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  1. Fair enough! This combo is drab & deflated: While this one is far more vibrant, albeit it monochromatic: I love that a major sports team has taken ownership of such an oddball color.
  2. Agreed! The Hawks current home set was specifically designed to be worn monochomatically. The big green patterned pants stripe only works for me because of the consistent navy blue backdrop. The grey pants with navy striping lack the sharp contrast of the green over navy and pulls the grey from the jersey forward too much, as opposed to the green in the jersey popping when the Hawks wear the navy pants with the green stripe. Without the pants, the only green the Hawks sport borders the numbers and sneaks in as a triangle on the sleeve caps - not enough to stand out the way they intended, IMO.
  3. Minor league teams don't have consistent rosters to market around or, in many cases, even consistent parent clubs. Brandiose has the luxury of working with teams whose brands are secondary to the simple concept of cheap, local, family-friendly entertainment In fact, its right in the AP article: "We're not in the baseball business. We're in the circus business." Even one of the most consistently-branded Triple-A teams on the map - the Buffalo Bisons - one of their lone full houses of the year is "Star Wars Night," where baseball plays a distant second fiddle. I've always had an ethical dilemma with marketing towards children to ultimately target their parents' money, but it certainly works. The cartoonish Brandiose style accentuates a family-friendly product perfectly, but creating long-term brands that sustain the evolution of trends is probably both unlikely and unnecessary. If need be, I think all these teams can simply revert back to their old identities and contort some tradition-centric marketing around it all. Some of these teams might just continue the trend and repeatedly refresh their merch stands revamp their identities.
  4. This logo gives me PTSD. The thrill of signing T.O. and benching Trent Edwards for FItzmagic drowned by 10 losses and the peak of the Toronto rumors... that 60th anniversary logo has the exact subtle bevel the Titans should use instead of the nonsense they're wearing today.
  5. Lord, I get careless when I don't spend enough time here
  6. I don't hate it only because there is so much restraint with the empty sleeves caps and minimalist shoulder stripes, unlike how busy it feels on the back of the Bills' jerseys.
  7. Just all the standard thrift stores - Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, etc... from what I've heard, garage sales are 10x better, I'm gonna start checking those out this spring
  8. Hit the jackpot this past week, including an official NFL game ball signed by Drew Bledsoe for $10
  9. Probably didn't want to muddy the rebrand by using the exact brand they were trying to replace... their "state-mandated" '09 throwbacks were great, though. Now that the Titans brand is two generations removed from the Oilers (and considering how garish they now look), a simple, true-to-form throwback would be great!
  10. Your boyfriend is lame, I make it rain on ya He never make it rain, like Southern California - Lil' Wayne, Make it Rain (Remix)
  11. Got all this for $8 Old circa '92 jacket & scarf with the tags still on!
  12. Jason Marshall! Solid "let's remember some 90's guys" name. What a shame!
  13. Only for one preseason game. Supposedly, he personally complained to ownership and they never wore that set during his career again.
  14. Just snagged this Starter Roy jersey for $15
  15. I love the simple B-in-a-football logo of theirs that already exists, but we'd probably sooner see that Skins-style faux-leather helmet overlay than any logo on the shell.