modernization? Also yes.
  7. Here's a quick and simple Reverse Retro for the Isles. Lou obviously wanted the team to have a conservative design, which is why we got the uninspired mess we did, so this is a very one-sided compromise between that and the fisherman jersey. Real simple, real straightforward, but a million times better than what we got.
  8. I dig that little Reverse Retro tag on the bottom of the jersey. It'd be cool if every jersey had that little tag instead of the Adidas button.
  9. Pretty solid stuff from the Eagles. They've worn a similar design before, as an alternate from 2008-2010.
  10. The Biden Transition team has unveiled a classy, smooth, two-color identity. Biden Transition Team Website
  11. Only thing that could've made it better would've been the exclusion of the text, but other than that, this is arguably in the top 10 state flags.
  12. I know it's South Dakota, but having "The Mount Rushmore State" on your flag isn't doing your state any favors.
  13. The only Washington jersey I'm feeling is the clash, to e honest. Everything else feels like it's trying too hard to be unique.
  14. I bet it's been posted already, but I can't imagine this logo will have much of anything positive associated with it.
  15. These kick ass. They might just be my favorite Canes concept I've ever seen. Incredible work.
  16. That logo is really solid. I think it feels more like a secondary than a primary, though. There's nothing that says "Superbras," just Brooklyn.
  17. The first one is certainly easier to read. I think you should beef up the strokes on it to make it feel a little bigger, though.
  18. I really don't think getting rid of the Avs' A logo was the right move. The 'C' isn't nearly as identifiable, and doesn't say "Avalanche" like the A logo. I think you should try their Rockies inspired alternate logo and see how that looks. The jerseys are still fantastic, though, and the heritage jersey is incredible. The Hawks are also really solid. The heritage jersey is the best of the bunch, imo, but you managed to update the home/away and still make them feel like Hawks jerseys. Good work, I'm excited for this series!
  19. These jerseys aren't really that bad. The only reason they got so much hate is because they replaced (arguably) some of the best jerseys in NHL history.
  20. I'd honestly still be happy even if the Islanders get swept. This is the farthest we've ever made it in my life, so I'm just happy to be here.
  21. God bless Alain Vigneault. The Islanders would not have won if he hadn’t bungled the series at every possible opportunity.
  22. Hot take when Colorado exists.
  23. DTConcepts

    Calgary Flames

    I think that red pants and gloves would look better, as has been said, but if these were unveiled tomorrow I'd be ecstatic. These are fantastic.
  24. Another brand killed by lowercase, friendly fonts in the name of "simplification."