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  1. Carolina, for sure. It's pretty wild they've gone so long with essentially the same uniform while teams with far more tradition & history have gone off the deep end.
  2. I wouldn't call it "fake" so much as potentially "custom." Honestly, for the price, its not a bad deal.
  3. The Instagram page in my bio is loaded with amazing jersey finds - I don't do thrift stores as much these days, but there are even better deals online if you know where/how to find them! As far as Goodwill finds go... I technically bought this about a year ago, but I don't post here much anymore, so... dropped off by somebody about a month after Brady signed with Tampa: Sold a week after the Super Bowl for $1,200
  4. At the risk of freely expressing my opinion, liberals wanted conservatives to go off & make their own platform. Within weeks, said platform was vilified & shut down over its content. Anyone clumsily championing the integrity of social media content will have their hearts broken when they look objectively at Facebook. Of course, none of that is relevant to this objectively poor logo redesign, so I'm glad nobody overstepped and let their misguided bias eek into this thread
  5. This might top News Corp's mismanagement of MySpace as the greatest destruction of a blue chip brand this century. Though, on second thought, it could just as easily have been purposeful sabotage to destroy one of the chief rivals to the Adidas brand.
  6. As a kid, I became a fan of the '97 Bucs & Broncos, '99 Titans, & '00 Giants based solely on their uniforms. I was also convinced that new uniforms magically made teams contenders.
  7. I've got a whole t-shirt shop that I'll add the link to in my bio!
  8. My newest drawing (since there's no Bills game today)… I think this passes for "fine art" in Buffalo, NY!
  9. Obviously, the #12 is the quintessential QB number, but I prefer the #11 from an aesthetic standpoint. I think of this as more of a kicker number, but I do like when a QB rocks the #1, too. Cam & Warren Moon are the only ones that leap to mind.
  10. I am taking the time to make one for every single team I'll post an update when they're all uploaded!
  11. The best thing you can do with Photoshop is ditch it for Illustrator. For the type of stuff people make on these boards, Illustrator is by far the better program.
  12. I can't find a larger image of this Buffalo Blizzard example, but I always thought the "white sleeves on a blue jersey" thing was a super cool/clean look (including the Cowboys '95 alternates):
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