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  1. I thought about the football laces & decided they might be a tad self-limiting, so I'm trying some designs with just two C's: I kind of like how I subconsciously channeled the Logo Athletic logo on the right... not sure if they're too basic, I'm totally out of my depth with this type of stuff!
  2. Literally a “branding” logo! I appreciate the feedback, I will definitely work it in and post an update!
  3. Hello! I have spent the past few years designing pro wrestling gear, merch, flyers, etc. under the "Studio Lucha" moniker. I have recently decided to move on from pro wrestling and work alongside sports-themed Instagram pages to create merch & content (along with my own prints & t-shirt shop). My initials are "CC" and my focus is on sports, particularly football, so this is my first stab towards rebranding... I'm going for the whole interlocked monogram thing with a little football-looking object in the mix (do the spikes read like football laces or does this look like a clamp??)... any feedback would be awesome, thanks guys!!
  4. In 1998, Jim Kelly contemplated a return to the NFL, teaming up with former Bills OC Ted Marchibroda as the new QB for the Baltimore Ravens... he doesn't look as out-of-place in the old Ravens uni as I thought!
  5. I like the gradient! Especially red fading to black, for some reason... I'd even go so far as to say the side panels carrying to the pants work alongside it. I just don't love the oversized numbers and "drop" shadow, along with the helmet gimmicks... a handful of quirky elements is charming IMO, but there's too much going on across the entire uni
  6. I don’t know, man. The gradient gives me ‘01 Pro Bowl vibes, and I absolutely loved those jerseys...
  7. The pewter alternate is awful, but its a small price to pay... I hope this sets a trend of teams just going back to when they got it right in the first place.
  8. Before he was a Buffalo Bills Wall-of-Famer (and future HOF'er), Steve Tasker was a longshot 9th round pick of the Houston Oilers:
  9. This Glad Bad look was even worse than it gets credit for (with the current set being far better than most appreciate)... this set was like puberty between their original and current looks.
  10. Thank you, brother! Next up is the one and only "Prime Time" Deion Sanders!
  11. Just out here doing God's work... t-shirts available on TeePublic!
  12. Anyone else gong through thrifting withdrawal?
  13. There were plenty of legends on those 90's Bills teams, but the coolest was probably HOF WR Andre Reed: