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  1. Here's a bit of a clearer look at Mizzou- Unclear if they have striping on the pants as well, but it looks good regardless. It's a much more coordinated, cohesive set now.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure that I understand what's supposed to be weird about the Rams' number font aside from the shiny outline texture. It's one of the most legible typefaces in the league and is only slightly stylized. I think that was one of the things that they got right with the update.
  3. The Bucks opted to wear their blue city edition unis in Atlanta tonight, and the reaction on social media has been very negative from what I've seen. While not the worst city edition design, this choice speaks to my biggest issue with the program, which is a total lack of restraint. Wearing these in an opposing arena with no ability to even use a special court design as context is not smart, and a large majority of people are just left confused as to why the Bucks are wearing blue. Not a good look in an important ECF game. That said, I dig the Hawks wearing red at home. That's an example of when bending traditional uniform norms can be good.
  4. Kind of annoying that everybody knew this was coming, and yet they waited until the deadline passed for uniforms to be planned next season. Oh well, still a long overdue change that will lead to some beloved looks returning along with some chances for more cohesive and interesting alternates. Consider me intrigued for what will come from this.
  5. I really like the new Fire logo! I feel like it's important to appreciate that it didn't feel compelled to cram "Chicago Fire FC" around the circle, which wouldn't have ruined it by any means, but the whole thing looks much cleaner without it. I'd love to see more simplistic logos like this in MLS. Also can we admit that, while this was a pretty solid logo for a lot of years, it has grown to look dated? I don't think that reverting back to this straight up would have been a good idea .
  6. Agreed! Both jerseys have been great, cohesive looks that really evoke Utah better than any of their other looks outside of the Stockton/Malone era set perhaps. I think that this notion that their look should have to have some sort of forced connection to the Jazz of old has been out the window for a long time now and shouldn't get in the way of a potentially better identity.
  7. I really like the Wizards regular home and road unis, which really stinks right now because it seems like they never wear those anymore. These gray city unis just lack any restraint that the regular set has with the the garish stars and stripes while also just serving as another lame GFGS alternate. It's not the most visually offensive set that the city uniform program has to offer I guess, I just really don't like anything about it. The combination of it all reminds me of cheap NASCAR merchandise you'd see in a gas station or something.
  8. These uniforms are about as close to perfect as you can get now, instantly a contender for top uniform set in the NFL.
  9. Such a bizarre rebrand from concept to reveal. The new font and "C" monogram is just wonky and full of small visual errors that add up to create an awkward result that really doesn't work for me. Simply put, none of it is an upgrade. And even moreso, why release it on a random Monday night in the midst of a season? That gives you zero opportunity to capitalize on hype and roll it out in a cohesive way. It's like they procrastinated on it, realized that it may be unpopular with fans, and are turning it in late for partial credit now.
  10. Can't speak to how real all of this is obviously, but based off of look alone, I'm leaning toward it being real. If so, the crest is awkward and the name is lame and played out. You could at least see a line of logic if the Crew were this unsuccessful, boring club that could afford to shake things up and reinvent themselves, but that feels like the opposite of what the Crew are right now. They have grassroots fan support that a lot of other cities would envy, they just won another MLS Cup, and they've solidified their future in Columbus through the nice new stadium. It's nuts to me that somebody wants to mess with all of that for arbitrary reasons, and I won't be surprised whatsoever if we see a volatile fan reaction to the point of a Browns/49ers new prototype helmet situation. Sorry to harp on this so much, but the poor decision-making on MLS brands feels like it's gotten out of hand lately. Fingers crossed that the rumor is BS and this leak is just a fan concept or something.
  11. It's hard to imagine somebody explaining to the execs that they need to distance themselves from one of the longest-tenured MLS identities, not to mention one that the fans rallied around like crazy and begged to keep in the city. This would be a flat out terrible move from any angle you approach it. Personally, I don't even think of "the Crew" nickname as too American or goofy. It was always the weird clip-art crest that gave the identity any amateur undertones before, and that's been long abandoned.
  12. Totally agree, it's so intense and vibrant. I love their color scheme in general, I really just wish that the rest of the brand could catch up with it.
  13. The New York Liberty and the Sparks are the big winners of this unveiling, really great use of color in each. That said, nearly all of them are nice, really consistent work all around.
