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  1. Yet another case of a vintage helmet logo totally clashing with the rest of a modern uniform. This sucks.
  2. Looks like an upgrade across the board, although I may miss the gold numbers
  3. They don't really, but they also switch up the combos way more than what was typical in the past. Interestingly enough, the Titans still have yet to wear their navy jerseys in the regular season this year. It's a meme within the fanbase now, people call the uni combo announcement the "britches report" lol
  4. White pants are an awesome look for the Saints, but stripeless white pants? Gross.
  5. I'm really not into the whole trend of taking a vintage mascot logo and tacking it on the helmet of a modern uniform set for nostalgia points. A lot of them are cool logos that have their place, but don't force them with a style that clashes.
  6. I can't stop admiring how great these Blazers' warmup shirts look! They're super simple, yet perfect. So many warmup shirts are too busy or look too muck like workout sweats, but this is a shirt I'd wear casually.
  7. I think it's just because of the overlapping line and shape patterns that are reminding me of some forms of indigenous art, but it's not something you have to lean into if you didn't intend it obviously. For the new wordmark, I dig #3 as a modern font that still has the angular forms you were looking for, but #4 is intriguing as well due to the cultural significance.
  8. This is a super neat concept, very unique! I really dig the primary logo in particular with the combination of the snowflake shape and husky. I think your initial primary is superior to the "accidental" version, the nod to the maple leaf within the husky is more than enough to connect it to Canada. To improve, I might just further consider a font that better matches the sort of indigenous aesthetic you have going on, the current choice is a little too "space age" IMO. I also think that looking into a standalone husky head might make a stronger secondary logo than the current one. Also, I think your presentation is perfectly fine! Oftentimes an over-designed presentation just takes away from the important stuff.
  9. Silver might be better, but I thought the Panthers looked really clean today. I think there's an argument that silver is really just superfluous to a gorgeous color scheme.
  10. That's a great answer, I genuinely appreciate the thought put into this. The note about the repeated difference of scale between design on the jersey, helmet and pants is an interesting note and a definite knock against the set. I'd also side with you in terms of the use as a pattern on the numbers, that definitely feels like a trendy design element thrown into the set. That said, I still like the set. It's not without its flaws of course, but I think that more works than doesn't.
  11. I really like everything they did here except for the wordmark. Obviously the graffiti-inspired art direction is a great idea but the execution makes it feel too corny to me. It reminds me of something that AND1 would have made in the 2000's.
  12. What exactly is supposed to be bad about the Seahawks uniforms? They're visually balanced, consistent without being predictable, and use color very well. It's a unique, striking look and has ascended into the uniform set that defines the franchise IMO.
  13. Orlando needs to drop the edgy cosplay and just look FUN again. They're trying so hard to look like a team not named "Magic" and it's just never worked. Combine this monstrosity with the coming orange nightmare and it really feels like they're hitting a full-on identity crisis.
  14. It really surprises me that the Knicks continue to roll with these alternate uniforms that are hardly any different than their main set. It doesn't look bad, it just seems pointless. I can't imagine Knick fans are rushing to buy these at all.
  15. If they had gotten the guys who did the new branding to update the logo this would be cool, but as of now it's just plain stupid. The gold is wrong and the style just clashes. Don't half-ass the new look.