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  1. It’s been longer than I thought, but yes, number outlines (and even more so, color accents along the 20s and 50) used to be a thing. Is it possible that we still get some extra pizzazz on this year’s field? Sure, but they’ve been rolling with this same drab template for 6 years now, so I wouldn’t bet on anything exciting.
  2. Between the off-centered end zone wordmarks and the lack of accents (outlines on the field numbers, 50-yard line, etc), this is the worst, most lifeless era of Super Bowl field designs ever. The fields now just look so unfinished. As for the end zones, you’d have thought multiple appearances by teams with arched wordmarks (Patriots, Eagles) would hammer home how bad the off-center wordmarks are, but apparently not.
  3. Looks like LED boards will be covering the first few rows instead of tarps like teams have used this year.
  4. Have to assume this is going to be a throwback of some sort.
  5. Several teams are doing baseline ads like the Bulls. The Cavs and Warriors are two other examples. Speaking of the Cavs, after doing mashups of different eras for the old “CavFanatic” uniforms and two city editions, it’s amusing that the whole league is apparently going to follow their lead for the 75th anniversary.
  6. The Patriots have been in enough of them that you would think they’d know “Super Bowl” is 2 words.
  7. The Tiger in the old roundel just witnessed a horrific crime, and you can’t convince me otherwise,
  9. Yeah, that first E is from The Who, the second L looks like the Beatles, and the A is definitely Nirvana.
  10. Browns were riding a heater with the orange pants. Prior to the Raiders game, they were 3-0 with those. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them in white over white for their next road game, as they went white over brown in Pittsburgh and got hammered.
  11. I wouldn’t assume 2nd ads on jerseys and more ads on floors are an “either/or” proposition.
  12. Info on the Indians’ plans from Terry Pluto.
  13. It’s not just you:
  14. Now that the Browns’ primaries look like actual Browns uniforms again, I don’t have any use for the color rush, with or without stripes. Also, it remains bizarre to me that the Browns have leaned so heavily on stripes being the defining element of their visual identity, and their color rush set now has none. Maybe I’m just cynical, but it feels like the only reason you do that is for a merchandise cash grab—i.e. create a color rush jersey that is just different enough from the old one that fans will buy a new one.
  15. The numbers in the current Cavs font are horrendous, and making them navy on the wine uniforms has caused them to be almost illegible on TV. And they know it because they made the stroke around the numbers thicker after the first season. (It didn’t help much.)
  16. So, it appears it’s postseason patches for hats only (not jerseys) and no logos on the field. And if you look closely here, the Indians have mowed off the ads that were along the baselines, but the extra ads covering sections of seats remain: (FYI - They’ve had the top of the dugouts tarped off during games all season for reasons I don’t entirely understand.)
  17. Leaving the sidelines unpainted suggests to me that those areas will still be used for digital ads. The reason those ads aren’t painted on the floor like Walt Disney World is because they change depending on who’s the home team.
  18. The Browns’ “It’s gameday!” tweets have historically been an indicator of what the team is wearing, so this would suggest brown over white: Also: The Madden screenshots with “BROWNS” in the end zones and the 50 outlined by brown and orange were accurate:
  19. Looks like the league has gotten rid of team logos on the bubble courts and replaced them with more ads. Also: All ads are now full-color instead of black.
  20. Another issue is that LA’s stadium will have twice as many games with two teams playing there. That’s a lot of wear and tear on a field.
  21. I thought they were, too. That’s what I had heard from someone close to the team. Not sure if that person passed along bad info to me, or if the team made a last-minute decision to hold off a year, but I’m sorry for sharing something that turned out to be false. I could understand wanting to hold back on the release because who knows what will happen with the pandemic, but then again, other teams like Atlanta and Charlotte are rolling out whole new sets.
  22. To be fair, I have to give the Cavs some credit for steering into the stupidity of the league making every club wear a uniform with the logo of a former player who, for many franchises, was their biggest rival.