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  1. I don’t think the NBA is going to suddenly give up that extra revenue it generates by adding the digital ads all over the floor once the playoffs start. I won’t be surprised to see those blank courts are here the rest of the way.
  2. Are we sure those mockups are what the uniforms are going to look like? That’s clearly a college uniform template, with the swoosh on the left chest instead of the sleeves. I have seen several media outlets sharing those pictures, but the team itself hasn’t. Their website only has some photoshopped old jerseys.
  3. Conference USA has had two conference tourney games running concurrently on courts separated by a curtain the past few years. I don’t think the NBA would do it, but it’s feasible.
  4. That timeline would have been so much better if the entry for 2015 just said: “Yeah, we [redacted] up.”
  5. Lukas’ 2018 mockup had brown socks with the white jersey/brown pants combo, but the teaser shared by the team exec yesterday pretty clearly showed white socks. I think it’s fair to assume some other details have been tweaked since then as well.
  6. I messed around with the image, and I think there were stripes on the sleeve. Hard to say for sure with the image quality, but I think they’re there.
  7. Yeah, the two pairs of white pants were overkill, which is why they didn’t stick around long. I preferred the thinner stripes used by the pre-expansion Browns, but the wider stripes didn’t bother me. I definitely prefer O-B-O stripes over B-O-B, though. For reasons I can’t explain, B-O-B has always just looked like a knockoff.
  8. 2003-05. Both pants had brown-orange-brown stripes (instead of the traditional orange-brown-orange). Only difference between the two sets of white pants was that one of them had thin white stripes separating the colors to match the sleeves of the brown jersey at the time. When they went back to having one set of O-B-O pants in 2006, they also eliminated the separation between the stripes on the sleeves (and added a gray facemask to the helmet).
  9. Someone should tell the Ravens social media team that they became the Ravens *24* years ago. The former Browns were still in Cleveland for 1995.
  10. I would suspect that teams that are only changing uniform designs—keeping colors and logos the same—will wait another couple weeks.
  11. I’m not sure white numbers would look as good on the current gold Lakers jersey because it’s lighter than the gold that has been used historically and would provide less contrast.