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  1. Again..... yeah, it's still active. I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything to work, but I promise I will get a few pre-1977 entries in.
  2. Hey, all. Here's a fun catch-all post that I don't think has been done: Show me your softball team pics! As in, beer league or company teams that you've played for. I look forward to seeing what we got.
  3. Again, this pic from the 1995 AL West tie-breaker game is the best I can do, but those two uniform sets were both introduced in 1993.
  4. This video from 1974 has the first year of both this Eagles uniform set and the Chargers with their new blue helmets and yellow facemasks.
  5. - I am afraid this vid from two years later is really the best I can do here, but the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves introduced their first pullover jersey sets in 1972.
  6. Well, a day later and I end up getting the Arenado jersey. I also found a Toronto Argonauts Orlondo Steinauer jersey for $20, which I found yesterday but got today. I also saw a Calvin Ridley Falcons jersey, but I passed on that. Not bad so far this year.
  7. Got a Buster Posey Giants road jersey for $10. There was also a Mike Bibby Vancouver Grizzlies jersey, but I have that already, and a Nolan Arenado Rockies road jersey, but I only had enough for one.
  8. - The first year for both the Mets famous racing stripes, and the Giants traditional, yet modern look. 1983.
  9. - Video of a one-season only matchup: In 1983, the first year of the Seahawks tweaked uniforms used until 2001, they met the orange-pants Browns for the only time. - Another video: The first season of the "big Flying Elvis on shoulders" Patriots met the 1986-95 Saints Dome Patrol era uniforms (their final season in them) for the only time in 1995.
  10. Found a Dan Wilkinson Ohio State Buckeyes jersey (w/ the black TV numbers on the sleeve - a throwback to 1968!) for $8.
  11. ^ The ASU pic is actually from the late 1980s/early 1990s, judging by the facemasks.
  12. ^ I did mean to clarify this: As a regular, standard uniform (not as an alternate).
  13. ^ Thanks for bringing that up. It is funny, IMO, that yellow is not that popular of a jersey color in gridiron football. A few teams, IMO, can pull it off if it has the right design elements/color combos.
  14. Hello, all. Here is something that hasn't been talked about here: Yellow jerseys in gridiron football. How many teams do you know, that have ever used it as a jersey color in that sport? Well, not too many. There hasn't been a team that wore a yellow jersey in the pro ranks in the modern era (since the 1960s), but a few college teams have worn yellow jerseys. - LSU has worn yellow jerseys on and off since at least 1996. - Going north of the border, Queen's University have been known for their all-yellow uniforms. Anything more?