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  1. ^ Nope. But that is one helluva story, and I will read it! While we're on the subject of the CFL, here is Tom Clements, after three seasons in Ottawa to start his pro career in his short stopover in Saskatchewan in 1979.
  2. ^ The endzones became 20 yards long in 1986, because of the popularity of it when BC Place had them upon opening in 1983 (the floor was too short to accommodate the then-standards 25 yards).
  3. Here's the article text; also of note is there is no author credited. New look for the B. C. Lions THOSE COLORFUL CATS! B.C. Lions, who made some personnel changes last season which resulted in the club's best finish since 1963, made some less dramatic but more colorful alterations Thursday. The club announced a new graphic logo to replace the old signatures in use since 1954. The old logo featured a B.C. mountain lion astride a football. The new logo features the stylized letters B.C. underneath the head of a mountain lion. As well, the team colors and uniforms have been adjusted slightly with the traditional orange and black now being replaced by chocolate brown and burnt orange, somewhat similar to the uniforms of the National Football League's Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. The major uniform change is white helmets with orange and brown striping and new logo.
  4. . I also found this: From December 16, 1977, this article from the Vancouver, BC newspaper The Province announces a new look for the B.C. Lions in 1978. This article also has a first look of the new logo. As an aside, this logo, has been the team's longest-serving logo, with some tweaks made along the way since. It also should be interesting to note that from 1978 to 1989, the B.C. Lions used a very dark brown in place of their traditional black. Of note is unlike the Saskatchewan Roughrider rebrand of 1985 I posted recently, this article does not state who designed the logo or uniforms. (Also note the U.S. spelling for "colour" used in the article; the Canadian news media was rather inconsistent of whether to use British or American English spellings at this time.)
  5. Mark Gastineau, a stranger in a strange land who attempted a short-lived comeback with the CFL's BC Lions in 1990.
  6. Hi, forum. We're living in insular times, and we've got to find a way to entertain ourselves in this forum with no sports going on, so let's play a little game. I've been thinking about the 1999 movie Blast From the Past, which is about a naive man comes out into the world after spending 35 years in a nuclear fallout shelter (his parents were in there for 37). With that said: Name some notable CFL (that league only) events that occured in the time that this guy's family was stuck in the shelter, from 1962 to 1999. .....and go!
  7. Hi! Just letting everyone know the project is NOT dead. I might work on it a bit more soon.
  8. A transcription of the article, for the benefit of those who can't make out the text: NEW LOOK ROUGHRIDERS By Nick Miliokas - L-P Sports Writer The Saskatchewan Roughriders today unveiled the logo and uniforms they believe will provide their Canadian Football League team with a distinct new identity. Beginning with the 1985 season, which marks the 75th anniversary of professional football in Saskatchewan, the Riders will sport uniforms and helmets the designers believe capture the essence of speed. The flashy new uniforms and helmets were modelled during a news conference this morning by two Rider running backs, Craig Ellis and newcomer Darrold Clardy. A silver and black trim has been added to accent the traditional green and white. The jerseys, both home and away, bear a "Pride 75" patch and the pants are silver. The helmet design resembles the wrap-around decal used by the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. It features a stylized "S" that replaces the one which, in years gone by, invited comparisons with logos used by Spalding, and Safeway, and Sheraton Hotels. The logo was conceived by Brian Danchuk, a Regina freelance artist. The uniforms were designed by a task force headed by Phil Kershaw, a member of the Rider management committee, and equipment manager Normie Fong, working in conjunction with Butch Gardiner and Mike Sanford, two sporting goods suppliers based in Alabama. "We decided about a year and a half ago that the logo needed to be changed," said Keith Critchley, the Roughrider president. "It wasn't distinctive enough. We wanted our own logo. We decided a good time to introduce it would be the 75th anniversary. We looked at a wide range of ideas and we did a number of designs. The project started in 1983. This is the culmination." The unveiling marked the latest in a number of new looks sported by the team through its 75-year history. When the franchise was born in 1910, as the Regina Rugby Club, the uniforms were purple and gold. The colors were changed to blue and white in 1911, to conform with those of the Regina Amateur Athletic Association. In 1912, a switch was made to black and red. These colors remained synonymous with the Roughrider Football Club for the next 36 years. The familiar green and white was introduced in 1948. The Riders have worn these colors for 36 years, and they will continue to do so . . . with a few minor alterations.
  9. I was on, and found more background info on the Saskatchewan Roughriders' new logo and uniform set for the 1985 season. This is from the Regina Leader-Post's April 23, 1985 issue. From this, we now know a few things about who was behind the redesign (the logo was by a local artist named Brian Danchuk, the uniform set was designed by Phil Kershaw, Norm Fong, and a couple guys from Russell Athletic, the Alabama uniform company). If any of these guys are available, I'd like to know what the thinking was behind the redesign. It'd be nice to have more insight on this.
  10. I found a couple L.A. Dodger T-shirts for $7 combined.
  11. I got an Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers jersey for $20, but I got for $17 with a coupon. I turned it in to a blank jersey to give it a fresh start.
  12. Hey, forum. I was at an XFL game Saturday, and it had me thinking: How would a basketball version of the XFL work? Post your ideas here.
  13. - Can confirm. Odd that they'd go for a smaller company, rather than someone bigger like Adidas, or even Starter (which did the AAF).....