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  1. I think that picture is the real deal, but it’s at least a little weird that the Jets have three jersey colors and three pants colors, which theoretically gives you nine potential combos, and yet they have six guys lined up showing only three combos, with each one duplicated.
  2. In the same interview where Dee Haslam confirmed new uniforms are on the way for 2020, she also said they’d be weaing color rush 3x again in 2019. I think this season will look a lot like 2018 — nothing new this year and a similar distribution of combinations to what we got last year. As for the Baker video, I have no reason to doubt that what they showed him was legit. “Nothing fancy” is the phrase they keep hammering home over and over. I really think whatever they unveil in 2020 is going to be a hybrid of their classic uniforms and the popular color rush. They’ll strip away the gimmicks of 2015 and go for something as simple as possible, probably overly cautious, but definitely not a repeat of the mistakes made with the current set.
  3. It’s interesting to me that the Titans got the go-ahead to tweak their numbers for the sake of legibility after one year, but the Browns are stuck with theirs for the full five.
  4. The Browns haven’t worn the orange jerseys at all the past two years, and orange/orange is the only jersey/pants combo to never be used in a game since this set was implemented in 2015. Seems pretty unlikely we see orange this year. Also, if you want any idea of how popular the color rush is in Cleveland: A few weeks ago, the team offered to make fans custom phone wallpapers using jersey template graphics. Provide name, number, preferred jersey to the team’s Twitter account, and you get a wallpaper. The phrase “color rush” was the No. 1 overall trending topic in town for most of the day.
  5. It’s kinda wonky that the WWE logo is perfectly squared up on a flag that is billowing in the breeze, but otherwise, that’s one of the best WM logos ever. I can’t wait to see what they do with the set next year.
  6. This article says Chase Field will still have the dirt path between the plate and mound:
  7. After seeing what happened to the Browns when they overhauled their uniforms shortly after Nike took over the NFL and the Cavs’ uniforms once Nike took over the NBA, forgive me for being a little wary of what would happen to the Indians once Nike gets MLB. Also: There has been talk that the Indians are working on a new secondary mark for 2020, but nothing about a complete overhaul as far as I know.
  8. Are we getting a bunch of new Statement jerseys next year? For some reason, I remember the plan discussed during the Nike unveiling was new City jerseys every year, Statements every other year, and no formal replacement plan for Association/Icon. But I can’t find anything about that now. Am I completely misremembering?
  9. Bucks wearing black at home, but have their normal court. Don’t they have an alternate court specifically to go with these uniforms?
  10. Nope, that’s the one combo with their current set that has never been worn. The orange jerseys haven’t been worn with any color pants since 2016.
  11. I’ll never understand why the Rams changed to the white horns/facemask and single-stripe pants for their non-throwback uniform sets. It just looks so disjointed from the gold-trimmed jerseys, which have remained unchanged from St. Louis. Either overhaul the whole set or wait to overhaul the whole set until you move into the new stadium.
  12. Obviously a moot point if the Saints win this weekend, but the Super Bowl field will look so weird if the Rams play. The endzone presumably will be navy blue and white, while the team wears royal blue and gold. Not to mention the wordmark that they don’t even use on their own field. I’d like to believe the NFL would use some common sense with the field design, but my hopes are...not high.
  13. Just noticed there are no playoff logos on the field in Dallas. Was that the case in Houston too?
  14. Surprised the Browns broke out the brown pants. I don’t think they’ve worn brown pants on the road since Week 2, when they had a brutal loss vs the Saints. Not to mention they had a lot of success in the orange pants down the stretch this year.
  15. That is true. The brown was tweaked with the previous uniform update in 2006. Darker, yes, but I always thought it contrasted better with the lighter pre-2015 orange.