  14. I don't think of myself as above anybody else whatsoever, my goal is to be as open-minded as possible when discussing this stuff. If anybody reads my posts that way then I apologize, but I can't think of any instances where I've broadcasted my opinions as anything more than that, just one guy's opinion on a board that holds plenty of other ones. I make a point to try and frame my posts within that context and concede other's points wherever I can. That said, my "We get it" retort is because saying something like "There's zero chance I could ever identify what team this is" is just silly. The underlying point of brand deterioration is valid and still has tons to stand on without making up something patronizing like that. I don't even disagree with what you or anybody else is saying about teams diverging too far from their brand. I think that the city uniform program is a great idea that has gotten a bit out of control and spread to teams that probably don't even need to participate (like the Red Sox). I don't universally like every city uniform, but I do think that a number of them are really great. That's also why I like posting the creator's side on here, because I feel that it's an important context to keep in mind when discussing these uniforms. Nobody's obligated to have their mind changed by them, but somebody from Canada (for example) not understanding the cultural significance of the Atlanta Hawks city uniform isn't necessarily a good measure of success in what it was aiming to do. In this specific case, I was saying that Atlanta's close ties to Peaches and Peachtree specifically are enough for many to identify the team. I don't intend that explanation to be belittling, but rather a basis for my thinking, and disagreement with that is welcome. All that said, when I disagree with somebody and feel like talking about it, I'm gonna do that. I don't know why we always have to get in these reply chains where you paint me as an elitist contrarian who just can't handle the opinions of others, and labeling me that way under the guise of being tongue-in-cheek is lame. We don't see eye to eye often and I'm perfectly fine with that, so just leave it at that.
  15. The purpose of the "city uniform" concept within the NBA and now the MLB is to create a new alternate uniform that isn't necessarily limited by the normal standards of the team's brand while also specifically resonating and appealing to the residents of the city where the team plays. So, if you aren't a resident of Atlanta or Boston, then you aren't necessarily the intended audience of their city uniform. There are pros and cons to that considering that these teams are national products as well as local ones, but that's my understanding of the intention. Personally, I think that it's a great idea and a fun way to mix it up in relevant ways, but it's become a bit out of control in the NBA due to the lack of uniform matchup regulations. If it were up to me, city uniforms would only be allowed at home within the intended context, and they would be worn a whole lot less. We get it, the uniform doesn't use red and gold, but there's no need to exaggerate like this. Outside of the previous mentions of how many Peachtree Streets there are in Atlanta, Atlanta is called "The Big Peach" and Georgia is nationally known "The Peach State". Plus if you didn't know that, then team logos are also placed on the shorts. Again, I understand not liking the general lack of brand control in the NBA today, but the complaints here get so far-fetched and dramatic at times.
  16. Gonzaga is usually a good-looking team, but that throwback isn't my favorite. The block font combined with the white-on-white just screams high school to me.
  17. I definitely thought that was Vancouver or even Kansas City before I realized it was New England. Not great.
  18. I just don't see grey as a neutral color at all, regardless of the unique, old-fashioned traditions within baseball. I mean, this board coined terms like GFGS for a reason, right? Otherwise, I think that uniforms like these might wouldn't get so much hate. Aside from that, you can't look at modern helmets like the Jags or expressive helmets like Bengals and tell me that a grey mask looks good for them. Any "one size fits all" mentality toward aesthetics is a bad idea.
  19. Hahaha I know that you've posted this a bit a few times before, but I think that seeing helmets like the Jaguars with a grey facemask will always force the same primal reaction of disgust out of me. I mean, the grey facemask love is still mind-boggling to me. Outside of 5 or so teams that utilize grey/silver in the color scheme, it's always inferior to a color mask. The Bills just improved their uniforms tremendously with this change.
  20. That Ottawa Aces logo looks really classy, and Toronto's is sort of a neat idea, although it looks like it may have borrowed some elements. The rest of them could use a lot of work.
  21. I'd be super excited if the new direction limits ads and lets the ladies rock some actually nice looking uniforms.
  22. The color on the padding is superior to the green of the jersey. It's much more of a bright kelly green that matches the inspiration better than the slightly more yellow highlighter color featured on the jerseys.
  23. It's kind of a bummer seeing (at least what feels like) a vast majority of minor league baseball teams adopting these ironic identities, because it really detracts from the other ones that actually work a lot better.
  24. These uniforms are good for their emphasis on gold and use of the cool full-body sleeve logo, but they're also super dated and would need some updates to work for me today. The pants striping in particular is super uninspired all around and ugly on the black pants. The monochrome black look is also much worse in general because teal is completely lost in favor of white, which ironically mirrors the problems with the current set.
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