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  1. I think that the MLS is best suited to using a hybrid of traditional names alongside Americanized-names. The Whitecaps, Sounders, Timbers, and Fire are awesome. I'm also fine with teams being named "CITY NAME FC/SC", but when everybody starts doing it, it obviously sucks. It's one thing for expansion teams to not get that, but for an already established brand to abandon their identity for it? Just plain stupid, no excuses.
  2. Here's what I came up with, with teams additionally ordered from best to worst within in each tier. I think that I think that I may be a bit of a uniform optimist with the NFL's current looks, with my list featuring more teams in the top two tiers than the bottom 3. Important Notes: It became really close between the Bears, Chargers, and Buccaneers for my favorite NFL uniform, but I ultimately decided to go with the longest-tenured look that I've felt consistent about throughout my life: the Bears. The beautiful use of color, striping, and a unique font is an awesome combination that is flawless. The Falcons make the "Good" tier just barely, as their futuristic set has grown on me more and more over the course of watching the team in action. Subtle tweaks and the addition of silver pants could elevate them even further. Teams in the mediocre team use uniforms that aren't offensively ugly, but may need tweaks to add some personality and solidify the identity. They're very close to good. There are some classic uniforms that I generally dislike more than most making the "Bad" tier, specifically in the Saints and Cowboys. The Saints' jerseys are too basic, the colors have grown desaturated and a bit lifeless, and the stripeless pants just ruin it all to create a truly bad uniform. The Cowboy's navy set is superior to their whites, which is unfortunate because they pretty much only go with the white. Consistency in color would elevate them greatly. Teams in the "Vomit" tier generally possess disjointed uniforms that just don't work. This description best describes the Titans and Cardinals. The Jaguars' uniform has restraint and a sense of consistency, but the simplicity is taken too far and does a terrible job of representing the who the Jaguars are.
  3. That's interesting, because no NBA teams sell jerseys with ads on them. Those could be knock-offs though-
  4. Maybe a subtle connection to the Houston Oilers color scheme as well? I'm a bit biased, but that came to my mind way before Astronauts when looking at that mockup.
  5. Yeah, Utah's version of this tribute is still better than Denver's. I can't really believe that Nike let two teams do city jerseys that are so similar to each other.
  6. Thanks! It's nice to be welcomed, especially by a fellow Nashvillian.

  7. Hell yes,another Nashville area CCSLC member! a belated welcome to you!