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  1. I'm eager to see these in a real game, they look better to me the more that I see them.
  2. That's a pretty slick crest actually, it's got a cool take on the river and the arch. Just tweak some the fonts and I'd really like to see something like this.
  3. These are super dope images that I had never seen before, thanks! It's interesting that they played with varying levels of definition for the eye on the bear, even playing with an abstract bird in the bottom left iteration. Luckily they ended up with the best version possible and ended up making one of my favorite logos ever.
  4. Volt has never appealed to me as a color (especially next to red), but I always really liked this jersey because it made the volt work. It's a futuristic look done right and it functioned particularly well as a nod to the Pistol Pete era. A new look built around this could have been cool. Side question, but did the team hardly ever wear these or something? Looking through google, it's practically impossible to find in-game or promo photos for this set. It's like the team tried to totally wipe their existence from the internet.
  5. This is our first look at the new Rams set on an actual human being, with more coming soon apparently. I think we can all agree that they at least nailed the color scheme.
  6. Hahaha feel free to input "classic" or even just "accepted" as needed
  7. I mean in a vacuum, Canucks is just as goofy as Kraken. Arguably, it's goofier really. That doesn't matter though, because the team built history behind it and now it's considered an iconic NHL identity. Time and/or success can heal pretty much any nickname, and I don't think it will take long for this one to do just the same for many skeptics.
  8. No, I see where you’re coming from. As a kid growing up, I literally didn’t make the connection between Blue Jackets and the civil war for years because of that goofy bug logo, so I was never a fan of that either. I think a lot of the differences in reaction here is also based on what people associate “Kraken” with, so if you associate it with a goofy monster from a bad movie or whatever else, then you’re always going to see this name as a bad joke. I think that in this case the team did a really good job of applying subtlety and restraint to balance it out and the video perfectly conveys the right tone for the identity moving forward, so I’m a big fan.
  9. What’s the disease then? All of your rants against this name keep referring to this vague demise of the NHL and I’m just finding it hard to even understand what you’re even talking about. Is it expansion to American cities over more traditional markets? That’s the only slight connection that I can speculate you’re making here.
  10. I feel like the Pelicans are a great parallel for Seattle if they had gone with Sockeyes or Evergreens. Pelicans is a name that is fine and good, but it was really chosen due to its connection with the area. That makes sense of course, but in a national context it was an underwhelming/awkward choice that has only lent itself to a dull identity. They had an opportunity to capitalize on the buzz and didn’t do much with it. In just the same way, Sockeyes would have worked fine and a number of Seattlites would have resonated with it, but I guarantee that identity wouldn’t have gotten nearly the amount of praise and general excitement that this one has received in forums outside of this one. Kraken is so much more expressive and the mysterious sea monster theme has already started showing how it can be really strong and unique within the sports world. That said, I get why many may not like it. I just feel excited that Seattle didn’t chicken out and play it too safe.
  11. You keep calling the NHL a “joke” and a “clown show” because...you’re not a fan of two expansion teams’ names? What am I missing here?
  12. I don’t care what anybody says, I absolutely love this. Great name, great colors, and great logos. The video was super well done too, showing the parallels between the Metropolitans and this logo really drove it home for me
  13. Ah man, that's really disappointing. What an uninspired route to take with the name. The crown, colors, and secondary are all great, but that name is going to really hold it all back.
  14. These uniforms could serve as a good case study for proving that younger people don't only want garish modern uniforms. These super traditional ones have been getting some of the most widespread praise on social media that I've seen for uniforms in a long time. I think that people really detested the neon green which helps, but these still feel really well-liked across the board nonetheless. Personally, I think they're ok. They may go past looking vintage and more antiquated to me, which is probably due to the big striping and varsity font choices that just give it a very amateur vibe. I can't deny that they're much cleaner though and the return to red and yellow is cool.
  15. Concept A for the Steelers is slick, I love the use of the socks to include color. I also really like the way that the Colts' striping subtly references the Indianapolis flag, that's super smart.