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  1. It’s not unusual to see me cry, I wanna die
  2. Unfortunately, Friends did not exist in 1993 & hence did not make the cut! (but it was gonna be Joey all day) Boy Meets World, 1993: Topanga Lawrence writes “GO BILLS” on her face in lipstick to show her new friend Cory Matthews that it’s ok to be different!
  3. Lots of OG 90's vintage sportswear love coming up in this thread! Next up was every 90's kid's first crush, Kelly Kapowski: blob:https://imgur.com/f9eec765-87f0-415c-88c7-85f83c72e831
  4. I see where you're coming from, but nothing is more Elmwood Ave. than Kramer in a Chalk Line Bills jacket. Next up! Who is clinking glasses with Frasier? None other than Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak, of course!
  5. Up next is the venerable Dr. Frasier Crane:
  6. Michael Richards aka Cosmo Kramer aka Dr. Van Nostrand:
  7. Hey, guys! I have a series I've been working on for a while now that I've started posting on Instagram (@carlcordesco) & I thought you guys might enjoy it. My goal is to install the final life-size piece as a mural somewhere in Buffalo, NY along with a full line of prints, merch, etc. You'll probably catch onto the theme pretty quick! First post below! Cosmo Kramer Frasier Crane Dorothy Zbornak Kelly Kapowski Topanga Lawrence Carlton Banks
  8. "Draw your swords, gentlemen! The Sabres do battle with the Kraken! I'm John Butchegras & this is NBC's Wednesday Night Hockey." Yeah, this works.
  9. I like it. If they bust out a well-rendered awesome squid logo for an alternate, I'll love it.
  10. The King Arthur Baking Company, brought to you by Dribbble.
  11. I've always felt like the skating penguin could have been cleaned up a lot better once they brought it back.
  12. Did you know there's a hidden arrow inside the FexEx logo? Did you!?
  13. The name and logo don't exist in separate bubbles. In my opinion, any honor in the logo was undercut by the racial slur it was paired with. I would just like to take a moment to revel in the fact that we're openly discussing this issue on this site after it wasn't allowed for so long... this feels like my 21st birthday
  14. I like how you carried over the colors & the logo design is clean, but I do think the golden stripes behind the white W gets a bit muddy in the mockups. I might mess with adding a red stroke around the W and either keeping the stripes as-is or making the shield a solid gold fill.
  15. Can somebody please tweet this to Roger Goodel 5x per day? This is how you do a title logo!