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  1. It would be interesting, but NFL teams in Techfit and tiny UnderArmour numerals is something that I wouldn't really want to see. People give Nike a lot of flack here and they deserve it at times, but they're still the best we have in regards to football right now.
  2. The inspiration is good and I like the shield lockup, but the execution of the lion isn't my favorite. I like the idea of using the sort of jagged edges to make interesting shapes, but they feel all too awkward and blob-ish. If that were tightened up, I think I'd love it.
  3. This is really sleek, I dig the inclusion of the lighter green too. If the Sonics come back with something close to this, I'll be very happy.
  4. Nashville's new away kit has been officially released, dubbed as the "Nashville Vibe II" https://www.nashvillesc.com/post/2021/02/26/nashville-sc-unveils-vibe-ii-its-202122-major-league-soccer-away-jersey I personally like it a lot. It's nothing mind-blowing, but their identity is still being built. I also enjoy having closure on why the name "Nashville Vibe" was trademarked by the team a while back.
  5. Please don't make us talk about the Browns anymore. Please
  6. It doesn't deserve the level of hate that it receives, at least in a vacuum. I think that the vitriol mostly comes from the fact that it replaced a much more dynamic, illustrative logo that was very popular. It also breaks the unwritten rule of using the nickname initial instead of the city initial, which is something that bugs me a lot personally. More connection to Cincinnati specifically is something that I'd like to see in a Bengals update, because their brand has always stood out to me in major sports as one that could work in literally any city. Why not take even small opportunities to inject unique imagery in there instead of always focusing on literally cosplaying as tigers?
  7. This is cool, really fun idea and a good imagining of what the full set could have looked like. Looking at the helmet striping, the red sort of reminds me of the motion stripe on the Bills logo. I don't know, something like this could a cool look for them.
  8. I think that Montreal looks really sharp personally
  9. I think that Gradients CAN work for the right team, but a yellow to white gradient isn't the best idea due to obvious reasons. For example, I actually think that the Bengals uniforms could look really with some orange-white gradients mixed in under the stripes to further emulate their mascot visually- There have been concepts on this board and elsewhere that have mocked this up before and I think it looks great. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any saved or on Google, but if anybody else could track them down for me then please do.
  10. I personally hate this design for a lot of reasons. The stripes being abruptly cut off for the sake of TV numbers is so awkward and unnecessary, and it's a decision that leaves the sleeve stripes hidden from what would be their most visual place on the uniform. The color balance is all over the place with white, forest green, and gold all fighting in a power struggle for the secondary color. Perhaps most importantly, the logos are the worst in Stars' franchise history and are so disjointed from one another in color. It's a mess, and as displayed by the on-ice picture posted previously, it just looks drab in reality. I'm not a huge fan of neon colors, but at least that uniform is cohesive and clearly has thought put into it. This thing looks like a Frankenstein's monster of arbitrary design choices that don't even compliment each other well.
  11. Multiple helmets should be allowed, and hypotheticals like the Rams abusing the rule to create black helmets shouldn't really scare any of us. After all, most of y'all already despise their look anyways. Seriously though, multiple helmets would allow for some of our favorite throwbacks to actually make a return, as well as smoothing some alternate looks that don't flow smoothly as they exist now, like the White Tiger Bengals or the Chargers in Navy. The benefits of it going away far outweigh any concerns I have of potentially gimmicky stuff.
  12. That Austin shirt is pretty par for the course for last year's away jerseys, but it still looks nice. That vibrant green is an awesome color.
  13. Exactly. It's also why that many of these same people will likely see the new set and say something like "what changed? they look the same as they always have"
  14. “We are like snowflakes in a storm,” he said. “And I've seen criticisms. In fact, if you Google that word, you'll see in slang that being called a snowflake for some people is an insult. Fine. Go ahead. Insult us. Underestimate us, underestimate our team and our coach. I invite you to. To see a snowflake as a weak thing? Fine. What I'll tell you about a snowflake is that when we come together – we are all individuals, we are all different and every single one of us is unique – but when we come together, we form that impenetrable wall. Good luck to you defeating our storm, our blizzard.” https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/01/14/cf-montr-al-explain-rebrand-make-impact-we-need-retire-impact I don't post this to say that I necessarily agree with the reasoning, but the team behind the rebrand had that in mind I guess. Personally, I imagine that they landed on the snowflake image first and came up with that explanation afterward to justify it.
  15. It's actually a great looking crest, but they could have just rolled out a rebrand like this with Montreal Impact remaining as the name. It would actually make a lot of sense from the perspective of Montreal's harsh winters.